Earlier this year we announced the general availability of Messenger Connect which enables users of Windows Live services to opt in to provide access to their identity, contacts, social updates and more with websites and apps. One of the key partners that has adopted Messenger Connect is Gigya.

Gigya provides social optimization for online businesses by unifying the top social APIs and protocols, including Facebook for Websites, Sign in With Twitter, Y!OS, LinkedIn, Windows Live, MySpace and others. Websites get the ability to offer sign-in to their sites as well as the ability to have their customers share content to their friends on these networks.


The team at Gigya recently published a white paper which shows their customers how to leverage Messenger Connect on their platform. The white paper goes into the options websites have for leveraging the activity streams that flow throughout Windows Live to reach our audience of hundreds of millions of users. Gigya’s customers can now easily reach:

· over 298 million Messenger customers worldwide


· 359 million people that use Hotmail


·  millions of users of the iPhone client


· users of “People Hub” of the new Windows Phone 7


If you are a Gigya customer you should check out the white paper and if not you should probably give them a try if kicking up traffic to your website user the power of social distribution sounds interesting.