Red Stripe Deals on apps and games from the Windows Store

Red Stripe Deals on apps and games from the Windows Store

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Just like we’ve done with Windows Phone, today we’re kicking off Red Stripe Deals on apps and games from the Windows Store. Each week, we will feature 3 popular apps and games as Red Stripe Deals in the Windows Store for at least 50% off their original price. Typically, this will be one Xbox game, one indie game, and one top-rated app. These Red Stripe Deals will start Thursdays of each week and end the following Wednesday. W00t!


So without further ado, here are this week’s Red Stripe Deals from the Windows Store:


Reckless Racing Ultimate from Microsoft Studios. Original Price: $4.99. Sale price: $2.49. Download now!


Einstein Brain Trainer from BBG Entertainment GMBH. Original price: $5.99. Sale price: $2.99. Download now!


Joining Hands 2 from 0tons Ltd. Original price: $3.49. Sale price: $1.49. Download now!

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  • Reckless Racing still shows as 5$, instead of 2.50$. The other 2 apps are cheaper however. Please fix this ASAP

  • vieya
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    Sorry if I was considered spamming. You guys should be happy I'm passionate about the windows product. That is the reason I keep asking for an update. If I didn't care about the product I would let it continue in silence and let the product become nothing. It's been 4 or more years since the last windows media player update. That was barely an update. If I don't speak about it we might never get an update not even in 14 years. While I can understand you don't appreciate my passion for the product but all I ask is for consistent updates. I could use other players/products from other companies but I choose to use Windows products which should mean something for Microsoft. I don't want to see windows media player or other windows product lay waste. I could use another media player that actually gets updated but I'm using windows media player and other products that haven't been updated for over years now that is not fair to your users.

  • - I am going to have to ask you to stop posting the same comment on all our blog posts. This is considered spamming. When we have something new to share regarding updates to Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, or Windows Movie Maker, we'll definitely share it here in a blog post. Thanks.

  • vieya
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    Please update Windows Media player, movie maker, media center. It's been years now. Windows users deserve an update by now.