Windows 8.1 Update – important refinements to the Windows experience

Windows 8.1 Update – important refinements to the Windows experience

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As Joe mentioned here, today we’re announcing two important updates to the Windows platform: Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update. With these updates, we continue to refine and improve Windows based on feedback from customers to deliver ongoing value to all their Windows devices. Joe’s post goes into detail on all the awesomeness that’s in Windows Phone 8.1(Cortana is rad – trust me!) but also gives some great context around our new engineering culture in the Operating Systems Group now that we’re in this mobile-first, cloud-first world. It also underscores how we are moving more quickly to improve the Windows experience for customers. In this post, I wanted to share a little bit more about the update for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

With the current generation of Windows, we made a pretty big bet on touch and mobility. Along with building on top of the strong foundation in Windows 7, we also introduced a brand new approach to the Windows user experience that brought touch to the forefront. Since the original introduction of Windows 8 in 2012, we have been continuously refining the experience, and we are making steady progress. More than 40 percent of Windows PCs at big box retailers, like Windows Stores Only at Best Buy, this past holiday season were touch-enabled - up from only 4 percent a year ago. As Joe recently said at Mobile World Congress, customer satisfaction for a device running Windows 8 with touch is actually higher than it was for a PC running Windows 7 without touch. We believe deeply in the notion that delivering a compelling personal and modern experience across all the devices that matter in your life should not mean sacrificing familiarity. Windows 8 and 8.1 were first steps, and we continue to make refinements based on customer and partner feedback.

Last fall, less than a year after we shipped Windows 8, we released Windows 8.1- bringing a large set of customer-driven improvements including the return of the Start button, tutorials, more personalization options, the ability to boot to desktop, improvements to multi-tasking, and more. Today marks the next step as we release a new update for your Windows experience.

The Windows 8.1 Update delivers a collection of refinements designed to give people a more familiar and convenient experience across touch, keyboard and mouse inputs. It also brings improvements for business customers, really accelerates opportunity for developers, and enables device makers to offer lower cost devices.


Easier access to your favorite apps and key controls:


On the Start screen, on select devices you will now find Power and Search buttons at the upper-right corner next to your account picture. You can now more quickly shut down your PC if you need to and do a search right from the Start screen.

If you like using the desktop, you will be happy to know that select devices will now boot to desktop as the default setting. And on your taskbar, you can now pin both desktop apps and apps from the Windows Store as well as your favorite websites. You can now pin any app you want to the taskbar so you can open or switch between apps right from the desktop. I’ve got some of my favorite apps like Xbox Music, Skype, Facebook, Flipboard, and Mint pinned to my taskbar. You can also access the taskbar from anywhere when you’re using a mouse; you can see the taskbar on any screen by moving your mouse to the bottom edge of your screen. Just click on any of the apps pinned to your taskbar to open or switch to them.

More familiar mouse and keyboard options:


We’ve made it so your mouse works more consistently anywhere in Windows. If you move your mouse to the top of the screen when using a Windows Store app, you will see the familiar Close and Minimize buttons. And as I mentioned above, when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen in a Windows Store app, the taskbar comes up.


On the Start screen, if you right-click on an app tile, you will get a context menu next to the app tile that shows you what you can do with the tile, like unpin from Start, pin to the taskbar, change the tile size or even uninstall the app. Right-clicking on an app tile on the Start screen works just like right-clicking on something on the desktop.

Simpler way to find new apps:


After installing the update, you’ll find the Windows Store is now pinned to the taskbar by default so you can easily discover new apps (yes, you can unpin it if you don’t want it there).


And after installing new apps, you’ll notice a message at the lower-left corner of the Start screen that points you to the Apps view so you can see what you recently just installed.

Seamless browsing on all devices:


With today’s update, Internet Explorer 11 adapts your browsing experience by detecting your Windows device and input type – whether an 8-inch touch tablet in portrait mode or a 24-inch desktop with mouse and keyboard. The web is still front-and-center but new design enhancements make your browsing experience feel like it was made just for your device – like the number of tabs on-screen, the size of the fonts and menus. You can also now control when the browser remains on-screen or hides away for full-screen browsing. Check out 22tracksto see these updates in action.

Improvements for business customers: We are introducing several key improvements for businesses such as Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE) and extended Mobile Device Management (MDM). EMIE enables Internet Explorer 8 compatibility on Internet Explorer 11 so companies can run existing web-based apps seamlessly on Windows 8.1 devices. And with extended MDM, we are introducing additional policy settings that can be managed with whatever MDM solution an enterprise chooses including whitelisting or blacklisting Windows Store apps and websites. Look for a blog post later today on the Windows for your Business Blog that discusses these in greater detail and a post on the Springboard Series Blogon deployment guidance for the Windows 8.1 Update.

New low cost devices:With the Windows 8.1 Update, we have enabled our hardware partners to build lower cost devices for Windows such as devices with only 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage that provide customers with the experience they expect from a Windows device without sacrificing performance.

We have made the Windows 8.1 Update available today for MSDN subscribers, and will begin to roll it out for free to Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 customers via Windows Update next Tuesday April 8th. For the majority of folks, they will receive the update automatically. If you are still on Windows 8, you can get the Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store on April 8th as well.

NOTE: The Windows 8.1 Update will be KB2919355 for those of you interested.

We’re really excited to get this update out to everyone! Moving forward, we’ll continue to deliver improvements through regular updates like this one to Windows, allowing us to respond more quickly to customer feedback as your needs change.

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  • Delton
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    Hello my name is Delton Agostinho Esteves, I am a fan of Windows and I thought in a lot of things that can help Microsoft in improving Windows 8/8.1 usability and look.

    This Changes is only to be applied on PC.

    1- Replace IE (Metro Version) with the Desktop Version.

    obs: there is no reason to have IE Metro Version on a PC when we already have IE Desktop Version. Built into IE Desktop Version all the coolest capabilities that IE Metro Style Version has.

    2- Put all the things that Control Painel has to the PC settings (Metro Style) and then remove it.

    obs: Only if PC settings can be opened in Desktop with resume, close and maximize buttons.

    3- Give a metro style appearence in all legacy programs that comes with Windows, also give a metro style appearence in all the icons, give a metro style appearence in the task manager, allow metro theme to be applied also on the Desktop, etc.

    4- Removes the duality of the system like, all the Windows native apps must be refreshed with metro look and added with functions that his metro style counterpart has.

    Wrapping up

    Windows should be an OS which all the apps must be opened only on the Desktop with resume, close and maximize buttons, with the visual and its apps must be a merging of metro style app and desktop style app originating in one app that has:

    Metro Look(with resume, close and maximize button)  

    Desktop style capabilities and metro style capabilities.

    Thank you very much hope you consider this and repply.

  • Recon
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    Anything you can say abut relese date?

  • ola tudo bem: meu nome Ismael sor de Salvador Bahia brasil, o meu celular e o nokia lumia 720 black, e nao esto conseguindo atualiza para o novo sistema 8.1

    Pode mim ajudar a atualiza o meu celular... obrigado

  • I want to be able to backup and restore my phone. Any windows software to do that?

  • EvoWing
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    I like Windows 8 (& 8.1) but cannot use it until I am able to disable the Edge Swipes.

    I cannot allow users of my product to open the Charms Bar or close my application. It's a standard Desktop app for  Industrial Control written in C++ using MFC. I cannot create it as a Windows Store app so can't use the "Assigned Access" feature of Windows 8.1.

    So until there is a way to disable EdgeSwipes I have no choice but to stick with Windows 7.

    btw, this app originated on Windows 3.1 and has been continually updated without problem until now. I also have two new Handhelds that only run on Windows 8 that are effectively expensive paper weights until a solution is found.

  • Markx
    0 Posts

    I am big fan of Nokia+Windows looking forward to use 8.1 in my Lumia . Can't wait .

  • Hi i am using Lumia 625 can i able to update my device to windows 8.1

  • Windows 8.1 seems to be all about social media.....I liked Windows 7......with all this shifting around to "updated" formats.....I see more reasons than ever to go LINUX!!!

  • JSigned
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    So, when is Windows 9 coming out?  Is the UI going to be as messed up as windows 8?  The lost work time and training expense to bring my 10,000+ users up to speed on the Windows 8 UI is not something I can afford. From my perspective Windows 8 = Vista = Fail

  • jnanesh
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    when 8.1 update for lumia 520 availabla in india.....?

  • I also have a Lumia 920 and would like to get the 8.1 update in Britain.

  • Hi i am using Lumia 625 can i able to update my device to windows 8.1

  • eshan
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    i m a user of Lumia 920. When are you going to release 8.1 update in India as it has been more than a fortnight since it was launched. awaiting it eagerly

  • I use nokia lumia 1320 and recently upgraded windows 8.1 on my phone.

    I must say I am very disappointed with the bugs following below:

    1) It drains battery life 70% faster than earlier.

    2) Unable to purchase app. Dispalys "purchase facility is not available".

    3) Concept of Xbox games application is awful.

    4) Xbox video application is slower.

    Please fix these bugs and specially battery life. I hope the upcoming updates will fix battery life as well.

  • Не могу скачать обновление из магазина,начинаю скачивание,доходит до половины и прерывается. пишет: это приложение не было установлено.и так каждый раз. почему так происходит? помогите пжлст

  • Well I shouldn't have written about it but the HDD in my old laptop crashed today. This was an old "Vista Basic" laptop that I had its RAM increased and actually ran very well with 8.1. However for the exact reason I mentioned in my previous comment I will be putting 7.1 (Win 7 SP1) back on this machine because I have an iso that I can use to reinstall - clean and easy.  To go back to win 8.1 would involve to much messing about as outlined in the previous comment. So thank you MS for your draconian install process for 8.1. My household will be Windows 8 free.

  • Just joined fails fraud detection checks in Hmmm!

    The introducing Windows 8.1 update in YouTube video crashes my IE11 every time. Good start here.

    Haven't had a crash with YouTube before. Got a sinking feeling here.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH KEVINB158! I was having a little panic attack before I read your post. I love using my start screen to launch programs and I am happy to keep my previous set up.

  • This is to Dconnell I too like the look and feel of windows 8 and 8.1 and when I downloaded the new update I did not like the fact that it would keep going back to the desktop every time I closed an app from the start screen or would show the taskbar when I went down to the bottom of the start screen. But I found there is a way to disable this feature and keep windows 8.1 looking like 8.1. First go to the task bar and right click it then click on properties there should be a box checked that says show windows store apps on task bar uncheck that and click apply that should keep windows 8.1 feeling like 8.1 I hope this helps out.

  • If the one laptop I have running windows 8.1 ever has a HDD crash or I want to put a bigger HDD in Microsofts current install process means I would have to install windows 8 first and then go thru the store and download the same 3gb update to get it to 8.1.  A common sense approach would be to have an 8.1 .iso available to everyone that could be installed using an 8.0 key. However Microsoft doesn't appear to be big on common sense.

  • This is how Microsoft would like me to clean install my 5 remaining windows 7 machine. Install windows 8 on each of the machines (in this case I can actually use an .iso but still I have to waste my time upgrading each machine to windows 8 just so i can upgrade to 8.1) the download the same 8.1 update 5 times (15GB in total) thru the store because according to MS everyone has fast internet connections and unlimited bandwidth to use

    To clean install to windows 7sp1 on the same machines I would simply boot off the DVD with the win7.1 iso on it and install it using the keys from 7.0 which magically would still work with 7.1

  • Hi everyone - for those of you asking questions about getting Windows 8.1 Update from Windows Update - please see this article for all the details for getting it. You may need to manually check for updates in Windows Update on your device:

  • - Glad to hear it!

  • Just got the update for my XPS desktop Brandon! Really digging the Window controls for Windows 8 apps. Love having desktop apps + Windows 8 apps together on the taskbar. Plex runs great, and so does everything else I've tried so far.

    0 Posts

    Is your Windows 8 KMS activated? Activated OEM or with KMSPico or Microsoft toolkit? If yes than it will not be available for now! If it is not than update all apps that should work!

  • Ku Mum
    0 Posts

    I have just updated for Windows 8.1 SP1. It' so nice

  • i do not know why my windows 8 is not updating to 8.1 somebody help me

  • The key thing I need to know is: Can the taskbar and titlebar be disabled in Modern? I prefer the cleaner look established in 8 & 8.1 on the Modern side.

  • When can we get it its April 8th 10:30 am pst and i cant find it on Windows Update or the store?

  • Ku Mum
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    I turn on and check the Windows update but there isn't thing.. Waiting.. :(

  • No Update tell now !!! where is the Update ? it seems we get it on 4/9 rather than get it on 4/8 ? any one got the update ?

  • I found out that the update is supposed to be released, but that won't happen until 3:00* this afternoon.

    *observes Eastern Daylight Time

  • Because I was unable to update? Windows Update says that no updates is because I live in Brazil.

  • paulsan
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    I've just run the windows 8.1 update and although there is more to come and some of the best bits don't seem to be there yet it is already fantastic. I run windows phone too and can't wait for that update so they run in more sync (my phone and PC) I had the opportunity to help a friend set up her Samsung and I thought why is this so complicated you should have picked a windows phone.

  • @MoWeb I already own 6 windows 8 license keys that I purchased for $40 when it came out. I wont be buying windows 8 on disc. That would be the equivalent of buying it twice to cover Microsofts poor upgrade process.

    I dont have MSDN or Volume licenses as a home user that is not even relevant.

    The 3GB download is when you update 8 to 8.1 via the store I know because I did it for my laptop. I cant use my 8 keys for 8.1 again because of Microsofts dumb logic.

    I can reinstall windows 7 sp1 (the equivalent of 8.1) with a windows 7 key without an issue using an iso was available for download from MS with needing MSDN or the like.My argument on doing a clean install of 8.1 with an 8.0 key without an ISO still stands. There is no valid reason to not provide ISOs or allow 8.1 to be installed with an 8.0 key.

    For me this myopic upgrade procedure that Microsoft have adopted is the reason why I will not be upgrading to 8 on the rest of my PCs in the near future.

  • MoWeb
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    I'm loving Windows 8.x, and its just getting better, and better, with these updates. Now, let's see if I can address some of the comments below:

    @SubZero - I agree that the context menu options on the WLAN settings is/was useful, and was also sad to see them go. It was available in Windows 8.0, removed in Windows 8.1, and looks to be back in Windows 8.1 Update.

    @sapaleale - All Windows discs available from computer stores should now be Windows 8.1 versions. All downloads available from Microsoft Volume Licensing Sites (MSDN, VLCS, etc.) are all 8.1. These will all be updated to 8.1 Update on or around the 14th April. You can perform clean installations from these discs. The only 3GB download was when you were installing Windows 8.0 from older media.


    I agree. While I like being able to set up a perfectly-arranged Start Screen, I do miss the ability for apps to automatically appear on the Start Screen (Windows 8.0 style). While the update will address some visibility, I do agree that it could be an optional setting, which would improve new-app-visibility for some users.

    @rakecs - For most of the Build keynotes, Joe (and a couple of others) were using the Nokia Lumia 1520. For the Visual Studio part, the desktop sync video, and a few other segments, they used the Nokia Lumia 1320. Awesome phones!

    @Human Recall - These blogs have heaps of content, and multiple posts on similar and/or connected topics. While this update specifically mentioned a great deal on the desktop side, there are other posts (such as those by Joe Belfiore) that are almost entirely Windows Phone-based. I suggest you check out some of these great articles as well; to get the whole picture. Microsoft is also pretty committed to the "Modern" aspect, and with universal apps around the corner - which allow you to code for Windows Phone, Windows Tablets, Windows Desktops, AND Xbox One... from the same project - I'm pretty sure they have the "smart screen" thing covered. The Desktop serves a very important purpose though, so it needs to be there. But just remember, there is nothing forcing you to pin items to the Taskbar or Desktop; you can keep it all Modern, all Desktop, or anything in between. I whole-heartedly agree with this (Microsoft's) direction; the desktop/mobile convergence, where a single device can be used for work, entertainment, and more.

    @crabbyjohn - If you signed in with your "Microsoft Account" when installing 8.1, then yes, it may have changed something.. but usually not something that will prevent you gaining access to the account. If you are using a local account, and haven't attached/converted to a Microsoft account, then it will not have touched your Hotmail account. Try signing in with your hotmail address and password at to see what the situation is. I would DEFINITELY call the Microsoft support, as Brandon linked. They are really helpful folk, and will get to the bottom of your issues. Unfortunately this blog may not be the best place to seek assistance beyond what has already been offered.

    ... and now for the monster reply...

    @clemsonbloke - This is going to be a long one, so apologies. Now, where do I start? The Start Menu is a concept that was clearly listed in the "not in the next few months" part of the keynote. It's a concept that they are working on, based on user feedback. It's not going to be ready for some time yet. Microsoft HAVE listened, and that is why they are working out the best way to return the functionality. When Windows 8.0 (Developer Preview) was released, it had the "Start Button". So many of us found that "jarring" that we supplied feedback to Microsoft, which they used to justify the creation of "hot corners" and the removal of the button. When Windows 8 was released, the missing button caused some degree of panic for some users, so Microsoft listened and added that UI element back in Windows 8.1, together with the Win-X/Right-Click menu. Now, based on further feedback, they are exploring options to return a Start Menu of sorts. If that doesn't tell you that they listen, I'm not sure what would.

    Now, personally, I don't miss the Start Menu that much; but it did take some getting used to. For a lot of people, and according to Microsoft telemetry, the Start Menu simply provided quick access to "Computer Management", "Desktop", "Documents", "Power Options", and a "Search Box" (amongst a few others); options entirely replicated by the Start Screen, Taskbar icons, and Win-X menu from Windows 8.1. For most, but a vocal minority, the "Modern" options now achieve a good chunk of what they want, and for the rest, there are free or low-cost options to return the functionality anyway. I'm not really sure what the problem is. Based on the availability of alternatives, 3rd party solutions, and customisation options... I would actually find it a "slap in the face" if they added the menu back, to be honest. Each to their own I guess.

    In terms of Enterprise not supporting Windows 8.x, I'd love to know where you are finding that data. I, for example, am leading a team that is rolling out new devices over 2014. We currently have 590 new dockable tablets (Toshiba Z10T) deployed, running Windows 8.1 Enterprise (x64), and our users love it. We are planning several hundred more in the coming months. We, in the enterprise IT Department, all use and love it. We have already begun a full phase out, not of Windows XP... but of Windows 7; We like Windows 8 THAT much. Windows 8.1 is up and running on hardware we purchased as far back as 2008, and can run all the software Windows XP can. The Windows 8 issues are blown completely out of proportion (in my opinion).

    And as for the quip about switching to Apple, good luck with that. I also support over 100 Apple systems here (2012 and newer iMacs and MacBook pros) and find that it takes our team more time to keep Macs "happy" (in the Enterprise), than it does for over 2,000 Windows-based PCs. The place(s) you work at are in for a world of hurt if they are considering a jump from Windows 7 to OSX, as Macs tend to be the most consumer-oriented, unreliable, incompatible (no/poor backwards-compatibility, poor proxy support, Major OS updates that constantly break enterprise functionality, and more), time-intensive, domain-connected devices an IT shop can manage. I get that you're angry, but don't make things up about everyone else. No sane enterprise IT will switch to a completely different, consumer-focused platform because of a missing Start Menu. Heck, what happens when "Launchpad" becomes the main screen on a Mac, as Apple tries to align OSX with iOS? Will you drop Apple and switch to Linux? And what happens when, like Ubuntu, the focus becomes more on devices and app stores as well? Will you give up computers all-together?

    Important: I don't work for Microsoft, and am just a seriously enthusiastic System Admin. Theses comments have not been "paid for" by anyone, and are my own opinions. I hope I contributed to this discussion in a meaningful way.

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  • The reason I've never updated to 8.1, is the fact that all my devices aren't supported in 8.1. Now that we're being forced to change has this been fixed?  I don't like the idea of having to spend hundreds of dollars just so I can receive security updates and be able to use windows 8.1.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    , thanks for all the announcements. Incidentally, is there any updates on ReFS (codename Protogon), the new file system Microsoft announced last year? Would we get it in client OS before Windows 9?

  • i have downloaded KB2919355 updates Are they released by MS ?

  • when are we getting this updates ?

  • The Start Menu will be returning. They showed an early version of it at //Build/. I would like them to keep the Modern UI as an option but the Start Button will be great to have back. I use a laptop and I found closing apps on a track pad with Windows 8 hard, that's why I am happy with the new features they are adding. However I wish I could still close it with a mouse the windows 8 way to get back to the Start Screen as charlestek said. Either way they cannot make everyone happy.

  • Jason80
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    Windows 7 was perfect.  The best Windows OS ever made.  All I see when I see the new Windows 8/8.1 Metro look is a mess on my screen.

  • Very Great update! F*ck your 8.1 update.

  • Per my post on :

    I installed Win 8.1 Update 1on my Lenovo non-touchscreen laptop.

    Whereas before I could go to the Metro UI start a metro program, then suspend it by dragging the window to the bottom of the screen, and then I would return to the Metro UI start screen.

    Now if I go to Metro, run a metro app, then close the app, I get kicked back to the traditional desktop.

    The behavior before Update 1 was such that I could stay in Metro after closing a Metro app.   Now no matter what I do, including unchecking the "when I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of start" in the taskbar properties, I get kicked back to the desktop.

    When I go to the Metro UI, I assume when I quit a Metro app, that I would like to stay in the Metro UI so I can select another different metro app or apps.   The way things act, I always get bounced back to the desktop anytime I quit a Metro app, so then I have to purposely hit the windows key to go back to Metro to run a different metro app or apps, and when I quit that app, I'm back at the desktop.

    If I'm in Metro, I want to stay there until I explicitly indicate with the Win button or other means that I want to go back to the desktop.

    At the very least they should have left a registry setting to preserve the old behavior.

    When you are in Metro, and minimize the Metro app, you go back to the desktop with an icon in the taskbar for the metro app in the desktop.   While I agree that Microsoft needed to give back something to people who want desktop centric, this still makes no sense, unless microsoft went all the way and allowed the Metro app to be a sizable window in the desktop mode, a la Modern Mix from Stardock.

  • I mean just adding that start button back was a complete slap in the face to all the people who have been bitching about the return of the Start Menu.  I think though that MS is finally listening because I've seen many articles about the Start Menu returning.  The tiles in metro just look messy and cluttered, it should allow you to change the colour of the tiles so taht you can make them all the same colour.  That mess of mismatched colours all over looks like a toy for some child, not a real computer for a serious user.  Keep the new App's, I'd use some of them, but I don't like that start screen, its a mess.

  • Magamiako I think they should leave it as an option.  Sure if you want to use the start screen, fine, I have no problem with that.  In fact I like some of the App's such as the news reader and the weather.  However, I still like the traditional Start Menu, it looks way more professional and is smaller than that monstrosity.  I think it should be an option to run it either way you prefer to run it.  I'd have both turned on so I hope this explains it better to you.  I basically believe there should be an option to turn it on for those who want it.  Enterprise IT Is never going to go for this Metro stuff, they'll stick with 7 until its no longer supported.  Currently from what I hear at both places I work is that after 7 is no longer supported they may move to the Apple Mac OSX platform since MS clearly has slapped Enterprise users in the face, its bread and butter.  Anyway that is the talk of the IT departments, they want a traditional desktop experience.  Tablets are nice but they are in no way a sign that desktops are going away.  Who the hell wants to type a paper on a tablet?  You'd have to be an idiot.  At any rate it should be best of both worlds so I think they should add the option to turn the real start menu back on.  It's much smaller and to the point.  Makes more sense in my mind.  Afterall , we're MS people, not Apple.  Quit trying to be like Apple people.

  • So you will answer some questions but not ones about your sub standard upgrade procedure when upgrading multiple PCs from 7 to 8.1.

  • Hi Brandon,

    I notice the following in your post:

    "If you are still on Windows 8, you can get the Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store on April 8th as well."

    Does this mean that:

    a the option in the Windows 8 Store to upgrade to 8.1 will be replaced by an option to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 update 1 in one step, and

    b the option in the Windows 8 Store to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (with no update) will disappear?

    Have I got that right?



  • We love Windows 8.1; my wife, son and I have Windows 8/8.1 phones (Nokia), tablets, laptop, desktops, and Xbox one. The OS across the board is very powerful, full featured, and easy to use. Life is so great in our house and home office from productivity, games, and entertainment (specially the Cloud Onedrive). I can't wait to see more apps on Xbox one though.

  • I'm so exciting to use the new windows :(((

  • RJdip
    0 Posts

    I am using Windows 8.1 pro. I love it. I too think its no need for Microsoft to return with previous start menu, I mean this metro styled is very good, I love to open this start menu . It feels interesting. Its live rather than previous one or the new one should be also live with different style. Other changes are needed in Windows 8.1 Update. But never took away the metro style from Windows.Its awesome . Its the future.

  • Clemsonbloke,

    As an end user of Windows 8/8.1 of a person who uses a desktop, a tablet, and a gaming laptop; the start menu should have stayed gone and should have never returned. There is no functionality on the start menu that the Metro screen does not provide.

  • Hey Brandon,

    Just a little critique. Firstly, you write impressively well. Perhaps a little TOO well. The way this reads I can imagine sitting at a keynote. Blogs are supposed to be a bit more 'personal' and a bit more in-depth. This shows all of the features you would pick up in a Keynote presentation, but what about the real nitty gritty for us tech folks? Any optimizations, fixes, or changes behind the scenes?

  • Because that Start Menu is what we really want and have voiced this over and over and over but MS hasn't listened yet.  THAT Is something that should be a PRIORITY at MS.

  • So what happened to bringing the Start Menu back as talked about this week in many publications, this just being one?

  • - Have you tried calling our support folks versus online? Sorry to hear you are having issues. If you need 4 email addresses from your contact list, your friends and family who are likely on your contact list should be able to give you their email addresses.Them deleting their emails shouldn't prevent them from doing that. They should be able to tell you their own email address. I also suggest posting about your issue on our Microsoft Community forum - someone there might also be able to assist:

  • I know this isn't the appropriate forum, but I just have to share.  My Hotmail account was blocked early last week and that put me in the panic mode. I have 20 years archived business emails in that account and all my initial attempts to recover the account led back to the "temporarily blocked" screen.  I finally got a chat session with a tech last Thursday, and she had me set up a temporary Microsoft account where tech followup could contact me within 48 hours.  I saw nothing in the inbox in the new account, so tried to get a tech chat every chance I had from Sunday on and finally got connected yesterday.  The tech told me to check my junk folder, and there it was - the same response to the form I'd filled out twice before that tells me I haven't given enough information - the information that's blocked from my access.  How many of you remember four complete email addresses from your contact list and four subject lines from sent emails?  I've called friends and family for their assistance in recovering that info from their end, and found they delete their email as often as I do.  I'm reluctant to contact my customers to ask for their assistance because Microsoft thinks I did something wrong and blocked my account, so maybe I shouldn't be trusted.

    You just have to get a chuckle out of a tech telling me to look for the previous tech support message in my Junk folder in a new Outlook account specifically created to receive Microsoft tech support.

  • lama
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    I like this update. I appreciate your efforts to meet Desktop with Modern. There is one thing that bothers me - it is the style of right mouse button context menu on Start screen. So far Modern only mode was clean Modern, there was layer of Modern on Desktop that mixed both worlds. This context Menu reminds me Windows 2000 style it should be presented with Modern style to keep Start and modern experience clean and coherent. It makes things even more strange because on charm bar you get context menu with different Modern style. For me it is a huge a design bug to have two styles on single screen for same functionality. Hope it will be fixed with next "Start" update presented on build conference and that you can avoid similar issues in future.  

  • - This post is about the update for Windows 8.1 on PCs and tablets. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Windows Phone. I suggest posting about your issue at our Windows Phone Microsoft Community forum where there are folks there who might be able to help you troubleshoot and resolve your issue:

    - Good feedback. We did make it easier to find newly installed apps under the Apps view and you will see a note at the bottom left of the Start screen when new apps are installed as noted above.

    - This is completely customizable. If you want to keep booting to the Start screen you can make it do that by right-clicking on the taskbar and clicking "Properties" and going to the "Navigation" tab.

    - I don't think that is quite right. We're definitely bridging the gap between desktop and modern. Improvements in this update show this with the ability to pin Windows Store apps to your taskbar and the familiar Close and Minimize buttons that will now appear at the top of Windows Store apps - just like in desktop apps.

    - If you open up the Settings charm and click on Wi-Fi at the bottom, you can right-click on a wireless network you see here and choose to "forget network". I have used this a few times when I hit some wireless network snags while traveling.

  • Igor 50
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    Because when I updated my lumia 620 to version lumia Black, the system uses almost 3 GB memory only

  • Igor 50
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    Porque que quabdo eu atualizei meu lumia 620 para a versao lumia Black,o sistema usa quase que 3GB só de memoria

  • ستبدأ التحديثات في 8 أفريل

  • rakecs
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    What is windows phone model you are using during demo?

  • So, now that the update is out on MSDN/Technet, when can we expect to see the symbols for 8.1 Update 1?

  • People say whatever...

    I love windows 8, and I know 8.1 and its update is even awesome...

    Microsoft is doing a great job and its highly appreciated :)

  • Nargg
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    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements for Business users, especially in Windows Phone 8.1.  I still can't believe that Windows Phone contacts don't handle shared Exchange resources properly, like iOS and Android do!!!  Seriously MS??!!

  • Nargg
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    I wish they'd made it an option to make newly downloaded apps appear on the Start Screen without needing to go find them.  Even if they are more easily found now, it's still a pain to go get them.

  • That's all great and dandy but why did the article fade on the Windows 8.1 phone update? It went very vague and than rambled on about the Desktop OS !! Why is M$ catering to the small group that hate Windows 8 /8.1 in general ..kill the dam desktop already !!  Touch screens are becoming more prevalent in the market place with Smart Monitors / TV's / PC /Tablets /Phones  and now currently smart watches why the 3 steps back to appease a group that hates the product just to convince them to stay with M$ and jump ship from XP/VIsta/WIn 7 ! ?? Makes no sense to me !  Cluttering up the taskbar is 99/2000's cluttering up the desktop with cat wallpaper and icons and folders !!  

  • asonix
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    I am a user with a non-touch device, but I enjoy booting to the start screen. Will the automatic screen detection be able to be overridden? I would like to have the option not to boot to the desktop.

  • When I can download 1 8.1 .iso and perform a clean install from that I will upgrade. At the moment the archaic upgrade process from windows 7 to 8.1 is what is holding me back from upgrading. At the moment I would have to install 8 on each machine I have (5PCs) then download thru the store the same 3GB update 5 times to get it to 8.1. This is just plain stupid. I dont have the time all the bandwidth download the same update 5 times. That defies logic and common sense. 1 simple download of a 8.1 .iso would get around this idiocy but at this stage MS just seems to want to carry on down this illogical path. For me I will me staying with 7 while this clusterf of an upgrade process is in place. I am aware there are various workarounds for this process but why should i jump thru hoops just to get around the poor processes currently put in place by MS. Windows 8 doesn't have enough goodwill in the wider community to be able to put this type of idiocy in way of the user.

  • 哎~ 微软, 你说你容易吗? 折腾了半天触摸屏, 最后发现大家还是在用鼠标和键盘.

  • I watched Build's keynotes and if I understood correctly the direction Windows is taking is clearly this:

    The gap between classic desktop Windows and modern Windows remains un-bridged. You'll be able to launch modern apps from the classic taskbar but modern apps are still popping up taking the entire screen and not behaving like desktop users expect.

    I understand that the semantics of different processors are unbridgeable. I also understand that the new store vs classic installation methods may never be fully integrated with one another but let's be clear on one thing. UI aps in mouse-driven, non-touch PCs ought to behave the same way regardless of their underlying idiosyncrasies. This is a design principle, not a technical issue.

  • I installed 8.1 last month and got locked out of my email account (has a Hotmail address, been using it for 20 years).  I've been promised assistance twice and not gotten any further response either time.  Is this something that 8.1 did?  How do I get my email back?  

  • SubZero
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    The biggest change I need to see happen with Windows 8 is give us back the ability to manage our wireless connections. I work at a college and when students change their passwords for their accounts it is a nightmare to try and forget the existing wireless network credentials and re-add the network with the proper credentials. Currently the only way that works 100% of the time is to open Command Prompt and use "netsh wlan delete profile name=[profile name]" command.... which is a pain to remember. Windows 7's "Manage Wireless Networks" menu was amazingly helpful with this.

  • A Tiny bit better. I kinda wish the taskbar would be locked onto the start screen, making it more like a tabs in Internet explorer. I like the idea that I can have metro apps locked on the startscreen, which is a start, but when I go into the metro menu, the task bar disappears, which is stupid. If I wanted to change my music while in the metro mode, I have to exit metro, which is stupid. Brandon LeBlanc - I hope you're reading this and seriously consider it. Something like that might even keep me in Metro if I use enough metro apps.

  • Installing on 4 machines right now.  Hopefully this fixes the ability to index network shares, without stupid workarounds that don't actually work.  I can dream, right?

  • See above - we will be rolling the update out via Windows Update starting on April 8th.

  • how can I download this update