Updates to Office Web Apps

Updates to Office Web Apps

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The Office Web Apps have been refreshed on SkyDrive and in Hotmail with several new features, including:

  • Word printing. Now, the Word Web App offers the print command in the Word Web App editor.

Word Web App offers print command in the Word Web App editor

  • Excel charts and the auto fill handle. With the Excel Web App, you can easily insert charts and manipulate data in much the same way you can in Excel 2010. Also, you can now use the auto fill handle.

Insert charts with the Excel Web App

Use auto fill in the Excel Web App

  • PowerPoint clip art and more themes. With the PowerPoint Web App, you can now add high quality photos and illustrations to your presentation, as well as select a theme.

Use clip art in the PowerPoint Web App

Select a theme when you create a presentation with the PowerPoint Web App

For more details on this update, check out the Office Web Apps updates blog post on the Office developer blog.

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  • Ha  - nothing reminds me more of when I was in PRIMARY SCHOOL joining the dots.  Who does Microsoft think we are?  Are we really impressed with editing a Word doc in a browser? Not at all. And as so called 'Upgrading' us to SkyDrive from Office Live?  What happened to document version histories?  Just chuck that out and not tell anyone what you have done to replace the collaborative functionality?  Now I'm real suspicious,  I'm thinking SharePoint is going to be supplanted.  There are numerous small teams out there doing wondrous things with Django, Ruby on Rails e.g. Copper Project, Manymoon and BasecampHQ.  Right now Microsoft is light years behind them in its philanthropic intentions.  We all know Microsoft can do better but whereas the likes of manymoon and Google apps give us something functional for free, Microsoft is always jockeying to lock us in...  SkyDrive is worse than a farce  - it is insultingly simplistic.

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    Well, I heard they were doing away with ads in Wave 4....is that not the case?

  • @Steve B - This is what Live Hotmail Plus will give you: www.gowindowslive.com/.../default.aspx

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    I have another off-topic question.  This is something I can't seem to find info on.  I am currently a Hotmail Plus subscriber.  With all the changes with the new Hotmail, are there going to be any advantages for Plus users or will Plus & Premium go away?  Like I said, I can't seem to find any info this subject so I thought I would ask here.

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    Well it looks like it will be August 30th.  Here is the link to the article claiming this.  I hope its right.


  • I second the off-topic topic of ActiveSync.  Any update(s)?

  • Steve B
    15 Posts

    Kind of an off subject post but, can we get an update on the ActiveSync rollout?

  • I would really like to have some more features in word web app like insertion of word art, smart art and shapes etc.

    Although it is great but some more features would make it even better to use by everybody.

    Thanks.  Nice work. Keep it up !!! Keep Improving.

  • The updates look great.  One issue I've been having with Office Web Apps.

    1.  If I create a new document from the application icons I cannot move that document into another folder after working with the document or have the option to directly save the document to another folder at creation.

    Keep up the good work.

  • 7flavor
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    I'd like to see more frequent updates and enhancements to the OneNote and PowerPoint web apps too. The OneNote web app is most useful for quickly noting down anything you come across in your daily internet experience. But it's too limited. PowerPoint web app should have full playback capabilities of at least PowerPoint viewer complete with playback of embedded videos in the presentation using Silverlight.

  • danielgr
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    Nice (though limited) updates Things I'd like to see in the (near) future:

    - Simultaneous editing on Word WebApp

    - Faster open/save of skydrive documents from the desktop based Office (2007/2010)

    - My recently open skydrive files showing in my Windows 7 task bar (I'm using more and more documents in skydrive and as I'm doing it I'm losing one of the functions I liked best on W7: direct access to recent documents from the taskbar).

    Still can't get hotmail integration (guess that's because I have an spanish account though...)

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    I'm thrilled that you rolling out this update not just for the enhancements it brings but also that you are not tieing updates to Office Web Apps to the full Office suit itself.

    Two questions:

    1.  I noticed that when I launch any Office Web App it takes awhile to load the Silverlight app.  Are these apps cached to my PC so it loads faster next time?

    2.  I'm contemplating on getting a tablet PC for inking notes, etc.  If I handwrite notes in OneNote 2010 and share that via SkyDrive...will folks that I'm sharing these notes with see the handwriting using OneNote Web App?

  • TheJRB
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    These updates are great and will make the Office Web Apps much better. I love and use the Office Web Apps, so thank you Office Web Apps team. :-)