Windows Store gift cards are here with a great touch PC promotion!

Windows Store gift cards are here with a great touch PC promotion!

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To celebrate apps this season, when you buy a new touch PC or tablet running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 at a participating U.S. retailer* you’ll receive a promotional $25 Windows Store gift card to purchase your favorite apps and games in the Windows Store. The offer runs until December 28th, 2013 – or while promotional gift card supplies last.

Windows Store gift cards are also available for purchase in over 25 markets from more than 100 retailers, enabling you to buy apps and games online directly from the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store and select Xbox stores.

With over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, and new apps arriving every day, it’s never been easier to download and buy your favorites - from entertainment and productivity to the latest games from Xbox. With exciting new apps available in the Store every day, gift cards are a great stocking stuffer for friends, family and anyone else on your holiday shopping list. You can learn more about Windows Store and Xbox gift cards here.


*The $25 Windows Store gift card promotion is available at many retailers across the United States including, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Staples,, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Sam’s Club,, and the Microsoft Store. The promotional gift card code must be redeemed by 02/28/2014 and the funds from the card must be spent within 120 days of the date the card code is redeemed. Please note that non-promotional Windows Store gift cards purchased at retail do not expire.

Gift card promotions are available in select markets outside the U.S. Please check with your local retailer for details.

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  • Another week has gone by and, despite what the Windows support rep promised (see post below), I did not receive a gift certificate. This is a very poorly executed promotion. I will wait another week and if I don't receive anything, I will return the tablet.

  • I bought a Surface tablet at TSC on Nov 22.  Just received it Dec 23.  It was supposed to come with a $25 credit to use for apps.  TSC has since erased the page, and customers are left holding the bag.  I read above this offer was also available in Canada.  I never received my email?  This is very frustration and unfair and should be made right


  • Same had happened to me. Bought Venue 11 Pro on Dell website and email for the promotion code never came. The lady from Dell support had no idea what the promotion was and I had to guide her to find it. I got put on hold a lot and they eventually told me to talk to Microsoft about it. Microsoft's person said they couldn't help because I bought it on the Dell site, so I need to talk to Dell about it! Someone please help! I feel like a lot of people are being lied to so Microsoft can spike sales this season.

  • Also bought a Dell venue pro 8 from Costco with the expectation of receiving the gift card.  Their website advertises the promotion.  No gift card was included.  How do I get it?  who do I contact?

  • I purchased a Dell Venue Pro tablet from TigerDirect. Their web site showed the $25 promo. When I received the product, there was no gift card. I called TigerDirect. They referred me to Dell, who referred me to Microsoft. The Microsoft rep told me the gift card should come in email 5-10 business days after purchasing the product. It would have been helpful if 1) this Microsoft article explained that 2) vendors like TigerDirect would know this is how it is expected to work. The Microsoft support rep was going to follow up with his management chain to take care of these two items.

  • This is the response I received from


    I've checked with our marketing department and while this website might be offering a discount, merchandise, gift cards, or other items as a reward for participating in a promotion; we do not endorse this promotion.

    If you have any questions about this specific promotion, please contact the administrators of the website directly:

    I'm sure it's disappointing not being able to take advantage of a promotion. However, in appreciation of your valuable business with, I can issue a $25 Promotional Certificate as one time exception. The promotional certificate automatically applies the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by

    If you're willing to accept the $25 Promotional Certificate in lieu of the promotion advertised on the link you've provided in your message, please let us know.

    Please visit the following link to provide the information we requested:

    I hope this solution works for you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,

    Chen N.

  • I purchased a DVP Tablet for myself and two more as gifts, I am not able to find any note of this promotion on  Only the Surface tablets sold by Tiger Direct reference the $25.00 Promo GC via a add on to the product image.

  • Ho Kwo
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    I purchased HP envy 15 form Microsoft store I'm Utah this Friday, but l did not get a gift card. Is this promotion still going?

  • Gooch0
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    This promotion is a little frustrating.  Microcenter has banners on there website for this promotion, but when asked they know nothing about it :(.  I think this promotion needs to actually be promoted a bit more to actually be considered a promotion ;).  No one seems to know what's going on and it ends in a week.

  • I just bought Dell Venue Pro with Windows 8.1 from OfficeMax store. But store manager is not aware of these promotion. He said that it is ONLY offered on touch laptop. It is very frustrating to note that microsoft is making headlines about these promotion. But retainers are refusing to honor it. I am disappointed.

  • jevrock
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    I Bought 1 Surface at the store and 1 at Fry's and

    still didn't get my gift cards :(

  • I bought a Dell Venue 8 pro from local staples on Nov 2nd, they refused to give me the $25 giftcard for free, instead, they asked for $25.

  • coreyfr
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    I bought 2 Dell Venue 8 Pro's from Walmart last week and did not get the gift cards.

  • - We're not going to delete your comment. We hear your frustration and are working with retailers to ensure this promotion is honored. We're definitely addressing the issue.

  • jfohl8r
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    I purchased two new laptops as holiday presents as holiday presents from after reading this article. No gift card with either order.  Customer service had no clue what I was talking about.  I was excited about Windows 8, and totally leaving Scroogle or whatever you call it by purchasing a new Lumia phone for myself early next year. But it seems you guys cant handle a simple promotion.  At least when I bought a tablet this past summer for a relative, Scroogle delivered the promise of a $25 app store gift card automatically.  

    Maybe you guys should invest some money into ways of giving customers what you say you are going to give them. Your new TV ads try to make Microsoft look like good guys, yet when you post about a fake gift card promotion, you are the ones scroogling customers.

    You're going to delete this comment.  Why don't you address it instead?  

  • The $25 gift card promotion is handled through the participating retailers listed in the above blog post. We are working with those retailers to make sure the promotion is honored. We apologize that some of you ran into issues. We suggest that you try going back to the retailer again to get the promotion.

    Some of you have asked about getting this promotion. To get a $25 Windows Store gift card as part of this promotion, you need to have purchased a new touch PC or tablet running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 at one of the above mentioned retailers Dec. 1st and after and the promotion runs until December 28th, 2013 – or while promotional gift card supplies last.

    Once you receive your promotional gift card from the retailer, follow these instructions to redeem on your Windows 8.1 PC or tablet:  

  • How do I get the code to redeem the $25? No one seems to have any idea what's going on. The people at the store had no clue and Windows doesn't know either. Can we Hey some help here?

  • Yep - first phone call with the store resulted in being told to go into the store in person.

    Go into the store and was told "sorry - don't have a clue - true calling customer service."

    2nd phone call is now 1 hour and 20 minutes phone call (and counting) and has resulted in being transferred 3 times with no one having a clue how to redeem. A very poorly run promotion... Ended up wasting way more than $25 dollars worth of time and energy on it...

  • I've been calling the microsoft and windows store for info, and customer support either cannot verify this promotion, or are giving me the run around by re-directing my call.

    This post is useless if there is no instruction on how to redeem this promotion

  • I purchases an Asus T100 on the microsoft store on monday Dec2, and contact support today via chat... they said I needed to return the device and purchase a new one to receive the gift card!!! how terribly inconvenient is that! I guess I should have not expected any more from MS customer support... really disappointing.

  • Shirl
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    Please provide insight on how we can redeem this deal.  I purchased the Lumia 2520 a few days ago and would like to redeem this promotion.  Please let us know how and where.  Thank you.

  • How do I get this deal at  I don't see anything about it on their website.  I contacted their customer support and they don't know anything about it.

  • jevrock
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    I would also like to know how to receive/redeem this.

  • accura
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    I bought a surface pro at Microsoft store yesterday, but I didn't see this promotion. Is it eligible for it?

  • So where is the info on how to receive/redeem this? I bought a touch pc last night from the Microsoft store after this article was published ..

  • bleeman
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    Did this promotion just start today? I ask as I purchased an ASUS T100TA at Best Buy on Saturday night and I didn't see or hear of any reference to this promotion. Thanks!