Find the perfect tablet or PC for the holidays!

Find the perfect tablet or PC for the holidays!

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This holiday season, we have a great line-up of Windows tablets and PCs that range from new 8 and 10 inch tablets, laptops that convert into tablets and tablets with click-in keyboards, and great touch laptops. We’ve blogged about many of these devices over the last few months including the ASUS Transformer Book T100, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Lenovo Miix 2, Nokia Lumia 2520, Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus, Sony VAIO | Flip PC, and Surface 2. Today, you can check out this picture slideshow of many of these awesome devices available today by clicking here. The slideshow will also give you details on each device as well as where you can purchase them. You can also check out the following video we made that highlights many of the new devices that come with Windows 8.1 that adjust to fit your life exactly how you want:

Devices with Windows 8.1 have the familiar desktop and the Start button and you’ll also find you can still do all of the great work you’ve always done in Office. You’ll also discover new features like Bing Smart Search, great new built in apps and popular apps available for download from the Windows Store. 

We also want to help you find the perfect tablet or PC. With our PC Selector, you can answer a series of questions that will help us determine the right device recommendations for you. We’ve sorted through all of the devices and are showcasing our top holiday picks. And we’ve also created a way for you to quickly sort and find the perfect device and compare up to 3 devices. You can also click hereto see great new tablets that have Office pre-installed.

And stay tuned for another post from us on some holiday offers to take advantage of.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the new Windows tablets or PCs that folks get over the holidays!

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  • Sven
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    @ kandelini This, and the other you linked, is a blog, not a forum. The intent is to provide news/information, not to try to troubleshoot one individuals personal issues. I say personal, because they are unique to you, in my personal experience. I have at least a half dozen devices running Win 8.1, both upgrades, and came that way. None have any of the issues you seem to be experiencing.

    If you actually want some help, and are not just interested in ranting, you might try an actual user forum, such as the community forums,

  • Sven
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    @akinlabi You don't provide a lot of detail. Phones do depend on your carrier (bands supported) and must have features for you, front camera, SD slot, etc. Not sure what you mean by strongest. But if cheap is your criteria,

    Hard to beat $59-$99 no contract phones anywhere. Both those are excellent devices, but are not high end naturally. They make killer media devices if you never get a carrier.

  • For now I would stay away from buying any Windows 8.1 product, till Microsoft makes an working update on it. Windows 8.1 runs very slow, has hundreds of problems like slow internet connection, bad graphic card support, etc. Here are a feww of this problems: A Windows blog page where you never get a solution or tip for your problems.

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