Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011 Releases

Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011 Releases

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Today I am pleased to announce the Release of the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Integrating Windows Phone 7 with your WHS 2011 Server).


The Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector add-in enables you to connect to your home, business, or storage server by using your Windows Phone 7 phone. This document provides help for the integration of Windows Phone 7 into Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

After completing the integration of your Windows Phone 7 phone into a WHS 2011 server, you can use your phone to perform remote server management tasks (such as view alerts, manage users, and start and stop backups). In addition, with appropriate permissions, you can use your phone to view or access media files that are stored on the server.


The Phone connecter requires both a server sided add-in which you can download from , and a Windows Phone 7 Application which can be downloaded through the Zune Market place on your phone or via your PC.  You can simply search for My Home Server to find the application.

For further information you can access the Windows 7 Phone Connector help site on TechNet at

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  • Microsoft added support for additional countries in Marketplace today. I decided to reset my phone and use my Swedish Live ID since I can now download apps with it. Unfortunately this app is one of many that has not been targeted for addtional countries yet. Could you please update it as soon as possible? Thanks.

  • squuiid: What's the point? Well, most development is aimed at the latest technology. When the Lync client will be released for WP7, I'm pretty sure it won't support OCS 2007 either. I really do miss Drive Extender, but there are third party solutions that fills the hole.

    Personally I really love my WHS2011, but there are clearly lots to improve. Just as there's plenty to improve in Media Center and in this app.

    But if you insist on running WHS 1 then I suggest you try out WHS Phone ( They have a WP7 app for your needs that has far more features than this app, and they are working on an app for WHS2011 as well.

  • Great stuff! When I try to connect to the server from the phone for the first time, I get "The specified server could not be contacted." Would using a self-signed cert cause this? I can connect from IE9 without a problem. Thanks!

  • Any chance of seeing a Windows Media Center Connector for windows Phone 7 Anytime soon? I know that I and others really would like to stream films to our devices from our PC's or Media center devices

  • I've been using this app since beta, and it's a VERY solid initial effort, given the current limitations of the OS. But this thing is SCREAMING for tighter integration with hubs. You can play an entire artist or album, but if you select an individual track, it only queues up that one track. And it's aggravating to search for and start playing something, accidentally brush the search button, and find that you have to come back into the app's main screen and start all over again. Also, if you can copy pictures from WHS to the phone, why not give us the same ability for music and video? However, if you use WHS2011, then this app is an excellent value for the price. :)

  • I downloaded the previous version.  At the time, I thought it told me I would need to uninstall the connector and install it again after the release.  However, I installed the new WP7 client and it seems to be working.  Did Windows Update grab the latest version for me or is there still something I need to do?

    It would be really nice if the connector transcoded media into CODECs supported by Windows Phone before streaming.  I know I my server has cycles to spare.  And it would be the ULTIMATE if I could stream WTV files (native format for Windows Media Center).  It would also be a neat trick if I could stream live TV from my Windows Media Center tuners, but I rarely watch live TV so that would just be a way of showing off the device.

  • Squuiid
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    Honestly... who cares?! This doesn't work with the original WHS so what's the point?

    WHS 2011 was DOA and not worth bothering with. It is probably the worst product Microsoft has ever released. Where did Drive Extender go?

  • Great.  Where can i buy a new Home Server running 2011?

  • This is pretty nice, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done here.  


    - Folder would be a better default starting point. I have 3500 pictures on my server, and I don't think a flat list showing all is at all appropriate.  I would think most WHS2011 users fall into this category as that is why we have a server (because we have a lot of media).

    - If you select a photo, there is no swipe left/right support to get to the next/prev picture in the folder.  You have to go back, then select another folder.

    - A nice addition would be the ability to look at the properties for a picture.  Date taken, resolution, camera used, etc.

    - Another suggestion would be to constantly background load the content/thumbnails when scrolling around.  At a minimum it should start the download before you actually hit the end of the scroll, such that you don't have to wait for it to load.

    - For large collections (this applies to Music/Videos too), it would be nice to have the ability to jump to a specific spot in the alpabet based on the first letter of the folder (ie. like in the People hub).


    - If you play an album, after the first song in the album ends, the player does not automatically advance to the next song.  You have to hit the "Next" button to cause it to start playing the second, third, etc.

    - Needs a "Now Playing" concept such that you can browse additional selections which playing, then add them to the playlist.

    - Last two suggestions on pictures applies to Music.  Load data in background for "waitless" scrolling.  And for large collections allow jump to alpha letter like the people hub.


    - Maybe this is the hardware in my server (a Core i3-2100T), but some of the videos I tried to play didn't work.  As a for example, the ones from my camera (720p AVC, 29.97fps, High@L4.0, frame doubling, 1 ref frame, 2ch AC-3 192kbps).  It seemed that my CPU on the server spikes and the video never starts on the phone.  It must be trying to transcode or something.  Some guidance on what will/will not play might be useful here.


    - Resuming the app requires it to re-login.  Seems kind of unecessary.  Would be better if it just stayed connected and stayed right where it was within the app (it seems to always revert back to the "alerts" screen.

    - It would be nice if the WHS add-in could be pointed to a DLNA server other than the one provided by MediaStreamingAdmin.  I'm considering setting up a specific account separate from MediaStreamingAdmin just to provide streaming access... and in a scenario where the administrator (me) can log into that account to do maintainence.  With the current situation, changing the media player options or resetting the media player database for MediaStreamingAdmin is a bit of pain, because the password isn't known, so an administrator cannot login an fix things should they become broken (which is very common with WMP media sharing).  But it looks like the WHS add-in is tied specifically to MediaStreamingAdmin and cannot be changed.  Would be better to open up the details a bit there for the advanced user.

    - On a positive note: congratulations to Microsoft for making two distinct products (WP7 and WHS2011) work together.  That is a breath of fresh air.  I'm a big fan of Microsoft (and a former employee [SDE]) and this kind of cooperation between groups is what Microsoft needs to do to build a stronger Windows ecosystem.  Keep it up... and don't forget to provide updates to the product...

  • dechah
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    Glad to see the software updated.  There is a little bit of confusion however.  On the Windows Download Center page for the "Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector Add-in" the connector is described as being "Version: 1.1 Date Published: 7/12/2011" however when you install the connector add-in into Windows Home Server, the version is dispolayed in the server as  Either the download page is pointing to an older version of the connector, or the actual version should be 1.0 and not 1.1.

  • techieg
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    Next, we need a Media Center app on WP and add-in for the PC running media center so we can have our media on the go. Many of us have this in our living rooms and would like to have our several gigs of multimedia on the road with Windows Phone.

  • Ever since I installed the Mango preview, I can no longer upload pictures from my phone to the server. Why is that?

  • zeke009
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    First: Thanks for offering this!  It's come in handy on a few occasions already.

    Second: I'm still having a problem getting the Live Tile to work on my Samsung Focus.

    "An error occured while updating your Live Tile settings. Exit settings and try again." Is the error that continually appears.  I have posted this over in the Social forums: