Hotmail rollout picks up steam!

Hotmail rollout picks up steam!

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Here at Hotmail, we’ve been busy getting our latest release out to our customers – upgrading server clusters, building the new indexes for conversation threading, and making tweaks to our site metrics and deployment software. This deployment was complex, but it has been one of the smoothest in Hotmail history. We know many of you have been anxious to get the new Hotmail for your own accounts ever since we announced the new features, and we appreciate your patience and your feedback.

I’m very happy to report that we are picking up the pace of the rollout. In fact, as of this morning, we have over 100 million customers using the new Hotmail, and we’re upgrading even more users as we speak. We expect to upgrade nearly all of our customers within the next week.

Once the rollout of the new Hotmail is complete, we’ll start preparing for the release of Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail, which will allow you to sync your email, calendar, and contacts with your mobile phone. That release will happen later this summer – keep watching this blog for details.

We hope you like the new Hotmail. Thanks for all of your feedback and support, and thank you for using Hotmail.

Mike Schackwitz

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  • @langware A code change was rolled out last night to the Solution Center that should address the duplicate post issue. Thanks for reporting it.

  • langware
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    Since there still is no official means of reporting problems with the Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC) site, and since the following bug is affecting the WLSC sticky thread currently being used to report problems with Wave4 Hotmail, I'll describe the WLSC bug here ... in hope that it will be forwarded to those responsible for the site ...

    The stick thread (used to report Wave4 problems) is currently getting many many duplicate posts. After typing a reply, and clicking the Submit button, the screen does not change, and the customer is still left in the Reply to Post screen. So, the customer again clicks the Submit button, but again nothing happens and the customer is still left in the Reply to Post screen (thinking that their post was not accepted). So, the customer continues to click the Submit button .... over and over ... thus resulting in many duplicate posts. This bug (in the Windows Live Solutions Center site) is causing many many duplicate posts, and causing frustration for those of us who are posting our Wave4 Hotmail issues into that thread.

  • @deeply_unhappy I have send you a private message asking for configuration information so we can try to reproduce your problem.

  • Last night, August 3rd, after 7 days of posting on the Hotmail Help Forum with no resolution to the problems I & many others are experiencing with Hotmail, I posted saying I was unhappy with the level of support & service which was being delivered to Hotmail customers. I simply said I was unhappy & would the moderators please post contact details allowing me to complain to a higher level. I was polite, totally non-threatening, did not use any abusive language or in any way break the terms of use as far as I am aware.


    This, is utterly despicable & I do not I know how it can possibly be justified. First thousands are effected by the changes rolled out without notice (to a majority of users) then, when they try to complain, Microsoft uses it's contained environment, the only place people can seek help, to silence them.

  • captainjy
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    What is the whole point of Office Docs link in Hotmail?  Other than it looking for .doc and .docx files, what's really that much different than the Attachments link?  Wouldn't it make more sense to use Office Docs to attach your Office Live docs?  Hate to say this, but the cloud offering is dismal.  You guys have completely shielded off Office Live from everything, including Live Sync.  Live Sync and Office Live should use the same storage, period.

  • evilc676
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    @Mike Schackwitz I just think Hotmail is trying to be too much.

    Personally, I just want a simple, fast, easy to use Email system that does Email, Contacts and Calendar.

    If I want MSN Messenger I use MSN Messenger, if I want Social Networking I do facebook - I really don't like how everything is tied into the new hotmail.

    I've always used hotmail, but finding it a whole lot less attractive now compared to GMail - which is just simply Email/Calendar and Contacts.  Especially when that does Exchange Sync already.  It is hard to move over as I generally prefer the interface of Hotmail, but it's just getting too bogged down trying to be jack of all trades and master of none.

    My biggest bug bear of the new Hotmail is having contact information automatically updating itself and overwriting information I may not want overwritten.

    It's really good with what it does with Facebook information, by putting the information below the field if different - why can't we have that as an option rather than automatic contact updates?  (BTW, I don't use the Facebook integration as I didn't like it - but was good what it did with the profile information).

    Personally, I just want whats under the 'hotmail' heading, and not 'Messenger, Office, Photos, MSN' - It just makes it too bloated.  

    It's a shame there is no option to switch off everything and just have it as an email/calendar/contact application where contacts don't automatically update!, no msn messenger and no social updates.

  • Deioneus
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    @Mike Schackwitz: An implementation of the Messenger sign in options on the Windows Live sign-in screen would resolve the issues around Messenger automatically signing in.

  • @Mike Schackwitz - As a bystander and long-time user of Hotmail, I’m intrigued by the positive and negative feedback (as well as the 'rants') on the Wave 4 launch. To thsi end, could I suggest the following to help alleviate some of the issues that seem to have arisen in the wake of the launch...

    Have a dedicated FAQ page somewhere that is regularly updated covering-off resolutions to common issues (some of which have been alluded to in the comments to this Blog post).

    This could/should be backed-up by an e-mail from ‘The Hotmail Team’ to all Hotmail users migrated to Wave 4 (and maybe posted to this Blog too) advising them of the location of this FAQ so that everyone is aware of its existence.

    @Everyone Else - In terms of ActiveSync, whilst I would love to have this feature in-place ‘yesterday’, pragmatically it makes far more sense for it to be released once the current Wave 4 teething problems have been resolved rather than going head-long in and creating a potentially unmanageable spike in support issues.

    Hope this is of help.


  • Thanks to this "update" I haven't been able to access my Hotmail in over a week. There's no support, the Hotmail forum is a painfully unfunny joke where there are thousands of people  with the same problem who are just being ignored by Microsoft. I continue to post & ask for help but there is none. No public statement acknowledging what is a massive problem affecting, I suspect, tens of thousands of people if not more. No timetable for a resolution & no means of contact with Microsoft except via that contained environment. A thread with 500+ complaints was simply deleted. I strongly suspect this was an attempt to brush the problem under the carpet rather than address this issue. I am utterly sickened by the contempt Microsoft shows towards it's loyal customers, some of whom actually pay for Hotmail &/or use it for business purposes yet have been left without any e-mail access.

  • sp1der
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    Exchange ActiveSync: When, when, when????

  • @Cyrak6 - We take privacy very seriously, and we absolutely do not have any features that share your contact information with people just because you have emailed them.

    If you have connected Windows Live to Facebook and wish to stop this, you can do so from here:

    To control what information people can see about you, please go to this site:

    I sent you a private message to understand which security software your company uses.

  • Cyrak6
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    @ Mike Schackwitz

    Oh - so you CAN disable some of these incredibly useless and annoying features on your end??

    Great!! Please disable whatever it is that makes my Contacts show up as a social networking site, thus making it blocked by my company's security software!! And DEFINITELY disable whatever makes my Facebook information automatically import into the Contacts list of every Hotmail user I have ever written to! If I wanted to send them that information, I would do it MYSELF! This is a blatant invasion of privacy!

    And just FYI - the reason that half your users cannot access their accounts now is  because you have bogged it down with so many unnecessary, unwanted, and graphics-heavy features that a NORMAL browser or system can't handle it anymore. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but people are NOT going to upgrade their systems and/or browsers, which they like and have been using for years, just so they can still get into their Hotmail. They are simply going to switch to a different email program. So congratulations - if you don't wake up pretty quick and stop kidding yourselves about how awesome this abomination is, you will succeed in forcing at least half your users to go elsewhere. You've already lost a huge number of them - they are simply sick and tired of waiting for you to fix what you screwed up so they can read and reply to important business and personal emails.

    Just because most people don't realize this blog exists, don't kid yourself that they are as happy as all your little tech friends who do post here. The majority of your users don't want this, don't need this, and are losing time and money because of it. They are frustrated and pissed off, and they won't stick around for much longer. Free or not, you provide a service to people that they depend on, and that gives you an obligation to take their complaints seriously, and not just ignore them.

    If you were trying to improve your "old school" image, and be more like Gmail, you have FAILED. MISERABLY.

  • @Alyski  We disabled the Messenger auto-login feature over the weekend until we could improve the user experience.. Signing out of Hotmail and then back in should fix the problem for you, but you may need to clear your browser cache.

  • Alyski
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    I am like many of the people who have commented here. I am completely annoyed by the new hotmail that automatically logs me out of my messenger . I've tried signing out of messenger in my hotmail, but every time I go back into my hotmail it automatically signs me back in. The claim that logging out of messenger in the browser when hotmail is open is "sticky" and will never automatically log me back in again is totally false. I want the old hotmail back, or at least a fix that will stop me from wanting to pull my hair out or give up on windowslive all together.

    AND on top of that...since this new hotmail rolled out to my account last thursday my MSN that is on my work computer doesn't even work! I open it up to log in, and it immediately tells me that an error has occurred and asks if i want to send an error report. No further explanation of what went wrong. I tried uninstalling Windows Live and reinstalling it, and it did not fix the issue.

    Needless to say, Windows Live, you have utterly failed me in the last 5 days.

  • All of these amazing changes ... and I *still* can't set a default compose font for my outgoing emails.  Sigh.  I was really hoping that would be included in the upgrade.

    I noticed that the default is now set to Tahoma 10 instead of Verdana.  Well, that's an improvement, I thought ... at first.  I sent a couple of test messages to my Yahoo and Gmail accounts ... and they did NOT display in Tahoma 10 at the receiving end.  Something about Hotmail's rich-text coding is goofy.  So not only can I not change the default -- the default doesn't even work correctly!

  • @ Dave T: Thanks Dave T for reading my comment and appreciating it. I NOW HOPE HOTMAIL TEAM TO LOOK OVER THIS...


  • Dave T
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    trulyIndian makes a good point, and well described, about attachments in drafts. This has been a problem in the previous Hotmail versions. I would have hoped that this shortcoming would have been fixed by now.

  • Given the number of people who have commented on how they dislike the new version of Hotmail (remember "New Coke"?), maybe a "Hotmail Classic" version could be created for those of us who just want an email client without all the extras.

  • Hello,

    Although I am pretty satisfied with the new hotmail or rather should say JUST LOVING NEW HOTMAIL, I would like to request that please speed up your progress in here in INDIA because although I have been upgraded to new UI but still to get many features like INTEGRATION of hotmail and skydrive, VIEWING office attachments online rather than downloading them. I would like to use fully upgraded version having all features same as my american friends have.

    NOW following are some negatives or things on which HOTMAIL team should pay attention:

    1)One more thing, Hotmail still has not increased its attachments size. It is still just 10MB whereas others provide 25MB.

    2) Hotmail still is not able to store attachments in DRAFTS. Suppose I am at office and want to send an email containing a file and some text. Now I dont have time to edit text at office but file is in my Office desktop. In this situation what should I do? I do not want to first upload file to skydrive from office and then go to home and then download the file at home and again upload it to hotmail as attachment. I mean this is so painful!!!!.

    Why cant hotmail save attachment when every other email service like YAHOO or GMAIL can do that?

    Please look at above points and try to improve it.

    ONCE again I am  just loving new hotmail. KEEP IT UP GUYS

  • sp1der
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    How many days I will wait for Exchange ActiveSync???

  • qiziq
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    Hope this doesn't get lost in all the rage!  I  for one love the new features.  Am I missing something, though, or shouldn't the "insert Office Docs" tab be linking me to Skydrive instead of my C-drive?  I saw one other comment about this.  Keep up the good work TEAM.  Looks like Monday morning is going to be hitting you in the face!

  • What about ful HTTPS support? I will not use hotmail unless my entire session is supported by SSL for security purposes. I thought this was part of the new hotmail??

  • Casey
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    I love the Messenger integration in the new Hotmail. Keep up with the good work guys!

  • evilc676
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    Well I guess it's free, and you get what you pay for - but I would prefer just an email system which can handle storing contacts (without it overwriting the data you have  for them) as well as a calendar.

    None of this bloated, messy 'Social Networking' - profiles, friends and stuff like that.

    I keep trying to like it, but I think it will be off to GMail for good as that does all of the above and Hotmail now seems to fail in each of the above areas (although to be fair, I've not tried calendar!).

    The new hotmail just seems bloated and messy and gives you even less management of your contact details and 'friends'.


    Hotmail has successfully made it impossible to use their "new and improved" hotmail to anyone who doesn't have the latest and greatest new computer or web browser. Me? Well, I have a Mac OS X version 10.5.6 and it will not allow me to download the latest version of the browsers that you say work for the "new and improved hotmail". Mind computer is TWO YEARS OLD, why am I blocked out because I dont have the latest and greatest? And dont go telling me to download a PC backed explorer like IE or GoogleChrome because you should know those are horrible to have on a Mac, they slow your computer and freeze everything. You need to have a solution for me that involves a Mac driven internet browser.

    Now to my issues, hotmail has completely frozen me out of my account. I cannot reply to emails, I cannot write new emails, nothing works. I have job offers and interviews coming in my inbox and I cannot, CANNOT, reply to any of them. Did you hear that hotmail? You are costing me jobs! Money!

    What makes this worse is that I have been on the help forums for hotmail for 5 days now, doing everything they are telling me to, giving them all the information they are asking for and what to I get? The same automated response over and over. And you know what? I am one of 30,000!!! Yes...30,000 people complaining in there...and that is only the section about "reading and writing issues".

    Pay attention those at hotmail who are patting yourselves of the back...go listen to what real people are talking about:

    Don't take it from me....take it from those 30,000 people who have the guts to speak out. This was the worst thing ever.

    In one more day I am off to gmail if this does not get fixed. They will import everything for nice, and easy of them to be so helpful to their consumers...

  • controlz
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    Got the new Hotmail! Trouble is, there is no web messenger, no upcoming events in Hotmail Highlights, and also a lack of an 'office doc' button and others when creating a new email. Anyone know how to fix these pronlems?

  • Cyrak6
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    Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't all you keyboard jockeys quit kissing each other's a** about how wonderful this POS is, and come down to the ghetto where most of your 360 million users actually live?? It's called the real world!!

    Check out this thread, for starters:

    In it you can find enlightening insights into just how "great" your beloved creation really is, as well as how helpful and "down-to-earth" your awesome support staff are. They obviously really take the time to read user complaints, and personally respond to each one. Of course they would never dream of simply cutting and pasting the EXACT same robotic responses over and over and over, regardless of relevancy or REALITY.

    I am a Military Contractor working in Afghanistan, and my only access to email is through the computers at my work, so unfortunately, I don't have the option of "optimizing my browser" or "running a Fiddle Trace" or "using a different computer or internet provider" - besides, why should I have to??? They were all working just fine before you forced this abomination on us! Not that it would work anyway, because thousands of people have tried it, and I don't hear ONE of them on that thread saying it fixed the problem. The only solutions seem to be using Google Chrome or switching to AOL or Gmail. Excellent marketing strategy, geniuses! I'm sure Google is laughing their way to the bank!

    Thanks to you and your brilliant idea of cramming this "upgraded" joke with a bunch of useless and superfluous graphics, links, features, and other unnecessary crap, and linking it to worthless "social networking" sites, now my company's computer system thinks that I am trying to access Facebook or Messenger or some crap whenever I click on my Contacts, and blocks me! So even if it worked right (which it absolutely DOESN'T), I still wouldn't be able to use it over here! I'm sure the soldiers I share this base with who use Hotmail are just thrilled right now that they cannot access their email to communicate with their friends and family. Great job, guys!!

    How about TESTING something like this atrocity before you shove it down everyone's throats? Or I know! How about giving us a CHOICE in whether we want to be your guinea pigs? News flash! WE DON'T!!!


  • @JoeRDR

    a lot of people know how to sign out of the messenger, most of us are complaining that it's included in our email and don't want it there.

  • JoeRDR
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    Sorry Carrie, my post was aimed to help out those people still trying to figure out how to sign out of Messenger.

  • JoeRDR: When I click on my name I only see Sign IN to Messenger. Either way, if I am signed in to Messenger or signed out of Messenger I get the same opening page and all the same features.

  • JoeRDR
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    Again, for reference since I think this needs to be made clear:

    How to sign out of Messenger in-browser:

    In the top right hand corner, you should see:


    profile | sign out

    Click [YOUR NAME] and "Sign Out of Messenger" (or something similar)

  • @ Deioneus: I saw that I could set it to go directly to the Inbox. However I don't like having my Inbox open all the time. The way it used to be with Hotmail is that only the most-recent three email entries would appear on the opening page. I liked that feature because I could see if I had a new email, yet I didn't see ALL of my Inbox or any of the other annoying images.  That is how I would like it to be. If I could turn off the Messenger Social section, that would be great.

    I have also noticed I can no longer set the font and color for composing new emails. I can change it for each email, but I can't set the changed fonts, etc. as the default as was possible before.

  • so I've finally gotten the new "upgraded" version to each of my hotmail accounts.  I don't like it.  I can't send an email with just an attachment anymore, it gets flagged claiming it's spam.  Well That's how I send out my resumes and cover letters.  Also I don't like it when I sign into hotmail I have to quickly sign out of messenger so it doesn't sign me out of my downloaded version and change my name and display photo there.  It's quite annoying.  I'm sure some features are fantastic (ie the expanded attachment limit).  But you should be giving the users the options to install the upgrade and also what features they'd want for their upgrade.  A lot of users can't send or even read an email because their O/S is older than Vista or Windows 7.  A lot of older computers won't allow a system upgrade because they are older.  Why force people to purchase a new computer when the old version worked just fine.  There are a LOT of complaintsabout this upgrade, and they (including myself) would like the old version back until you give us the options we so desire.  Also you need to fix the problems and get rid of the bugs before you launch something onto over 100 million customers.  It's not fair to us and it's not fair to your tech support who have to listen to us complain about the problems.  Do Something about it Please.  I know you've already lost a lot of users because of this upgrade, and I'm sure you'll be losing a lot more if it continues.

  • @dre767 - you can prevent messenger from auto-login in hotmail, just hover the mouse over your name at the top right, and click "sign out of messenger"

    @Deioneus - yes, the "new folder" link is now at the bottom of the tree

  • You might want to hold back on the roll out and find out why a vast number of people are encountering issues with the new upgrade.

    Read about them at the Windows Live Solution Center.


  • Deioneus
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    Is it just me, or did you guys just add a "New folder" link to the bottom of the folder tree? :P

  • dre767
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    Good work on the new Windows Live.

    I just hate how every time I sign in to Hotmail it signs me in to Messenger, and changes my name/status. Please provide some options for this functionality. There have been consistent complaints about this feature, so let's see if Microsoft acts on this.

  • evilc676
    13 Posts

    @Omar Shahine to try and make the example I have a bit clearer in the above post....

    As an example;

    I have a 'personal' mobile number for a contact which they don't generally 'advertise' (ie. a number they only give friends').  So, I update the contact details I have for this contact by putting this number in the 'mobile' field.

    The contact does have a another mobile they give out more generally (for people that aren't close friends), and they put this number in hotmail.

    From what it appears, and from what you have indicated - the 'personal' number I have for them will be overwritten - and I will lose that information if it's stored in the contact details of hotmail.

    I can see why it was thought of being a good idea to automatically update contact info, so that it's always up to date, but this does cause a BIG problem that it does that (especially when someone has a personal number they don't generally want everyone to use).  

    I've used the example of a mobile number, but it could be for any field.

    It would be good if it showed the 'updated' info they have in their profile but NOT overwrite the details you have for them.  You could then decide to update the information, if you choose to manually.

    Please change to give the option of automatic updating as an OPTION and not be forced to have it.

    Before the Wave 4 Update, I found a way to ensure all my contacts didn't update automatically, but since the upgrade this has been undone (and, like you said, the only way to stop this is to remove them as a friend ie.  remove them from messenger - meaning you can't chat with them!).

    This is the only major issue I have with the new Hotmail - even though I don't really like the 'Social' side of it, it's mainly email, contacts and calendar which are important for me - and the automatic contact updating is something that isn't good.

  • evilc676
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    @Omar Shahine Thanks for the reply... but that's a rubbish feature!

    I don't want the details to be updated automatically and overwriting the information I have for them.

    ie. if I have a 'personal' mobile number for them which I've recorded, and they go and update their records putting in maybe a 'general' mobile number they have then my info gets overwitten and lost?  

    It would be good if it would show up underneath what they have set it to (like the info from facebook does) but NOT change it automatically, without any warning.  How am I supposed to trust and use Hotmail as my central application to records my contacts details if it's going to be overwritten.

    Like other posters have said, I want hotmail as a simple email/calendar and contacts app - not all this Social 'stuff' which looks to have ruined Hotmail - and seems the only way to record contacts information is remove them from messenger so you can't even chat with them.  How is that good?????

    It looks like hotmail's days are numbered for me if I can't trust the contact details I put in.

    This feature really needs to be switched off!

    Like I said, if the information doesn't match, can't it just show it under the field like the facebook ones do?  That way it gives people the (possibably) up-to-date info but not overwriting what they have until they have made the choice to change it?!

  • well it's good to finally got my hands to try out the great looking new Hotmail, but I just curious when the Skydrive-OfficeDocs-Hotmail integration will be introduced to other markets ..?

  • @evilc676

    All the contact information for your "messenger friends" will automatically be updated. You can certainly remove that person as a friend without deleting them. You can do that from the details page for the contact, under the manage menu by clicking "remove as friend". That will keep their contact info in your address book but stop updating it.

  • pmartin
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    @Dave T - thanks you explained my problem with the "conversation" feature in a more succinct way. I dont object to the feature, but my inbox is now a totally unnavigable mess! My own name is the most prominent! Mails from different people on unrelated subjects are being lumped together.

    I've turned off the conversation feature, which seems a shame since it is useful, but it was simply making everything 10 times longer.

    Hope hotmail can fix this...

  • Just found out that my account on blu137 got updated! Great job guys, it looks great! I love the social updates view. Got a question about that. How does a site/service get listed in the "Connect the services you use to Windows Live" directory?

  • Hey --

    I've been happy with hotmai, use it for everything, until today. Why is it logging me into MSN Messenger every time I log into hotmail?  I cannot seem to find the option to disable this. Even if I am already logged into MSN Messenger with my status set to appear offline, it changes my status to online -- but there's a reason I set it to appear offline, I don't want to necessarily chat with people, just check my email!!

    Extremely frustrating, plus I don't like it when my computer does something that I do not know it is doing or want it to do. Please fix. I'd hate to have to start using my Gmail account for everything, cause everyone is already used to this hotmail one and it would just be bad all around -- but I do want the ability to check my emails without my MSN friends starting up convos with me that I just do not have time for.  I can get that with Gmail.

  • Kevin
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    Got the update... like the look, but is it just me or is Hotmail even slower now?  Maybe it's IE causing it, b/c it's a little better in another browser, but I was hoping for a vast improvement, snappier like GMail.  Also, I'd love it if I could somehow turn off the prompt to save a user in my contacts/confirmation screen after I send an email.  This could be accomplished with a line on the screen back on my inbox... it just adds another click to get back to my inbox... I thought for sure there would be a change with that "feature".

  • karie
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    This new hotmail is a pain in the.....

    Everytime I get onto my hotmail, I am not given the choice to sign into web messenger. Neither am i given an option to prevent this from happening. One thats not OBVIOUS at least.

    I use WLM AND HOTMAIL at the SAME TIME. Every single time, I have to be faced with the signed in to two places message. Not only that, everytime i open my hotmail, I have to change my name back to what it was because once i log in, it changes my WLM nick as well! ZZZZZZZZZZZ muchhh.

    This is VERY, no... EXTREMELY.. annoying, and I hope to have both hotmail and messenger on AT THE SAME TIME with NO PROBLEMS.

    Please get this fixed or revised for disregarding this scenario asap.

    P.S. make the delete button more conveniently located. other than a drop down menu.

  • 2CatMom
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    I guess I'm just a ludite, but really all I want is email. I don't want to edit my documents in cyberspace, use social networking etc. So tell me in simple language how I can simply save a word document/exel file etc. that someone has emailed to me to my hard drive. No, I don't want to save it as a web page, no I don't want html, no I don't want anything else. Why is a simple thing like this seemingly impossible now?  I also have a gmail and yahoo account, I may have switch over to one of them because really, I do not want to store documents in cyberspace. EVER.

  • I was updated today :) I love it.

  • Mike
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    I found the iPad workaround.  There is a link "PC Site".  That gives me the full site on the iPad.  Not sure why Windows Live thinks the iPad is a small mobile device like a phone.  It should default to the FULL Site and have another way of going to the mobile site.  The FULL Site appears to work fine on the iPad.

  • Deioneus
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    @The Hotmail Team: Will you be implementing an option on the Windows Live log-in page to control whether or not one is logged into Messenger or to set your messenger status upon login?

  • Deioneus
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    @Carrie_G: You can choose to go directly to your inbox when you log in to Hotmail instead of going to the Windows Live Home page (which shows your Messenger Social feed amongst other things). To change this setting:

    1. Log in to your Windows Live Hotmail account.

    2. Click on "Hotmail" at the top of the page.

    3. Click on Options and then click on "More options..."

    4. Under "Customize your mail", click on "Windows Live Home settings".

    5. Choose "Show me my inbox when I sign in", and then click on the Save button.

    Now, when ever you log into Hotmail you will be taken directly to your inbox. Hope that helps!

  • I have had my Hotmail accounts mostly upgraded to the new version (mostly meaning it will switch back from time to time). So far I have not been impressed.

    The most annoying thing is the Messenger Social section. I just want Hotmail. I don't have any Messenger Friends, I don't want photos that have been emailed to me or posts on my Facebook account to show up under the Messenger Social section. Is there a way to turn that off? I have looked everywhere and haven't found a way to do that. Please, please, please if there is a way to turn that off let me know!

    I do like the new Conversations feature. I haven't looked into the Contacts section too much, so I don't know if I can create separate address books (say one for personal addresses, one for business contacts, etc.). That is a feature I would really like.

    Another thing is that it crashes using IE8 in Windows XP. Hopefully that will be worked out soon. However, if there isn't a way to simply have Hotmail features without all the annoying Windows Live and Messenger stuff I might be ending my 10-year relationship with Hotmail. I have Yahoo and Gmail accounts for specific purposes but have always preferred Hotmail as my main email program. Until now....

  • I am thrilled with the new Hotmail, but I still want more..

    I would prefer a feature that attach office files that exist on my Windows Live Office, so I can send them directly from hotmail, and dont need to upload them again...

    Also I would like to see mails in my inbox arranged accorfing to contacts categories...

    And at last, why can't we create subfolders in the Hotmail Inbox folders...

    and thanks

  • All my accounts have now been upgraded and it now stays with the new version when I switch between accounts. Perfect!

  • Mike
    5 Posts

    @pezzonovante - Google Chrome seems to work fine for me.  Tested on Safari as well.  My problem is only with iPad forcing me into the Mobile Site.

  • Mike
    5 Posts

    I have an iPad and whenever I go to it takes me to the Mobile Live Site.  I really want to use the regular FULL SITE.  Any idea how to get around this problem?  For my iPhone maybe this is ok, but for a 10" screen I want the FULL SITE.

  • Well, it works with IE and Firefox. But doesn't work with Google Chrome.

  • Two problems:

    1. Signing out of messenger is not straighforward.

    2. Unlike GMail, messages don't automatically show up in your inbox unless you have signed into messenger.

    Apart from that, I like it.

  • I received the update today. I'm loving the new features. But I can't see the option to send documents using SkyDrive? I only have options to insert Attachments, Photos, From Bing and Emoticons.

  • JoeRDR
    4 Posts

    Figured out how to sign out of Messenger in-browser:

    In the top right hand corner, you should see:


    profile | sign out

    Click [YOUR NAME] and "Sign Out of Messenger" (or something similar)


    Note to Hotmail staff: Please, please, please make things like that more obvious. I mean, it was sort of obvious, but I had to Yahoo Answer it.

  • Dave T
    7 Posts

    I have been a Hotmail customer for over 10 years. Most of the "improvements" over the years have been 80% lousy (something like 1 step forward, 4 steps back). Not this time. Lots of good improvements- congratulations! I especially appreciated the remarks of Michael Kopcsak in a previous blog. Must be a new hire (where did you get this guy? is his background in psychology, I wonder?)-- he actually thinks like a customer-- what a concept!


    -- You got rid of all that links to movies, restaurants, and all that junk. It's still around but at least it is not taking up valuable real estate-- a third of the screen-- and has been discretely tucked away. I never used that stuff then, and I won't use it now, but at least it is safely out of the way.

    -- Flagging. They are golden! While you're at it, how about having a gold flag and a red flag? They are totally useful.

    -- Conversation. It's nice seeing all the related emails wrapped up into one HOWEVER the inbox now looks terribly, terribly confusing (see below)


    -- Conversation. My inbox is a mess. Example: I get an email from Christopher McMillan. I responded to it. Later in the day I want look at it again. I look at the left column of my inbox and I can't find his name. I mostly just see my name. Oh, wait! There's my name, followed by "Chri". I guess that must be it. I know that I can do a search or sort-search for "Christopher McMillan" but that is cumbersome. My three million year old eye ball is still a better search tool than your algorithm. This feature needs refinement.

    -- Social networking emphasis. I have no interest in those features, but at least they're out of the way.

    Great effort! Congratulations.

  • JRedH
    2 Posts

    @ Dick Craddock - Thanks for the response!  I must say it is great to be able to post something up ona  blog and get a response from an actual Microsoft employee, (who I assume actually knows what he's talking about, not just some generic help desk guy :)).  I can't think of any other company I can say that about.

    I just signed in to my Hotmail and it signed me into messenger again, but I will check a little more closely, as perhaps my cookie settings or something are preventing it from being sticky.

    Once again, thanks for the response!

  • @Lorenzo - Thank you for your comments, I've forwarded it to the team and we (the Hotmail team) appreciate it. Stay tuned for more news....

  • I just want to personally thank the Hotmail team for the conversation view. That is something that almost made me want to move over to Gmail. I'm glad I can even turn it off here. I just got the new Hotmail today and am excited to try out all the new features. I've been submitting feedback about suggestions and problems like a maniac over the last few weeks. I hope you guys really read through the feedback. I like what I see and hope updates keep on coming.

    Now, can Hotmail start advertising on TV, radio, and the net so that more of my friends can join?


  • I got it over the weekend as well. So glad that the tag line is gone! What's this Active Sync thing? Does that means I can sync everything with my Blackberry?

  • @Deioneus  Ah, I know what's up. As announced in our first blog post on the rollout, some specific features are rolling out at a different pace in some countries. So, yes, for you, these feature will be coming in an update later this year.

    Here's the post, for reference:

  • Deioneus
    12 Posts

    @Mike Schackwitz: I've got Silverlight installed, however I seem to be only able to upload compressed pictures - there's no option to upload to SkyDrive, and there's no Docs button. Is this integration coming in a future update?

  • anonymuos
    87 Posts

    @Dick Craddock, okay but that button really should be inside a conversation of messages too.

  • JoeRDR
    4 Posts

    The GMail killer! I like the new update, interface is great, and it seems like a huge overhaul compared to what we've seen over the past 10 years or so. Quick question though... I normally sign into Windows Live Messenger on my desktop... but when using Hotmail, the Messenger (in browser) seems to control everything happening on the desktop. Is there anyway to disable Messenger in browser? I've tried signing out and back in but to no avail.

  • In the new Windows Live Hotmail version the function to get the full header with

    option View Message Source does not work.

    It seems that the internal function etc etc etc

    is not working properly.

    Now it is not possible to view the

    X-Originating-IP address.

  • RMR1969
    13 Posts

    At last I have the update!!!!!!!  The problem is they updated every account except my main one.  I have 5 accounts with four being used for junk mail.  The account that I have had since 1996 still not upgraded.  You would think they would have updated the oldest first.  This is why Microsoft is lagging and not popular.

  • @Mike Schackwitz I have it enabled indeed... I was asking because I was promoting it (it would be very useful in two offices I work for) but one of the users simply couldn't use it so, well, they gave up on that. I'll definitely give it a try since it seems I missed something, if I convince them, my work days will be happier.

  • @Alexis Lopez Abreu There are many ways to get to the Office Web Apps, and none of them require installing anything. Options include... 1) go to to create a new document or view a document you've uploaded to your Skydrive, 2) click "Office" in the Windows Live header, and then create a new document; 3) receive an Office attachment in Hotmail. While you're waiting for your Hotmail upgrade, you can try #1 right now.

  • @rich weston The best experience in the new Hotmail comes if you install Microsoft Silverlight from (we will occasionally show you a link in the UI to do this, if you don't already have it installed). With Silverlight, you can then multiple-select pictures from the file picker using ctrl+click or shift+click. This works in different browsers, so it's better than our prior solution. Plus, this opens up other features like the slideshow for photos, improves performance, and more.

  • Just got the update a few hours ago. So far no problems at all, and loving the ability to connect it to Facebook. Also love being able to put future mail to automatically go in to folders that I create. Pretty awesome!

  • @koi14 You're using it wrong!

    @Windows Live: I wanna try it... But everyone in my family has gotten the rollout but me... So not lucky =(. One more thing. Do I have to set up Office Web app (which I think you should make a little more open but, that's another story) or is it enough to just receive an Office document before I can edit it an see it right in my browser?

  • Jeet
    2 Posts

    I HAVE ONE QUESTION.... Whenever I login to Hotmail using IE8, the Windows Live Messenger automatically starts. This is really annoying... The same does not happen when I sign with Firefox or Chrome..  I would like to know how to disable this automatic startup...

    As far as New Hotmail is concerned , It is awesome. The layout looks cool and UI is very productive. Congratulations to Hotmail Team for such a wonderful update... There are some features which needs to be included and Hotmail Team seems to be working on it.... So I am satisfied as far as Hotmail Team has intent to offer better experience.

  • Deioneus
    12 Posts

    Bruno Giordano: Hotmail should automatically refresh your inbox when a new message when it comes in -- at least it does it for my account -- what browser are you using? I'm using IE 8.

  • Nice, now I have it on my main account too. This is really great...

    Well, I have one more suggestion: when I receive an e-mail, my Messenger pops up a sign and my beta bing bar displays it on the Hotmail icon... but it would be really great that the Hotmail inbox refreshes itself once every 15 or 30 seconds, or at least when I got a new e-mail.

    I'll keep giving any feedbacks as they come to my mind.

    Keep doing a great job!

  • I want my old hotmail back.  I really liked the way I could attach photos before.  When I picked attach>photos>browse, I would get a nice list of all my photo files in alphabetical order.  The best part, there was an option to upload "all".  Unless I am missing something, I now have to keep going back to file folders and picking one picture at a time.  Yahoo can do that.  I am a rookie at this stuff and I liked it the way it was.

  • koi14
    1 Posts

    I had the new Hotmail imposed upon me yesterday, which I greet with all the joy of a tourist finding they have booked into a leper colony.

    in short, I hate the whole thing: being visually challenged I had enough problems with the old one, but at least I knew where everything was. With this new version I am absolutely lost, frustrated and mightily annoyed.

    Please take it away and give me the old version back.

  • @bRonCOde: You're right; ActiveSync is just a sync protocol. Outlook does not "speak" ActiveSync, but it does have the ability to sync to Hotmail through the use of the Outlook Connector. We definitely hear the feedback that the experience could be better, and that's something we'll be taking a look at for future releases.

  • bRonCOde
    24 Posts

    @Dick Craddock  ActiveSync is simply a syncing protocol.  Certainly Microsoft desktop clients (outlook, live mail) could support it.  Since it appears to be better than deltasync, why not?

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    Ok, I was just misunderstanding ActiveSync in general.  I didn't realize it was for mobiles only.  (stupid me), lol  As for the Outlook Connector, I have the latest.  Its just not a good program.  I would strongly suggest allowing Hotmail customers (maybe even Plus/Premium) customers to be able to setup a "Hotmail Exchange" account in Outlook so that way it runs smoothly.

  • @Steve B: Outlook does not support the ActiveSync protocol, since ActiveSync is for mobile devices. Make sure you've updated to the latest version of the Outlook Connector (you can get it here:, and we will continue to look at ways of making Outlook and Hotmail work even better together.

  • evilc676
    13 Posts

    Apart from conversation threading I'm not sure what else is so good about the new hotmail.

    From the hype I was expecting it to be amazing - but not really sure what everyone likes about it (is it really any different?)

    For me, contacts is now completely messed up - having (most) of them say that the information I am putting in will be automatically updated when the contact updates their details (what if I don't want my information overwritten?!!!).

    The whole 'Windows Live Profile' just seems pointless - not being able to remove 'friends' without deleting  them off MSN Messenger and Contacts (in help is says there is no difference now between contacts and friends, so why doesn't friends listed on my profile match all my contacts?).  

    If they got rid (or at least gave the option) of automatic updating contacts, and also got rid of the Live Profile bit then it might be good.

    Not having exchange sync has been the biggest let down.

  • treize13
    12 Posts

    I have been very happy with the new Hotmail. Its also good to have something new and fresh from Microsoft in an era with Google running wild! My only complaint is the contacts section. There has to be a way to opt out of importing Facebook contacts without opting out of facebook with Windows Live. Having a flood of individuals (including duplicates, because people use weird names on facebook) contacts in my contacts is horrible. Please Please allow users a choice to import all contacts ,and tell the Windows Phone 7 folks the same  ;)

    Other than the contacts issue, You all did a great Job!!!!

  • Today i checked my email and... voilà! My new (awesome) hotmail! :-D

  • Dan
    1 Posts

    just wondering how long it should take to get an access/account hacked problem resolved - there seems to be a problem with the new system posting to the forums when you can't log into you account...I also noticed a rather large number of similar problems since the last updates to live rolled out

    - I use the account to work with helping the homeless charities and people wishing to make donations cannot reach me...

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    I will try asking this question a third time. When Hotmail ActiveSync goes live, will it only be for the mobile connections or will we be able to setup Outlook with a Hotmail Exchange account as well?  I only ask because the Outlook  It errors out quite frequently even after reinstalling both it and Outlook and doesn't always want to sync material.  Can someone answer this?

  • Great job, I'm looking forward to the upgrade - ESPECIALLY ActiveSync; I refuse to use any other e-mail service and it has been hard not to switch to Gmail due to it's IMAP and syncing functionalities with my Blackberry.

    I do have one question.  I know that there is a huge issue with people not being able to delete contacts and e-mail addresses from the auto complete cache in the current version of Windows Live Hotmail - even after they have been removed from the contact list/address book.  Is this an issue that is resolved in wave 4?  

    I feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning :)

  • @Deioneus: The answer is a bit complex. It doesn’t have anything to do with the particular account, but rather with whether or not you sign out and sign back in during the update. Basically, your account is tied to a cluster, and we update the machines that serve the Web UI by cluster. But we can’t update all the machines in the cluster simultaneously, since that would interrupt service. So we update those machines in groups over a short period of time. That means for that brief period of time, the cluster is actually running both versions of the software – both old and new – on different machines. The software is smart enough that any given session will stay on the SAME version. However NEW sessions (a new sign in) could get either the old or new version. So, when you sign out and sign back in while the cluster is being updated, there is some small probability that you’ll “switch” UIs. Once the cluster update is complete, all sessions for all accounts on that cluster will have the new UI. We realize this isn’t ideal, but it’s one of the tradeoffs we made so that you would not experience any service interruption during the update. It’s also something we will consider addressing in the future. Thanks for the question!

  • pmartin
    2 Posts

    The new features on the whole look pretty decent and beneficial. I've been using hotmail for about ten years and am reluctant to move to other providers (not completely sold by gmail I'm afraid). But I have been having some problems with the new conversation feature. The idea isn't entirely new to me (I ave a gmail account as wellf or work) but it seems to be struggling a bit more in Hotmail.

    I have just noticed some suggestions about turning the feature off, which is great - I wasn't aware I could do this, so thanks to Dick Craddock.

    I dont object to the feature, but it is lumping all kinds of unrelated emails together into supposed "conversations" and it is very confusing. After some thought I realised that the one thing they have in common is that they all have no subject. Is hotmail grouping them together because of this?

    I can control whether I send an email with a subject (but come on, how often do we all write emails in a hurry to people we know without using them...) but I cant enforce it with people sending them to me. Rather than "reclaiming my inbox" I feel rather like I have lost it.

    New mails are appearing buried in "conversations", which seem to be incongruous lists on unrelated subjects from different people. I've already missed several important emails over the last few days.

    For example in my inbox list there is apparently one new email (in bold) at the top. In reality, when I click this 'email' it contains three from different people on different subjects, muddled in with different emails I have sent or have received from other people. It's all very messy I'm afraid. Surely I cant be the only one have problems...? As I say the conversation idea is not new to me, so I dont think I'm just being a bit of an idiot. The same is happening with emails in folders (e.g inside a older called "Emails from Joe Blogs" are lots of totally unrelated emails now in conversations... apparently just because they all have "no subject" and are being categorised together).

    Glad I can turn it off for the time being, but it is a useful feature and it seems a shame to have to lose it simply because it doesn't really work. Hope this makes sense. I was delighted to find this blog where microsoft actually seem to be listening and responding to feedback  :o)

  • Hi Mike,

    Does the upgrade automatically mean that we get the Exchange ActiveSync enabled or is that a seperate rollout. I got the Wave 4 upgrade yesterday, however I cannot get my Android phone setup my Exchange connection for Hotmail.



  • Hello, I am one of those customers whose account has been updated. All my three accounts have been updated.


    I am still exploring new features.

    How can I view my office documents in my mail because when we click it, it starts to download rather than showing it in hotmail as promised!!

  • Deioneus
    12 Posts

    @Dick Craddock:

    Is there any particular reason why some accounts seem to switch back and forth between the Wave 3 UI and Wave 4?

  • Thanks for all the great comments! Please keep ‘em coming.

    @ anonymous: You can quickly turn conversation view on and off using the “sort” drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the toolbar above the message list. It’s that little icon just above the “flag” column in the message list.

    @JRedH: You can choose to sign out of Messenger using the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the window – you get it by clicking on your user name, above where it says “profile | sign out”. That setting is “sticky” between sessions, so once you’ve signed out you won’t be signed in again automatically.

    @Rohan: Thanks for your patience! We’re really going pretty fast now, and should have your account updated very soon.

    @Yogesh Sharma: We’re working on getting vacation replies enabled again – they are coming soon.

    To everyone: Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions (nested folders, send through SMTP for added accounts, etc.). We can’t promise to do everything immediately, of course, but we are dedicated to continuing to make Hotmail better and better. We are really grateful to all of you for using our service and giving us the great feedback. Keep it coming!

  • anonymuos
    87 Posts

    Once you turn on Conversation view, you have to go to Options to switch to individual messages again??? Please add a simple "Switch to individual messages" above each conversation view.

  • barts2108
    65 Posts

    @James Manes

    We are not talking about the built in messenger. We are talking about the redirect to a msn website after signing out from hotmail

  • I want hotmail to give mobile support in nepal as well, as it gives in other european countries, we are unable to communicate through our mobile.

    our zip code is +977