WHS 2011 Online Evaluation Experience Now Available

WHS 2011 Online Evaluation Experience Now Available

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Today I am pleased to say the online evaluation experience for WHS 2011 is now ready. This provides customers the ability to walk through both client and server interaction freely, or follow a suggested demonstration path with the evaluation manual which will also launch with the online experience. Available 24 hours per day, it provides a super simple way to experience WHS without the need for hardware,

Try it out for yourself on our temporary launching site at http://online.holsystems.com/portals/sbs/whs/. Over the next few weeks we will be updating the WHS ms.com website in line with many of our partner GA’s activities and have a full introduction portal to the online experience.

Let me preempt one immediate question I am sure will be asked – When can I download an evaluation version so I can test at home on my own hardware? The answer to this is that we are not currently planning to release a downloadable evaluation version. Some of the embedded third-party codecs we use within WHS 2011 do not allow us to provide a trial version due to licensing agreements. As a result we can only offer an online experience. We are still working with many of our OEM’s on additional evaluation experiences and may have more information in the future on other ways to trial WHS 2011.

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  • smithsd
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    When will the OEM WHS 2011 software be availble for purchase?

  • Tried it out. It was pretty cool. Definitely appreciated the lab manual for explaining how to use most of the features. One thing that has me confused though. Do you have to create and pay for a website to actually link to WHS2011 anywhere from the web, or does WHS2011 come with its own webserver built into the OS?

  • Beyond online evaluation and the release of (or lack thereof) a downloadable evaluation copy of WHS2011, what is the timetable for general retail availability for smaller OEMs and system builders?

  • a688
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    Seriously? So people can't actually evaluate how it performs on their hardware or their network, just how it looks in an extremely lame online only session performing tasks they'll do once in a blue moon? Why are you embedding codecs instead of having a plug-in architecture (MS/IE9 fail there as I had to search for that word to make sure I spelled it correctly because having spell check in an application is apparently impossible)?

    Moving on. The title of  the page at your link is "Windows Small Business Server 20" and the image on the page says "Windows Home Server 2011". On the left hand side of the page under "Minimum System Requirements", #1 states "Windows Vista or later" and then #5 says "On Windows XP ensure CredSSP is enabled". Did somebody with a sever case of ADD make that page?

    Again, seriously? Is this what you guys think is a "good" experience? I'll put money on WHS being discontinued after this version and have all attention in the future focused on the business editions (like it apparently is already) while you guys blame the "market" for your failure to make any money selling this thing. MS failboats consumers again. Feel free to try to prove me wrong.

  • HuwJ
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    This is an excellent idea, and this from someone who is still not at all persuaded by WHS2011 - because of the DE issue. But rather than rehash all that, I thought I'd say 'thank you' for an innovative and interesting approach to letting potenial users try the product and see how it works for themselves - I woud never otherwise have bothered to look that closely at it, so this is an opportunity for anyone on one side of the fence to see just how green the grass on the other side actually is

    Now at the risk of looking like a complete idiot in front of everyone, when I try to log onto the virtual system the password keeps being rejected - I am using the password specified in the accompanying manual, so what am I doing wrong?