Lenovo announces the Miix2 8-inch tablet

Lenovo announces the Miix2 8-inch tablet

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Today Lenovo has announced the Miix2 8-inch tablet that will come with Windows 8.1. This neat little tablet comes a beautiful 16:10 widescreen 10-point multi-touch WXGA display with an 800x1280 resolution and 178-degree viewing angle. In short – the screen is pretty awesome.

Lenovo Miix 2_3

The Miix2 is only 8.35mm thick and weighs only 350g. So not only is the screen great for things like reading and watching movies – it’s thin and lightweight too. You get two webcams on the device – a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel camera on the front. On the inside, the Miix 2 is powered by Intel’s Bay Trail-T quad core processor based on Intel’s Atom S architecture. It also has integrated Intel HD Graphics. And the Miix 2 comes with up to 128GB* of eMMC onboard storage which is expandable up to 32GB with micro-SD slot.

*32GB and 64GB configurations also available.

The Miix2 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013, allowing you to easily view, edit and manage your documents right out of the box.

Lenovo Miix 2_7

And the Miix2 has an option of a stylus and detachable cover.

The Miix2 will be available later this month beginning at $299 (U.S.).

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  • Only one question:


  • Technology.

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  • abm
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    Does it provide 4G connectivity?

  • What about connectivity ? 3G/LTE ?

  • Mindy
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    But how long will the battery last on this tablet? I'm reading a battery life of just 7 hours (tabletmonkeys.com/8-inch-windows-8-1-lenovo-miix2-releases-october) and that's the only thing I'm not so excited about. For the price, I don't care too much about the resolution.

  • To be clear, Bay Trail is a revolutionary step for Intel SoC & mobile computing - not just a 'evolutionary' step like certain Windows experts imply.  It's a quad-core Intel processor that is at least 3x faster than previous chips, now supports 64-bit editions of Windows 7/8, can allocate up to 8GB of RAM instead of just 2GB, provides quality IvyBridge-level integrated graphics acceleration, supports USB 3.0 on the chip, and maintains at least a cool, fanless 10 hour battery life across most implementations.

    And here's the scary part:  There's plenty of room to grow.  Bay Trail still uses the 22nm fabrication process & as noted above, uses the older integrated graphics technology from the previous generation Core2 IvyBridge processors.  The next revision of ATOM will use even less power, improving battery performance even more, while providing even greater performance once they move to the 14nm process & integrate the Haswell integrated graphics.

    For businesses, they can now prep a SINGLE x64 Windows image for both their Haswell-based systems as well as their Bay Trail based tablets.

    I don't know how Windows users can't get excited about this!  Unless you name is Paul Thurrott, maybe, who can't get past his experiences with Oaktrail.

  • Chanath
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    Too bad that Lenovo stopped producing Yoga 11 with Windows 8 RT.

  • - great points!

  • The Bay Trail processor is light years ahead of the previous Atom processor.  Remember, these devices are not meant for Photoshop, CAD or other CPU intensive applications.  However I have run Photoshop Elements on an Atom processor without issue.  If you look at the numbers, the new Bay Trails are pretty good processors and add that to great battery life, it's a win-win.

  • Am I gun-shy of that Atom processor,I dunno? That screen red sounds too good to pass jp on?