Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone passes one million downloads!

Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone passes one million downloads!

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In just 5 days, over one million people downloaded the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone that launched last week!  This early momentum is fantastic, and we really appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting from many of you.  We look forward to updating the iPhone app shortly to address a few issues that users have pointed out, and continuing to improve the experience.  

While Messenger for iPhone is relatively new, for many connecting with Messenger friends on your mobile phone is not new.  In addition to the more than one million iPhone Messenger users, there are over 24 million people who connect with Messenger friends from other mobile phones through a client application, their phone’s browser, or SMS.  Along with Messenger Connect, Messenger IM in Hotmail, and the coming integration with Xbox LIVE, the new iPhone app is just one more way that we are bringing Messenger to you across the web and on your phone.  We’re very excited about the new Messenger beta available now and thank you for being part of the Windows Live family.

Michael Chang
Group Product Manager, Windows Live Messenger

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  • Hello Micheal. I can't find the sign out link. Why make it so difficult? I'm still logged in even though I sign out thru mail or close the app.

  • @Hemingray:

    There is some kind of way of coding a "universal" app that works for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.  I'm no iOS developer, but you can see apps in the App Store with a '+' that signify that they work on any iOS device, and more importantly, scale properly for any size screen.  I'm sure you'll see more and more iPad apps get ported over to the higher-resolution iPhone 4 screen using this option too.  Apps that use this option won't use the 2x scaling option on the iPad that you normally see for standard iPhone apps.

  • brianm76
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    I find this app lacks many basic issues such as ability to sort by online contacts and ablity to move contacts to differnet groups.  Also way to many bugs and app is very slow.  Ebuddy does a much better job so until an update is available and you come up to where you should have been at initial release I will continue to use ebuddy.  Very concerning that a company such as MS would release such a buggy app on the Iphone of all places.  Get it together people.

  • Sheza
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    When will the app be updated to fit the new iPhone 4 Retina Display?

  • It would be nice to have an option to hide/group offline contacts.

    BTW Thanks for releasing it worlwide.

  • Asad
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    @Michael Chang  

    well thanks for the update and awesome app.

  • @Vincent, @Ghostwhisper, @captobie, @FanWo.  We are not announcing anything at the moment for other platforms.  That said, we have and continues to support Messenger on a breadth of mobile platforms.

  • @asadonline, @Islander, @Jorge Levy.  As I mentioned, we are currently working on broad localization for the app.  In the interim, we have made the decision to expand availability by releasing the English version to countries where English is not the primary language.  While I cannot yet confirm the exact date and time, this rollout will happen shortly making the English version of the app available around the world!  Thanks.

  • Asad
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    when it will be available in Pakistan app store ?  plz launch it soon would love to have it on my iphone.

  • Where is the sign out option on the app? I tried logging out on my desktop. However, it didn't sign me out from the phone app. Why to make sign out so difficult? I have 2 live mail accounts and I need to switch between the two over my iphone app but i can't seem to figure how i can do that.

  • FaWo
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    @Michael Chang

    Will there also be a new WM6 App?

  • Hemingray
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    @Joe_Raby - Will this one not fit the iPad? I only own an iTouch so I wouldn't know myself..

  • Any chance of a universal app that also fits the iPad?

  • As much as I love the app. Are you guys going to add features for the iOS4.0? Like Multitasking and local notification and so on? What are we expecting back. I also notice loading time is slow on a ipod touch 3rd gen 32gb. :) Thanks you Michael Chang

  • Forget WP7, what about 6.5???  Microsoft should be ashamed that they release something so nice for Apple while leaving their own devices in the dust!

  • Terablock
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    Each time Microsoft releases a piece of software for the iPhone an angel loses it's wings. Don't get me wrong, I love the approach of spreading Microsoft ads, I mean apps across platforms, but it just makes me feel dirty knowing my friends with iPhones are now sending me IM's with Live Messenger. Will this be coming out for WP7, or does Apple now have exclusive writes to the software now?..... I kid.

    It truly is a really nice piece of kit though. Good job,

  • @Islander, currently the Messsenger app is only available in English and French.  We launched initially in the United States, UK, Canada and France.  Due to popular demand we have expanded availability to the following English and French speaking countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    @Jorge Levy, I appreciate that this doesn't address Mexico.  We are actively planning additional language and market support and will let you know as soon as we have a date for availability in Spanish markets.

  • When do you expect to release the app to outsite of USA? The app is not available at least on México Apple Store...

  • Vincent
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    Great. What about bringing it to Android now ? ...

  • Islander
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    Releasing it outside of the USA would be amazing...

  • Hemingray
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    @Steven Abrahams - Using Messenger 2009 (14.0.8089.726). Appears to work just fine now. Maybe the first attempt was caused by a glitch in connectivity on my end. Multiple logins between iPod and desktop work peachy-keen now. Awesome!

  • Ye Gu
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    @achalddave - You can change your online status by tapping on your profile picture and then the right most option (one that shows your current status) in the slideout. Hope this helps.

  • @Hemingray - iPhone was designed to be able to remain signed in while you are on your desktop client. It supports multiple endpoints signed in simultaneously. What client version are you on?

    @TommyPedersen - If you are using Messenger 2010 or Messenger 2011 you should be able to either be signed into your desktop clients AND iPhone simultaneously, or chose which endpoints you do not want connected. You can change these options by going to the client version of Messenger and clicking Tools >> Settings >> Sign In.

  • I've been using WLM, but what I don't get is that I can't log in as invisible or busy or even sign out while checking my email. Will this be fixed soon?

  • Yeah, the whole signing out the desktop client thing is just silly. That needs to be fixed. I hate having to log in all 3 of my machines every time I've been logged in from my phone.

  • Hemingray
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    I loaded this to my ipod touch, and it's very nice. Well done WL team! But one problem, it signs out my desktop client. Will this support multiple sign-ins like WLM does?

  • A combination of a huge iPhone ecosystem and 300million+ messenger users is why messenger is so popular. I really hope the WindowsMobile ecosystem grows just a big as iPhone in as short a time as possible!