The new Hotmail is rolling out now!

The new Hotmail is rolling out now!

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Today, we have reason to celebrate, as we’ve begun to roll out the new Hotmail worldwide!

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You may start seeing the new features in your inbox as early as today, features like the new Sweep menu, the freshly integrated Office Web Apps, huge new attachment limits up to 10 GB using SkyDrive, and the ability to create and send photo albums right from Hotmail. If you don’t see these features today, please hold on just a little while longer – everybody will be upgraded this summer.

You might be wondering why everybody doesn’t get the new version immediately. Well, as my friend Phil explained in his blog post Hotmail tips the scales, our Hotmail servers are grouped into clusters, and we have hundreds of clusters. We start by upgrading a single cluster, wait to make sure that it’s running smoothly and that we didn’t miss anything during testing, and then we continue on to the next cluster. If we find a bug, we’ll fix it before continuing further, and give that fix to everybody who has been upgraded so far. That way, we release the highest quality code as we proceed, and we can minimize downtime for everybody. Accounts are assigned to clusters to best balance our total account load, not by country or by tenure of the account, so each account is as likely as the next to be upgraded. Given this, we can’t move any individual accounts up or down the migration line.

Additionally, while most people will see all the new features at once, as soon as their cluster is upgraded, some features, like the integrated Office Web Apps and the ability to send files via SkyDrive, will initially be available only in certain countries.  For example, Office integration will first roll out to Hotmail customers in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland first, and then to customers in other countries later this year.

We're as eager as you are for everybody to have access to the new Hotmail, and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do, too.

- Mike Schackwitz
  Program Manager, Windows Live Hotmail team

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  • Come on already - when is this new version of Hotmail going to be rolled out?  I've been a hotmail user since the mid 90's, and apparently I will be in the last group of users to get the new features.

  • @Andreas -- yes, your Facebook contacts (and MySpace too, LinkedIn coming soon) are kept in sync throughout the WIndows Live suite including Hotmail (e.g. the "PEople" page list of your address book).  We do our best to auto-link the people in your various contact lists who are the same human being (by matching full names and email addresses), so that you can see 1 "Jeff Kunins" instead of your Facebook one, your Hotmail/Messenger one, and your LInkedIn one.  You can always manually link or unlink contacts as well.

  • So, i'm guessing this will be a while? My family and I still haven't gotten it... But, in the mean time, i should probably move my stuff over from GMail.

    I just saw the Facebook contacts integration while adding contacts in Photo Gallery Beta and Mail Desktop Beta. Will this feature be in Windows Live People, too? And will I be able to merge my existing contacts with my Facebook ones?

  • Brandon
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    STILL NO NEW HOTMAIL...Sorry :P. Please do a one week follow-up or something like that so hotmail users know how much has been done and how fast it's being done. Or just the status of the upgrade

  • tsger
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    I haven't been updated to the new hotmail, either.  I keep looking for the "Sweep" menu item, but it's not there.

  • I have been using the Office Web Apps, they are great i love them, they will be very usfull for me, but i have the problem that for use them i have to go to and search them from there and everything change in my account i have another things but hotmail is not upate so i have to go always to my home page account so bad. Im waiting for the update of my e-mail.

  • pibrew
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    I was curious if I was the only one that hasn't been upgraded?  How can they roll out another beta when everyone hasn't even been updated with the new hotmail?

  • langware
    154 Posts

    I have not seen any customer posts about Wave4 in the Hotmail forum of the Windows Live Solution Center. Perhaps the rollout of Wave4 has yet to begin.

  • When I log in, I still don't see the "Sweep" option. Does it mean I am still using the old version of Hotmail?

  • rkblog
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    tough to wait more!! please provide the current status of upgrade process--how many clusters remaining and average speed of cluster upgrading. I have seen no body in our institute (CANADA) who's hotmail has been upgraded??

  • ericesque
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    Any chance of a week one follow up post?  I'd love to know how the rollout is going and a round figure of how many users have been upgraded!

  • @Abhijit Yes, the beta of the new Windows Live Essentials package should be avaliable in few days/weeks here:

  • Abhijit
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    Can we get the new hotmail in India? how to wait it launch in India?

    Microsoft have any planning to launch its new Windows Live Desktop Mail Client version in future?

  • @Mike Too bad. I was really hoping for the Hotmail Exchange support in Outlook 2010 (I am currently using Trial), because the Connector 14 is unbelievably buggy - making my calendar and To do list one big mess.

    I guess it means - back to Live Mail, no buying of Outlook 2010. :(

    And if I can't use Outlook properly, there is no need for the similiar advanced time management functions in WP7, so I can buy some another (and much cheaper) phone. Someone in MS should really think these things through. :(

  • Can we get the new hotmail in Canada? If so, does it automatically update?

  • R...
    2 Posts

    @Mike: Bummer!! - I was really looking forward to having the option of syncing Hotmail with Apple Mail / MS Entourage through Exchange ActiveSync (I still am looking forward to using MS Exchange with my iPhone - Finally!!). But I would really appreciate an explanation as to why Microsoft won't just introduce either Exchange ActiveSync or IMAP universally (i.e. including for the desktop). Especially since Exchange is a Microsoft technology and since Wave 4 is supposed to bring Hotmail up-to-date and able to compete with Yahoo/Gmail/MobileMe. I'm afraid that after THIRTEEN YEARS i might just have to give up my hotmail id... :(

  • I was wondering if the new Hotmail wave 4 will also be implemented into the Live@EDU service. One thing i like is the  unified interface. before outlook live has an interface, officelive has another same goes with skydrive and profile. it gets very annoying to me personally and other to keep switching interfaces and figure out were everything goes. I've been testing outlook live for a while and i sure like it, one thing i would love see is better integration for outlook live with office like and skydrive (same interface, built in integration).

    My question is what's your plan for Live@EDU?

    is it going to stay the same or the system and interface will be migrated to the new hotmail?

    and if there is a plan to upgrade Live@EDU. when is that going to be? and can we get a beta access so we can test it and start planning for training and support.

    thank you!! keep up the good work!!

  • @Edson See for more details in your language.   It says "... until mid-August every user should have the new interface".

  • I live in Brazil. When this changes begin to me ?

  • I am in US, but I don't see any update yet.

  • Mike: What? Still use POP for PC based clients? Really? How can you sync your email with a mobile device if you can't sync it with your PC? I want to delete an email only once. Can you explain?

  • ecopath
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    It has not yet started in Canada. I have asked several of my friends. waiting to use it impatiently!!!!!!

  • @R27

    Certo: "...we’ve begun to roll out the new Hotmail worldwide." BUT.. they started the update. It will take more than just some days or weeks. :-p

  • R27
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    the update is expected in these hours even for Italy?

  • Tom Warren
    132 Posts

    good stuff :)

  • Yay! I'm really looking forward to having my mail automatically sorted (recepits, social networking updates, newsletters etc) and not having the tag line anymore. Once I get to play with it I will write a review on my blog.

  • bRonCOde
    24 Posts

    Which deltasync sclients (WLM wave3, WLM wave4, connector, ...) will support full session SSL?  Please provide/point to the directions for configuring it.

    Two weeks ago was told "you'll get more details when we are closer to release on client compatibility"

  • While we're waiting for our cluster, is it possible to have the ActiveSync settings so we can configure our iPads properly for Live mail?

  • joel7
    12 Posts

    @Mike, bummer! Thanks for passing it along. I LOVE that theme and how clean it looks. I assumed that it would be part of the new package. Please activate it or give us the ability to make our own theme (like Gmail does). Thanks again!

  • @joel7, Unfortunately the orange theme you saw in the video was just for the video. I did pass along the request to the team that builds our themes.

    @tdurden, @The Christoph, ActiveSync is rolling out out on a different schedule. We'll do a post here on the blog when it starts to become available. However, it is focused on mobile devices, so you will need to continue using the Outlook Connector or POP with PC-based clients.

  • td90uk
    5 Posts

    I'm looking forward to the fact that its new, looks better than Gmail, has Exchange ActiveSync, if you look at the specs, tick them all off, thats what I'm looking forward to, just can't wait to get it.

  • @tdurden Here here for connecting via Exchange ActiveSync.  To the Hotmail team, where would we check once that information is released?  Also, we should be able to use EAS to connect via desktop clients like Outlook or Apple Mail, bypassing the "connector" business?

  • I can't wait! The new Hotmail looks very nice.. And please add the orange theme. Especially with this World Cup, I can support the Netherlands with this theme.. :-)

  • I don't have it yet D: I'll be checking every few hours a day now! See what you have done!? lol

  • joel7
    12 Posts

    @MarcoIsAFool - I hope not. The icon is new and the feel of the whole thing is different. My impression was that once it was fully rolled out, the new look would be available. Can someone from Microsoft tell us?

  • Why I don't get it yet?? Geez!

  • @Windows Live Hotmail team

    Is the "new" Hotmail is for Windows Live Admin Center customers as well?

  • tdurden
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    Is EAS for Hotmail being rolled out too? If so what are the settings?

  • @joel7   It's probably just what they used to demo the new features :-(  The WindowsTeam Blog team should put up a poll... I'm sure thousands of people would love to have such a simple theme.

  • Can't wait to get started with new features.

  • td90uk
    5 Posts

    Excellent news, I will almost certainly switch from Gmail, I'm liking the look of the new features.

  • joel7
    12 Posts

    Very exciting! One question - will the orange and grey theme in the video be available soon?

  • ericesque
    34 Posts

    This is going to be like online package tracking for me.  *refresh*  dang.  *refresh*  dang.  *refresh*...