Hotmail and SkyDrive help make Office 2010 great

Hotmail and SkyDrive help make Office 2010 great

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If you’ve been using the Office Web Apps since our release last week and saw some of the changes to the new Hotmail that we began rolling out this week, you’ll realize why, like everyone here on the Windows Live team, I love the web.

I especially love how web apps like SkyDrive and Hotmail let me work and play anywhere and communicate and share with anyone. But I also love all the great things I can do with apps on my PC, like fusing multiple photos together in Windows Live Photo Gallery, or editing video clips in PowerPoint 2010.

Some would have you believe that you should abandon the apps on your PC to take advantage of the web, that you must live in a world of compromise where you can’t use the best tools for the job, that web-based anything is better than the best PC productivity suite in the world.

The truth is, browser-only services are limited by nature, and just aren’t ready to replace their PC counterparts. This means you’re likely going to use both web and PC software to get your tasks done, inevitably having to waste effort with every task you do. You find yourself downloading a file, finding a place to save it, opening it using a program on your PC, editing it, going back to the website, uploading it again, possibly losing your formatting, and repeating the process every time you want to use the power of your PC. When you type it out like that it really doesn’t seem all that great, does it?

That’s why, with Office 2010available today—and Office on SkyDrive, we've created a suite of software and services that work together for you, both on your PC and in your web browser. No more compromises. You can create great documents like never before.

Windows Live gives you the choice of where you want to work—in the browser or on your PC—and either way, you can access and share your documents anywhere, anytime. Office is now integrated with Hotmail, Messenger, and all the other services that you connect to Windows Live, like Facebook and Gmail.

Let me show you…

Work anywhere

With Office 2010, I can easily create a new document in Word and save it to SkyDrive with just a couple of clicks. If I’m on the road, I can view my document on my phone. Or I can go to any PC or Mac and make quick edits to my document online—even if the computer doesn’t have Office installed. And unlike other services, SkyDrive and the Office Web Apps keep my document’s formatting intact, so I don’t waste time fixing things when I get back to the office.

Picture of a Word document in Office 2010

My Word document in Office 2010

Picture of a Word document in SkyDrive

Viewing my Word document in SkyDrive – looks familiar, doesn’t it?

If you’ve used OneNote, you know that Office is good for more than just documents. With OneNote, I can keep track of everything that’s going on in my life. And now that I can synchronize my OneNote notebooks with SkyDrive, my notes are always just a click away. I can jot down every stroke of genius that occurs to me, whether I’m on the web, on another PC—or soon, with Windows Phone 7—on my phone!

Work with others

Earlier I mentioned how you can make awesome documents using Office 2010. But sometimes you need help from your friends to make a document. And when you're done, you want to share your documents with everyone. Well, this used to be really hard, especially when your friend didn't have the same version of Office as you.

With Office on SkyDrive, we've solved that problem. And the best part is, you don't need to change the way you work. Like most people, I like to use email to share documents. SkyDrive works seamlessly with Hotmail, so now I can email up to 10GB of Office documents in a single message, and my friends can view and edit my documents online using Office on the web—no matter what email service they use or what software they have installed.

Picture of attaching a document to a Hotmail message

As long as I send documents using SkyDrive, my friends and I can take advantage of other benefits of working online, like keeping document versions in one place. If we’re working on Excel or OneNote documents, we can even work on the same file at the same time on the web. And if my friends have Office 2010, we can work on Word and PowerPoint files at the same time, too.

Sometimes, I’m not the one who starts projects. Instead my friends will send me attachments the old-fashioned way. But since I use Hotmail, I can easily transform their attachments into online documents in just a few clicks. I don’t have to download the document, find it, open it, re-attach it, and send yet another version that clogs my friend’s inbox. I can edit attachments online without leaving my inbox!


Now you might be saying, “this sounds awesome, but I don’t use Hotmail.” Sad smile Fortunately, we’ve made it easy to bring your Gmail and Yahoo Mail Plus right into Hotmail so even you can take advantage of these great features, too.

Go beyond the inbox

Email is great – but sometimes I want to share stuff with all 5,000 of my friends on Facebook or MySpace. We’ve made it really easy to share with your friends on your favorite social networks and also get updates on their documents – right from

There’s more – a lot more – but we’d love for you to discover some of that on your own. Interested? Try out a free trial of Office 2010 for a limited time. And if you like it, you can buy Office 2010 without leaving your seat! Get started with the Office Web Apps for free at

Jason Moore
Principal Lead Program Manager
Windows Live SkyDrive

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  • biwa
    1 Posts

    Hi, Great job. But, whent it' possible to attach file stored in skydrive with a mail?

  • SandyR
    1 Posts

    I have tried to use collaboration in Word with the sky drive and it allows only one user at a time to edit.  It keeps saying the document is locked for editing.  How can I get it to work with 2 users at the same time?

  • Just learned that you guys have hotmail plus for no ads. (: Insta-purchased.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Great, but disappointed.

    Simply said, I understand phasing out of Office 2003 the same way I understood phasing out WinXP support for wave 4, but 2007?

    Com'on guys, you have to be kidding... The Office Live plugin has been available for so long, and now you suddenly decide to close it out? I mean, the live web apps are great, and Office 2010 integration with skydrive is also great, but why not giving us a simple plugin for the older Office versions? Moreover, since one can open them locally after doing clic on the web app, and then keep on opening it straight from Office as far as the document remains in the "recent documents" folder, it seems that there is absolutely nothing preventing you from giving us some decent access straight from Office. It seems to me that you are just trying to make SkyDrive integration a selling point for the new Office... I sure hope I'm wrong and we do get a Office Live plugin 2.0 with SkyDrive support for older versions...

  • Hotmail, SkyDrive and Office 2010 are a powerful combination! I look forward to seeing more MS software being made available as web apps.

    I would like to make two essential feature requests.

    1. Windows Live Movie Maker web app:

    2. For videos on SkyDrive, embed code that embeds the actual video player:

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    IE8 is enough to editing web docs.  I have tried it.

    Office 2003 is good enough NOW, but I reckon it will become downright hard to use it when you have people bouncing around Office 2010 files constantly.  There are no updated file format converters for Office 2003, and using an Offie 2007 Word File in Office Web Apps forces the Web App into a scaled down mode that doesn't allow you to insert pictures, among other things.  Also, OneNote Web App won't support OneNote 2003 or 2007 at all - a slap in the face to people who have purchased higher SKUs (particularly if you needed Outlook) to use this application religiously.  Microsoft should have put it in all SKUs since it was released, IMO, and retroactively give it to Office 2007 licensed users...

    The way things are looking, it may be cheaper to cross-upgrade from Microsoft Office to WordPerfect Office Standard.  You get Outlook with a Hosted Exchange Account (or from your job, if they use Exchange), and just buy OneNote.  The best parts of Office aren't in Word/Excel/PowerPoint.  They're in Office-Exclusive Applications for which polished Alternatives don't exist:  namely Access, Outlook, and OneNote (but I don't use Access, so it's a non-factor).  WordPerfect Office is a trivial replacement for Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

    Using Integrated Web Apps + Desktop Apps ceases to be an advantage when it becomes a significant investment for lots of users.

  • Guys,

    I got one important question.

    Using IE9 in future will give me better user experience or IE8 is enough for editing office web docs?

  • @Jason Moore Thanks for the update. I never knew it.

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    That's great, thanks for the support and keep it going :)

  • @Islander You can use Office 2003 and up to view and edit documents locally from SkyDrive for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.

  • @Islander, please don't assume it. you will have to use office 2010.

    I might be wrong but I read it in a blog post.

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    I assume the local/online integration thing will also be released for Office 2007, no? Or are you forcing us into buying a new Office version for it?

  • Office wep app,  sky drive and hotmail.............all these together are awesome!

    I was using GOOGLE DOCS previously to edit my docs.......but there were a LOT IF ISSUES. Here are a bit of them......

    1) it is not user friendly, they must have given the same look and feel office has.........2) gdocs are very slow, in my noida office i got 4MB leased line but editing an excel file with 500-600 rows was pain.........3) Previewing the document is not good at all....4) i created 5 sheets in my excel document, now when my team of 6 guys try to work together on that it hangs. so it is not good for collaboration.

    When i have seen the new office web apps i just said WOOOOOOOOOOW..........

    I immediately called all my peers and said look what microsoft has released.......and they all said same (WOW)

    I call these docs "web docs" or wdocs........gdocs is obsolete now for us.

    All above issues does not exists on microsoft's new office web apps.

    It is FAST, EASY and BETTER.