Boomdizzle’s Liquid MyConnect Studio now available in the Windows Store

Boomdizzle’s Liquid MyConnect Studio now available in the Windows Store

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Want to mix your own beats and create your own music tracks with your friends? You should check out Liquid MyConnect Studio from LL Cool J’s Boomdizzle. Liquid MyConnect Studio is a virtual music studio that allows you to connect with a friend and record, remix, and edit music together in real-time. Once you’ve got a song ready to go – you can share your originally created music over the Internet. You can download the new Liquid MyConnect Studio from LL Cool J’s Boomdizzle free exclusively from the Windows Store.



LL Cool J’s Boomdizzle is on the cutting-edge of social music creation and sharing and Liquid MyConnect Studio showcases that. You can collaborate with other musicians with built in Skype Integration for example. And you can also import songs, tracks, or stems from SoundCloud. And it’s super easy to upload your music tracks out to your following on SoundCloud and share with your friends on Facebook too. Give Liquid MyConnect Studio a try today.

I admit, I originally wanted to create my own track and share in this post but what I created ended up sounding much like the alien probe that attacks Earth in Star Trek: The Voyage Home. While I may not be cut out to make my own music, I love music and am really interested in seeing the kinds of music people create with Liquid MyConnect Studio so make sure to share your tracks out and leave a link in comments for me to check out!

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  • Reposting a comment I made on another post as this issue continues to be ignored by MS

    One day I may "upgrade" to 8.1 but given the current clusterf off an upgrade/install process it wont be happening any time soon. The only laptop that I had 8.1 on is now running 7(it was easy with an 7 sp1 iso didn't have to install "7.0" first and then install "7.1") after a HDD crash because I didn't want to waste my time installing 8.0 then waste more time and bandwidth updating it to 8.1. Without the ability to use an .iso to install 8.1 with an 8 key windows 8 remains anti hobbyist. Believe or not MS not having a technet/msdn subscription doesn't make you an idiot. Yes there are all kinds on work arounds on the net to allow 8.1 to be installed cleanly but why should a user have to jump thru hoops just to compensate for Microsofts shortsighted processes and arrogance  Also yes I will continue to complain about this because it frustrates me no end.