A brief tour of the updated Windows Store

A brief tour of the updated Windows Store

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In the Windows 8.1 update, we made some changes to the Windows Store to show you more apps and to make it easier to find apps you might like. Let’s take a quick look at what you can do with the updated Windows Store.

The live tile is live

Image of Windows Store live tile

The new live tile for the Windows Store gives you a sneak peek at some of the apps that are featured inside the Store. With just a glance at your Start screen, you can see new releases, special offers, and app collections for special events and holidays.

Featured apps and lists

Image of featured apps in the Windows Store

The first thing you’ll see in the Store is a set of apps on the left side that changes every few seconds to show the apps and games featured for the week. After looking at the featured apps, scroll to the right to see lists of apps, including:

  • Picks for you – Personalized recommendations based on apps you own or popular apps in the Store. (If you’re not interested in a specific app, tap Not interested and it’ll be removed from the list the next time you use the Store.)
  • Trending – Apps that are currently gaining popularity.
  • New & Rising – Noteworthy apps that are new to the Store.
  • Top paid – The most popular paid apps in the Store.
  • Top free – The most popular free apps in the Store.

If you want to see more apps in any of these lists, just tap the name of the list.

Swipe down to jump to categories

Image of categories menu

Swiping down from the top edge of the screen (or if you’re using a mouse, right-clicking within the Store) lets you quickly jump to Your apps, Your account, the different lists of apps, and any app category, no matter where you are in the Store. There’s also a handy Home button that’ll take you back to the main Store page.

Image of Games category

Every category in the Store also includes lists of apps specific to that category. If you want see all of the apps in a category, scroll to the right in a category, and then tap See all. You can use the filters to sort the apps in a category by subcategory (if they’re available), price, or rating.

Searching for apps is easier

Image of search box in the Windows Store

The Store also includes a search box now, so it’s easier to find the apps you’re looking for. Start typing the name of an app or the name of an app publisher into the search box, and you’ll see suggestions for possible matches.

For more info about the Store and apps, check out Getting apps for your PC on the Windows website. And keep in mind that new apps get released every day, so be sure to check back in the Store often – or just keep an eye on the Store tile on your Start screen.

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  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    This is the one thing that I liked better in Win8.  It wasn't perfect but the original store was ultra simple to navigate. The new one, not so much.

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    Its ridiculous that I have to tap or click in the search box to search. I should just have to enter the store and simply begin typing, whatever I type automatically goes into the search box. All apps that include search as a feature should do this, and Microsoft's own apps should be leading the way. Please make this better.

  • jschroedl
    24 Posts

    I second @GoodThings2Life's suggestion. I'd love to be able to filter things in and advanced way. Chinese or Korean characters in the name or description? Filtered. Blacklist keywords: 'contains Facebook' Gone!  etc.

    I'd LOVE the same filtering with XBox Music. I never, ever, want to see another 'Linkin Park' listing in the Marketplace lists, for example

  • I'd like an option to permanently hide certain categories of apps from the home screen... like games, for example. I don't play them on my PCs, and why do I have to sift through countless games to find the good apps?

    Personally, I think the entire games category should ONLY be in the Games app. Launching the Games category from Store should launch Games, and be done with it. Otherwise, give us options to filter out games and other categories that don't apply to a user.