Windows Home Server 2011 now available for TechNet and MSDN Subscribers to Download today!

Windows Home Server 2011 now available for TechNet and MSDN Subscribers to Download today!

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Starting today MSDN and TechNet subscribers will be able to download Windows Home Server 2011 for testing and evaluation purposes. 

Make sure you also check out the Windows Server Solution SDK site, which overviews how to create add-ins that can extend the functionality of Windows Home Server.  Also just released is the Windows Server Solutions SDK Installer, a tool that helps you install the Windows Server Solutions SDK. It has Visual Studio 2010 samples and templates that you can use to easily create applications for Windows Home Server 2011.

Stay tuned for further information on the evaluation experience for Windows Home Server 2011 releasing later this month.

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  • Ryan
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    Just been trialling WHS 2011 and without Drive pooling its near useless :( for any large storage over a range of drive sizes. What were you thinking?

  • jaxim
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    I'm interested in getting a windows home server with the latest OS version. Are any of the retail home server towers going to have WHS 2011 right out of the box?

  • I'm sure the regular commenters here are sick of the DE people, but I just don't care. Every time I see a post for this blog in Reeder I get pissed that I'll never be able to use WHS 2011 because of a completely idiotic decision by people who ignored the core mission of the product they were put in charge of.

    I can only hope that the product tanks hard and forces the WHS 2011 team back to the drawing board or out of a job. Considering Microsoft has been steadily improving all their software products effectively in the last couple years, this honestly couldn't be more disappointing.

    For those about to post "get over it", TS. I'm not over it, and I won't be until I get/find a real successor to WHS v1. Until then, look forward to continued commenting by DE fans.

  • skiwi
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    What a shame WHS2 has been emasculated through dropping Drive Extender, thus loosing the ease of configurability, multi-disk redundancy (duplication), arbitrary storage expansion, single folder namespace.

    Its no longer a product suitable fr the home market.

  • GuB
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    Same here.  I was thinking upgrading to Vail until I read about the removal of Driver Extender.   Now HP has dropped their MediaSmart Server line because of this.  It looks like Vail is pretty much dead man walking - no OEMs, no customers, and no developers.

  • Can the RC be upgraded to the RTM or OEM Final release?

  • I downloaded and tried to install it last night and got an error 31 each time I tried.  All of my hardware specs are passing but as soon as it tries to kick off the actual install and copy files, it fails, does anyone have any ideas?  I am currently running the old version with PP3, but wanted to give the new version a go.  Let me know.  Thanks.

  • I noticed that Windows Home Server is available for download in Technet. However, I cannot get a key from Technet. What happened?

  • If a breakfast restaurant sold just eggs, would you still consider them a breakfast restaurant. No bacon, no hash browns, no coffee, it really could be the greatest eggs ever, that restaurant is going out of business. There are just to many other great restaurants.

    WHS is dead.

  • Can the RC be updated to this evaluation version ?

  • Mark
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    I too have to give congratulations.  As a long time user of V1, I am looking forward to the upgrade to 2011.  With a new server platform as the backbone and the low cost of data (just saw a 3 TB drive for $130), I would trade off the loss of drive extender over the countless improvements as soon as I can get a copy,

  • Will the Windows phone app be out soon?

  • farina
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    I'll cross my fingers and hope that some form of Drive Extender makes it into SP1. I REALLY want to use this product, but without's just not going to fly for my setup.

  • JohnCz
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    Any info on OEM sku pricing & availability?

  • Keith W
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    Very Good job!!  I'm ready with a Xenon processor, RAID 5 for recordedTV and Movies, and everthing else backed up twice each day.  My data is much more accessible and much more secure.  Love the video rendering and streaming to anywhere on the planet.

  • So when can we expect the WP7 app MyServer to be released?

  • Drerex
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    YAY!!  Already have it but still need to install it.  Question though, I am currently running WHS2011 RC, can I just upgrade or do I need to do a clean install?

  • Excellent stuff, keep them coming!!..

  • what about the Home Server app for Windows Phone 7 ?

  • @ Mike W.

    Thanx for boring us all to death, with your pointless post. I bet you have been itching for days to make that very original point. Otherwise if your so happy with V1........why even be here. Now do us all a favour and get a life.

  • Ark-kun
    18 Posts

    I don't believe this! You have deleted the most voted WHS bugs from the Connect website!?! Did the DE feedback item overflow after 9999 votes? Where are the bugs about not being able to backup GPT anr >2Tb partitions?

    Unbelievably childish and moronic way to slip issues under the rug... censoring your own bugtracker is so.. LOL!

  • Ark-kun
    18 Posts


    Why can't I use my 3Tb HDD in WHS 2011? What the hell, guys? Are you saying I should cut my data?

  • Mike W.
    4 Posts

    No thanks.  I'll stick with v1 and drive extender!

  • great job

    but how do we install it ?

    is this cfg.ini is ok for this version ?














    PasswordHint=This Is Your Password Hint


    what are the locale code for installing french version ? 040c ?

    (table of keyboard layout is there: )

    so it could be :









    PasswordHint=This Is Your Password Hint


    someone could confirm these info ?


  • Great news. Thank you for all of your hard work.