Preview of the new Windows Live Essentials

Preview of the new Windows Live Essentials

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In recent posts we’ve talked about the new Messenger and the re-invention of Hotmail. Today, we’re going to spend time on the new Windows Live Essentials.

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Windows Live Essentials – the essential software for Windows

Windows Live Essentials includes Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Sync and Family Safety. Essentials is available for free and in many cases may already be installed on your PC with Windows. If not, you can download the current version, or try out the new Essentials beta.

Picture of Windows Live Essentials icons

In the upcoming release, we focused on achieving  two important goals with Essentials:

  1. Making everyday tasks simpler and enabling new possibilities on your PC
  2. Connecting Windows 7 to the cloud

Making everyday tasks simpler and enabling new possibilities

Windows 7 has set a new benchmark for PC simplicity and reliability. More than any previous version, Windows 7 saves you time and helps you get more done. With this release, we wanted Windows Live to help you save even more time with the top things you do on your PC. So we designed Essentials to help you communicate and stay in touch with the people you care about, and to help you easily organize, polish, and share your photos and movies.

Windows 7 also allows us to unleash a new set of possibilities that weren’t available before. We’re taking advantage of GPU-accelerated graphics and animations, using the new Windows 7 "ribbon" user interface, integrating jumplists into the Windows 7 taskbar, and much more to provide you with a great experience.

Connecting Windows 7 to the cloud

Today, most cloud services are accessed through a browser, which is easy and convenient, especially when you’re away from your PC. But there are advantages to connecting to the cloud directly through rich client applications on your PC. Namely, you have a powerful hub that connects to your devices in a way that maintains the privacy and security of your data. This affords a much richer experience while maintaining the convenience of the browser.

This belief informed our goal of connecting Windows 7 to the cloud with Windows Live Essentials. This means your Windows experience natively connects to the services you already use – not just the ones from Microsoft. The new Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, and Messenger connect to photo and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo! Mail), blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), and document productivity (Office Web Apps) services.

And with the new Windows Live Sync, Windows keeps your files synchronized on the web and across multiple PCs. You can also directly access your PC over the web with the new remote desktop feature.

There’s a lot coming with the new Windows Live Essentials. We’ll cover this over a series of posts. For now, let’s focus on the new Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The new Windows Live Photo Gallery

From a million and one photos, to one-in-a-million

The new release of Windows Live Photo Gallery uses the power of your PC to comb through your million and one photos to find that one-in-a-million. All so that you can share your memories with those you care most about using the services you already use. We focused on making your photos easy to organize, find, fix and share regardless of whether you use social networks, email or photo sharing sites like Flickr.

Picture of the new Windows Live Photo Gallery
     The new Photo Gallery

Organize your photos effortlessly

We all take a lot of photos and videos that we love to share. Increasingly, those pictures and videos are taken using our mobile phones. In the US, 10 billion more photos will be taken in 2010 than in 2007— rising to nearly 57 billion this year.

With this in mind, the new Photo Gallery was designed with easy tools for finding the photos and videos you care about most. You can use the new Windows 7 ribbon interface to quickly narrow down photos by date taken, rating, tag (including geo-tag) or any combination you choose.

Of course the best way to search for photos is by people. In the new Photo Gallery, we are introducing new facial recognition technology that quickly organizes and finds photos according to the people in them. As you tag people in your photos, Photo Gallery learns what each person looks like and automatically suggests additional photos that they are in.

Picture of facial recognition at work in Photo Gallery
   Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes the faces of people you've tagged

Getting your photos ready to share

Photo Gallery makes it fun and easy to turn ordinary photos into extraordinary ones.

  • Auto Adjust looks deep into each picture and finds ways to fine-tune the exposure, color balance, angle, and sharpness to make it better in one click.
  • Retouch helps you remove unfortunate blemishes quickly. Should you want to (we won’t tell), you can even remove entire people from photos!
  • Batch editing lets you make the same edit to several photos at once.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we’re introducing Photo Fuse. Have you ever taken a group photo where someone’s eyes were closed? Using cutting-edge technology from Microsoft Research, Photo Fuse makes it possible to take the best parts of similar photos and fuse them together into the one perfect shot.

Picture of Photo Fuse in Photo Gallery
        Photo Fuse lets you choose the best parts of each photo

Share right from Photo Gallery

Ok, now you have ten perfect pictures you want to share. Photo Gallery makes it easy to share them any way you want. You can post to your social networks or photo sites, create a movie, or send them as beautiful photo email messages.

Picture of one-click sharing from the ribbon in Photo Gallery
      One-click sharing from the ribbon in Photo Gallery

Share directly to your social networks. Here’s how easy this is – just select the photos and videos you want to share, click the service you want in the ribbon, and we’ll publish them for you. We’ve also worked with our partners to support tagging, so that when you publish a photo to Facebook, for example, the people tags go with it. And if someone else adds a tag once the photo is on Facebook, we’ll bring that tag back into your collection in Photo Gallery.

Send beautiful photo email messages. Social networks get all the headlines, but email remains the most convenient way to share photos. Yet photos and video file sizes can be huge, especially if you want to share more than a few images. So we’ve connected Photo Gallery to Windows Live Mail and Windows Live SkyDrive to make this easy. With one click we’ll take your photos from Photo Gallery into Windows Live Mail and apply a beautiful photo album template. You can send the album to anyone, regardless of email service or size of inbox. The photos are stored on SkyDrive for you, where your email recipients automatically have permission to view them. You can also use SkyDrive to send movies without clogging your inbox (of your friend’s inbox).

Picture of composing a photo email message in Photo Gallery
        Apply one of several beautiful album templates to your photo email

Make a movie in a few clicks. Want to really bring a tear to someone’s eye? Take your photos and make a movie in a few clicks with the new Windows Live Movie Maker, which includes beautiful new transitions and rich visual effects that help you create movie magic. (More on this in an upcoming blog post!)

You can even share your slide show while you’re watching it! Just choose some photos in Photo Gallery and click “Slide show.” Right there, Photo Gallery hits you with a beautiful full-screen animated slide show, complete with movie-style themes. This is actually all powered by Movie Maker, so with one click you can take your slide show and publish it as a movie to YouTube, SkyDrive, or Facebook. Or if you want to get really creative, you can launch Movie Maker and take full control.

Picture of a full-screen slide show in Photo Gallery 
       Full-screen slide shows that you can share online

Get ready – it’s all coming your way soon!

We’re excited about the new Essentials and how we’re bringing together the power of the PC and the cloud. Stay tuned for more on this, including upcoming posts on the new Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Sync, and Family Safety.

We’ll begin broader beta testing of the new Essentials in a few weeks (update: now available here!). Meanwhile you can learn more at

Brad Weed & Piero Sierra 
Group Program Managers, Windows Live Essentials

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  • Piero and team, What will you do for those who can't upgrade to the new windows live messenger and can't afford to purchase windows vista or windows 7.  Windows Live Messenger has become an important part of today's society.  A lot of users use windows live messenger as a way of communicating with loved ones around the world, or even locally. I for one am stuck with windows xp. With WLM, i've been able to connect with family i never even knew, and i've been able to reconnect with old friends.

    Have you guys even been listening to the feedback from customers?  no seriously, have you? If you have, you would know that a lot of people are very upset over this decision to drop compatibility with windows xp.

    I know, I for one am very upset by the change to drop the compatibility.  Honestly, in my opinion, it is disgusting. Please do something that is good for ALL of us, and not just a certain group of people.

    I've talked to a lot of people who will going to other instant messengers such as yahoo, skype,etc... As of yet, i've seen no good thing come out of all this, I am really giving it alot of thought about leaving myself to go to another IM service.

    PLEASE be willing to work with ALL of your customers.

  • This is what annoys me. Microsoft announces the new Windows Live Essentials but does not give out a beta nor inform us on when it will come out. Therefore, I ask...why announce it? I am force to repeatedly come back to his page everyday because I do not know when it is coming out. They should have announce it when they have a beta. The program looks very AWESOME and I really want to try it. However, instead of being excited I am more annoyed.

  • frankwick
    37 Posts

    The "Meet the new essentials" comparison chart is wrong. It says that WLPG has several new features which are NOT new.  They were in the previous version.   Photo Mail? Share with Flick and Facebook??  I realize you had to install an extension. for Facebook, but the functionality was there.

  • jtt88
    3 Posts

    One thing about Live Photo Gallery I have never understood, is the revert to original feature. More specifically, why it buries the original (pre-edited) photo in a nearly hidden location. I think the photo application should always leave the original intact or at least allow specifying a folder for where pre-edited originals go (think photoshop elements). I share my photos folder location with my wife but if I used Live Photo Gallery and she edited a photo, the original would be basically lost (from my point of view) because it gets moved to her personal folder. Please fix the way originals are handled after editing so the originals are more obvious and can still be shared!

  • I don't know why you're constantly cutting features off of Windows Live Messenger. It just seems you want to lose customers deliberately. If the rumors are true and one-way-webcam as well as the drawing function and direct file transfers are going to be removed, what's left that makes WLM unique? Almost NOTHING, and I will certainly stop using WLM as a consequence. Skype or Facebook Chat can do the rest as well. It was already a mistake to give up the shared folders, they had some fun functionality that wasn't really replaced by the SkyDrive. Also, the Save/Import contacts feature could just have been left alone and the users who wanted to use it could have used it. But no, it was kicked out too, for absolutely no apparent reason. Goodbye, dear MSN/Windows Live Messenger! :'(

  • patria
    1 Posts

    Would rotation information in pictures be honored eventually or do we have to completely forget about the feature? Most if not all other picture viewers other than "Windows Photo Gallery" and "Windows Live Photo Gallery" correctly process and display the picture if EXIF contains the rotation (orientation) information from the camera. I checked out this feature in every release and but never found and almost lost hope for this. Can you give us some hope if this will be ever done?

  • betona
    4 Posts

    _Please_ bring back the ability to edit HTML in the Windows Live Mail composer. I'm no power user, but I used to use that feature all the time in Outlook Express.  I know there are many, many users who miss that capability and it's been suggested many times.

  • vhanla
    2 Posts

    Cassandra M, thanks for your tip.

    Another thing I noticed while trying to add a gmail account Windows Live Mail is that it downloads the very old emails that were accumulated for years. Gee, that was a lot of time downloading. However, using Hotmail, it was very fast.

  • Vhanla just convert your picture to jpg fom png (the old fashioned way to do that is to open the file with the "Paint" program and then save it as a jpg to your desktop or anywhere else. Then you can put it in writer as a jpg (which i do all the time i won't use png---it's a stupid format).

  • Hi Mike. While some of these options sound good (if not a bit late), the big issue remains the timeline option. It's conspicuously omitted from your response! Simply put, the storyboard will never be as precise as a timeline, so it's time to fish or cut bait. Will MSFT accede to the the wishes of the enthusiasts and give us back a timeline option? If not, would MSFT consider releasing WMM6 as an open source program and allow the thousands of serious MM users to get what they want, rather than what they are told?

  • vhanla
    2 Posts

    I don't know if there is possibility to upload pictures as JPG instead of PNG in Windows Live Writer, using PNG most times turns our sites slower to load. Because if there is that option, I cannot find it. Regards.

  • I like live writer a lot. I am a web developer and i always install live writer on client machines to let them edit their sites. Clients find it very easy to use but one problem always occurs - there is no way to insert files in posts. It’s not in the current version, and i can see from the screen shots this feature does not appear to be in the new version either. I know there are some plugins that add this feature, but they are quite clunky, and i find them buggy with windows 7.

    The plugins show that this feature can be done, so it seems such an obvious thing to have, as people need to attach files to posts, so why leave out this feature? Eg to download word files, pdf files etc. Please do consider adding it as I find it the number one user complaint. Live writer is a great product, having this feature would make it excellent :-)

  • I was just wondering what the point in "Windows 7 Contacts" is now? I mean, it appears to be completely disconnected from Windows Live and seems completely redundant. Why not allow the Windows Live Contacts app be able to run as a standalone application and then replace the default Win 7 contacts app with that?

  • hitmouse
    96 Posts

    The new Movie Maker thinks that a standard DVD will only take 90 minutes of video, yet Windows DVD Maker will allow me to add 150 minutes with ease.

    Just now I'm trying to publish a MM project to DVD thatw should easily fit on a regular DVD. However a dialog pops up saying that 90 minutes is the usual limit and do I want to continue [Yes][No]. If I choose [Yes], the dialog goes away and nothing more happens. Same thing happens if I put in a dual layer DVD.

  • I used the RSS Feeds section of Windows Live Essentials daily and it works great.  There is just one problem, my Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync between clients but Feeds do not and this drives me crazy.  Please add this functionality if not in this new release but sometime in the near future.

  • A feature I really want to see is the ability to share contacts much like the way we can share calenders.  My wife and I are always having to email contact information back and forth of our same contacts (especially of each of our immediate family).  We both love the shared calender feature which works awesome; so let's take contacts to the next level.

  • ibmkahm
    1 Posts

    please include a tasks/to-do functionality in the Calendar component of windows live mail !!!!!!

    is there any reason why you dont do this ??

  • @Piero Sierra: What will happen to the existing Live Mesh Beta accounts then? Will there be a migrant assistant program/feature, or simply it'll be renamed and my live mesh client notifies me to use Sync with the same credentials?

  • @grapemanca Thanks again for the feedback.

    We'll be posting about the updated Movie Maker soon, but we've added a lot of fun stuff including GPU acceleration for better HD performance, webcam capture, network file support, speed up/slow down controls (up to 64x), custom encoding options (including a new "recommended" mode that automatically determines the best encode profile) and more... including a new full-screen preview mode which Movie Maker has never had.  On automatic crossfades: we've also made it easier to apply a crossfade transition to all the assets with a new button in the ribbon (aptly named "Apply to all").  

    More soon...

  • I personally don't agree with Windows dropping compatibility with Windows Live Messenger for Windows XP. That is not fair at all. There is a lot of people who are not able to afford windows vista or windows 7, and are only stuck windows XP.  I am very disgusted with this matter. I've posted at least three other postings on this topic. I think you will find a huge number of people leaving for other instant messaging services. I know i for one am considering leaving windows live messenger. I've been using Messenger ever since it first came out. Ive been excited for the various updates over the years. Now this update that will be coming in the summer will probably be the end of the road for me as far as my usage of windows live messenger. If i am not mistaken there have been petitions sent out and newspapers,tv stations contacted.  A lot of people, myself included are very upset and are ready to leave.

  • This all sounds really great for people with Windows 7

    You planning to do anything for the rest of us? You know, disabled persons and senior citizens and others on fixed incomes who can't buy every new Operating System you guys release like every six months while declaring all previous operating systems obsolete?

  • I urge you to increase the Live Sync online storage limit from 2GB to 5GB, like I am used to on Live Mesh. Other than that, I am excited with this new release!

  • cr8tive
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    Is it just me, or does the chick on the voice over sound a little like sarah from chuck?

  • @ Adam Skelton - thanks for letting us know!

  • I've spotted a typographical error! 8-B

    On the Hotmail Overview page ( at the very bottom in the "The new Hotmail pairs really well with… Office" section, a "youve" exists; with no apostrophe! :o I'm just letting you know. :)

    Also, though, the wording for the "The new Hotmail pairs really well with… Your phone" section, the last sentence seems worded oddly.

  • @RyanLM – I think it’s important to separate your feedback on the Live Essential apps and your general feedback on Microsoft’s UI language.  From an Essentials perspective, I think we have chosen a very reasonable path.  I believe most users of Windows 7 will generally find them attractive, easy to use, self-consistent, and consistent with Windows as a whole, with an unusual degree of polish & little animation touches etc.  Few would notice the inconsistencies you mention (though they are real).

    With regards to your feedback about Microsoft’s overall UX and visual style guidelines across all systems and devices, we generally agree with your perspective & frustrations.  It is important for MS to get a company-wide visual style, and then use that consistently across everything we do.   Of course this is hard with so many moving parts, but it is still a goal we aspire to.  To-date, our Windows “look” has been Aero (+certain UI affordances like Ribbon), which we have polished and refined & Windows 7, and brought to our mobile devices.   But with Metro we are evolving a new visual style which we hope will eventually give us a new language to rally around.  Given the realities of our schedules and processes, this is something we will get to over time, not in one big bang.

    PS: About Ribbon inconsistency – the Ribbon was designed in Office, and then the Windows team delivered a version of it for use by Windows ISVs.  As a Windows ISV ourselves, that is what we use (it’s a fully documented UI component, part of 7IP so back-ported to Vista).  The Office team has since been tweaking the interface, for example using “File” vs. the glyph (which has usability benefits, especially for new Ribbon users) and making heavier use of glass.  These changes have not make it back into Windows.  This is why they are a bit inconsistent.  I’m not saying we like the inconsistency, just explaining why.

  • Is there a blog that focuses on Windows Live Movie Maker?

    After all the condemnation from WMM enthusiasts over WLMM, and all the promises that the WLMM team was listening to our concerns, I really hope the main demands will FINALLY be met:

    1. a proper timeline option that allows, for example, graphic elements to be dragged to specific parts of a sound track;

    2. webcam capture;

    3. photo capture of a specific video frame;

    4. slow down/speed up

    5. automatic crossfades by dragging video elements onto each other

    All of these features (and more) were part of previous Movie Makers, and not having them in the new WLMM was a disaster. I'm really hoping that the Wave 4 update will show some respect for MM enthusiasts.

  • RyanLM
    11 Posts

    @Piero - Thank you for writing such a detailed response.  I do realize its not as easy to wave a magic wand and have everything look uniform.  At the same time, I would argue that while windows 7 got so many things right, the UI continuity issues make that progress look tarnished.  As a developer, honestly, I really have no idea what I should be doing.  Do I go Aero heavy with glass? Pick one of the three ribbon styles, or go all out with Metro?  I have recently done some iPhone work and that world is very different, almost the exact opposite.  Instead of working with great tools like VS2010, or platforms like .NET, its old school C (with perks).  But their UI side is nailed, you can't help but make an App that just fits across all of their devices.  

    I am really interested in the direction MS is planning, because unlike years ago - features are not all that important because things are so mature now, most people have the same features, these features are expected.  I have made apps using all three current styles, I have found metro to be the simplest to use actually.  However, as you stated, its still evolving, it is really good for media rich, none content creation input scenarios.  Could you make Word in it? I don't know - but it seems to be extraordinarily flexable.  Really to convert the ribbon to Metro would not be that much of a stretch (remove tab outlines, ditch gradient maybe, and a different highlighting look).

    I guess what I really want to know is that people at MS not only see this as an issue, but actually get upset about it and are fighting for change :)  Maybe it can't happen until Windows 8, because it really has to start with the OS.  But something needs to happen, I shouldnt be confused as to what my apps should look like, and if I write something for windows and the phone, it shouldnt be so drastically different that my customers need to relearn it.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    Thanks for replying to comments. As you pointed out, Make a copy is there but it should be there in the Gallery file menu (not just when viewing a single photo) and should work with batch selected images. You can expect us to make copies one by one. There are several reasons besides Picasa's database format (WLPG uses the file system) why batch configurable export options are needed. Please put them in a later version if possible. Also where is PNG in "Make a copy" export?? I am sure Windows Imaging Component has a PNG codec too and a BMP codec too please at least allow saving as a PNG.

  • adacosta
    91 Posts

    I can't wait to get my mouse clicks on this update. Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are two major stand outs for me. I am looking forward to seeing and using those new themes, I hope they are professional quality. I love the themes in iMovie in iLife, I hope I can see something on the same level.

  • @RyanLM – Feedback taken. We of course strive for consistency & simplicity in our UI. In Wave 4 we have chosen to use the native Windows 7 Ribbon (which as you point out is close but not identical to the new Office Ribbon) for all our Client “creation/editing” apps – Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker. The Ribbon is exceptionally good at exposing a vast amount of commands in a flexible, approachable way, and the results we have been getting in our usability labs are really great (real world usage TBD eh?) If you compare this to Wave 3 (where commands were scattered across several different metaphors) I hope you’ll agree this is progress.

    For Messenger, we chose a new design that is both respectful of the Messenger legacy (e.g. it can be made into a small form factor for folks who prefer that), and is also optimized for rich “consumption” experiences. The new Messenger is about reading & writing social updates, sharing photos & video, and engaging in IM, and the Ribbon is not an appropriate metaphor there. (We tried it - trust me it wasn't pretty 8-)

    “Metro” is slightly orthogonal. Internally to Microsoft, we use this to mean a specific visual style (not UI design) that relies heavily on the use of typography, ruthless simplification of elements (lead with the content), and a glyph based iconography. The Zune interface is a good early example of Metro, though we are still evolving the style for Windows Phone etc. Windows 7 is not Metro – it uses the "Aero" style of UI with icons and glass etc. Because Essentials is designed to complete the Windows 7, we chose to be consistent visually with the OS and use Aero, though as you correctly noticed we introduced what I would call a few Metro “touches” in the UI (not just in Messenger). For us, this is a balancing act, because while we are excited about the Metro design style, we also love Aero and want Essentials to look “right” when running on Windows 7. So, while in principle it’s hard to argue with “pick one UI language and use it everywhere”, for us this is a balancing act between command-heavy UIs / consumption UIs, and Aero / Metro.

    I personally think the new apps look great, and feel “right” when you use them. What the pictures don’t show is the slick animations and some really beautiful touches I hope users will enjoy. Of course a lot of this is very subjective, so we look forward to feedback on this.

  • @David Bailes – Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into this

  • @acousticMT – Yes, you can sync Live Calendar to our Windows Mobile device, or any other device with Exchange Active Sync. More on this here:

  • @veresszem – Yes, Sync and Live Mesh are now one product (called simply Windows Live Sync). More on this here

  • RyanLM
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    On top of that the ribon look on these apps does NOT match the ribon look of Office 2010.  Why?  2010 has a much improved look that gets rid of the silly baby blue color by default, nice use of incorporating the glass.

  • RyanLM
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    The features look great but the UI really leaves a lot to be desired.  Right now MS has about 5 or 6 UI "looks".  You have the Ribbon, you have Metro, you have the more traditional style menu/toolbar, Whatever IE and Explorer are doing, and the built in media/photo apps.


    Out of all of them, Metro looks the most modern and because it shines when showing media you would think it would be a natural fit.  I see influences of Metro in messenger (a little) but that is really starting to look bloated.

    I don't know, you really need to pick a UI language and use it on EVERYTHING like the other people do because it really just looks a mess when you have more than one app open.  Right now if you show people Win7, Office, and WinPhone7, and this - would anyone not in the know think they are from the same company?

  • @UFBobby You’re right, Photo Fuse is based on Group Shot, though the current version of Photo Fuse includes the latest stitching “magic” from MSR. As Piero mentioned in the blog post, “We’ll begin broader beta testing of the new Essentials in a few weeks. Meanwhile you can learn more at” So, stay tuned!

  • @Kory Glad to hear you love the look and features! As mentioned above, you can convert your RAWs to an editable format like JPG today, but that’s not what you’re really asking for. We’re aware of this area and this is something we’re looking into. RE: PSD support - There are 3rd party .PSD codecs available that enable viewing PSD files in Windows Explorer and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Do a Bing search to find them online.

  • @7flavor Thanks for all the good feedback. RE: Back button – Besides the “Close file” button, we’ve also enabled double-click to quickly take you to the gallery view. You can simply double-click anywhere on the photo or around it and you’re immediately back at the thumbnail view. Once you use this, you’ll probably never use the “Close” button in the ribbon again. ;-) Also, hitting ESC works, too, if you want to use a keyboard shortcut. RE: attached photos slideshows – We’ll look into this. RE: Export options – Again, thanks. There are reasons why an app (like Picasa) has “Export” options to begin with; photo edits in the context of that app are stored in a database only and therefore the user needs to choose an export option in order to save/commit the edits to the actual file on your hard drive, otherwise those edits are stored in the app’s own database only. As you mention, you can view RAW files in Photo Gallery with the matching codec installed today. If you use the “Make a copy” feature, it does provide you with a way of saving the RAW file to a few different formats (.JPG, .TIFF, .WDP) enabling you to do all the editing Photo Gallery has to offer.

  • Bob
    7 Posts

    Hello, I am still on the current Hotmaill version. I just noticed for me, the "attach' button is the plain attach button. I use to have the ability to attach multiple photos all at once.  Any advice? Thank and I really look forward to the new Hotmail and Live Essentials package. I've been a Hotmail user since about 1997

  • UFBobby
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    I have been waiting for an update to Microsoft Research's Group Shot for years.  I hated that it timed out.  Now I have stacks of group pictures to create better ones of.  How can we get in the alpha or beta?  I'll give good feedback.

  • All I want to know is will I be able to sync my Live Calendar with my Windows Mobile device in the same way that my email and contacts sync?

  • eso es lo mas chulo gracias a dios y al msn por ke lo podemos usara diario

  • Panzio
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  • Ruben
    2 Posts

    Wow... I've been anticipating this release for so long. Why didn't you integrate SkyDrive and Sync features properly? You would have been the best...

  • I absolutely love the new features and the new look. Some of these features are catch-up features that have been in competing products. I was surprised at the new stuff. But the two big selling points I have are not mentioned yet. Is there editing support for RAW files in Photo Gallery? I hate being able to see RAW files but still have to open another program to edit them. Live is the only one that can't do this. My other issue is odd. Is there .psd support? This I would be fine with just viewing and having to open in photoshop. But I would love to be able to use Live Gallery to organize all my art. It is a very big break in routine to leave live gallery just to open explorer and find one .psd.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    Few things I would like to see improved upon:

    -  Back to Gallery button should be there on every tab in the Ribbon for easier accessibility and quick navigation to the gallery from any tab.

    -  Photo Mail is a nice feature but why can't Live Mail directly open the photo gallery slideshow with its attactive transitions for any attached photos? I should not have to save all attachments first to a folder, then open Photo Gallery and navigate to that folder to start the rich slideshow.

    -  I sorely miss export options in Photo Gallery. Competitive apps like Picasa offer configurable export options. I know Photo Gallery can open RAW files by installing necessary codecs but what's the use if I can't export them AND resize them to JPEG? Or what if I want to batch adjust the level of compression/quality of my JPEG images? Not all of my images are photos, others are scanned from my scanner in TIFF format. Why can't I convert to and from various image formats?

  • Concerning the goal of making everyday tasks simpler. In the current version of Windows Live Mail, both in the left hand column of the main window and in the Go To Folder dialog, you can't quickly move to a folder by typing its first chararcter or characters, which should be the case for a tree view. For users who rely on keyboard navigation, for example blind users using a screen reader, this makes selecting a folder extremely tedious. Is this going to be fixed in the new version?

  • QUESTION: Is Sync going to replace the Live Mesh beta? Because from what I see here the features of the new sync will be very similar to the ones already in Live Mesh.

  • Hello,

    I think the idea to connect RIA desktop apps to the cloud is the absolute best way to enchance the cloud metaphor. Sure webapplications through the browser sort of works, but most really fail miserably from a UI experience and a productivity point of view. DIsconnected scenario are almost non existant and the use of the HW in your device is really poor.

    I hope this approach is the way of the future, just typing in this comment box in the browser is a really awful experience, it is sluggish on my netbook, the text box is too small, no formatting, no spell checking. Imaging a desktop editor today without that, still we don't expect much from our browser applications.

    Very interesting updatd, does this mean live sync will merge with live mesh? Live mesh is a really excellent service with lots of potential.

  • i wanna the latest version。wish to try it quickly~

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    Looked at Live Writer update.

    I can see that the import image URL bug has been fixed, but none of the  display errors for blog titles with ampersands in the title - they're still treated as escaped characters and display instead as underscore with following space removed.

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    I wanna Try de new hotmail =(