Microsoft Security Essentials Earns August VB100 certification

Microsoft Security Essentials Earns August VB100 certification

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By way of introduction, I’m Eric Foster and have recently joined my colleagues on The Windows Blog to write on ‘all things’ security. I thought it only fitting that my first blog be about one of my favorite personal product recommendations, Microsoft Security Essentials.

Not sure how many of you know about the VB100 award but it’s a public test conducted by Virus Bulletin, a highly reputable testing organization in the industry, designed to measure the detection effectiveness and quality of antivirus (AV) products. The most important validation of AV quality comes from independent certification organizations like Virus Bulletin. 

And so it is no surprise that we are very excited to share that Microsoft Security Essentials, our no-cost anti-malware service for consumers, achieved the VB100 award for the August 2010 Edition of Virus Bulletin.  

There are a number of different methodologies that can be used to test the effectiveness of an anti-virus solution. In order for a product to be awarded the VB100 certification, it needs to detect 100% of the WildList malware samples (a prevalent malware subset contributed by a group of researchers in AV community) and must not have any false positives (FP or incorrect detections) on the Virus Bulletin clean file collection. According to Virus Bulletin, “Detection rates were strong as ever...with no problems in the WildList or clean sets, Microsoft earns another VB100 award with ease.” [Page 50, Virus Bulletin August 2010 Edition]

Microsoft products including Microsoft Security Essentials and Forefront Client Security, have received VB100 awards since June 2007, demonstrating Microsoft’s dedication to quality and our commitment to providing effective anti-malware protection to consumers and enterprise customers alike.

If you don’t already have an AV solution installed on your PC – and its estimated that over 80% of consumers report having up-to-date AV installed but market data shows that less than 50% of consumers actually do – you can get Microsoft Security Essentials at no cost by visiting the Microsoft Security Essentials website here .

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  • Boo
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    Congratulations MSE team! I just want to thank you for MSE.  I have three PC's and two laptops in my home and they ALL have MSE on them and we have had absolutely NO problems whatsoever with it.  We like it so much that we have told everyone that we know about it and even helped a lot of our friends download it to their computers.

    My husband repairs computers and whenever they ask him to reformat their system, my husband tells them about MSE and they agree to let him download it to their computer.  So you see, we are VERY happy with it and we will continue to pass the word around.  Again congratulations and keep up the GREAT work that your doing.

  • Good job MSE team. I've been using MSE when it's still beta in 2009 and continue using it until now. I've even recommend my customers and colleagues to use MSE as their antivirus solution. Again, good job!

  • kevinn
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    Congrats on the first blog Eric, and thanks for introducing me to MSE.  What a great solution for protection at no cost to the consumer.  All I have to say is thank you Microsoft!   I have now installed it on all 7 of my Windows 7 Laptops/Netbooks at home and I am happy to say that it has kept me VIRUS FREE.  Great work MSE team!!

  • Congratulations guys! MSE is great and I have recommended them to everyone for their PC and laptop! Keep it up and I hope to see more and more improvements in the software!

  • This is great new! Congratulations to the team!

    I used the Trend Micro Security Essentials and then Avast 4 Home, where the second is free, but one thay I decided to give a chance to MSE and it resulted to be equal or better to avast. Now when I recommend an AV to someone, my first choice is MSE and then avast as a second choice.

    I really like it and it works smooth within Windows 7. I'm currently using the beta and this news just makes me feel I'm right with my decision.

    A really great solution ;)

  • I have been using the MSE Beta and it is EXCELLENT! I HAD been using the Kaspersky Security Suite. What I have found is that with my personal system (windows 7 Ultimate 64), MSE Beta allows the system to run FASTER! And NOCTICEABLY faster. So, Good Job MSE Beta team!

  • eboy
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    MSE developers and testers and all....., you all rock. One of the best ever product by Microsoft. Keep going team.

  • Fantastic news... MS Security Essentials is a great tool... I'm fed up of greedy security companies charging ridiculous annual subscription prices when they once didn't... and for software that just bogs down a computer. Congratulations MS, a great free product for consumers :)

  • Great work MSE team! I absolutely love MSE!

  • Congrats!! I love MSE and work confidently with it installed. Only thing i've found wrong is that when MSE updates itself, my computer runs VERY slowly. however, when i run the update through Windows Update, it's fine... though still slows down (but installations via Windows Update always slow me down a little bit)

    i think i'll check out the beta.... thanks!

  • Great to hear the positive feedback! If you are not already in the beta program check out our announcement of beta availability (7/20) for the next version of Security Essentials. If you are interested in more info;  product enhancement details and download instructions are here:

  • I've used many AV products over the years and Microsoft Security Essentials stands the test. I have converted ALL 5 of the Windows 7 computers on my home network to MS Security Essentials and the Beta on one of them. Keep up the great work!

  • Congratulations to the MSE team!  I use MSE on my home computer very happily and I just recommended it to someone having problems with a slow laptop and who was using a slower AV solution. :)