VLC for Windows 8 Beta now available from the Windows Store

VLC for Windows 8 Beta now available from the Windows Store

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After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the work needed to develop a version of their popular video player called VLC for Windows 8 – VideoLAN’s hotly anticipated app is finally here in beta form. You can now download VLC for Windows 8 from the Windows Store.

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VLC is well known for being a fantastic open source video player but VLC for Windows 8 Beta is a full-blown multimedia app that lets you manage and play your video files and your music files. You get dedicated “panels” in the app to see all the videos and songs on your device. VLC for Windows 8 supports all the same file types as the desktop version of VLC for Windows – including Ogg, FLAC and MKV. VLC for Windows 8 is a beta so there might be a few bugs and kinks to be worked out but give it a try.

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  • casaout
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    I'd really love to use the VLC app on my Surface 2 (Windows 8.1 RT)! Moreover, why can't we look our DVDs on Windows RT with an external DVD player? This would be one of the biggest advantages over the iPad! We have dozens of customers waiting for this in our company...

  • Lin
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    Let's get going with Apple (heard they are the ones throwing up the road blocks) to link and be able to sync the Ipods in Windows 8.1.  Got new Ipod and it could not be recognized in Windows inspite of all the trouble shooting things that were recommended.  Very unhappy and wish I could go back to Windows XP

  • Windows Team: Please open the API to VideoLan to allow DVD disc access/playback. We still have disc media although with Windows 8, you seemed tonnage forgotten this little fact up until now.

  • looking forward for Windows Phone 8 version..

  • abm
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    Great news!

    There is one major bug in Microsoft's Video store app:

    When you switch to desktop or open another app (on a paused/playing video), the next time you bring the app to top, the video disappear! Same happens when you lock you PC and unlock it. Windows team should fix this bug in their app; inspired by VLC.

  • danielgr
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    Great, now all we have to do is wait for the version which was most needed, the one for ARM.

    Hopefully that one is not as far along the road as the first version ended up being.

    PS: And yes, I'm not complaining "for free", but as one of the "backers" that put their money in so that I could finally watch any video on my ARM Surface.