Internet Explorer 8 Security

Internet Explorer 8 Security

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Here is another story from a Microsoft Program Manger discussing their favorite things in Windows 7. This time it is Eric Lawrence (Senior Program Manager on the Internet Explorer Team) to talk about his favorite security features in Internet Explorer 8, the browser that ships in Windows 7.

Eric Lawrence Discusses His Favorite Internet Explorer Security Features
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  • zeyad
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    'IE8 ' What a great version

  • Hmm I just saw a news talking about IE security break-throughs. Is that true? If so why would MS include IE into Windows 7?

    I am confused :(

  • IE8 is great, however my wife got mad at me upgrading her computer from a previous version of IE... due to IE8's compatability mode .... so I changed her browser settings to "Display all websites in Compatability View", is this a really bad idea, security wise??

    I only ask because she always manages to get trojans on her machine, that I have to get rid of eventually... so perhaps she should learn to live with compatability mode (sounds like part of a marriage vow!) ... no pain no gain so to speak!