Lenovo announces new Yoga models and Flex line at IFA 2013

Lenovo announces new Yoga models and Flex line at IFA 2013

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Today at IFA in Germany, Lenovo unveiled two new Yoga models and introduced the Flex line of dual mode devices.

Yoga 2 Pro:


The Yoga 2 Pro is thinner and lighter than then previous models – measuring in at only 15mm thick and weighs about 3lbs (1.39kg). And boy – does this device come packing quite a punch! The Yoga 2 Pro will come with up to Intel’s 4th generation Core i7 U series processors. It has a 13.3-inch 16:9 QHD+ 10 point touchscreen and has nearly 4 times the screen resolution as the original Yoga at 3200 x 1800! The screen also comes with IPS 178° wide angle viewing. So with the Yoga 2 Pro you get amazing picture quality. It will also come with up to a 512GB SSD for storage. And like all Yoga models, you can enjoying using the device in each of its four modes: laptop, tablet, stand and tent. The Yoga 2 Pro will come in the signature Grey or Clementine Orange color and also a new backlit keyboard. And it’ll come with Windows 8.1.

Yoga 2 Pro will be available beginning in October starting at $1,099.99 (U.S.).

ThinkPad Yoga:

ThinkPad Yoga Modes_2

So imagine all the awesomeness that comes with a ThinkPad but with Yoga’s flip and fold, four mode design. Yup: the ThinkPad Yoga! Perfect for business customers with the benefits of a ThinkPad such as performance and security. The ThinkPad Yoga is a 12.5-inch device built with magnesium alloy. You get the option of a Corning Gorilla Glass HD IPS or a FHD IPS display (optional digitizer and pen available for the FHD display) – both are 10 point touchscreens. The ThinkPad Yoga also has an oversized five-button glass trackpad optimized for gestures. It will be available with up to Intel 4th Generation Core i7 processors – and up to 1TB of storage. And it also comes with Windows 8.1.

The ThinkPad Yoga will be available beginning in November starting at $949 (U.S.).

Flex 14 and 15:

Flex Gray Multimode

Lenovo is introducing the new Flex line of devices. The Flex 14.1-inch and 15.6-inch laptops are not just thin and light – they also feature “dual mode” capability where you can flip the device 300° for stand mode and interact with it. Both models come with an HD display with 1366 x 768 screen resolution or an optional Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. And both options have 10-point multitouch of course! Flex 14 and 15 will come with up to 4th generation Intel ULT Core i7 processors, available with NVIDIA discrete GT 740M graphics, and up to 1TB of storage and optional SSD or NAND flash on Ultrabook models.

The Flex 14 and 15 will be available starting in late September starting at $629.99 (U.S.).

Earlier this week, Lenovo also announced new ThinkPad Ultrabooks – check out my blog post here for more details on those new devices.

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  • DrewM, NEVER?! Then just turn it on! ;-) It's pretty good, but never say never.

  • If its true that intel  is gaining on ARM www.theregister.co.uk/.../intel_clover_trail_plus_benchmark_comparison_with_arm

    ill be a happy camper.   Either way these should finally make the windows store take off.   I still would love a Wacom stylus input  annd secondary  display peripheral ( no no on board PC or droid) that has the "ink" closer to the pen.. a little better than the Galaxy Note for drawing and with a lightweight stylus.  And not over the price of pc ( they are currently around $1000)

  • DrewM
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    Pretty slick devices. What I love about Windows 8 is that it does work really well with a mouse and keyboard, especially with the keyboard shortcuts! I have a laptop that doesn't have touch, but I still like it. Is it normal for Windows 8 laptops to not get hot? My laptop never has to use the fans, EVER! and IT NEVER GETS HOT! Can anyone confirm what I'm saying! Windows 8 rocks!!!

  • - have you been able to get your hands on a Yoga to play around with? Very slick device indeed!

  • - we won't be renaming this blog ;-) Windows software experiences all happen on devices so it is important to us that we showcase all the amazing Windows devices coming this year. The device is what enables the software experience. That being said, we plan to do more of course to balance out talking about devices and the actual Windows experiences you can have on those devices. I am currently working on several blog posts talking about my experiences with Windows 8.1 for example.

  • xpclient
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    This blog should be renamed to Windows Devices blog or Device Experience blog. It's just about devices running Windows, not Windows software experiences.

  • Drew
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    I think it will be interesting to see what the demand is for the Flex 14 & 15; whether people want the full 360-degree flexibility or if the Kiosk-mode is sufficient.

    When thinking of a Windows 8 machine to replace my aging laptop, the Yoga keeps coming to mind. Now I'll have to wait and see when these come out.

  • picrap
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    What is the point in a 3200x1800 resolution, especially on a small screen? Who needs this?