Microsoft Security Essentials now available for Small Businesses

Microsoft Security Essentials now available for Small Businesses

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As we continue to evolve security and privacy at Microsoft, we are doing more than securing our own products and refining our own processes – we are continually responding to the growing and changing threat landscape.  Despite the proliferation and increasing impact of threats in the environment, many consumers and small businesses, both in mature and emerging markets remain unprotected. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Performance Concerns:  Customers worry that antimalware software can impact the performance of their machines and degrade their computing experience.
  • Customer Confusion: Many customers are confused by trials and annual subscription renewals, in many cases believing their PCs are covered when in fact their subscriptions have expired and they are at risk.
  • Payment Method Barriers: Traditional online subscription and payment models do not work in emerging markets where customer and small business credit is not always readily available.
  • Cost: Many consumers and an increasing number of small businesses are either unwilling or unable to pay the ongoing subscription costs for the security suite solutions that come on their PCs.

It is for these reasons that we are announcing that in early October Microsoft will make Microsoft Security Essentials available to small businesses for download and installation on up to 10 PCs. This new availability will allow small businesses to take advantage of Microsoft’s no-cost antimalware service that will help them save time, save money and remain productive while protecting them from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats. With Microsoft Security Essentials, small businesses with less than 10 PCs can feel safe knowing they are using an industry certified antimalware that utilizes the same core malware protection engine that drives Microsoft’s enterprise solutions solution and is backed by Microsoft’s leading Security Response resources.

For more information on the news, check out the Microsoft SMB Community blog and the feature story on

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  • d3vmax
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    @Eric Foster

    2 Questions:

    1) Can I install MSE on our Wndows Server 2003 R2?

    2) I read on a blog today that MSE for small business is available today but on the MSE webpage it still mentions “Coming soon: Microsoft Security Essentials for your small business!”

    Your soonest reply and help will be appreciated as our Mcaffe antivirus expired this week and I do not want to renew it (it takes up 150 mb of ram!!!)

    Thank you

    And keep up the great work.

  • Definitely see the need for MSSE to be available on Windows Home Server V1 and V2 with a good console interface. With the push for Aurora for smaller businesses and as a SOHO server, this is a must!

  • @ribose

    I agree to disagree with you.

    I started using windows 7 back when it was first released as a beta. I needed a virus protection program that would work for the beta OS. I tried Kaspersky, Avanst, and Norton betas for protection. Kaspersky slowed the OS down, Norton sucked, and Avanst was confusing to use. I uninstalled each of them after I found each of their weaknesses, and by the time Windows 7 hit RC, I was worried cause I had no antivirus. Then, Microsoft Security Essentials came out. I used it, and never looked back. My laptop runs fast as heck, and I've never gotten a virus with it running. It has protected me since the Release Client of win7, and I run through a lot of virus filled files and websites.

    I've installed MSC on 7 Windows XP systems, 8 Windows 7 Systems, and 4 Windows Vista Systems, and all of them, which used to get viruses, haven't gotten any since either. Explain that? As far as I'm concerned, the free MSC works better than most paid for anti-virus systems.

  • ribose
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    Does anyone take Microsoft seriously on security?  With worms like Stuxnet running wild, how could you?  Microsoft security is an oxymoron.

  • "lince"... I mean "license".

    I was also wondering if there is another version out there, as I'm still using the beta I believe.

  • free870
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    Will it now have the option to not scan network shares/drives on access?

  • @JohnCz - Thanks for the suggestions John! At this time, Microsoft Security Essentials is not compatible with “Vail" or "Aurora” and we do not recommend that you install Microsoft Security Essentials on these early versions. We will, of course, keep you and our other valued customers up-to-date on this matter.

    @Resplendent - Our decision to extend protection to small businesses was based on direct feedback from customers and partners just like you who told us that the strong yet quiet protection and efficient performance that Microsoft Security Essentials provided made it an ideal fit for the needs of small businesses. And since small businesses are always looking for ways to save money, those we have talked to are thrilled to get award-winning virus and malware protection for free.

    The only thing preventing small businesses from running Microsoft Security Essentials before today was the licensing agreement, which is altered as part of this news.

  • Will there be Group Policy templates to manage the basic settings?

  • @Resplendent

    I believe that it is the same bits. The difference? The lince, that now grants small businesses to use it.

    I its just like the Avast for Home Edition, which is free and is not allowed to be used by businesses. There is no "software" prevention about it, but there could be a legal problem if a business is found using it.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    @resplendent, just a guess but it this is a change in licensing terms that provide small businesses the rights to install the software.

  • Is the software going to be different, i.e. a "Small Business" version or are these the same bits everyone else is using already? If the latter is the case, what prevented small businesses from using MSE before now?

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Two suggestions...

    1. Include Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows Home Server "Vail" and "Aurora"

    2. Post this information and download link on the Office Live Small Business site.