Top 10 reasons to use Windows Home Server in your SOHO

Top 10 reasons to use Windows Home Server in your SOHO

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Since we had such a great response from our previous post on the Top 10 reasons to use Windows Home Server, we thought it would be beneficial to share our thinking on the business side of things. Don’t let the name Windows Home Server fool you into thinking that this product was created for home use only. A lot of the reasons that you would use Windows Home Server in your home are just as applicable to a small or home office. Windows Home Server provides a dependable and affordable way to organize and safeguard your work on up to 10 computers. In order to help you see how Windows Home Server could enable you to work more efficiently and effectively, take a look at the top 10 reasons to use Windows Home Server in your SOHO.

1. Conveniently backup important data with automatic image-based backup of up to 10 computers every day.

2. Quickly restore an entire PC, a specific hard drive, or individual files and folders in the event of data loss.


3. Remotely access PCs while away from the office to access files, check e-mail, review financial information, or look up an address or phone number.

4. Create a centralized and security enhanced location for important work documents that can be accessed by everyone in the company.


5. Easily find and share information by organizing data in a security-enhanced centralized location.

6. Help reduce downtime with automatic monitoring of the health of your computers on the network to keep them active and available.

7. Easily expand storage space and add new capabilities as your business needs grow.


8. Grant permissions for varying levels of access by team members to your business documents.

9. Easily extend your investment with new Windows Home Server add-ins for things such as virus protection, power management, and online storage.

10. Easy to use and set-up Windows Home Server in as little in 2 hours.


Hopefully, you are now ready to buy your very own Windows Home Server and start running your business at its full potential!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of using Windows Home Server in your SOHO, take a look at our Small Office/Home Office page on the Windows Home Server Web site:


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  • Mary is certainly right, and brings up a great point!

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  • 12 Add client-based backup back into an SBS setup

    Now that SBS 2008 doesn't include client backup, you'll need a solution - and WHS has a storage fabric with none of the drive-matching frustrations of RAID

  • 11. Make client hard drive upgrades easy:

    i. Do a quick client backup to the server

    ii. Remove old hard drive

    iii. Install new hard drive

    iv. Boot off WHS Restore CD

    v. Restore last backup to new HD