December, 2009


    A peek behind the scenes at Hotmail

    Hi, my name is Arthur de Haan and I am responsible for Test and System Engineering in Windows Live. To kick things off, I’d like to give you a look behind the scenes at Hotmail, and tell you more about what it takes to build, deploy and run the Windows...

    Responding to comments

    Hello – Thanks to all for the first round of comments.  As I said in my previous post , this is the start of a two-way conversation intended to discuss how we build and operate our services. We love all the comments and suggestions and we’ll read...

    Building Windows Live

    Engineering is a process, with trial and error, analysis, weighing of pros and cons, planning for the unexpected, and discovering unexpected issues along the way. It’s exciting precisely because we’re always learning as we go. I want to welcome you to...