June update Music app in Windows 8

June update Music app in Windows 8

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Starting today, you’ll see updates available in the Windows Store for the Music app in Windows 8.


Today’s update to the Music app brings an in-app search button at the top right that allows you to search directly within the app for music on your PC, or in the Xbox Music catalog. The Music app will also now let you try Xbox Music's free ad-supported streaming service by allowing you to listen to up to 15 songs without having to sign in.

Remember, after you sign in to the Music app on your Windows PC or tablet, you can stream millions of songs for free* (with ads) with Xbox Music. You can search for any artist, song, or full album and instantly play whatever you want. And with Radio, previously known as SmartDJ, you can discover new music and create custom stations based on your favorite artists and the music you love the most.

Also part of this update are some bug fixes and other UI enhancements.

The Music app received an update a few months ago that allowed you to import iTunes playlists – see my blog post on how to do that here.

Be sure to check the Windows Store for this update!

*Free streaming limited to 10 hours/month after 6 months; unlimited with paid Xbox Music Pass subscription.

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  • Brandon, perhaps you can pass this along to the appropriate parties, but I would really love to see SRS Wow! Effects and virtual equalizer from WMP included in this app. Really miss the feature rich options in the old WMP.

  • LucianT
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    Did Microsoft fire all their comms persons or they just can't handle reviewing all the materials you publish? How can you make a release announcement without specifying the version number and how can you promise free music streaming without making a note that the service is not available everywhere in the world?

  • Opa114
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    remove the old Desktop from Windows 8 and integrate the functionality right click -> create new file/folder in the new metro screen.. this is the new desktop! there is no need for the old one, if you can create there fiels and folders like on the old one. actually the system is to redundant :( it sucks to switch between two desktops... please think about this MS.

  • clausl
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    Add support for Sonos and I'm all in.

  • pcolmer
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    Why is search now incorporated into the app rather than sticking to the search charm? Doesn't that weaken the premise of consistently using the search charm to search within any app?

  • iand
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    Nice to see the app updated. Hopefully the performance will be improved on the Surface RT.


  • epepin
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    Are you planning a viable solution for non-touch users?

    The app is just brutal with a mouse and vastly inferior to WMP.

    We understand that Zune is dead. Hopefully WMC won't go that way too. We love TV tuners and DVR.

    The best solution is to turn WMC into a desktop companion app for Xbox Music, maybe put a Zune-esk shell on it, and give it a WMC mode. I've detailed the ways to improve the desktop music experience at my blog here ericwpepin.wordpress.com/.../how-to-zune-better-10-steps and here ericwpepin.wordpress.com/.../a-tweakers-take-on-windows

  • Please allow playlist syncing with WP8. You stripped this functionality from the music app, alienating users who had been longtime Zune customers.