Daniel Mihajlovic’s Tornado and Windows Home Server story!

Daniel Mihajlovic’s Tornado and Windows Home Server story!

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We recently received an amazing story that we had to share! It’s an inspirational story from a family that endured a disaster and highlights how their Windows Home Server helped them start the process of recovering their life. Thanks for sharing with us Daniel. Your words have been inspirational and we’re thankful everyone is OK!

Here’s the story in Daniel Mihajlovic’s own words:

“At 5:30pm on 5/22, my immediate family, my parents, my brother and his friend were sitting down to dinner. We had just started eating, watching the TV, when the news indicated a massive cell moving to the north and east of us. The cell took an almost 90 degree turn and headed towards Joplin. We went outside to look at the weather. It was dark green. We saw debris flying. The first siren sounded, and my wife moved our children to the laundry room. We heard the second siren right before we lost power. And then I heard it; the sound of a train where no train should be. On a train, it's a cool and recognizable sound; on a tornado, it's the most evil thing I've ever heard. I got everyone else in the laundry room moments before the tornado hit. My wife and my brother's friend huddled down by the washing machine with our children; I laid on top of the washer with my stepson underneath me. A tree hit the back of our house and broke our windows in and took out the deck.  I heard the front of the house being collapsed in like a beer can. The roof was ripped off our heads.  Moments later, the winds stopped as the tornado passed on. We improvised a crude ladder out of debris and an ironing board and climbed out. My parents went to a triage center while my wife, kids, and I walked a mile to try to get out of the storm. We found a woman going our way and hitched a ride the other two miles to my wife’s sister's house.  Fortunately, the only injury was a gash on my father’s leg that was treated that night.



After we had some time to sort things out, I moved to recovery mode.  My wife is a graphic designer by trade and a family history enthusiast as her hobby.  As such, she’s never met a piece of data she didn’t like.  I have data that goes back eight years that she uses in her projects.  Her laptop is done; there is dirt and insulation packed into every hole on it.   The hard drive worked briefly on an external adapter, but stopped shortly thereafter.  Fortunately, I back up almost daily with Windows Home Server.  Unfortunately, if the backup was bad or the server was damaged, she’s out of eight years of data.  Miraculously, the server that houses my Windows Home server made it through with only dry insulation inside of it, and a dent in the top of it.  Cleaning it out and running it showed no issues to either software or hardware.   The Home Server ran without problems, and I had a working backup that was captured days before the tornado hit.  She’s back and working on a new laptop with no data loss.   Life is far from normal for us still, but at least our family photos and her work projects are intact.  Thank you for such a reliable and easy to use product.”


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    That is a good reason to also back up to offsite storage though because if something had happened to the home server, all the data would have been lost.