Announcing the new Windows Live Essentials beta!

Announcing the new Windows Live Essentials beta!

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It's here! Hot on the heels of the Hotmail roll-out, the new Windows Live Essentials is now available for public beta testing. Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, and is available in English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish.  Get it here!

 Download Windows Live Essentials Beta
As previously announced, this release of Essentials is focused on two things: connecting Windows 7 to the cloud services you already use, and making everyday tasks simpler, so that you can do more on your PC.

Connecting Windows 7 to the cloud

We’ve designed Essentials to connect your Windows experience to the web services you already use – not just the ones from Microsoft. The new betas of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger connect to photo and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin), email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), and document productivity (Office Web Apps) services. And the new Windows Live Sync keeps your files synchronized across multiple PCs and in the cloud.  You can even directly access your PC over the web with Sync's new remote desktop feature.

Making everyday tasks simpler and enabling new possibilities

People like to get creative on their PCs as much as they like seeing what everyone else has been up to. Whether it’s Retouch, Panoramic Stitch, or Photo Fuse in Photo Gallery, Auto Movie in Movie Maker, or photo email in the new Windows Live Mail, we think you’ll be excited by the new additions to Essentials that make advanced tasks, well, easy. If you haven’t yet tried Photo Fuse to merge together the best of several photos, it’s a lot of fun.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can also view this video on YouTube

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Essentials beta. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

- Piero Sierra
   Group Program Manager, Windows Live Essentials

P.S. We’re loving all the comments here, but for feedback and bug reporting, here are some links you might want to try.


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  • Well, looks like I had to install it anyway - starting the installer seemed to corrupt my original WLM installation, and also somehow messed up my screen resolution after I turned my computer back on (???). Here are my impressions for WLM, besides what I already complained about.

    -I like how it looks. From the pictures, it looked huge, but it's not that bad. Everything looks clean too, which is a big plus. And the abily to switch between normal and compact modes is great. Everything feels fast too. However, compact mode feels a little "empty" for some reason. It looks too much like the 2009 version, and it feels like something's missing...

    -I dislike the removal of the red and green lists in the privacy options, and how you can't see who added you back anymore (even if that feature didn't seem to work well lately). The privacy options now open a webpage, which I didn't really check out yet (I admit it) because my internet is slow. Really, I would like to have the old integrated privacy options back too. If they're there, I didn't see them.

    -I actually like how the new emoticons look, nice job there.

    -I'm surprised of its speed on dial-up, I expected it to take forever to logon and everything, but it's comparable, if not actually faster than 2009 for some reason. Might just be me though.

    I'm still disappointed. The new features are great, and it looks great. But you removed important features that I use and need...

  • Normally I'm very excited about a new Live beta. Always was, especially about MSN/WLM. I've used WLM for over 10 years now, and was always a big fan of it. So, without thinking, I decided to download the latest betas last night. However, being far of everything, including broadband (I'm on dial-up internet), I had to cancel the download at around 70% because I had to disconnect. No big deal, I'll do it tomorrow, I thought. Then I decided to check online to see what people thought.

    Thanks god I did.

    Okay, I don't know how to put this nicely... like I said, I've used WLM and your other software for over 10 years, and I've always encouraged my friends, family and people in general to upgrade to the new WLM. I would even offer them to help if it didn't work that well on their computer. I was always a big fan, and I'd often defend Microsoft for many things.

    But this time I can't defend you. I just can't. It's impossible.

    What are you doing? Everything was great so far! Then you decided to take out one-way webcam features from the new beta, and to prepare to it, you even "patched" WLM 2009. Did you even think about the possible consequences of forcing video calling? I'm on dial-up! One-way webcam worked, not amazing, but it still worked, and that was better than nothing! But by forcing video calling, you effectively killed ANY webcam features for dial-up users! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's in a similar situation. Trust me, Microsoft, if I could upgrade to broadband, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but we've been fighting with our ISP for 10 years. Microsoft doing this is the ultimate insult. Not only I can't even synchronize my Live Mail emails with the Outlook connector or Windows Live Mail anymore because I'm on dial-up and you decided to change how messages are being downloaded (yes, I actually asked for tech support, the guy eventually gave up and told me to get broadband, lol), now I can't use my webcam. Heck, just by seeing how heavy the new WLM looks like, I even wonder if I could log in! This is ridiculous!

    Also, what's that about not allowing us to have a custom nickname instead of our full name now? Who thought about that? Scammers will get around that in 5 seconds. In fact, it already began. However, I would like it if I could, you know, not show my full name to the world, because I have many people on my list that I don't actually know personally. Plus, people are so used to see my nickname instead of my real name that they might end up wondering who I am! I like to be able to personalize my display name too. Please put that back, at LEAST.

    I know there's a feedback link. However, I don't want my message to end up nowhere. I'm not the only one who isn't happy about this, it's obvious. Your new features in WLM look awesome, and it's just too bad that the cons far outweight all of them. Unless something major happens over there and you all decide to step back, I will no longer tell people to use WLM. And if those updates ever become forced updates, you will definitely lose me, as I will search for an alternative.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • New Photo Gallery - very nice.  Wife is loving the intergration with FB to post photos of our pride and joy.  We have about 200GB of photos/videos, and load times are pretty decent.

    Sync - so very depressing after finding the nearly-perfect tool with Live Mesh.  Sync4 took the best things of Sync3 and Mesh and discarded them.  IMHO, Mesh is superior in about every way to Sync (3 or 4).  XP support... ok can deal without it.  Mobile support... ouch, ok, dropbox it is for eWallet password files and other stuff needed on the winmo phone.  But Mesh also had the ability to share in read-only mode - a one-way sync that is supported by most sync tools.  Live Sync 4 only allows sharing with full permissions - yikes!

    Even dropped the one feature that Sync 3 had over Mesh, the on demand sync.

    Puzzled, but hopeful

  • Ethan
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    Dear Windows Live Messenger Developer team members:


    I used Windows Live Messenger 2010 beta, and I found that it has not support p4-context function, which in previous versions have been supported.

    This problem led me to use IMGroups services (, formerly,  I can not see the other members' nickname in the group chats.

    How does this change is intentional, or a BUG?

    Look forward to your reply, thank you.

  • You know, I have bad experiences with the damn Bing Bar. It´s not as nice as the Windows Live Toolbar. OK it´s got some cool features. But it doesn´t fit to the Windows Live Essentials Pack at all.

    You should give the possibility to users to decide which toolbar anyone wants to install!


    I'm testing the WLE Beta (Wave4), and find very disapointed feature,

    In the current version of Photo Gallery (wave 3) you can open an image (by double clicking on it) and select FIX in the above bar (of PG Viewer): you can retouch, crop, and more from within the viewer.

    Now, in the beta version, you canno't do that anymore! It's very annoying!

    To fix some image fast... you have to make this:

    1) Open the image

    2) Select "Go to Gallery" in the option above the viewer

    3) Select FIX

    4) Close.

    4 steps (in beta wave4) againts 2 steps (in current wave3)!

    Now, the major problem is: I do not want to ADD the entire folder in wich the FIXED photo stays... but I cann't do it in other way! Basically, Photo Gallery is forcing you to add a photo to the Gallery to allow fix options!

    This is something that definitelly will make me to stop using Photo Gallery.

    Please, don't ruin your work, and listen to the users!!!

  • loony
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    bad move with messenger.   now its "in your face" at the start and even in  "comapct view" wont get slim enough not to be a pain.   messenger is suffering from MS maturity.  its losing its balance between useful and annoying

  • Definitely a bug with Junk Mail in the Windows Live Mail client.  I've flagged spam from the same domain, selecting "Add sender's domain to blocked list" ... and every day, I get more spam in my inbox from that same domain.  It's flat out not working.

  • hannam
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    Please, if you want people to use MSN, do not implement this messenger. I have been using msn for the last  8 years and this beta is the worst thought out version yet. I have never bothered to discuss MSN clients until i felt so compelled by the overwhelming frustration with this new client.

    I have noticed people are steadily using other forms of clients to message their pals and if this beta is implemented as the current version, be prepared to drop users even more.

    1. You can't send a single webcam invitation. YOU HAVE to have a video call. This is a step backwards. What if I don't want to send my audio? Or even my webcam? Then I have to run around on my computer settings muting audio and adjusting my webcam settings.

    I like the concept of the skype like chat (large video and puts the chat section out of the way) that is very nice, but you have taken way the existing features to send a single video, single audio, receive single audio / visual. This is very frustrating.

    2. The emoticons are not as clear as the old ones, kudos for putting more in but they look shocking. You now have to find the corresponding keyboard shortcut to get the gist of what the emoticon is. This is just a case of not being use to seeing them, it's because their expressions are cluttered. Bring back the old emoticons and add more in that existing style. There clean and straight forward.

    3. Facebook intergration. I like the concept of this. My issue here is that you are forced to choose whether you want to permanently link your status updates with facebook or permanently not have this feature. (Ie, When activated, you can't post a status which doesn't also post to your facebook and vise verser.)

    It would be better if when typing in this box, a checkbox appeared that was pre ticked that said "also post to my facebook wall", so a user change their status and untick this box, to be able to update there msn status without changing there facebook wall.)

    Ie. Many times you want to say something to the current people on your messenger but not have to share it with the wider friend group in on facebook.

    This may be difficult to read but please understand the practicality of what I am asking for here.

    4. For messenger users that don't use groups, the Facebook group always appears on top of other contacts when really it should appear below the native MSN contacts.

    5. You can no longer change your MSN name. This absolutely sucks, I don't see the point in making it like this. People could assign nicknames incase they were forgetting who is who. Idiotic if you ask me.

    I agree with implementing new features but you have done this by taking old features away.

    Be prepared to lose more users including ME!, a msn USER OF 8 YEARS!!  without correcting these changes.

  • damn, I agree with many people! the individual webcam has to come back!  i mean what if you are eating/dont look good/dont feel like webcamming, but the other person does? it's kind a weird that they force you to use your webcam as well. If this is really happening, ill say byebye to windows live messenger and go to skype. Or i should promote the windows live messenger 2009 offline installer, worked for me, and can still use single webcam(thank God).



    The Netherlands

  • Wooo! I tried the beta / have it currently installed, but one thing that I don't really like is how we have to 'log in' online to change display names (for messenger) or allow shared permissions (for sync). It's just so much easier doing it from the actual program.

    But apart from one or two annoying things which really let it down in my eyes, I think it's a job well done! =]

  • Hemingray
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    Unrelated, but the green/blue dudes from the WLM logo are quite funny in these videos. You guys should consider making a weekly comic strip/video with them!

  • Thanks for banning changeable screen names, it made the decision to switch back to AOL IM that much easier

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @the WL team: The blue guy kinda does stink at dancing, but he can sure beatbox. (in ref to

  • SonicG
    5 Posts

    I also agree with Glen: it's more logic that if I can read a conversation I have to see also my answers, not only messages from the other one.

    And really: please implement templates for the backgrounds of photo mail, it's so ugly and stupid to have photo mail only with white background. But give us great backgrounds like the Apple Mail ones, not bears and bubbles like in the past.  

    Implement simple discovery functions for sensible data in the email, like addressess, names, phone numbers, appointments and so on, to contestually save them in the contacts, calendar and so forth and let us freely rearrange photos inside the specific layout chosen, by simply dragging & dropping them from one place to another.

    Windows Live Mail is by far one of the best mail apps on the market, but it has some stupid weaknesses that do not permit it to be absolutely the best, please implement this simple functions, eliminate weakness and it will be the best and most complete mail app outside there...

  • @jetfire (belatedly) - If you find the ribbon too obtrusive, you can minimize it by clicking the little down arrow in the Quick Access Toolbar (beside the Mail icon at the very top left of the window), then selecting Minimize the Ribbon.

  • @divinglog - Sorry that you're having problems.  We're aware of this issue and are investigating.

    @Glen - Thanks for the feedback!  We're not planning to include sent mails in conversation view, but we'll consider adding that feature in the future.

  • Glen
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    I have installed the Windows Live Beta.

    I very love the Messenger, Writer and Mail.

    Just a feedback, conversation view in the Mail is really good~ however it does not include sent mail.

    I believe if the conversation view could includes 'sent' email, that would be perfect as an perfectly full conversation in the view.

  • AndyS
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    I seem to have had two Firefox add ons from MS installed with Live Essentials Beta.  Bing Bar, and Default Manager 2.2.  I can disable, but cannot uninstall.  I don't even know what "Default Manager" is, and searching the net just finds me a few other people who've noticed the same thing but are unclear as to what happened and what they are doing, too.

    I may have missed this in the install process, but I don't think so.   This is not a good way to go, MS.  I don't install other company's products when they start to do stuff like this.  And this is not the first time you've done this with Firefox IIRC.  I think you got bad press from this one time before.

  • John
    26 Posts

    In Photo Gallery I miss a simple and quick "Full Screen View". I don't want a slow starting slide show which I can't stop easily. I just want to hit a button and the photo is displayed in full screen view. Why is such a simple feature missing? And then in full screen view it would be awesome to use the touch screen on my laptop to switch to the next photo with a flip.

  • John
    26 Posts

    In the Live Mail client on my laptop, the message list is sometimes empty (not visible), but I can select a message with the mouse or up/down keys and the email is displayed in the reading pane. After restarting the app the list appears sometimes, but sometimes not.

  • eboy
    15 Posts

    Why can't outside people (people without live ID) canot write comments in my blog? Blog is to share information both the ways. Why are you guys so sluggish in making an update which is requested by a lot of users. I cannot wait for my grand children to see the updates you guys are making.

    Too bad.

    Don't try to come up with big news each time. By the time you guys make an update, you already lose a big user population. Be fast. You have enough man power, then why this laziness?

  • @Grant. - You can report any beta issues you see at the Windows Live Solution Center at  I'm afraid there's no way to remove unused ribbon buttons.

    @SonicG - Thanks for the feedback.  Your suggestions are all good ones, and we'll consider them carefully.  

    @pmbAustin - Thanks for the kudos.  :-)  I can't reproduce the problem you're having with the selection jumping to the next conversation though.  Can you tell me exactly what you're doing (e.g. "click on the third message in a conversation, press Delete")?

  • @Carmine Console, @Alxandr, @yihtang

    While we were thrilled to have Twitter among our list of partners in the past, unfortunately due to policy changes made by Twitter, we are no longer able to support the Twitter Web Activity.  We are working hard with Twitter to make this service available again and will let you know when Twitter, Windows Live Messenger integration becomes available.  This change has no impact on your ability to connect Windows Live with our 75+ other social networks and service partners. Additionally, if you still would like your tweets to be viewable by your Messenger friends, you can connect Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, and then connect any of those services to Windows Live.

  • Live sync.... When syncing Internet explorer with mulitple computers it places duplicates of all the same favorties just lists the PC name after each favorite.  It should just list 1 instance of the favorite site.

  • Windows Live Writer *STILL* remove the EXIF info of pictures.

  • Nater
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    The GINORMOUS Advertisement in the Social View Window (under the contact list) has to to, or be shrunk.  Also, they have inserter ads into every damn chat window.  What the hell is this?  If anyone at Microsoft actually used this and though tit was okay, they should be fired.

    Secondly, you can add Yahoo Messenger contacts into Live Messenger since years now, but Windows Live for Windows Mobile 6.5 client still shows all the Yahoo! IM contacts as non-IM contacts.  Can't chat with them from your phone.  Have to use Third-Party software to chat with them, SMS, or some other IM service.

    I have not encountered any functional bugs with Live Messenger, outside of not being able to click on my name in the Messenger Client to change my status (online, away, invisible, etc.).  However, this zerg of ads in Social View/chat windows is unacceptable.

  • Tomasz
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    In the new Windows Live Mail, When I reply to a newsgroup message, the original text doesn't get idented and prefixed with a ">". Also, when set to plain text, the font size in the message editor is tiny and cannot be changed.

    And where did you hide the "go to next unread message" button? I couldn't find it anywhere on the uncustomizable ribbon (thanks the god Ctrl-U still works).

    Those bugs/features make this version completely unbearable and unusable for newsgroups.

    And as if it the app wasn'r broken enough already, the slick message list pane known from Wave 3 has been replaced with an ugly old OE-style list.

    Since the installer doesn't let us mix new and old versions of Live apps, I had to uninstall the entire Wave 4, only because of the completely broken newsgroup part of WL Mail. If it weren't for those few but colossal bugs, I'd stick to Wave 4 and be probably happy with it.

    My overall experience with this beta: utter dissapointment.

  • I do agree with the people who say messenger is now too big and bulky with a lot of white space, and no that is with it in the minimized feature.  The other feature is just awful, that is what my browser is for, i prefer a message client to be for messages, not social networking, awful.

    I'm liking windows live mail with the exception that it is so tied into hotmail that if you do not have a hotmail account you get annoying, frustrating, almost driving me to thunderbird pop ups everytime you do something asking you to sign into hotmail/live account.  Please remove this from future releases for those of us who do not use free email services like hotmail, yahoo, etc.

  • Khorino
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    Sorry, I forgot to tell that all of this occur on Windows LIVE Messenger.

  • Khorino
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    Fixedsys font doesn't work correctly. It looks more like Courier. Also, there are some problems when I try to send a message as visible only for one person. The text area doesn't work, and I have to reopen the window. One last thing, about the tabs: they work greatly, but I think that putting a close icon without having to go to that conversation would be better.

  • Hemingray
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    @Piero Sierra: What about the nicknames? I like those better than having my real name exposed (which isn't ever going to be present anyways). Also, is it just me, or are server-generated passwords the only logins working? I keep having to get a new password generated to login every time...

    PS: When this is final, is this going to be a required upgrade for Windows 7 users?

  • SonicG
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    @ Piero Serra: please, I'd like an answer on this themes I feel really important:

    1) in Live Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery now it's not possible to change the color scheme

    2) in Live Mail I can't freely rearrange photos inside the specific layout I choose simply dragging & dropping them from one place to another, nor in any other way

    3) in Live Mail it's still not possible to automatically discover names, addresses, phone numbers and appointments and contestually save them in the contacts or in the calendar and so on, as Apple Mail do from long ago

    4) in Live Mail background templates for photo mail are now completely absent

  • @Piero Sierra Oh I see! That's good to know. However, I really think that in Windows Live Photo Gallery, the contacts should be merged. After all, when I am tagging someone, I want to tag the person-- and I don't care which network they are on. Let's say I want to tag some random person-- Joe. If I have this person on my Facebook and on my Windows Live, when I try to tag him on Photo Gallery, it will show me two "Joe"s, one from Facebook and one from Windows Live. That can be really annoying. Will that be fixed in the final release? Or is this a bug?

  • There are a bunch of bugs, I hope all of them are weeded out in the next beta version or the final.

    Here is the main one tho, which will cause a lot of users a great annoyance.

    When you are trying to message your friends, they do not get your messages, or you do not receive theirs. It has something to do with the "appear offline" to the single user.

    However, everything else seems to work fine, besides that and as someone said before, facebook does not automatically update even when synced to the messenger client.

  • @Hemingray - If you do not like the larger interface, you can switch to a more compact view at any time as previously discussed:

    @mrmckeb - As previously announced, we are working on enabling Facebook chat before our final release.  Stay tuned!

  • Hey!  Why is my Windows Live Profile page suddenly in French?!?  GAH!!!  How do I get it back to English!  I didn't change anything... it was just that way when I fired up Windows Live messagnger, went to tools->Options, and tried to set the Layout for the Social Media options.  It fired up a web page, took me to my Windows Live Profile, and suddenly everything was in french.  And it seems to have gotten stuck that way.  Help!

  • mrmckeb
    26 Posts

    First, this is nice and interesting.

    I may have totally missed this - but WHERE is FACEBOOK CHAT? Seriously, you'll integrate Yahoo's chat, but not Facebook's chat?

    And I'd customisable layouts.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    This isn't going to be a required messenger update for Win7 users is it? I really don't much like it. The interface is oversized, as is the ad window. I'm using the Wave 3 version and it's very compact in the contact list. I tried the beta and it was ok, took alot to get in installed (Had to turn on Windows Firewall for some unknown reason), but this isn't something I could stand to use myself. So yeah, In short, even if this does become final I won't be updating to it...:(

  • Hello Windows Live Team,

    I downloaded the new version of windows live and I like it verry much. I think that is verry verry good for a beta. Good job ;)

    However I feel that something is missing: in live mail client you can sort you contacts by first name, but on the live messenger you can't. This is something that was already missing in the previous version of messenger. It should be easy to have the option to sort contacts by first name and then by last name.

    I hope that you guys make it until the final release. Please tell me if you agree with me.


  • Parax
    2 Posts

    @Piero, sorry I acrtually meant the half screen advert on the bottom right side. It can't be hard to miss.

  • @achalddave - When we find two contacts we believe are the same, we mark them as such in our database *without actually merging the contacts* - it is just extra information we store.  Then each 'view' of contacts can decide whether it wants to use that extra data to display each contact separately, or to visually merge them into one. For example in Messenger (and some Hotmail views) you can show your contacts merged, or teased apart individually.  In Windows Live Mail, contacts will show you each and every record individually.  Our data shows that most users use that particular Contacts view to 'manage' their list (as opposed to Messenger, where poeple mostly 'find a person to chat with'), so we think showing each contact independently is a better choice - easier to edit / delete each record.  We did not have time to add the options to merge / tease apart contacts in this view.

  • @Parax - It's hard to tell 100% because of the black-out, but your view does not look like a bug.  It just looks like you do not have many friends sharing social updates.  For example where there are no photos in your feed, we switch to a single column of updates like in your picture.  When more friends post more rich updates (though Windows Live or Facebook or other), your feed will look richer.  However from you comments I think you might actually prefer our Compact view without all the social stuff, see this post for information:

  • More feedback on Windows Live Mail.  The old version had gotten pretty good at filtering out the gunk mail on my various email accounts (one in particular gets tons of junk mail and spam).  However, after upgrading, that seemed to go away, and my inbox is now flooded with junk mail, and I'm having to use the "junk" button a lot more than I previously did.  

    Is there some way it can preserve the junk mail settings or whatever the old version 'learned' so that I don't have to go about training it all over agian?  I mean, it still catches some, so it's not starting from scratch, but it's also missing a tons of obvious spam that should be getting caught without me having to flag it as junk.

  • Van
    5 Posts


    Haha I just found those today! Forgive me.

    I forgot to click one more button in the settings, where pretty much all those were.

    In my haste trying to figure out anyway to block my full name, I didn't take them for the others,

  • @Parax Welcome to more of Microsoft's banner ads.

  • Parax
    2 Posts

    I've posted on windowslivehelp but nobody has responded, so I'm asking; does anyone else's social view look like this?

    With the half screen advert blocking out the precious space for your contact list? It looks like a HUGE design flaw, or it simply could be a bug.

    Please respond!

  • tsger
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    @Joyette Scantleberry:  To start Sync on startup, I had to add a shortcut to the executable in my startup folder.

  • tsger
    9 Posts

    Sync - Would like it if you restored the ability to right-click a folder and choose to add it to list of synced folders.

  • I already posted the above question on windows live help, but was hoping someone here may answer it faster :) Really anxious to finally have my photos organized with people tags.

  • Ok, this is weird. So I imported contacts from my facebook account. Now, in hotmail, it deduplicated them. However, in Windows Live Mail, in contacts, it has not been deduplicated. Trying to clean up contacts online shows that there are no duplicate contacts. When I try to tag people in photo gallery, people have also not been deduplicated! This is really annoying. Anyone?

  • Great seeing all the interest in Live Essentials Beta. If you are interested about how the new Live Photo Gallery handles more than 100.000 photos and if the "batch people tagging" function works, follow me on

    my "real live" test is running since 24.06

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Remove the Ads that pop up in every messenger chat window, please.

  • SonicG
    5 Posts

    1) in Live Mail, Movie maker and Photo Gallery now it's not possible to change the color scheme

    2) in Live Mail I can't freely rearrange photos inside the specific layout I choose, simply dragging & dropping them from one place to another, nor in any other way

    3) in Live Mail it's still not possible to automatically discover names, addresses, phone numbers and appointments and contestually save them in the contacts or in the calendar and so on, as Apple Mail do from long ago

    4) in Live Mail background templates for photo mail are now completely absent

  • #PhotoGallery How do I give People Tagging Suggestions a fresh start? ... I have deleted all the existing tags from my photos, as I hoped that after that, I will get fresh Batch Suggestions, but it won't recognise the deleted faces again. Any suggestions or registry tweaks?

  • When you sync a remote folder between just two computers the sync goes trough * regardless if you want to sync to the Live Drive or not. This should be done directly by p2p as the old Sync did.

    It's not a problem, but it will greatly reduce the speed that the syncing are done in.

  • @Dreda...

    2: Hiet the button on the upper-right to switch between social and messenger mode. Once you are in Messenger mode it remembers which mode you last used before you closed Messenger, so you never have to see the social mode. Nobody is forcing you to connect other services to your profile either.

    4: You can already. Click on your name -> More options -> Messages -> untick "Underline a word if I can add content about it from the web".

    7: Which information are you really required to have in your profile? Last time I registered a Live accout I really wasn't forced to enter much information. Yes, you *can* enter a lot more, but it is not required, and if you don't ever edit your profile you don't even notice it is there.

    I agree with most of your other points though :).

  • Van
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    The current beta has a lot of great features, and a sleek clean look, however right now for me the cons are outweighing the pros;

    1. Please bring back Nicknames, which was a huge reason why I used Live Messenger. It adds personalization.

    2. Allow us to disable/enable the social networking.

    3. SmartScreen needs to have an option to turn off. Or at least after a few times seeing the warning message, it stops appearing.

    4. Allow us to disable the Bing feature (underlined words) I have accidently clicked those so many times.

    5. When we post a picture link, don't automatically display it. Let us disable that too.

    6. Let us AT LEAST hide our last names. So we have the customization of just a first name, because you don’t want everyone on your list knowing your information. It's the internet, keep information private. We have private emails, and for that we want our name hidden.

    7. Don't require us to have so much information on our "profiles." That is unnecessary if most of the people using live messenger aren't going to be using that, at least the people I know won’t.

    8. Bring back when you right click a contact and press edit contact, to have its own little built-in pop up. Not a website. That is not needed when you want to change say a birthday or add a quick note.

    I have been beta testing the messengers for years, and this is a good stable build but I have run into quite a bit of errors for an open beta, and the quality you put out is not top notch as it has been before.

  • Love the new Windows Live Mail client.  Two issues with "conversation view" though:  1) Would love to see my replies ("sent" emails) in the conversation, so Ic ould see the whole conversation and not just one side of it, and 2) when deleting an email from a conversation (whether the root, or a reply with many sibling replies), the selection jumps to the next conversation.  This makes deleting several emails from the same conversation awkward and tedious.  I would think the selection should just select the "next" message in the conversation.  This isn't intuitive behavior.  

    Love the new Photo Gallery, but there are some usability issues around the Facial recognition:  In the "batch select' mode, there's no intuitive or obvious way to exit back to the main gallery page.  I finally figured it out, but I had to look way too hard, and got frustrated trying to figure it out, and almost just quit out and re-launched just to get back.  Definitely not a good thing.  Also, when "confirming" a guess, there needs to be a "No, that's not correct" option to go with the existing "Yes, confirm" option.  The "Ignore" option should be used for things that aren't faces (I have seen a few of those), and for random strangers in the backgrounds that get detected.  Selecting "ignore" when the question is to "confirm?" doesn't make sense and isn't logical.    And finally, I noticed that the batch face tagging page was asking me or coming up with the same faces over and over with the wrong guesses.  Even though I was entering the person every time, it never seemed to learn or "stick".  When I went back to the regular gallery view, and tagged that face/picture again, this time it prompted me for a first and last name... the person was in my contacts but without full data filled in, and this seemed to confuse the batch face tagging page.  Once I filled in that info (when prompted), it stuck.  So that would be a bug.

    And finally, Photo Gallery absolutely needs one new feature:  the ability to filter out folders (and all sub-folders) from the standard view.  If I have personal or private photos, or things I just simply don't want everyone to see just by launching Photo Gallery, I have to move them out of my "Pictures" folder.  That seems ridiculous.  It seems I should be able to just mark a folder as "private", so that the only way to see what's in there is to actually drill down to it and select it... it's never selected by default even if you select it's parent.  That really is, to me, a MUST HAVE feature.  Of course, the same should be true of my "videos" folder, and Movie Maker.

    Other than that, I have to say Great Job, and Windows Live Mail is officially my favorite mail client now, vastly superior to Windows Live Mail wave 3!  Keep up the good work!

  • Venom
    1 Posts


  • Why microsoft is not providing a standalone version of Windows Live with all the application in it. Everyone want to install the softwares offine and when required they will connect to internet and update that softwares if any updates found. I'm using Windows Live Writer for my blog ( and want to use this tool wherever I go, but the problem is that you have to install that software before posting to blog. I want this software near me in CD/Pen drive so that I can install this in any computer and post my articles on the blog instantly. Also the stand alone version for other application is also too much important.


  • yihtang
    3 Posts

    Oh ya, some updates on my feedback:

    - no twitter support

    - unable to use nickname, users are forced to use real name

    - overlapping issues of text (below the text input area) with the border of conversation windows

    - unable to use small thumbnail instead of large thumbnail in conversation windows (the arrow button to show options on the left of avatars as in WLM2009 is lost)

    - will not remember online status when attempt to sign in (lets say I ask to sign in as "appear offline".  I closed messenger and I launched again, the option goes back to "available")

  • I love Live Mesh, also looking forward to Live Sync. But, when I was trying the beta:

    - You uninstalled my Live Mesh, that's fine, but I can no longer have my data synced with my existing PCs;

    - You leave all my data in Live Mesh folder, and did not transfer these data to my skydrive. You want me to upload the 5GB data myself again?

    - I have quite a lot devices added to Live Mesh, can't you simply import these device settings to skydrive? You want me to add them back one by one?

    As you said, Live Sync is the successor of Live Mesh, will you resolve the legacy data problem by moving our data and settings on Live Mesh site to the skydrive?

  • CHfish
    2 Posts

    Please do not make the Messenger quitting by pressing Alt+F4

  • Does anyone know how i can get Sync to launch on startup?

  • Love the new Messenger, short of 2 things: 1. PLEASE bring back the old style display name function! I loved changing my name to something totally random but I can't do this now without it affecting Hotmail. 2. Enable multiple instances/polygamy! I have many e-mail accounts and using the old version of Messenger had a nice reg hack that enabled me to do this. So please consider this Windows Live team. :)

  • Impressed with most of the WL essential's apart from Sync. I'm having all sorts of problems with it. It doesn't appear to end syncing folders despite having exactly the same files on both devices. Also when syncing folders to skydrive that too seems to keep going on forever, even though when I check it online it appears to have uploaded all the files. Is anyone else having the same problems?  Its really annoying as it bring my internet to a crawl while appearing to do nothing ;(

  • Wow Pashih you are quick today :-)

    Features i would love for Messenger:

    When someone sends me an IM and i am in another program i want a small preview box with the message text in it, like you get with outlook when a new email arrives.

    It drives me nuts have you click between apps when chatting. I have a 24inch monitor, what i would like is too be able to dock the chat window in the right side of the screen, then all other apps will not obscure it. This should be very easy in windows 7 as the snap feature does some of these things but its fiddly to arrange the windows.

    Can we please have tabbed chats? Msgplus has had this for years.

    Security with files transfer. I am an MS developer so not a complete idiot. It really annoys me when messenger blocks certain file types. And no i don't want to scan my files either. Please have a setting to overide these security options for users who know what they are doing.


  • dda
    2 Posts

    Negative Messenger:

    Missing the one-way webcam functionality...

    Missing the option to choose a screenname..

    Few small problems with the dutch translation. (At some points the words are too big)

    Positive Messenger:

    Tabbed conversations

    Great new login screen.

    Option to choose wich individual contacts can see your online/offline.

    New emoticons

  • Pashih
    2 Posts


    Insert files in posts is a great feature suggestion that's been on our backlog and we'll revisit for future releases of Live Writer. Unfortunately, we were not able to get to it in this release cycle.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out and for easy ways to share photos, videos, documents, and miscellaneous files.

  • Hi Pashih, you asked for more feedback, i posted this comment before, but never got a reply, maybe you can consider it as i think its important.

    I like live writer a lot. I am a web developer and i always install live writer on client machines to let them edit their sites. Clients find it very easy to use but one problem always occurs - there is no way to insert files in posts. It’s not in the current version, and i can see from the screen shots this feature does not appear to be in the new version either. I know there are some plugins that add this feature, but they are quite clunky, and i find them buggy with windows 7.

    The plugins show that this feature can be done, so it seems such an obvious thing to have, as people need to attach files to posts, so why leave out this feature? Eg to download word files, pdf files etc. Please do consider adding it as I find it the number one user complaint. Live writer is a great product, having this feature would make it excellent :-)

  • Ok i must ask this ! :-D

    Someone from the staff can say something about the intergration with windows phone 7 ?

    Skydrive access from phone, contact sync, device sync etc etc ???

    I'm a Enterprise Admin and many companies ask me full convergence desktops/mobile phones and many little companies cannot afford an exchange/sharepoint enviroment...

    The new services in Live can resolve many problems even in a small-business enviroment.

  • Like it but am I missing something how do I filter my Facebook contacts to those online only?

  • @MarcoisaFool -- good news for you regarding XMPP and Facebook Chat integration.  Like we announced a few weeks ago and again earlier this week with the new Messenger iPhone app, Facebook Chat (via XMPP) *is* coming and will be available later this year.   This will let you do Facebook Chat natively from the Messenger Client, from WebIM in Hotmail and throughout Skydrive and our other web sites, and via the Messenger iPhone app.   stay tuned :)

  • #PhotoGallery How do I give People Tagging Suggestions a fresh start? ... I have deleted all the existing tags from my photos, as I hoped that after that, I will get fresh Batch Suggestions, but it won't recognise the deleted faces again. Any suggestions or registry tweaks?

  • PcBoyGeorge,

     If you go to you'll see where I've provided my Microsoft email address on a forum thread on this topic. Please contact me by email so I can get some information about your account so we can better investigate this problem.

  • Ruben
    2 Posts

    No problems when installing. Window 7, 64-bit.

    Windows Live Messenger always crashes when trying to open the main window. It logs on OK, I can rightclick on the taskbar and open conversations with friends, edit options, etc, but whenever I try opening the main Messenger window the program freezes, and I have to shut it down. I've tried with both compact and full view.

    When using an alternate live-ID (with no friends or activity) the whole program works smoothly without issues.

    Same issue anyone, or suggestion for solution? :-)

  • SonicG
    5 Posts

    Hi, I'm a Live Essential User till the very first moment, I like your products and with this wave 4 you've done a big step toward, but I also have to regret that you're still behind some functions Apple suite offers from long time:

    1) in Live Mail, Movie maker and Photo Gallery now it's not possible to change the color scheme

    2) in Live Mail I can't freely rearrange photos inside the specific layout I choose, simply dragging & dropping them from one place to another, nor in any other way

    3) in Live Mail it's still not possible to automatically discover names, addresses, phone numbers and appointments and contestually save them in the contacts or in the calendar and so on, as Apple Mail do from long ago

    4) in Live Mail background templates for photo mail are now completely absent

  • Weiqi
    7 Posts

    Why is there no straightforward way of giving feedback directly? Office 2010 beta had a very nice way of sending feedback directly and so did windows 7 , why not WLE 2011?

    1. ""   has no option to select the version of Windows live mail and same goes for the other live products too . How will the developer know for which version of the product the feedback is given?

    2. "" has no way of reporting a bug and all it gives is "ask  a question"  how does that qualify as a bug? i m really curious to know

    The software is not free, you are charging for that in the form of  windows 7 , vista and office 2010 etc . So why don't you implement a proper channel for feedback like the above products did? is that lethargy or carelessness?

  • When i try to share something in msn it does not update my facebook why?

  • Live Sync crashes on me everytime I start it on one PC:

    Faulting application name: WLSync.exe, version: 15.3.2804.607, time stamp: 0x4c0d884a

    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdbdf

    Exception code: 0x80000003

    Fault offset: 0x000122a1

    Faulting process id: 0xd1c

    Faulting application start time: 0x01cb144af11bb681

    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\SyncUX\WLSync.exe

    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll

    Report Id: 32df9650-803e-11df-97be-00247e2e64ca

  • Alxandr
    2 Posts

    I can't find any integration with twitter though... That's too bad :(

  • Is it possible to JUST install windows live sync and nothing else??

  • @DareObasanjo - I enter something in the social box (Box right at the top) and press enter. But it does not update my Facebook Status

    And tried restarting,unlinking Facebook and relinking but no luck

  • I can't get it to install,  I get the same

    ""Windows live Essentials couldn't be installed

    Couldn't install these programs: Sync"

    It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working

    Error: 0x80070643

    Source: Contacts"

    message as has previously been mentioned.  It doesn't matter whether I try to install all programs, some programs or each program individually, the same thing happens.  I've uninstalled all previous versions of Windows Live programs but that didn't help.

  • @grants04 If you're getting a "No items match your search." message in your gallery is because you either a) Have a filer applied (look for a bar below the ribbon) you can use the 'x' on that bar to clear the search or b) You have a folder selected (on the left pane) that doesn't contain any files that Photo Gallery can display, just select another folder and you should be able to see your photos. If you need further help please check our forum at:

  • yihtang
    3 Posts

    and ya, give us the options to

    - remember my ID

    - remember my password

    don't group them together.  I'm very concern about my security because my computer is shared.

  • yihtang
    3 Posts

    I can say this MESSENGER beta build is awesome and nice, especially the interface and graphic.  However I will appreciate if more options (settings) can be put into this messenger.  For example, give the options:

    - to choose the font size of content in "social" and "friends".  IMHO, the font size in "social" is a bit too large while for "friends" is a bit too small

    - to choose whether "social" on the right or on the left.  I used to let the "friends" on the left

    - make the ads smaller, ok? t took up too much spaces


  • GregW17
    11 Posts

    Was there supposed to be eventual Facebook Chat support?  AIM's was way too glitchy to use (seemed to get the "idle" and "offline" statuses mixed up too often) and I really don't like having the chat window open just to talk to one person there.

  • PJGINTX, PcBoyGeorge and sayjay09,

     Could you describe in a bit more detail what happens when you try to update Facebook? Are you saying posting a status update in Messenger doesn't end up on Facebook within a few seconds/minutes or that you can't post comments in response to what your friends said on Facebook?

    PS: The best place to report bugs in Social Networking in Messenger is

  • Stephen
    3 Posts

    I just wanted to expand my comment and say I think that it's looking like a great suite of applications and while it's missing the 2 elements I mentioned before, I am sure it will be useful and I wouldn't mind Windows Live Spaces becoming more popular than Facebook through it;'s ease of using MY stuff on MY computer. Thank you.

  • Stephen
    3 Posts

    So far so good, but here's what I thought / assumed would happen...

    1: A Skydrive shortcut in My Computer. However thank you for putting it in Windows Live Photo Gallery

    2: I thought I would see an option in Windows Live Photo Gallery to sign into my facebook, picasa, flickr, etc and see ALL of my photos on all of my sites. I would LOVE a program to do that. Master control from one app right on my laptop.

    1 Posts

    *Unable to get Messenger to upload status to Facebook.  Download recent activity correctly.

    *Messenger bug with Yahoo contacts showing as Offline since Monday is still broken even with update.

    *Sync is a downgrade from Mesh. I love Mesh and Sync is great too since it is a freebie, but lacks polish.

    *WTF is up wih the Outlook extensions. I hope I can find a setting to turn it off or uninstall it. Taking up half the reading pain is not ideal at all.

    *Love photo gallery.  Would be nice to have the ability to "delete" when doing the "group tagging". Generally if you do not know who the person is, most would probably delete the photo.

  • What doesn't the Messenger allow user to have a display name different from the Windows Live Profile name?!

    Also, I think a conversation tab can be closed by a middle mouse click like Internet Explorer. Why isn't it allowed?

  • Pashih
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    Your grievances have been noted. The Writer team totally understands where you're coming from. Thank you for your feedback on the new Live Writer. Please keep it coming.

  • ArmandM
    13 Posts

    @MarcoIsAFool Well thats your impression, for me it has been working just fine, and the real names instead of an alias is one of the things I liked the most, I hate those annoying nicknames with all kind of stuff in them; now, at the moment I have just 3 complaints, the first one is the time it took the installation process, second a little bug I noticed when having multiple convesations that "cut" my display by the half, but it only happend once, and third than you can't switch the possition of the social/friends areas.... Everything else has performed decent enough for me...

  • Jetfire
    3 Posts

    Found a problem with Messenger. IF you go into Personalize, Themes, and delete one by mistake, there is no way to restore them. I accidentally deleted the one I wanted to you use because this dialog is very unintuitive -- why would you have the option to delete, and why would you get a red X instead of a green checkmark? Confusing.

  • Some of you guys should be blocked from downloading as you don't seem to understand what "beta" means

  • Jetfire
    3 Posts

    Downloaded the Essentials Beta. I HATE the changes to WL Mail. Absolutely hate it. First there's the ribbon. It's huge. The old WLM had a nice, thin toolbar. This takes up significantly more screen space on a small screen. Second, why did you change the message preview so that subject is on the top line and who it's from is on the bottom? WTF were you thinking. The old WLM is reverse of that, as is Outlook, and the web interface of Hotmail if using a preview pane. Third, you default the sort by Date to conversation and it took me a long time to figure out how to disable this. It's annoying. Lastly I DO NOT WANT MY FACEBOOK CONTACTS TO APPEAR IN MY WL MAIL CONTACT LIST. NO! NO! NO! There appears to be no way to filter this out.

  • @ArmandM   Sorry, but BETA is plain wrong. This piece of software is Pre-Alpha, not a bit Beta. And what does "urging users to use real names instead of an alias" have to do with Beta? Nothing.   The current release looks like developers worked a week on it and not 3 years :(