Get your Windows Live Calendar on the go

Get your Windows Live Calendar on the go

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We’re now mobile! No more worrying that you’ll miss that important dinner with friends or forget your daughter’s soccer game. Now you can access and manage your Windows Live Calendar from any web-enabled mobile phone. You can browse upcoming events and see when you’re free so you can quickly add new events.

Month view  Day view

You can also check your schedule by day, week, or month; get previews of event details; set reminders; and add charms like these:


We’ve also made it easy to access on your phone all the calendars you already use. Now, whether you’re on the web, in Outlook, in the Windows Live Mail software, or on your smart phone, you can manage the shared calendar that you use to coordinate your family, see holidays and birthdays, manage your own personal calendar, and access public calendars from the internet. Try out this cool calendar subscription from our friends at, for instance. It lets you access your Facebook events right from within Windows Live Calendar by simply clicking on this link. (Note: The events may take a few hours to show in your calendar). And, if you’ve been bit by the soccer (football) bug, try subscribing to this World Cup calendar. You can keep track of the entire World Cup schedule, and it looks great on your phone, too!

Upcoming events

We’re very excited about the depth and ease of use of the new mobile calendar. You can now organize and track the activities and events you care about from anywhere. Give it a try: just go to from your phone’s internet browser.*

David Dennis
Principal Lead Program Manager, Windows Live Hotmail

* Supported phones and browsers include: iPhone/iPod Touch with Safari 3.0+, Opera on Windows Mobile 6.1.4+, S 60/5th Gen+, Blackberry 5+, Opera, Palm, Android. Windows Live Calendar for mobile is slated to be released in Hebrew and Arabic in the next few months.

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  • I am so glad that the calendar can now be viewed on Mobile devices and I like the look and functionality of it.

  • KTR
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    @guerrid You can download Outlook Connector as part of Windows Live Essentials to see your Hotmail calendar overlaid with you work calendar in Outlook. ActiveSync will support the droid and iPhone and ios 4 supports accessing your corporate exchange and Hotmail via ActiveSync.

  • WPS->When MS releases Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail accounts (they should do it in within weeks I think?), then you can synchronize your Live Calendar with iPhone's calendar :)

  • WPS
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    Will there ever be a iPhone-Client for Windows Live Calendar? So that I can use it on iPhone/iPod touch when I have not an Internet conection? For example I add or edit an appointment, an when I will have an internet connection, it Synchronize the device with the Windows Live Calendar?

  • This is great!  One more thing to help me use my "live" account on my iPhone until the WP7 devices hit the shelves this holiday!  Thanks guys!!!

  • guerrid
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    What about corporate Outlook users or users of Microsoft Online Services Hosted Exchange using Outlook and Exchange?  Can we easily overlay all our calendars together with Live Calendar?  What if we have a Droid or iPhone?  Hopefully an appropriate browser or app can be installed on those devices?

  • jamiet
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    Thanks Rodrigo - I'll try that!

  • @jamiet:

    Opera 9.7 which is what ships with the HD2 has some limitations.  I too have the same phone.  I updated it to Opera 10 for mobile, and it works great.  Opera 10 is a much better browser, give it a try by going to

  • Even more valuable will be the ability to sync it via ActiveSync as you roll out the Windows Live Hotmail upgrades! :) I just wish there was a way to do multiple accounts with the current WM6.5 ActiveSync... or that you guys would release a new Windows Live Mobile app that will include calendar sync.

  • ...Sweet. Bookmarked on my phone :D

  • jamiet
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    I'm browsing using Opera on my HTC HD2 (running WinMo 6.5 I believe) and I get a message: "Windows Live is designed for you but maybe not for your browser etc..."

    I hit the "continue without upgrading" link and it takes me to the non-mobile site at

    Any ideas why?

  • jamiet
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    An opportunistic comment if I may :)  ....

    If anyone wants to subscribe, using Live Calendar, to a World Cup Calendar that is constantly updated with the scores (which the one above is not) then head to

    For more info head to:

    Thanks :)