Facebook for Windows 8.1 now available

Facebook for Windows 8.1 now available

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Hot on the heels of Windows 8.1 itself, Facebook for Windows 8.1 is now available to download in the Windows Store. With Facebook for Windows 8.1, you get direct access to your Facebook News Feed right from your Start screen where you can stay connected with your friends and family.

Facebook for Windows 8.1 will feel familiar because it uses the same layout and visual look and feel you see on Facebook.com - making it super easy to use. You will see new friend requests, messages, and notifications at your top right. Your News Feed is there as you would expect it to be. You can compose a new post, add photos or check in. You can switch between your different feeds (e.g. Group, Photos, Following, Family, etc.) so you see all the news and updates you want to see.

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On your right, you have your friends list where you can see who is available to chat. With Facebook integrated into Windows Phone, you can send friends with Windows Phones messages directly from Facebook for Windows 8.1 as if you were sending them a text (that’s assuming they’ve connected their Windows Phone to Facebook). On your left is the sidebar for quick access to things like your friends page, messages, photos, your pages (I manage a page for my puppy Kilo), your groups and the Nearby feature which presents all the recent places your friends have checked in to using Bing Maps. On your friends page, you can use semantic zoom to quickly sort your friends alphabetically for quick navigation.

Screenshot (105)

You can access all of your Facebook photo albums in Facebook for Windows 8.1. When you click on a photo – either in one of your photo albums or on your News Feed – it will display at full screen where you can pinch or stretch to zoom in on a photo with your fingers on your tablet. You can Like the photo, leave a comment or tag a person.


You can snap Facebook for Windows 8.1 next to another app and keep it up on your screen while you’re writing emails in the Mail app or reading RSS feeds via Digg Reader in IE11. When snapped on the screen with another app, Facebook for Windows 8.1 will automatically update with new posts.

You will also get toast notifications in Windows 8.1 based on your Facebook notifications while the app is running in the background. Your notification count will show up on your lock screen as well as part of Facebook for Windows 8.1’s live tile on your Start screen.

And Facebook for Windows 8.1 supports the new tile sizes in Windows 8.1 for your Start screen. With a large tile – you’ll see high quality images show up based on your notifications (e.g. if someone leaves a comment on a post of yours, their comment and profile picture show up as part of the live tile).

If you haven’t already updated your Windows 8 device to Windows 8.1 – you should! Then go download Facebook for Windows 8.1. It has become a critical app on my Start screen.

You can also download Facebook for Windows Phone as well.

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  • windows 8.1 did my life worse..........you cannot video calling in facebook when you have 8.1

  • What a disaster of an app!  You can't even tag someone while typing a status update or comment.  In iOS, Android, and on in a real browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, & Safari, on the same tablet you just start typing a friend's name and FB shows you matches for you to select.  In what I hope is a very early alpha version of the FB app for Windows you get nothing.

    Next, the FB app hogs huge amounts of the screen for navigation on the left that doesn't exist on iOS or Android.  In those OSs you click the lines in the upper left hand corner to bring the navigation bar out but not on my Dell Latitude 10 running 8.1 Pro.  If you rotate the tablet vertically it goes away but then so do your contacts and everything is much smaller.  Poor design.

    Chat windows often don't show the last received message but if you open chat history for that person it's there.  The iOS version of chat is 1000x superior.

    News feed refuses to remember what I want displayed and the sort order.  FB used to be that way on PCs and in iOS/Android, now on every other platform if I set it to to Most Recent it remembers it, this app is 2 years behind everything else.

    Clearly FB just released this to appease its critics but had little desire to actually make it functional.  Me personally I'll just use IE or better yet Chrome until FB fixes this.  The list of bugs is too long to list here and FB doesn't seem to have any real feedback options (yes there's a Feedback link but it's not once generated a fix even though on my Android I'm using the beta builds and they claim they want feedback).  MS needs to do more to convince FB to deliver an app that's at least on par with iOS and Android.

  • I've got this error on signin - any help?

    Value cannot be null

    parameter name: value

    Screen shot - fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/.../1376690_10151975933698287_1246931987_n.jpg

  • Yeah, the live tile is working now. Hopefully, my suggestion about the Share Charm can get passed along to the developers. I'd love to share directly to the Facebook app, but I can still share to Facebook through the People app.

  • - Is your live tile working now? The Facebook app doesn't yet support the Share charm but one could expect that to be on the list.

  • It doesn't follow the Metro design language - fail. A sign of their complacence, just like the other company with the big G.

  • Facebook is really good in Windows 8. Still expecting some more.

  • Also, I've noticed Facebook doesn't use the Share Charm. Is there an option to change that?

  • Looks nice, but so far for me, the live tile doesn't work.