Windows Home Server 2011 Learning Bites HomeGroup

Windows Home Server 2011 Learning Bites HomeGroup

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Windows Home Server 2011 empowers your home network with “Always-on” access to all your files, both in your home and away from your home.  Homegroup provides a quick and easy way to enable the sharing of files with-in your home amongst all your Windows 7 PCs.  In this Learning Bites video, you are shown how to enable HomeGroup on Windows Home Server 2011 and how to take advantage of some of the more advanced HomeGroup features, such as PlayTo.

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  • saulc
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    I went to that Facebook page, but I don't see any means to post comments there...

    Question--when will there be an OEM WHS 2011 machine from an American manufacturer available?

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  • Yea pretty sweet..... sooooooo, hows that Drive Extender fix coming???? Any chance you guys might actual make this product something worth buying?

    I won't even use it for free if someone was to give it to me. I definitely won't download it from MSDN and develop against it.

  • One thing that I didn't hear mentioned in the video: If you are using User based permissions on any shares, then activating the Homegroup on the server will override your permissions to those shares and prevent you from access them.

  • Mike2k
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    How do I use Drive Extender?  Oh, right, you got rid of it.  I won't be buying this product...ever.  Way to ruin what was once a great product.