Connecting Windows Live Messenger and Xbox LIVE

Connecting Windows Live Messenger and Xbox LIVE

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When we told you earlier about what’s coming in the next version of Messenger, one of the things we discussed was how we’re improving the core instant messaging experience, and making big improvements to video chat and media sharing with built-in features like HD support, full-screen video chat, and more engaging ways to share photos and videos.

Picture of Kinect device for Xbox 360

If you’ve been following the E3 conference, you know that today Microsoft unveiled new details about the controller-free Kinect for Xbox 360 (formerly known as “Project Natal”), including how it enables Xbox LIVE users to have real-time video conversations with hundreds of millions of Windows Live Messenger users.

This functionality will release in the next year, and we’re excited about how it helps make your communication experience even richer by bringing Messenger and your friends directly into your living room.

You can learn more about Xbox and Kinect at

- Piero Sierra
   Group Program Manager, Windows Live Messenger & Mail

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  • Hopefully this sees an update to the messenger on the 360. Currently it's extremely bare bones, lacks so many features, doesn't support multiple log in places, and completely stops you from being able to use your controller while the miniwindow is open.

  • I love the further integration but I would like to say this isn't on my biggest wish.

    Right now Messenger on Xbox isn't showing when my Yahoo Messenger friends are online. My Yahoo Messenger contacts also cannot see when I'm online with Messenger on Xbox.

    When I'm signed into Messenger on Xbox or my cell phone I find that my status icon on my website does not show me as being online, even when I set online status as public previously on the desktop Live Messenger client.

    Please allow my friends to see me!

  • Phil
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    @Piero Sierra When will Live Messenger integrate with Windows Mediacenter on Windows 7?  I've really been hopeing for this to allow video conferencing on the TV.  I'm hopeing this is somewhere in the development track for the near future as I have seen a lot of requests for this on  Thanks...

  • @td90uk - Yes

  • td90uk
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    Will this work with Messenger on XP? The Wave 3 version of Messenger?

  • @mrmckeb - We love that idea.  This is something we discussed for Wave 4 but didn't make it into our plans.  Definitely something we'll be looking at in the future.

  • mrmckeb
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    Can I leave a suggestion?

    Why don't you integrate Xbox Avatars into Windows Live Messenger to show emotions, much in the same way that dynamic display pictures do today? That would be very cool - and would further the 'three-screen' experience!

    Please, let me know what you think!

  • @Pierro Sierra When Live is released I send you my nickname for you to add me and we play the new games for Kinect \o\

  • @leoberto - Eu também!  Tenho amigos no Brasil e quero jogar!

  • I'm so excited that xbox live is finally coming to brazil! can't wait!

  • JohnCz
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    Sounds pretty cool especially if rich content sharing is enabled between XBox Live and Windows Live Messenger experience.  I can imagine that Video Kinect would be a pretty ideal device to capture and leave video messages now that video messages is part of Live Messenger.