AppLocker: Direct from RSA

AppLocker: Direct from RSA

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The buzz at RSA around Windows 7 has been tremendous.

Yesterday, in his keynote, Scott Charney (Corporate VP Trustworthy Computing) talked about AppLocker and how it helps ensure that only known, trusted software is run within an organization’s desktop environment. Shortly after the keynote, I ran into Marcelo Birnbach - a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Security Technologies organization and works on AppLocker - on the expo floor. Since he’s an expert, we thought we would ask him for his perspective on AppLocker in Windows 7.

Marcelo Birnbach talks about Windows 7’s AppLocker Feature

And since Marcelo is originally from Argentina, we also asked him to share his thoughts in Spanish.

Marcelo Birnbach talks about Windows 7’s AppLocker Feature [Spanish Version]
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