New research supports business impact of “Connecting”

New research supports business impact of “Connecting”

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One of the things I’ve found hard to measure is the industry’s perception (in aggregate) of the impact to user engagement and user acquisition when a site deeply connects to large audiences through “Connect like” solutions. This morning I may have found part of the answer in some new research from Gigya (conducted by Edge Research) that helps answer the question – “[what is] the value of social sign-on and the registered user?”.

You should read the entire research from here . The two big takeaways I got from the research about “social sign-on” (the term the research uses) are:

  • There is massive awareness and intent to deploy
  • There is clear alignment in the potential benefits, and a belief in achieving these benefits

Massive awareness and intent to deploy

The research showed a huge awareness with 92% of respondents said that they have heard of solutions that allow sign in using an existing [social] identity. Beyond the huge awareness, for online publishers about 59% had either fully implemented or had an implementation in progress.


Clear belief in the benefits

Another interesting tidbit is that the top 3 potential benefits (of a total of 10) were well aligned from both an importance and also a belief in the likelihood of achieving the benefit.

Potential benefit


Likelihood of being achieved

Increase engagement/relationships



Richer profile information to target and customize



Easier to share information and promote organization to social network





There is a lot more in the research, check it out here, and if you have any data or research you’d like to share – leave a comment!

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  • Thanks for for a very well structured information. And I agree with prior comments - Live ID should be improved to be usable with other sites and services.

  • Thanks for posting this and offering this research, Angus. Very timely and useful. And, wow.

  • 7flavor
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    One area that can be improved at Microsoft is when people use multiple Live IDs, other services like Connect or KB article center aren't "smart" to automatically sign in with any one of the IDs and always prompt the user again for credentials.

  • JohnCz
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    I just like to be able to log into services like Disqus or sites like HuffingtonPost with my Windows Live ID.  Yahoo and Google are often supported but not Live ID.  This situtation needs to improve.