Welcome to the Windows Live for Developers Blog

Welcome to the Windows Live for Developers Blog

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Hi everyone, I’m Angus Logan (@anguslogan), the Senior Technical Product Manager for Messenger Connect. As we lead up to the launch of Messenger Connect, I want to start a conversation with app developers and marketers. We are consolidating a few of our Windows Live developer related blogs into one place… here!

We hope this blog will complement the Inside Windows Live blog, which Chris Jones describes as “dedicated to software engineers, web industry insiders, and to our most passionate Windows Live customers, those who want to dig a little deeper into how we build our services and how they’re used worldwide”.

The posts will include but are not be limited to:

  • Code tips and tricks - code-a-plenty from JavaScript to RESTful endpoints with a little AuthZ/N mixed in.
  • User experience guidance - Most motivation for using something like Messenger Connect is to make life easier for users. People who don’t know what connecting is should be guided by an intuitive user experience to connected bliss. There are lots of tricks we are constantly learning in the social web space; we’ll cover some of those here.
  • Trends & emerging specifications - I love the community around the social web. The technology moves fast and the concepts do as well. As emerging specifications or trends that relate to Windows Live come up, we’ll post our thoughts and ask you for yours.
  • Measurability - Writing code is fun, but even science experiments need measurement. At the Open ID User Experience workshop in Chicago, I mentioned the most important thing for the year will be web sites/developers showing value for all the social technologies they integrate. I’m a bit of a metrics nerd. I will definitely cover how you can measure the impact of integrating social into your site/app. If we didn’t measure, how else would you know which Feature to kill (WARNING: Dave McClure’s presentations aren’t for the faint hearted)
  • Service updates - We’ll use this blog to keep you informed of upcoming service, policy/guidance, and technical changes

If you are interested in connecting with the Windows Live audience, subscribe now – if there are other things you’d love us to cover, leave a comment below.

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  • ¡Firedog
    16 Posts

    Reading this blog, one could be forgiven for thinking that Windows Live = Windows Live Messenger. What about all those people out there dying to get their hands on an SDK for Photo Gallery or Mail? Mail particularly is crying out for enhancement via plug-ins or whatever, now that so much functionality has been removed with the Wave 4 release. Any sign of an SDK?

  • How ironic is that in order to post a comment on your blog post praising the LiveID I can't use Live ID but isntead have to create yet another username/password... :)

  • @gcoupe / @Bruce - sorry you feel that way about the Spaces statistics feature. I am not the expert on Spaces, I'll try to find someone who can respond to your comments.

    @CKurt - you will see a lot of the things we learnt from the Live Framework (multi-format RESTful endpoints, auth, ways we designed the JavaScript interface etc.) in Messenger Connect.

    @keoz - very soon :-)

  • I agree with gcoupe.  I trusted Microsoft with my most important online asset - my 'authority', my profile on the web, my readership.  Now with an opaque, unilateral move they are trying desperately to take that all away from me.  It will take me years to rebuild those assets if/when I move platforms.  Not sure why I should trust Microsot with any online asset again.

  • leoargo
    3 Posts

    veo que todo esta en ingles donde entro al blog en español

    I see that everything is in English where I come to the blog in Spanish

  • keoz
    7 Posts

    At least can you say within this month or next? :) thanks

  • CKurt
    4 Posts

    What about http://dev.live.com ? Is this still THE site to give an overview of the developper products of Windows Live?

    Is Messenger Connect the new name of Live FrameWork ?

  • @Paulo - thanks!

    @keoz - launch date is secret ;)

  • keoz
    7 Posts

    wonderful, I really need to get my hands on the new API asap, any info on Silverlight messenger bar control? what's the planned launch date? thanks

  • Sometimes I despair about Microsoft - here's Angus Logan waxing lyrical about measurability and metrics, at the very same time as Microsoft removes the statistics facility from Windows Live Spaces; effectively driving a stake through its heart as a worthwhile blogging platform...

  • Great! All blogs in the same place.. easier to keep up to date!