Update to the Hotmail rollout

Update to the Hotmail rollout

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There is a lot of excitement about the new Hotmail, and we are certainly eager to get the latest release into the hands of all our customers. Several of you have asked, “When will the new Hotmail come to my country?” As we mentioned in our earlier announcement, we don’t roll out by country (or by language, or anything else like that). We have a mix of customers from around the world in each cluster, and we roll out all languages simultaneously. So, unfortunately, there is no way of predicting exactly when your account will get the new Hotmail.

Two weeks ago, we started the Hotmail rollout with a single cluster. Right now, a few million customers have the new Hotmailless than 1% of our customer base. We roll out new software slowly at first in order to give our engineers a chance to study the new software running at scale with real customers.

When we roll out new software, we typically find a few things that we want to tweak before going out more broadly. Most of these things are actually invisible to our customers – they usually have to do with our ability to monitor the site or make the rollout itself go more smoothly.

This time was no exception, and we have made a few minor changes to the way Hotmail works “under the hood” in order to make the rollout go even more smoothly for the remaining 99% of our customers.

This week, we will put the new Hotmail onto a few additional clusters that have slightly different characteristics (different hardware, different mix of customers), which will help us learn even more. We expect that we’ll make a few other tweaks as we learn.

After that, the release will really pick up speed, and we’ll start to put the new software on more and more clusters. Of course, we have hundreds of clusters and we want to make sure everything goes smoothly, so it will still take a few weeks to finish.

This is a very exciting time for the Hotmail team. We appreciate your patience as we do the job of rolling out as quickly as possible. For those of you who already have the new Hotmail, we hope you like it, and we want your feedback. For those of you who don’t have it yet, fear not! It’s coming soon, and we think it will be worth the wait!

Mike Schackwitz

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  • evilc676
    13 Posts

    I must admit, I'm getting like that too... I was giving Hotmail time for the new update before changing over to GMail (which does Exchange Sync already).  I understand the roll out takes time, but with no updates on what is happening it's frustrating... I can only assume there are major problems which they are still working out - so, GMail I think it will be.

  • RMR1969
    13 Posts

    Not giving it any more time. Switching to yahoo or gmail.  Tired of waiting on Microsoft after all the hype.  Shame on you for putting your loyal hotmail user through the wait.  Will think about switching OS in the near future as well.

  • WP7Geek
    6 Posts

    Heck.. am tired of waiting.

    I was so excited about this in the beginning.

    @Microsoft: All bark & no bite!!

  • HeinrichP
    18 Posts

    Buuuut. I think he is telling the truth. I have just made a quite new Hotmail account from inside the US and it seems that there are no special circumstances to the Americans as it uses to be. The Americans always get something special but you are not automatically upgraded when you make a new account -nor if you are a US'ian.

  • sp1der
    35 Posts

    When will be available Exchaneg ActiveSync on Hotmail?????

    When, when, when?????????????

  • RMR1969
    13 Posts

    Any body home?  No way to treat the loyal hotmail users!!!

  • Abhijit
    4 Posts

    Really Microsoft knows it that peoples are excited for this new version. Then they must give daily updates regarding process of up-gradation.

  • evilc676
    13 Posts

    Would REALLY be useful to have a 'Hotmail Wave 4 Update' Page which could be updated daily about the progress of the update.  Just to show the number of servers/clusters currently upgraded and how many remaining.... even if none are currently being upgraded (due to it still being tweaked) it would be good to know. Otherwise, please can we have a regular blog posting regarding the update?

  • RMR1969
    13 Posts

    Getting tired of hearing how good the new hotmail is.  I'm giving it another week and if I don't have the new hotmail I'm switching to gmail or yahoo.  I don't like all the hype and all the the waiting.  Microsoft should have waited on telling the public about the new hotmail.

  • @loony Thanks for letting us know about that - we're working with the teams involved to make sure those notifications stop getting junked.

  • loony
    3 Posts

    i would have commented 10 hours ago,  byut my application "confirm" email was treated as junk mail by hotmail.  seriously if your own emails are seen as junk who will trust it with normal email?

  • captainjy
    14 Posts

    Will we be able to email from Hotmail our Office files that are on SkyDrive?  Really hoping this is the case because if not, Windows Live Office is a complete waste.

  • sp1der
    35 Posts

    When will be available Exchaneg ActiveSync on Hotmail?????

  • sp1der
    35 Posts

    I have 1 of my 5 account, migrated on Wave 4!

    You have done a great job!!!!!

    But now I want Exchange ActiveSync, I need to synchronize my live calendar on my smartphone!!!!!!

  • RMR1969
    13 Posts

    Getting a little frustrated with the roll out.  The longer this takes the more I'm willing to go back to Gmail.  The wait better be worth it in the end?

  • Still waiting patiently and update us on your progress. My hotmail seems to be the weak link in my wave 4 essentials.

  • Thought I'd share with you all an exhaustive review of this new Hotmail:


  • Nater
    147 Posts

    If you aren't ready to release, maybe you guys should have toned down the hype just a little..  Oh, and something similar to Google Labs to allow us to opt into new/beta features would be nice.  I don't like having to wait [sometimes, literally] years to have new [and now mainstream] features implemented.

    That's just my opinion.

  • pourquoi j'arrive pas lire mes commentaires?????

  • ok, çava. bien noté.

  • @mikestu - Thanks for the comment, that's something we'll look into for the future. We balance users based usage\storage, so having all the heavy users on one cluster isn't practical at the moment.

  • mikestu
    8 Posts

    It would be nice if the people that pay for the extra hotmail space get the upgrade first.  That may be more difficult than it seems though, but just wanted to throw that out there.

  • @Joanna, please have your partner go to windowslivehelp.com/forums.aspx to check for solutions to their problem there or ask a question in the forum. If you still can't find an answer, you can also request support at support.live.com.

  • Joanna
    1 Posts

    My partner has had his updated and it has completely frozen his inbox. It has come up with "done but with errors" and has come up with inbox light.aspx and then a further line with a url, and quoting line:292 char:1134.

    He can get into the hotmail inbox but cannot open anything at all. Please can you sort ASAP as he has been without it for two days now!!!

  • You should write (and update!) something like: "cluster 1 of 400 billion" done.

  • Binks
    1 Posts

    Thanks for the info! Could you also give us an update on Hotmail EAS anytime soon? It's an important feature that a lot of people are waiting for!

  • its been 2 months i am waiting to use this software.....can not wait anymore :)

    Please avail it as soon as possible.

  • Well, I thank you for at least giving an explanation.

  • ericesque
    34 Posts

    @Rohan In the 'earlier announcement' that Mike linked to in the post above, it was mentioned that "accounts are assigned to clusters to best balance our total account load, not by country or by tenure of the account, so each account is as likely as the next to be upgraded."  So how long the account has been active bears no impact on when you will see the update.

  • Can you publish the cluster list and dates of the roll out? Can I know what cluster I am in? I have been with Hotmail since 1998 so I should be in that first 1% group.

  • Sonny
    1 Posts

    Well, here is no new hotmail with me. I am still waiting patiently. Hopefully I can use the new hotmail new week. I really like the new features in the coming hotmail.

  • Brandon
    4 Posts

    Thank you Mike, I really appreciate the update. At least I can stop complaining to my friend that I still don't have the new hotmail and have him yell at me about how the "system works". I'm really looking forward to seeing the new features pop up into my hotmail.

  • Thanks, that's good to know, this answered my readers / listeners questions at windowsfaralimite.ro. Keep up the good work, #nonewHotmail yet here, but we are patient and confident. Connected, too ! :)

  • Thanks for the info. *THUMBSUP* ;)

  • Well, waiting is not good, but now that you explained the whole situation I'm can handle a few more weeks. Especially now that I downloaded the new Windows Live Mail Wave 4 Beta. Yay!