Twitter for Windows 8 gets updated

Twitter for Windows 8 gets updated

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Today, Twitter released an update for Twitter for Windows 8. This update brings along bug fixes but also adds some new features.

First off – Twitter has added the ability for you to sign-in with multiple accounts.

Screenshot (1)

To add a new account, just swipe from the top or bottom (or right-click) to bring up the app commands and click the people icon that will be at the top right. You will then see the “plus” button at the top right allowing you to add additional accounts. You will also see “x” buttons appear next to already added accounts letting you quickly delete the accounts you don’t want.

Twitter had also added list support where by navigating to a person’s profile (or your own), you can view lists.

Screenshot (2)

You can now pin lists and user profiles to your Start screen.

Screenshot (5)

I’ve created a group on my Start screen just for Twitter lists and user profiles I want to track the most.

If you have Twitter for Windows 8 installed already, the update should come through the Windows Store today. If not, download Twitter for Windows 8 from the Windows Store today!

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    Microsoft has released asky onto twitter too

  • Working great! This update fixed many of the stability issues I experienced with the previous version. Now you need to urge them to add more 8.1 features...

  • One more update... user tagging when composing tweets.

  • This update also fixes a LOT of stability/performance bugs too... it isn't crashing nearly as much for me, it continuously updates the feed like it should, AND best of all it lets me use touch on all the control elements such as reply/retweet/favorite without having to do it twice.

    Very much improved app! Now I hope the Facebook app will hurry up!