Windows Phone People Hub Powered by Activity Streams

Windows Phone People Hub Powered by Activity Streams

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As you may have heard, Microsoft made a major announcement about Windows Phone 7 this morning. On the Inside Windows Live blog, my colleague Chris Jones wrote about some of the many places where Windows Phone integrates with Windows Live in this blog post.

Here on our Windows Live for Developers, I’m excited to let you know that the Windows Live activities on the “People Hub” of Windows Phone 7 are powered by Activity Streams. Yes, the same Atom Activity Extensions format that I wrote about in August are powering the “what’s new” view on the Windows Phone 7 “People Hub.”


Also, while the above screenshot shows only Windows Live and Facebook, if you connect other services to Windows Live like LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, and ~70 more, you and your friends will also see these in the People Hub experience on Windows Phone 7.

For example of what a Windows Live Activity Streams feed looks like, browse to your Windows Live Profile at (or feel free to use mine) and then click the orange RSS/Atom button in your web browser to see a public version of that user’s activity stream. You’ll see a URL like:$format=atom10&mkt=en-US
and if you View | Source, you’ll see the Activity Streams feed, just like what is used by Win Phone 7:


If you’d like to learn more about Activity Streams, visit, and if you’d like to join the Windows Phone 7 team in developing with the Windows Live Activity Streams API’s, check-out this blog post and Thanks very much--

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  • jballe
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    The ActivityStream conecpt is nice but I really wish other ways of extending the people hub - like adding private contact lists (Sharepoint, Crm etc.) and activities (crm) which I cannot add to my live account - or won't share with evenyone I know...

  • This is amazing, Rob! Great work — stoked to see you guys start to realize the vision of ActivityStreams!

  • @ernonewman - Good catch.  "this blog post" should link to:

  • The "this blog post" link is not valid.

  • hdw
    25 Posts

    Where is the Twitter intergration? Having a seperate twitter app just doesn't cut it

  • When will Microsoft provide an update on why Twitter was removed as a Windows Live connected service, and when if at all, it will be returning!