Using your feedback to improve Windows Live

Using your feedback to improve Windows Live

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When we kicked off this blog 8 months ago, I talked about how we’d be responding to comments and as part of that gathering feedback from all of you. This blog is clearly an important channel for feedback, but we also gather a lot of other types of feedback, and I wanted to share more about how we bring this together and use all of this feedback to improve our products. This is particularly relevant right now as we just completed the rollout of Hotmail to our entire customer base, and we’re getting a lot of feedback on the beta of Windows Live Essentials (our suite of programs for your Windows PC). Both of these are great opportunities for us to hear from you and make improvements to Windows Live.

Balancing all the feedback

We have a responsibility when we design any product or service to be thoughtful about what we are trying to accomplish, the improvements we are making for customers, and the context behind those improvements. This is definitely a complex task as we have to weigh factors like how many customers will benefit, whether customers will get more benefit from one feature or another, the effect of added features on our release schedule, the impact of any change on customers who know how to use the existing products, and all the other tradeoffs that are made in the process of developing products.

We also need to balance competing requests from people who want more and more, against feedback from others who are happy with what we have today. And then there’s the simple fact that we just can’t do everything. Our goal is always going to be to create the best possible set of products and services for customers, but it’s always going to be a complicated equation.

Feedback comes from many places. First, we have the product telemetry that is built into our products, including data about setup failures, product crashes, script errors, and instrumentation that shows which services are being used how often. These provide a quantitative view of how you’re using our products and some of the issues that you’re encountering. Of course, any information we collect is governed by our privacy policy.

We also get a lot of input through the Windows Live Solution Centers (our support and help forums) – this is a mix of quantitative feedback (how many people hit a particular problem) and qualitative feedback (verbatim comments from people in the forums, and conversations with support professionals).

Windows Live Solution Center logo

We also track issues reported through social media avenues (including this blog, Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter), and direct feedback from our MVPs and from customer research–focus groups, surveys, informal discussions with customers, and more.

Messenger logo

Facebook logo

twitter logo

MVP logo

Feedback can span a broad spectrum – from something that is simply not working right, to suggestions on how we have designed specific features; from new things you want us to create, to less tangible things like our branding. We have to bring this all together and determine a balanced response. This means we sometimes need to change our approach as we go along, and figure out how best to communicate that change. And even when we choose to make changes to a product– the change can be immediate, or it could be in a few weeks or months.

In Windows Live, figuring out how best to balance all the feedback we receive is quite important, because often we get contradictory feedback. One person’s “improvement” is another person’s “unnecessary feature.” A good example in the recent Hotmail update is the update itself – we had some customers who wanted the change “right away” and wondered when we would deploy, and others who wanted us “not to change anything.” Managing this conflicting feedback is part of designing software on a large scale. In the end, we try to find the right balance by picking the right features and changes, on the right schedule, with the right communication plan.

As we look at feedback, we find it falls into three general areas:

Things that aren’t working as planned

First, there are times when something that we built isn’t working as you (or we) expect. This could be that our product isn’t living up to what we intended to deliver, or it could simply be a bug or issue that we didn’t catch in our internal testing, or that only became visible when the product was released to the public.  In general, these are things that we want to make sure we fix. During a beta, we get a lot of feedback that falls in this category, and many of the issues are new issues which we only uncover through the beta process. These can be things that don’t get discovered until we have millions of people using our products, and that’s one of the important reasons that we release betas. As we make fixes, some of these will get packaged in a refresh to the beta, some will come in the final release, and others get fixed within our back-end infrastructure and don’t require you to download anything new. We measure our response to these reports by changes in the software that address the issues.

Things we would have liked to do

The next category of feedback is suggestions for features that are aligned with the goals we’ve set for the product, but, for one reason or another, we chose not to do. These are things we would have liked to do and probably thought about, but we chose to do other features first because we believed most of you would find them to be of higher value. These are often some of the hardest trade-offs to make because we are balancing different perspectives. Something that is critical for one person may be only nice to have for another. The good news is that we intend our value propositions to be enduring and so we will get to a number of these updates in the future. So we will consider these features and suggestions as we plan future updates to our software. We try to avoid promising features in next releases, and instead talk about new features when we have a clear plan to deliver them in our products.

Things we decided against

The last category of feedback is for feature requests that conflict with other feature requests, or that don’t fit into the larger goals of our product offering. We look over this type of feedback carefully, and when we know something does not fit into our product scope we do our best to make sure we’re communicating this clearly. While not everyone will agree with our decisions, we do try to be clear about our reasoning, and let you know what to expect.

Letting you know where we’re headed

Hopefully that provides a little more insight into the different types and categories of feedback we receive, how we use it, and how you should expect us to respond. While we cannot respond to every reported issue or suggestion, we do read through all the feedback and will use this blog to summarize what we’ve heard, and summarize any changes we’ve made. In subsequent blog posts we’ll cover some of the recent feedback we’ve been receiving on Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger, and the rest of Windows Live Essentials, and how we’re using this feedback to release additional updates to our products.

As always, please continue to send us your thoughts – here on our blog, in other social media and in our support forums. We won’t respond to every suggestion, but we’re definitely listening and bringing this into our discussions on what to build next.

- Chris Jones

Vice President, Windows Live Engineering

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  • David9W
    5 Posts

    @ Chris

    I am begging to understand how to work with SkyDrive. You have a great interface with how hotmail works with emails. You have a box on the left of the emails that you can check, and you can delete, move, or whatever function you want as many emails at once with this interface.

    My question is why is the interface with SkyDrive re-inventing the wheel? For an example: You are forced to deal with each picture as its own entity, instead of being allowed to delete, move, or whatever in block(s) of function. It seems every time hotmail comes up with a new Idea for a function in other MS products they have to change how you do that function. Spelling checking under hotmail still drives me nuts. Why not follow what Microsoft Office started with the right Click to open the spelling suggestion from MS Office?

    Isn’t that part of the Idea of integration across platforms of a function so the end user takes the knowledge they have developed in using other products from Microsoft and use it in the next great widget? It’s almost like you guys keep changing the direction the way you turn a nut to tighten it- Left turn thread vs Right turning thread. I thought you guys had a department dedicated in making sure functions act the same way across all Microsoft’s platforms. It’s like hotmail makes a Delete function in C++ act like an initialization of memory (If that makes any sense).

    If I understand things right, Sync requires you to create new folders/albums in SkyDrive if you want to Sync a bunch of pictures with your home computer and SkyDrive. Wouldn’t it make more sense if Sync worked across all folders in SkyDrive without creating new dedicated folders for working with Sync? Wouldn’t that cut down on how much storage the end user is forced to use? It means if I have a folder with pictures for grandmother, all I would have to do is to drag and drop on my home computer pictures for Grandma in a photo library folder dedicated to her, and I send her a link to her folder in SkyDrive then Sync come along and uploads those pictures automatically. It takes all the hard work out of dealing with each individual picture. I could see this same process with a company that takes a lot of construction pictures.  

    Again, what a said before about how hotmail deals with emails, I think the SkyDrive should follow how hotmail deals with it’s emails. I think using check boxes in dealing with both folders/albums and the pictures themselves would be a lot easier then the way things are set up now. It’s almost like your force to use a form of DOS to deal with each picture, instead of GUI that allows you to deal with multiple items. I rather be allowed to have multiple check boxes to select all the pictures I want to rename, delete, move, or give permission to who get to see that album/photo. Also one thing I notice there is nothing in your sent folder when you sent out an email giving permission to look at a album. If you have multiple Albums, I can see it being easy to forget who you have sent a link to.

  • keamoe
    1 Posts


    I'm actually using NOMOROKA browser on linux - ubuntu.

    With the new version on Windows Live - Hotmail. I'm getting made because I have a different presentation - I explain - As I log in to my email address, I have all the message on 1 page and I have to go to another page to get the folders, to read all my messages, etc....... when I select the received email the presentation is also different.....COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME.......THANKS

    PS: (sorry for my bad English..... I speak French...... but understand English)

  • Eric TD
    1 Posts

    Chris- maybe I'm a useful example of someone trying to keep up, and only needing some very simple explanations of how to make things work. In this case, coordinating what goes on with contacts: Live mail, vs windows contacts, vs IPhone.

    I'm using Windows 7, I have 4 email accounts, nicely managed by Live Mail, and that contact list seems to be automatically populated over time by my email use. I do NOT use Messenger for anything.  Windows Contacts is a list (of individual files, I now understand),  that I guess I populated initially in converting from Vista. I don't understand how that list gets changed unless I edit it. In fact, I didn't even realize it was different from my Email manager (Live Mail) until I purchased an IPhone that only wants to sync with Windows Contacts.

    I'm assuming someone has worked this out: Is there no way to keep these two lists synced? What a mess if my email is updating Live Mail Contacts, and my Iphone is updating Windows contacts? How do I get those bilding email addresses in Live Mail over to the IPhone? etc.  Oh, I did try importing my Windows contact list into the Live Contacts list, only to find that it doesn't recognize duplications, and now I have MANY duplicates in my Live Mail.

    What am I missing - this MUST be a common need?  Thanks -- to anyone!  Eric


  • David9W
    5 Posts

    @ Chris,

    I just ran across this question in the Reading, Writing, and Formatting Mail form >> Can I create sub folders for hotmail messengers I want to store?

    I requested sub folders back in Wave 3. Was wondering what happen to our request? It makes sense in allowing up at least 4 nested folders. Back in 2008 I gave an example as to why this would be a great idea to add to the hotmail. You could have a personal correspondent folder, and a work folder for a contact. If MS Office is all about structuring your work, why not hotmail?

    Thinking along this theme, is the end user going to be allowed to do sub folders in SkyDrive? Just wondering. To many times, it just seems that our request are sent to the great bit bucket in the great virtual sky server.

  • platus
    1 Posts

    I recently downloaded and installed the new Messenger Live beta... Do you know why I decided to try it? Because of one thing I really hated about the current Messenger: (sometimes) Not being able to drag files to a chat window in order to send that file to that user! AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!  I should be able to drag a file to any open chat window (or user on my list) to immediately initiate a file transfer, EVEN IF I'M APPEARING OFFLINE TO HIM.

    Second thing I wanted to do - HIT ANOTHER WALL. All I wanted to do was to change my display name. I went to the Options menu. I saw my name there with an 'Edit Name' button next to it. BUT IT'S DISABLED. Why?? No explanations. I had to log in to my live account and change it there. But now it demanded that I also type in my LAST NAME. So what - no more nicknames allowed?? Another disappointment.

    Oh, and upon signing in, I used to have the option to 'save my username' and/or 'save my password'. Now I can only choose to save BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER. WTH?? This was so useful - on my computer, I don't want to have to type in my email address every time I log in, but I DO WANT to type my password every time! You got it right the last time - WHY THE SUDDEN REGRESSION?


    And what's with the 'appear offline' mess? Instead of making it more simple, you just made it A LOT MORE complicated. NO ONE WILL USE IT (I'm a programmer and I find it complex... think of the simple user). Why do I need to click 'appear online to this user' on a chat window to be able to start chatting? If I start chatting, IT'S OBVIOUS that I don't mind appearing online to him !!  I understand the requirement to 'appear online/offline' differently for different groups of people, but that's a rare case. I want the simple tasks to be SIMPLE.

    Anyway, I'm just so frustrated with you. Microsoft used to rule in terms of UI design. Now it seems all you care about is making it LOOK shiny and nice, and you forget the basics of user usability.

    I really want my old messenger back... OR - Fix the beta so it will be USABLE again.


  • Hi Chris,

    Being able to express feedback is appreciated, you listening is even more appreciated.

    Quite observations, I took Live Essentials Beta for a whirl and there's a lot of great improvement, Live Mail is getting better and better (I use Outlook 2010 so it isn't particularly applicable to me but I've been pretty impressed overall, doing more in terms of synchronization with mobile devices is I think the main key as Microsoft is lagging behind Google in this regard and it's pretty basic functionality).

    The biggest thing I want to talk about is Live Sync though.  I've tried all the Microsoft services here as well as many competitors and I am extremely passionate about this, I've got sharepoint, I've got sharepoint workspace, I've done networking and network shared drives etc. for ages.  Live Workspace prior to it being eliminated (something I wish I could reverse because frankly the UI for Skydrive when they merged just didn't facilitate the same collaboration and isn't as useful) was a nice interface, it lacked a lot of the appealing features such as emailing documents into it that other systems offered, but it was free and well handled.  Skydrive is a nice thought the UI has always needed refinement, which remains true to this day, it simply doesn't offer the richness of collaboration and exploring the folders that you find on a local drive.  The old sync wasn't really worth considering in my view.  The gem that Microsoft had (a poorly advertised one I might add) was Live Mesh, Live Mesh was a stroke of absolute genius and I've used it ever since and recommended it to many many people.  Was it perfect?  No, but it was very fine.  I regret to say that I took the new Live Sync for a drive and hated it.  Pretty much everything I loved about Live Mesh wasn't able to be done and/or wasn't as easy.  Let me dsscribe specifically:

    1. Everyone mentioned storage (2 GB is not sexy) but I understand that's been addressed and so long as you had eventually (sooner rather than later) allowed a paid option for expansion all would have been well, so all is good there

    2. Newsfeed - I LOVED this!  It was a fantastic feature and suddenly it's gone or seemingly gone, that whole sidebar, newsfeed thing needs to come back

    3. Windows Explorer integration - the ability to right click and "Share on Mesh" was beautiful, the whole reason I chose Live Mesh as opposed to dozens of other programs out there was because it eliminated the need to interact with extra programs and steps, I didn't need to download a file and then re-upload it onto a shared drive like most required, I simply downloaded it into a shared folder and it was automatically sync'd in the background, I didn't need to open another program to share the folders, I could do so simply through my normal navigation, right click and off we go, the windows explorer integration needs to come back, Groove (Sharepoint workspace) has it, and the original Live Mesh did, it sets them apart from the competition

    4. Sub-folder navigation and sharing - I tried sync'ing a large folder to Live Sync, then wanted to share only individual sub-folders, I discovered not only couldn't I navigate the structure of those folders effectively and intuitively from Live Sync, I couldn't find a way of just sync'ing a few of those sub-folders with my other computers...that ability to choose what is sync'd by device, including sorting through sub-folders was a serious issue

    Please, bring back Live Mesh, I uninstalled Live Sync the moment I discovered I could reinstall Live Mesh and I'll be sticking with it as long as possible, probably opting to simply pay for Sugar Sync rather than moving over to Live Sync if it isn't improved substantially when you discontinue Live Mesh.

    Live Sync did some things well:

    1. The peer to peer sync'ing of unlimited data is a huge winner

    2. The system of detecting whether to share over the local network or internet for large amounts of data is brilliant

    3. The concept of integrating with other services better is outstanding

    4. Collaborative working on files is a big deal

    I did encounter a number of bugs, one of the weirdest was when I tried clicking on the "Go to Live Devices" link it said "no internet browser is installed, please install an internet browser and try continuing", I couldn't seem to eliminate that problem.  When I tried going to the Live Devices website manually it kept redirecting me to install Live Essentials, which I'd already done, and so I never could log into the Live Devices website.

    Live Mesh had a couple failings - sync often wasn't immediate and collaboration wasn't really available, there wasn't the mobile support there needed to be, it was resource intensive (like insanely more than I'd expect it should be), the other issues you've addressed with Live Sync.

    Anyway, I'm praying for the Live Mesh interface (Which was much sexier than the new one by the way) to come back, ability to interact through Explorer is precious, and likewise for the newsfeed.  Other features you're in the right direction on or can be found by studying Sugarsync (the best sync service out there at present) and competitors.



  • langware
    154 Posts


    There is a way to see thumbnails of photos on your local hard drive, select multiple at once, and upload/attach with one click.

    You don't need SkyDrive for this, but you must have Silverlight installed on your computer. Then, when composing a new message, click Attachments from the Insert bar. A navigation window will open. Navigate to the folder where your photos reside. Click the Views icon (right side of navigation window's icon bar) and select Thumbnails. Then, hold down the CTRL key and select multiple photos. Finally, click OK and all selected photos will be attached.

    Not the exact equivalent of the old Photo Upload Feature, but close. Microsoft never did upgrade the old Photo Upload Feature to support 64-bit, so it's not likely that they will fix it now and bring it back. The above technique is probably as close as we'll get.

    Would be nice if Microsoft better documented the above technique, and would be even nicer if they included a pop-up warning if/when a user selected the Attachments option but did not have Silverlight installed. Without Silverlight, you cannot select multiple files/photos. There is such a pop-up when the Photos option is selected ... would be very easy for them to include the same pop-up when Attachments is selected.

    Hope this helps.

  • I realize that probably nothing is going to be done about this concern but you need to understand that you have users who were very happy using Hotmail at a very basic level. We DO NOT WANT NOR NEED all the new bells and whistles. What we do want and need is the continuation of the basic FILE UPLOAD feature.

    My use of Hotmail is limited to simple communication with my friends and associates...think TELEPHONE!

    I sometimes have the need to include more than a few pictures. With the UPLOAD feature I used to be able to see thumbnails of all the photos contained in a folder and also to select more than one photo at a time for inclusion in an email. With the forcing of Skydrive, you have trashed the thumbnails and the ability to determine specifically which photos are desired. You have eliminated the ability to select multiple photos at once. I do not see this as an enhancement and this loss has me seriously considering moving to a non-Msoft email platform.

    While I certainly understand the need to offer enhanced functions YOU need to understand that many of us are not interested, that we HAD a product that served  us well and now it does not. There must be some way you can implement these new functions without detracting from the old.

  • I'd like to know just how soon full-session SSL will be available for Hotmail.  To me, having all these great updates without full-session security is like moving into a new house with loads of expensive furniture and waiting a year before putting a lock on the front door !  Why does security seem to be the _last_ thing on MS's to-do list ?

  • virgil
    1 Posts

    Here's some feedback for you. I had been using outlook express and now windows live mail because there was one feature these products had that most other email clients did not... Insert > Text From File ... and now it's gone! Maybe no one else cares but I used to rely on this feature everyday. Please could you consider bringing it back?

  • Stefan
    4 Posts

    First of all I like the WLM beta refresh, nice to have facebook included.

    Here is what I really miss:

    There is no team work between SkyDrive and Synced devices. This is not positive, I used Mesh before, and it was awesome storage and sync combined.

    Please combine this better.

  • langware
    154 Posts


    In your previous response to D9W, you asked:

    "... do you have SilverLight installed?  It is required for the enhanced upload experience."

    I have noticed that if one does not have Silverlight installed, and (from the compose new message window) clicks Photo > Create album on SkyDrive ... a pop-up to install Silverllight will appear.

    However, if one (does not have Silverlight and) clicks Attachments, there is no pop-up (to install Silverlight).

    When clicking the Attachment option, Silverlight is also required for the enhanced upload experience (one cannot select multiple photos from the local hard drive and attach with one click without first having Silverlight installed).

    How about adding the "install Silverlight pop-up" to the Attachment option (if Silverlight is not already installed)?

  • @D9W  Thanks for the feedback!  In terms of access, we focused on making it easy to add photos and documents by having links in the header to Photos and Office.  These take you right into the relevant experience and make it possible to add, update, and view your photos and docs.  This is no different than our approach in Windows to have links to Documents, Music, Photos, and other folders right from the start menu.  We've found that for most people this is the way they use SkyDrive most.  

    In terms of deleting photos individually, in any photo album on SkyDrive, we implemented this in our Details view.  Simply change the view to Details and then you can simply hover over the list of photos and click the X at the right to delete them.  

    For adding photos to SkyDrive, we support drag and drop or selecting from your computer, and we do use the same upload control.  It sounds like you are seeing something different on your machine - do you have SilverLight installed?  It is required for the enhanced upload experience.  

    - Chris

  • David9W
    5 Posts

    @ Chris,

    I am still haven’t figured out if SkyDrive is great or not, but why is there not a way to get from hotmail into the SkyDrive without having to open a new email? Yes I know you can dig for it under the Windows Live Icon, but I would not have known to do that unless I was clicking on everything? How would your Grandma know to do that?  Why not set things up so a person (end user) could add Pictures into Skydrive so all they would have to do is click on SkyDrive icon? At this time I am still confused about what happens if I want to send a photo to multiple people.  Am I having to upload that picture for each person?  At least that seems what happened when I did a test. And WHY no Drag and Drop in SkyDrive? Who ever put this together made editing, managing, deleting pictures a lot harder than it used to be. You have to manage each picture individually instead of in bulk- Which waist time. An example of this is deleting a picture. You have to click on a picture, wait for it to come up into a new web page, then click delete, instead of just clicking on it and clicking delete. If we going to be forced to play with SkyDrive then why not let us manage folders like we would in any window’s OS? Also you had a great front end in the old version of hotmail why not use it for the uploader to SkyDrive? Click on the pictures on in your library and tell it to upload. The way SkyDrive functions now it waist the end user’s time and makes it so difficult that I no longer want to use it. I thought it was Microsoft goal to make it easier not harder. After the last fun Live Windows had with their customers and the Window 7 +64bit end users, didn’t Live Windows learn anything?

  • envutec
    2 Posts


    I am sorry to say that but the new live messenger has been a total dissapointment to me since the first public beta is released.  First off, why would I need to edit my name online instead of keeping the way it was?  I, personally, and a lot of other people I believe, like to use nicknames in their MSN.  This new way of editing names is somehow forcing me to use real names only (given it provided me a "First name" and "Last name" box).  Even if I can use nicknames by ignoring those boxes, do you really think it's a more convenient way to do so?  I don't think so.

    The "Social" feature is another highlight for the new messenger and again it's dissapointing.  Do you really think people would use the messenger instead of web browsers to connect to Facebook?  The full view of the new messenger uses up most of my screen space (my screen resolution is 1440x900) and yet it's far too basic.  Why don't I just open up a tab in the browser and enjoy my "full" facebook experience?  The new messenger is beccoming a bloatware!

    Please, Chris, accept my advise.  Don't let messenger become an annoying bloatware.

  • MartinZ
    2 Posts

    Why have you changed, so that you can't choose to only view one webcam at a time in Windows Live Messenger? In the older versions, you could do that, now if you both have a webcam you can only have a webcam conversation. I think that should be changed back.

  • Now, after investing 3 years the office live small business is turning out to be a challenge.

    Here are some issues the community is facing on the windows office live - the product management has not been responsive at all.


  • langware
    154 Posts


    Please take a few minutes and review the feedback that your customers are providing on the Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC) about Wave4 Hotmail. See the sticky thread titled "Issues with the New Windows Live Hotmail". Note that this thread is in its third iteration (the previous two threads grew so large that they had to be abandoned due to "technical difficulties").

    Also take a look at the solutions/status provided by the WLSC in the sticky thread titled "Solutions for some of the common issues reported with the New Hotmail".

    Your customers have reported many many problems/bugs with the New Hotmail, and the WLSC has only provided status/solutions to three (of the many) bugs reported.

    Given that your customers have taken the time to document and report their Wave4 bugs, shouldn't they be given the courtesy of getting current status on each of the many bugs they have reported ... and more importantly, shouldn't those bugs be fixed in a timely manner?

  • I posted on the solution center but the Share something new balloon bug still isn't fix.

    When is the next beta with the bug fix?

  • Hello... Can I leave here a suggestion for Windows Live?

    I would like to see a feature in Windows Live Options "to stop sharing info with someone", I tried to stop sharing some info to someone, WITHOUT blocking someone!!!!

    I have 2 persons I want to stop sharing my some info.

  • Very good work on Wave 4 so far.

    Do you think, the following feature could be implemented for hotmail soon?

    I would like to change the contact picture of those contacts, that haven't set up their own profile photo on windows live. So I can see a photo next to all my contacts in the contact list, despite rarely any of them have set up their own profile photo in windows live, most of them aren't even windows live users.

    If you implement this, please also make sure any photo displayed in the hotmail contact list also gets synched with Hotmail Connector and Exchange Active Sync.

    That would be great!!

    Regards, Martin

  • Can I please leave some feedback? Generally, the new hotmail is fantastic, and Active Sync is going to be superb. My problem is with the connection to Facebook - There really MUST be an option to NOT import contacts, as many people have hundreds of facebook contacts and many of these dont actually share any contact information - so the net result is that all of these get sucked into your live contacts which I am sure a lot of people wouodnt want. As soon as a smartphone then syncs via Active Sync, a tidy contacts list gets destroyed by all these facebook contacts that may not have any phone numbers or email addresses !  - Please can we opt to connect to facebook but not import contacts.

    Also, an auto refresh of the inbox woudl be handy, as if new emails arrive you arent notifed unless you manually reload the page?  Gmail does an auto refresh which is very handy.

  • Just to follow up....

    I do understand that social media is a great way of communication.  I'm not saying you shouldn't use this to connect to people.  But point them to the same place to collect their feedback and make it easy.  Do I go to the answers site, the feedback site, respond to this blog?  Not all three.

  • It seems like Microsoft is very lost when it comes to collecting feedback.  Or maybe it's just te customer who is lost.

    Wouldn't it make mre sense to have a centralized mechanism for collecting and organizing feedback?  A forum seems to be the most logical choice.  I think you will find that you won't miss as much if you did this.  

    For example, I want to give feedback on the beta for Windows Live Photo Gallery, but I don't want to just repeat what you already know are issues.  Where do I go to find that?  Where do I go to leave feedback?

    Your approach seems very disorganized.  I hope this is the right place to leave this kind of feedback on your feedback.  I'm just not sure.

  • There is a minor problem with Windows Live Mail. In Windows 7, if you pin a program to the taskbar then launch the program, the icon should be group into the taskbar icon, but Windows Live Mail does not follow the rule. Here are the steps to reproduce:

    1. Right-click Windows Live Mail from Program list and choose Pin to Taskbar

    2. Click Windows Live Mail icon in the taskbar to launch the program

    3. A duplicate Windows Live Mail icon is created in the taskbar

    This does not happen to Windows Live Writer, only to Windows Live Mail.

    Here is the screen shot:

  • Jagannath
    11 Posts

    I don't know if this happens to others. My status updates in facebook don't reflect quickly in Windows Live. They normally take some time. Be it in Windows Live Home page or on Live messenger Beta. I am assume that both work the same way under the covers. Is the team aware of this issue? When I share some status, link or photo using Live Messenger , it updates right away in facebook.

  • I have a suggestions for the Windows Live Mail Beta. What about making the Conversation feature more like the one in the new Hotmail wave? My point, in the new Hotmail, a conversation in my Inbox will display the massages in the Sent folder too. But on Windows Live Mail Beta, through MAPI, it only shows the conversation on the Inbox as part of the Conversation. If I want to see the whole conversation on WLM, I need to move all the e-mails to the same folder. that I think, I've sent a feedback about this through, following this link:

    Anyway, is nice to read a post about this. Now I'm eagger to see how it continues ;)

    Nice work!

  • @remain

    Have you ever gone to

    This is pretty like a forum, and I just got in contact with Microsoft employees about differents issues, being able to fully interact with them in the same way it would be on a forum. Give it a try ;)

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    I posted this previously in another blog entry's comments, but since this is somewhat relevant to this blog post, I'll post it here again, with some modifications.

    Just a thought...

    It would be nice if there were an official forum that allows us users and developers to interact, mainly for bug reports and feature requests/suggestions. may allow for feedback to be submitted, but I think 1 insightful and detailed feedback submission might be drowned out by 1000 unhelpful ones ("it doesnt work!!", "i cant login!!!", etc.). I imagine it could be difficult to sort through all the noise to find the genuinely useful feedback.

    A forum format would also allow for feedback to not be only "one-way" (like is), but it could go back and forth between the users and the developers. For instance, if a piece of feedback was valid and useful, but more information or clarification might be needed, then a forum format would allow for the conversation to continue.

    We users sometimes/often report bugs and make feature requests in places where we're not supposed to; this blog is a prime example. :P We would often report problems or ask for features in the comments of a blog post, despite it having nothing to do with the blog entry (off-topic). We do it because we hope to get the developers' attention, of course. But I know it is still not the appropriate place for it. A forum would provide a place that IS an appropriate place for such things.

    That said, I do understand that such a forum would not be very feasible, since  it would be excessively time-consuming for developers to interact with users on a daily basis. (Heck, responding to users' problems, bug reports and suggestions could be a full-time job...)

  • Historically,  Microsoft is more re-active than pro-active to market changes. I hope that is about to change with more frequent updates to consumer based produces.    

    Hotmail was slow to change and really forced to respond to Gmail (Really, Gmail gets Microsoft activesync before Microsoft's own!!!!!!!!!)..  Anyways, I rest my point.    

    P.S.  Hotmail needs better task manegment . Hotmail Outlook connector needs task sync.

  • I know it's probably to late to ask for this feature but here it goes anyway: how about adding a zoom slider to Windows Live Mail, the same as Outlook has and other Microsoft products (Word, Visual Studio, Photo Gallery, Paint, Wordpad, IE, etc.)

  • Thanks for the update.  I was curious, I love Windows Movie Maker.  It is definitly one of my favorite programs for making home movies.  However, it doesn't seem like that much of a focus in Wave 4.  I understand you guys have to target the programs that are used by most users the most and make them the best and that is great.  The improvements to hotmail are just plain awesome as well as the improvements to photo gallery.  However, it seems like movie maker is getting left in the dust a little bit.  Any chance we will see more work/updates put into that or theme packs and such that will be downloadable in the future (maybe even via purchase).  I feel a little cheated in the movie maker experience department after using iMovie a little bit.  I know this stuff doesn't happen overnight, but I guess I am wondering if there is going to be any more work done this round with Windows Movie Maker or if we will be waiting for the next round?

  • Any chance of including AIM network with Live Messenger??

  • It's great that you guys take customer feedback seriously.

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    Thanks a lot Chris!