Steve Riley on Windows 7 Security

Steve Riley on Windows 7 Security

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While walking the show floor here at RSA, I ran into Steve Riley, who’s an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable Security Evangelist (or officially “Senior Technical Evangelist”) in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing organization. He’s a well respected and sought out speaker on security topics. So I thought it would be great to get Steve’s take on his favorite two security features in Windows 7. Take a look at what Steve has to say about Windows 7 security!

Steve Riley discusses Windows 7 Security Features at RSA
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  • emlak
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    thank you for giving us such information, I thank you

  • Bartez
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    Sorry, i dont know where i can post it. How Microsoft comment it?

    This is critical bug Windows 7!

  • Delta, I use BitLocker to Go all the time on my desktop PCs. I travel with a external USB harddrive I use all the time between work and home and is encrypted with BitLocker to Go. I also have an external USB harddrive that remains connected to my desktop PC that is also using BitLocker to Go. It certainly helps keep my data protected regardless of a desktop or laptop PC :-)

  • Delta
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    The video looked fine to me. I'm excited about the BitLocker2Go, right now it isn't that useful for a desktop. But since they're adding portability it will really be helpful.

  • partiyodd, why do you say the video is horrible?

  • Wow, I think those features are neat, but that video is horrible. I cant wait until I get a chance to play with Direct Access. Right now I just think of it as an automated PPTP/L2TP VPN but authenticated off your login credentials.