A review of the HP MediaSmart EX495 was posted yesterday on Maximum PC’s web site. Author Norman Chan reviews the new MediaSmart and compares it to last year’s EX487 model. Chan states that “The improvements HP made to its flagship Windows Home Server are a direct response to feature requests made by consumers – including us”.


One noted feature of the EX495 is the speed of the machine, which is now powered by a Pentium Dual Core CPU which runs at 2.5GHz. This clearly amplifies performance by increasing file transfer speed, and the ability to transcode and stream video in real time. To store all of this digital entertainment, the MediaSmart EX495 also comes with 1.5TB of storage and leaves 3 additional bays empty for further internal expansion.


Chan then goes on to tell us about the MediaSmart 3.0 software which is “equally impressive” as the device itself. The new key features mainly revolve around converting your video files to be used on multiple devices. Feature highlights include:

  • A local webpage where you can perform manual backups.
  • Advanced options in the console for Media Collect and Video Conversions.
  • Custom video settings.

To top it off, all of these great new features come at a price that is $100 less expensive than the earlier version (EX487). Interested in buying one for yourself? Chan ends the article with some fairly good incentive: “No other solution on the market comes close to matching the EX495’s performance, feature set, and ease of use.”