HP unveils new 2-in-1 PC for businesses

HP unveils new 2-in-1 PC for businesses

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HP has unveiled a new 2-in-1 PC today designed specifically for business users: the HP Pro x2 612. You might have caught this PC being shown in Nick Parker’s Computex keynote. For more from Nick, I suggest you read his blog post here on the Official Microsoft Blog. I’m going to tell you a little bit more about the HP Pro x2 612.


The HP Pro x2 612 is a 2-in-1 PC that gives you the best of a full high-powered laptop and a very sleek and light business tablet. The HP Pro Tablet 612 has a 12.5 inch diagonal display and attaches to the full size HP Pro x2 612 Power Keyboard which has an embedded battery as well as VGA, Ethernet, DisplayPort, and (2) USB 3.0 ports. With a battery in the tablet and one in the Power Keyboard, business customers can benefit from the dual batteries with up to 14 hours of battery life. On the side of the Power Keyboard is a docking connector for optional HP UltraSlim dock if a docking solution is needed. And the HP Pro x2 612 also comes with an optional battery-free Wacom pen with built-in holder. The pen has with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and palm rejection technology so you can write and draw with incredible precision.

On the inside, the HP Pro x2 is powered by Intel Core i3/i5 processors with a vPro option. Because the HP Pro x2 612 is designed with businesses in mind, that means security is important. The HP Pro x2 612 includes TPM and a Smart Card Reader as well as specific enhancements by HP including HP BIOS, HP Client Security, and HP Sure Start to keep customer data secure and safe. You can also get an option fingerprint reader too. And finally, it also comes with a Qualcomm Gobi 4G LTE modem.

Additionally, HP will also have a soft, ultra mobile backlit keyboard for the HP Pro Tablet 612 that includes a USB 3.0 port, combo audio jack and a power connector.

The HP Pro x2 612 is expected to be available in September.

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    Reposting a comment I made on another post as this issue continues to be ignored by MS

    One day I may "upgrade" to 8.1 but given the current clusterf off an upgrade/install process it wont be happening any time soon. The only laptop that I had 8.1 on is now running 7(it was easy with an 7 sp1 iso didn't have to install "7.0" first and then install "7.1") after a HDD crash because I didn't want to waste my time installing 8.0 then waste more time and bandwidth updating it to 8.1. Without the ability to use an .iso to install 8.1 with an 8 key windows 8 remains anti hobbyist. Believe or not MS not having a technet/msdn subscription doesn't make you an idiot. Yes there are all kinds on work arounds on the net to allow 8.1 to be installed cleanly but why should a user have to jump thru hoops just to compensate for Microsofts shortsighted processes and arrogance  Also yes I will continue to complain about this because it frustrates me no end.