Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and new accessories announced

Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and new accessories announced

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Today, we have announced new additions to the Surface family of products: Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Surface 2 will come with Windows RT 8.1 (which includes Outlook RT) and Surface Pro 2 will come with Windows 8.1.

S2_cam8_pos.01  Pro2_type_purple_cam8_pos.01

These new models come with significant updates, including increased performance and battery life. For example the Surface 2 comes powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor. And the Surface Pro 2 comes powered by a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor. You will also see improvements to display and camera resolutions, and to the Kickstand which now is more comfortable for you to use your Surface on your lap or at your desk.

Type Cover 2Dock_cam1_pos.03

We’re also announcing new accessories for Surface as well. Touch Cover 2 is thinner and lighter than the original Touch Cover, is and has backlit keys. Type Cover 2 features the same super-thin, lightweight design of the original Type Cover, but also has backlit keys and will be available in Cyan, Magenta, Purple and Black in the coming months. We’re also introducing Power Cover (a keyboard cover with a built-in battery that extends the battery life of your Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2), Docking Station for Surface Pro, Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers (Touch and Type covers), and a Car Charger with USB.


I also get to add a new Arc Touch Mouse to my collection – the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition (bottom center in above photo). This special edition Arc Touch Mouse connects to your Surface or other Windows device via Bluetooth 4.0, freeing up your other USB ports for use by other devices.


The look-and-feel of this special edition Arc Touch Mouse has been updated to match Surface. For example, the front of the mouse with the mouse buttons has a flat matte feel instead of the glossy feel as seen on the previous Arc Touch Mice. I’ve been using this mouse for a few weeks now with my Surface Pro and love it. It’s great not having to use a USB transceiver with the mouse as it lets me use the USB port on my Surface Pro to connect my Lumia 1020 to pull the high-res photos off. The Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition will have an estimated retail price of $69.99 (U.S.).

For more details on Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and the new accessories including pricing and availability – click here for the press release. Both Surface devices will be available for pre-order beginning tomorrow, September 24, 2013 and for purchase on October 22, 2013 in select markets. Visit to learn more about pre-order. I also suggest reading this blog post from Panos Panay on the Surface Blog.

One more thing: Customers purchasing either a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will receive 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage for 2 years, free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for 1 year, and unlimited Skype WiFi on their Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 at more than 2 million hot-spots worldwide for 1 year. Today, SkyDrive has announced a new 200GB plan which is enough storage for a photo every hour from birth to graduation.

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  • Windows 8.1 and 4th Generation Intel Core i5 processor make Surface Pro 2, a great device to work and play with :-)

  • The new accessories are great, especially the backlit keyboard.  I love my Surface Pro, but please make a thinner power supply.  I do not mind if the power supply has a larger surface area, but the ps is too thick to carry with a tablet.  It make using a small case like a netbook case almost impossible.  

    My Microsoft 11-Inch Netbook Slipcase (Black) (39504) is perfect for the Surface Pro, but the thickness of the power supply makes it too difficult to use this case or anything similar.

    NFC and GPS would also have been welcome additions to the Surface Pro 2.

  • Really nice article

  • I cant leave a comments.

  • Both Series 2 Surfaces look great,

    BUT I'd like to see other colors for the Type Covers how about rich Red, or XBox Green for those of us that don't like pink or purple or blue (and want something brighter than black)

  • I hoped to see fanless Intel Atom-based tablet with smaller screen (10"), better with 2:3 screen ratio and a slot to insert small electromagnetic pen, with cellular modem, with 10 hours video playback and under 1.3 pounds. I.e. Something similar to Lenovo TPT2 with faster CPU and 128GB SSD.

  • Fletch
    0 Posts

    October 22 seems so far away!!

  • I think it would be great to own one, but I have a MacBook Air and I like it quite well. Not sure what I would like more at this point. I guess I need to use one in person.

  • Drew
    19 Posts

    Good stuff!  I may need to win a lottery (even a small one) to afford everything, but that doesn't lessen the "want"! :)

  • How is the battery life in terms of hours?

  • Yes, Surface Pro 2 comes with Haswell, but unfortunately SP2 does not support the Connected Standby mode, even though it has Haswell. That's a disappointment. And still no GPS/NFC built-in...

  • @GoodThings2Life - I've not yet played with the Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 yet ;-)

  • - Surface Pro 2 comes with a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor. 4th generation Intel Core processors is essentially "Haswell". So yes - it comes with Haswell :-)

  • abm
    268 Posts

    No haswell in Surface Pro 2!! what a shame.. :'(

  • Brandon, you lucky lucky man getting to play with these already! So jealous!