Hotmail on the iPad

Hotmail on the iPad

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Unfortunately, we’ve seen some issues with using Hotmail on the new Apple iPad. Specifically, composing and replying to an email is not working for some of our users.

Rest assured that we’re working with Apple to understand the issues, and we’ll fix them as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we have directed all iPad traffic to our mobile Hotmail website. Alternatively, you can set up the iPad email client to use POP to download your Hotmail.

Thank you,

Mike Schackwitz
Program Manager, Windows Live Hotmail team

Update: With the release of Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail, we recommend that customers with an iPad use its built-in email client to access Hotmail. For setup instructions, see this Windows Live Solution Center article on ActiveSync Setup for Hotmail.

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  • I don't think microsoft wants to be a paert of that evil google that steals your information from wi-fi networks

  • When can we have it on Android? I use Windows Mobile 7 on a HTC HD2 -- but I still know a few people who are lumbered with Android and in some cases they are locked into two-year contracts!

  • @nnaass  --what an immature comment.  Well, at least the second half of your user name tells the story.

  • In my opinion Internet Explorer 7 should have been rewriten with the current web standards. not IE9

  • nnaass
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    I'm very glad you have this problem ... finally u guys @ M$ have to suffer a bit , like we suffer as web developers to support IE (The worst  and slowest non-standards browser ever created).

    You are an evil company and all your life try to pass by monopoly... it hurt now that u have to support other browsers ,isn't ?

    Just browse the net to see how much developers suffer because their site runs great in FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari , but they have to do all this extra work to support your looser browser IE .

    Evil Company ... finally may collapse

  • @7flavor - thanks for the feedback regarding spam comments,. We're still tweaking our spam settings and filters in after our upgrade last week.

  • You guys should make an iphone/ipad version of hotmail. I LOVE the bing app and use it daily on my iPod Touch. Right now you can add your hotmail to the mail app on the iphone OS but you only get the inbox, you don't get your folders, nor your contracts.

  • 7flavor
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    Please fix the comment spam on this blog. Why can't you add a captcha?

  • I hope that you will fix it soon

  • Okay, just maybe a coincidence but... I have been unable to reply to messages in Hotmail from IE as well as the browser on my Droid phone so is this really an iPAD issue?