Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh

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In June, we announced that as part of Windows Live Essentials beta, we brought together two programs, Windows Live Sync and the Live Mesh beta, into one: Windows Live Sync beta. We focused on four things with our beta release:

  • Making it easy to access the PCs you use from anywhere
  • Getting your files and folders on the PCs you use regularly
  • Giving you enough space to sync your most important files and folders to the cloud
  • Providing simple document collaboration over the web using SkyDrive

Since the release of the Windows Live Sync beta in June, over 240,000 people have tried Windows Live Sync on hundreds of thousands of devices, and have provided a lot of feedback. The average customer syncs over 675 files with an average file size of 1.8 MB, and uses 240 MB of cloud storage. We received an incredible amount of forum posts and comments as well as informal communication through our feedback site. We have been listening and have made updates based on your feedback.

Renaming Windows Live Sync to Windows Live Mesh

In our beta release, we brought the best of Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh together. With the addition of remote access and cloud storage, we understand that the new program does more than sync files.  So following the beta period, we’ll be using the name Windows Live Mesh going forward, which we feel best reflects our broader goal of allowing you to access your stuff across your devices.

Giving you more information

A number of our customers noted the inability to sync hidden files, so we added this support. Another point of feedback was that customers wanted a list of which files were missing in a synced folder. Now when Windows Live Mesh detects missing files, you can easily see the file name and when and where it was last modified.

List of missing files in a synced folder

More cloud storage

We continue to see that the primary way customers are syncing files is between their different PCs (or Macs). And we will continue to make it easy to sync virtually unlimited amounts of data between your PCs. When syncing files to the cloud, beta participants get 2 GB of synced cloud storage. Only 2% of these participants are using more than 1.5 GB. However, Live Mesh offers 5 GB, and while only a small number of Live Mesh customers use all their space, we want to ease migration and increase the online storage limit from 2 GB to 5 GB.

A number of customers have asked why we don’t allow you to sync up to 25 GB, given that 25 GB is the SkyDrive limit. While we merged Sync and Live Mesh in this release, we did not merge the online storage system used for Live Mesh with the one used for Office or Photos on SkyDrive. This means that each system has different storage limits and is optimized for different scenarios.

SkyDrive offers enough storage for you to share documents and photos with friends, family, and co-workers. Hotmail offers enough storage for you to store your email, calendar, and contacts. Windows Live Mesh lets you sync all your files and folders across your PCs and devices, and provides enough cloud storage for your most important files. Over time, we’ll be considering ways to do even more to share information across these systems.

Performance and quality improvements

We’ve made several performance updates to Windows Live Mesh in response to your requests that will provide noticeable improvements to your experience. We worked on cutting the application load time in half and made syncing large numbers of folders and adding multiple devices to a sync folder faster. We’ve optimized both memory and CPU usage during sync activity as well as decreased CPU consumption by as much as 30% when Windows Live Mesh is idle.

We hope you enjoy these changes and take the time to install the new Windows Live Mesh along with the rest of Windows Live Essentials 2011 once it is released from the beta. In the meantime, please keep using the beta programs and keep the comments coming. Thank you for using Windows Live!

Allison O’Mahony
Principal Program Manager Lead, Devices & Roaming

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  • I just want to add to the chorus over the need for unified storage. I don't care about the amount of storage (OK maybe I do) but I find it extremely frustrating that I have to keep track of which storage pool contains which files or which features work with which storage pool. Storage is storage. Give us ONE place and build everything around it.

  • For XP users like me, dropbox is a good alternative. Actually, I am slowly moving my stuff to dropbox even the size limit is a little small in 2GB. If Microsoft's data is accurate then most users will feel happy with dropbox's 2GB free space. And BTW, it is so much faster updating the changes. Here is the link by clicking which both you and I will get an Extra 250 MB space.

    This is absolutely not an ads. All I Want is to have a little more space in my dropbox and yours.

  • Pedrool
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    BUG: Normally, I wouldn't leave a bug report in Comments, but this is an important bug that has persisted since Live Mesh that impedes the  proper function of Live Sync:

    -- When using Mac WLS Beta (15.0.5406.10) with Windows WLS Beta (15.4.3001.0809)   *.docx and other ...x files do not sync with the extention in the file name. Instead the file syncs on Skydrive and other clients WITHOUT any extension in the file name.  This bug has persisted since Live Mesh, and has probably not been noticed by the dev team.  Reproduce: create a file on either Mac or Win7 as a *.docx.  File will not retain extension across Skydrive and other clients.

  • Okay I have beening using Mesh since it first came out quite some time ago.  I have to tell you that so far the "upgrade" that is called Windows Live Mesh is far in away inferior! the cotrol interface on the web site is WAY less user intuitive than the old interface.  On the desktop side the sync function is just plain clucky! So far I have yet to get the remore connecct to work, because the security keys button that is suppose to send the C+A+D command to the remote machine doesn't work.

    I am usually very supportive of development and growth of Microsoft's tools, but I have to say this one seems to have taken a huge step backwards!  One of the biggest issues is Mesh now being connected to the rest of the Live environment on the computer.  This means that if I am using it to connect and share files between my computer at work and my wife's computer at home they both have to be logged in as my Live ID, which makes my wife's use of messanger impossible.

    I beg Microsoft to go back and take a look at the ease of use that the Mesh local and web interfaces provided and rethink the new interface in Live Mesh.  The services offered are nice, but the interface is just way to convoluted for its own good.

    Andy Atencio

  • I'm really unhappy with the death of Livemesh. Concerning to me, this was the better microsoft program ever!!

    Beautiful interface, and pretty easy to use. You just open the program, configure some settings, and Voilá! Do you have a wonderful, simple and beautiful sincronization.

    Now, with this new configuration,  everything it's confuse. I understand the logic of integration of services, but it's pointless if you barely can use it... The big question is WHERE IS MY OLD BEAUTIFUL AND SIMPLE AND EASY INTERFACE?????????????

    I will never use this new suite, and when you delete the livemesh old storage and definitely kill the program, i will look for another option, so simple and user friendly as our beloved old livemesh.

  • Great to hear of the updates. Like keeping the Mesh name. Love keeping the 5GB limit that we already have! Like the missing files notification. Things we still need. MUST have Windows XP support. No XP support is a showstopper. The next items can be added in later with updates. Really need WM 6.5 client back. Really need folder integration as Mesh beta has. Really need online access to/view as Mesh Beta Live Desktop currently has. Really need fuller integration with SkyDrive (this could potentially give us back the Live Desktop feature of Mesh Beta with some interface improvements/updates).

    Over all, keep up the good work! (But remember, Windows XP support with sync and remote desktop support is a must!)


  • Like many other users, availability on XP is make or break decision point for me. The main use I have for such tools is to sync folders between my work and home machines. I have upgraded my home machines to Window 7 but it will be sometime before a large organization like mine moves to the newer Windows version.

  • First off, the increase to 5GB, LOVE IT!

    Thats it for the good... sorry!

    First (of the bad) I still do work for hundreds of XP users, removing XP support especially when its still the MAIN Windows OS of THOUSANDS is RE-TAR-DED!

    Second, I see no mention of the share limit increasing, its what has kept me using a combo of Live MESH and DropBox, you remove the retarded limit of 9 users and it will be DropBox/MESH instead! (haha see what i did their), keeping DropBox for XP users since you have forsaken your largest market!

    Still, the biggest thing left is the dumb share limitation... I share a free software toolkit (literally free) with about 67 people over DropBox, and 7 with Live MESH (i was using Live MESH only and was going to launch, but the week before I did, the whole "Live MESH is dead long live SYNC" bullshit happened causing me to shift to DropBox!

  • -Nater, if you feel comfortable with upgrading to Vista/Win 7, that's fine. But don't pretend you can speak for all XP users. And I don't think you know much about what other people work with on XP. I would have welcomed Win7 if it can support majority of my programs, which involves a lot 3D graphics based on OpenGL. Maybe someone would tell me to switch to directX but I can afford to spend another few years to study a new tool. If time should come when openGL longer works with Windows, I wouldn't hesitate to switch to Linux.

    As of right now, I've partially relied on dropbox to do the synch job for me. So, well done, Microsoft!

  • Nater
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    @pragakhan:  That is not my issue.  XP stopped shipping on new computers years ago, and comptuer are not expensive comodities.  It's not 2001 anymore.  People should not be complaining about running Live Mesh on a corporate desktop (seriously?) and people should seriously stop complaining about Microsoft dropping support for a decade old OS that has had it's support extended (twice?) already to appease them.

    Yes, it's time to upgrade.

    If your comptuer can't handle Vista or 7, it's really time to upgrade (Lol).

    OEM copies of Vista/7 are cheap if you can support yourself, and the upgrade copies aren't necessarily backbreaking (just Home Premium should do for the Vast Majority of users).

    I have 2 XP machines (not may main boxes) and sure this would be nice to Sync Files between all of them (without having to copy to each one), but I'm not crying about it.

    Yes, time to move on.  Time to upgrade.  If you're on a corporate machine, complaining about this is about as good as complaining they won't let you install WoW on the computers, IMO.  As long as Corporate Software runs on them, they are fine.  If it's that much of an issue you can always try to get them to upgrade to 7 Professional and run their old incompatible (if any) software in XP Mode.  Good luck with that, though!

  • What I liked about Live Mesh beta was the blue folders in My Documents that clearly showed which folders were shared on the Mesh - I'm not getting anymore that since the conversion. Also, what is the status on the 'Name Change'? If I'm on the home page I click on the link that says Try Windows Live Mesh 2011 and I get redirected to a page that says download Windows Live Essentials beta - huh? No mention anywhere of Live Mesh?

    Not getting it.

  • chw131
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    Tested the Live sync "beta" for a few days, and I have to say...This is not even a BETA software. The features are not even completed yet. Many features in current Live Mesh are missing, transition tools are not exist, even the cloud stoage decision is still dancing.  Merge Live Mesh and Live Sync, may save some costs for MS, but it breaks two excellent software that MS has (really an edge on the current market) into one giant pices of junk.  If you have not installed yet, don't bother, if you did, uninstall as soon as you can before you mess up all your sync files.  Current live sync is excellent, I am using it for the time being and looking for some other solutions. If MS insists the merge of these two products into one big mess, then I think we will have to look somewhere else as customers.

  • Thanks very much for this update. I think you have made a good decision to reinstate the 5GB limit.

    I'm adding my voice to the many others pleading for XP support. For me it is a show stopper. I have some Windows 7 machines but my corporate infrastructure is XP and is very unlikely to change for a number of years. Likewise some members of our theatre group have old XP machines which we share files with. I really dislike the idea that Mac users get a better deal than XP owners. XP may be old but at least the owners of XP have contributed to Microsofts bottomline.

    I also think any file should be elligible to be sync'd. I don't like the idea that some files are excluded from the sync process automatically. That is inviting confusion and disappointment.

    Fingers crossed that the final release is something I can use, otherwise it'll be dropbox for me.

  • So when is the updated storage coming? Still says 2GB for me, and i just uninstalled mesh...

  • I like all the "Time to upgrade comments", that is very helpful to fixing a problem such as not supporting Windows XP. It's one of those "Why didn't I think about that?" I mean @Nater and @Gundo you two have to be rocket scientists or something and if not, Microsoft should seriously considering hiring you both! The intelligence emanating from your posts and how simple and clean the idea of "Upgrade your windows XP" is - it's just so wow.. It's miles and miles beyond my thinking... It's people like you whom we must turn to for the worlds problems like... Global Warming! I for a moment can try to get down to your level of being and maybe come up with an answer of something like "Stop doing stuff!" but it I realize I am just not at your level.

    Aside from that, Windows XP user here, got it with my Verizon Netbook. Not going to upgrade to 7 for the year I have left before I can get another one. It would be cheaper to use DropBox... Oh well, Moe.exe and I had a good run,

  • stevlev
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    I am a college professor and use Live Sync extensively to keep all my computers up to date.  Unfortunately we are running XP on all of the computers on campus as well as our IT supported laptops.  I hope MS will realize there are still lots of XP users out there and build in support.

  • I agree with DOGC_Kyle. I regularly used Mesh to remote my media center computers and access the password-less account that users use on the TV. I have my own password protected admin account that I can do most things with, but sometimes there are settings to change on the regular user account. For convenience in use, the account cannot have a password. The remote connection is secured by my Mesh login, so security shouldn't be an issue. I think it should at least be made an option to enable if users so desire. I appreciate that you are listening to us users and making productive changes to the product. I look forward to Mesh's future.

  • Hi Allison,

    I am one of the first users of Live Mesh and am happy to see that Live Mesh will continue. I would like to see full functionality of Live Mesh continue with Windows XP and would like to see a reliable and stable Windows Mobile client.. Really, Live Mesh WinMo client was the only reason why I bought a Windows Mobile phone.

    But after using Live Mesh WinMo client for few days, I noticed regular conflicts in my desktop folders especially those folders where the files were changed very frequently.

    I like to see the option of one way sync for a WinMo client so that I always get the latest version of the file on my PC, and I can go without the 2 way sync option to save the trouble of file conflicts.

    Live Mesh has changed my life in many positive ways and has increased my work productivity.. It will be further enhanced with a reliable WinMo client.

    Reliable applications and productive services are what brings in loyal customers. No business can be successful with these qualities.

    And lastly, thanks for listening.. I am surprised

  • One of the criticisms in Wave 3 of Mesh and Sync is that it did not use Delta change syncing... When changes were made to a file the whole file needs to be synced. (if I change one letter in a large Word document, the whole file will sync again instead of just the changes)

    Is this still the case with Wave 4 or do only the delta changes sync?

  • My most frustrating thing about LiveSync (oops sorry Live Mesh) Wave 4, is the inability to choose the destination folder. I do not want to sync all my data between my PCs to my profile, I like to choose where I put my files. I like to keep my Photos and Music on my D drive. I used to us LiveSync but now I need to find a new product to do what the old version used to do. It seems to me like this is one step forward but 2 steps backward.

  • kylejwx
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    I fully support the name change.  Sync is such an over-used word these days and Mesh really reflects the idea behind the product.  Great work!

  • @Antonia Thank you so much for the information!  I'll start using it right away!  :-)

  • mjd
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    The 5gb are back, great news. It's a reasonable amount of storage for the whole "my documents" folder, so thanks!

    The new mesh/sync is nice, but the synced storage really needs to be accessible by the office web apps. It's irritating the way things are still so unconnected (so much potential!)!

    Would it be possible at least to implement a "send to" feature for single files from synced storage to skydrive (and viceversa), instead of forcing users away from their computers to:

    - download the file to a pc

    - reupload to skydrive

    - edit, and wait to get home to redownload the updated version of the file from skydrive to pc;

    - finally have it synced by mesh.


  • @StyxBoatman: Yes, you can submit feedback and bugs on Sync beta just as can for all the Windows Live Essentials programs. Open up Sync beta and click the (?) icon in the upper-right. You'll see  "Get help for Sync" and "Report a problem," plus a few other links. If you click "Get help for Sync" you'll also see links to our forums and feedback on the Help page. I hope this helps.

    Antonia Blume, Windows Live team

  • I guess I'm confused about something.  Why not integrate Sync/Mesh with SkyDrive?  Why have a seperate 2/5 GB for this feature?  It makes more sense to me to have all my files in one place.

    Which also brings up another thought... Most Microsoft Beta's have a place that you can offer suggestions as well as bug reports.  Is there a site like that for Wave 4 Beta's?  I would like to submit some bugs...

  • Any news when the existing (old?) Mesh services will be withdrawn?

    Will there ever be a (new) Mesh Windows Mobile 6.x sync tool? And will the (old) Mesh web interface be kept? It was a superb tool, and always impressed those who saw me use it. (I'm in a computer science University environment surrounded by Linux and Mac fans - who were suitably impressed by (old) Mesh.)

  • It would be awesome a bandwith control...

  • The biggest disappointment I have for Live Sync Beta is that I cannot upload/download files through a web interface, like in Live Mesh.

  • danielgr
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    @ Dracula Johns,

    Just in case, you can use the rest of the new Live Essentials while keeping the old Sync installed.

    The only glitch you'll have is that you'll get a message at startup saying you that the new Mesh/Sync couldn't get started because there is an old version there. I've been using it like that since beta day 1 and had no problems so far. Here is hope that Microsoft will keep that door opened (and the old sync working) for those like you and me that are blocked into sharing with XP machines for reasons that escape our control.

    It would be sad not to be able to use the rest of Wave4 simply because of the new sync lack of backwards compatibility.

  • SeeGee
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    I'm glad to hear that the focus is shifting back to Mesh with its wider user experience. I thought the media player functionality was the right way to go and continue to hope for Media Center epg integration. Thanks for the larger 5 gb storage size on SkyDrive. I think the comment about deleting a file on a subscription affecting all devices is very true, should there at least be a warning prompt before its gone? I also liked and miss the color coded folder. Thanks and I look forward to the next release.

  • Joejack
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    Not supporting Windows XP is probably the most idiotic thing you could do with this software. Will the old product continue to work? I can't sign in to the previous version of Windows Live Sync.

    Most computer users are on Windows XP. It's a fully valid OS. Why would you support Mac users before XP users? That's completely idiotic.

  • sean.e
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    My last comment got me thinking about OS statistics.   According to this page:  XP has about 8.5 times more use than Mac OS.  Maybe there are stats elsewhere that would indicate that picking up Mac at the expense of XP is a good idea?  Why is it those Mac users get more love than XP users?

  • sean.e
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    "How dare Microsoft give us something completely for free and then have the nerve to not offer it for an outdated operating system!"

    It's only natural to hope that Microsoft would provide support for their most used OS rather than a competitor's OS - Mac.

  • foshi
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    is this a joke? i used mesh, and i love mesh, and i spread the, and people love it, BETTER than SynC ... to me, Sync is only good, because there's no limitation in size we sync ... but that's it ...

    Mesh gave me all the things i really want ... REAL cloud storage, SIMPLE yet CLASSY User interface, MULTI platform, and FAST! :) ... not forget to mention the REMOTE Desktop ... which made the customer has positive image on microsoft ...

    the wishes for are :

    1. office web apps support

    2. WP and WM  integrated services

    3. Multi platform

    4. unlimited storage, or at least the same with skydrive

    5. integration with

    6. integration with ..

    7. keep all the current features and keep it simple stupid.

    so, if this name changing is only just a title change ... i think plenty of users here be pissed of. ..

    thanks ..

  • RxDave
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    PS:  Instead of worrying about things like what SyncMesh should be calle, perhaps you should work on getting it to connect reliably.

  • RxDave
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    Sync to become Mesh?  You people are geniuses at making unnecessary changes.  Such changes simply make you look unstable.  Ditto on the comments about XP.  That little stunt simply makes Sync/Mesh irrelevant.  You killed off Spaces, now Sync/Mesh too?

  • sean.e
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    Are the services that support the old version of Live Sync on XP clients going to be killed?  If so, when?

  • How dare Microsoft give us something completely for free and then have the nerve to not offer it for an outdated operating system!

  • Throwing in with the XP requests crowd. I am a Windows 7 and Vista user at home, but folder sync and remote desktop between my home and work computers, which are corporate-controlled XP machines (and will be for the foreseeable future, is essential to me. Without the ability to continue to use remote desktop and folder sync, I'm stuck using the old Live Essentials suite. That sucks, it looks like a really great upgrade all around.

  • RSR
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    any info on *if* the storage will be upgraded to 25GB? (this will help me make a decision about the storage provider)

  • cloudme
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    Allison - good job on reversing the old decision. It takes more courage to reverse to the correct decision than making the first decision.

    I think you guys at MS got a lot of ways to go in getting this to be user friendly and coherent.

    Good move on raising the storage space to 5GB, I expect more in the future, you need to be competitive. Also you seriously need to spend $s on advertising and awareness to end user - regular Joe/Jane hears more about Google than MS products and assets, you already have uphill battle to deal with- right from the get go.

    1- Your customer base is still heavy on XP - you need to seriously consider supporting XP.

    2- Migration path from old Mesh, current Livesync to the new Mesh need to be easy and intuitive - (I ran into a warning message yesterday trying to put livesync in telling me it will remove mesh...need to take livesync out very soon to avoid confusion - now I don't know if I should wait for the new mesh that is equal to today sync (download client) or is it the old mesh I have is the correct one. I would've expected this has already been taken care of before your posting.

    3- MS had done great job exciting developers about Live Mesh in 2008 - then confused them with Livesync...what happened to meshified applications, are those still on the table? can a developer meshify an application he/she wrote and be able to make it collaborative?

    4- Need a better folder sync enforcement - in some cases live mesh I use go out of sync and I would love to be able to tell it to sync now (just like active sync does with my windows phone...).

    5- I suggest to have Live services/essential/mesh part of the Azure API services to make it easier on developers to leverage all other cloud technologies and services.

    6- Why Live Mesh don't run on Windows Phone 6.5 - Don't wait for Windows Phone 7 only, because it is not here yet and it will need to ramp up for few years in unit volumes to grow...! you need huge customer base today!!

    7- I am driven nuts with my RSSs on my Windows Phone 6.5 has no way to sync with my PCs - and it is a nightmare to share RSS news with friends from my phone in some cases....need a way to access, modify, add, delete a single list of RSSs across all devices PCs, Windows Phones, MAC...etc (I also agree with earlier .pst comment)

    8- Why not get mesh on Blackberry, Android, Nokia, iPhone and iPad - you need to gain more customer base - why only MACs?

    9- I might be out there alone on this one - but as a user of Windows Live I find it difficult to find everything easily discoverable, and intuitively clear how it function with other elements/components...Please Simplify and "intuitivize" it...Add detailed long educational videos and quick 30secs commercial like videos for each component- and I suggest you need to redesign your Web UI for Windows Live on its own and how it aggregates and distribute my data across all my files (photos, videos, docs, devices)...Mesh could be the one to tie it all together  - the more features you are adding (this also apply to Google) the more confusing and smudgy it is and reg-J (regular Joe/Jane) tends to run away - you got an opportunity here to leap ahead compared to competition. Get the bright UI folks internally and get to it soon.

    10- What is the full story - MS need a "ONE STORY" (caps - not shouting but emphasizing) - need a coherent, intuitive, easily discoverable, Cloud story - you've got to do that. Today I got SkyDrive, Live mesh, office web online, to mention the least ...and many devices like Home server, ,many PCs, Zune, Windows Phone 6.5, Xbox (soon TV boxes...) and all the connectivity among all of those (if existed) is fragmented, broken, or deficient - you got to do better and get all of those connected. I am a geek and techie and still confused - don't expect to gain any grounds with reg-J's...especially when they are more bombarded with Apple and Google innovations and stories...!!! (Google Gmail phone is a good example - folks are already calling me on day 2 of announcement by Google - and when I say MS Live Mesh to them they say WHO?)

    11- Need more security measures for remote access into corporate/enterprise PCs - even if it is my PC. The last thing you want is someone stealing/spying on user mesh login at home or public place or spyware and to get into his/her work PC..and spread havoc..!!

    Great first mile, still you need to get to the end of the 1000 miles and fast!!

    Please do all or some of the above and BRAG about it so your proud bragging reach out to reg-J's ears'...!!!  simplify and spend money on advertising and come out from the dark side..!!

    I believe in you guys and I am happy to talk to you directly about more of what need/can be done. Mesh can be a great enabler to more unified Apps on WP7, PC, Xbox, ...etc

  • danielgr
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    I wonder if it's really difficult to bring compatibility with the old XP client (note I don't mean to have an XP client, simply for the new one to be able to share folders with the old one).

    In my case (like many here from what I've read), that's what keeps me from using the new Sync/Mesh.

    I'm not ready to force anyone in my family to get Win7 if they don't wish to, nor my friends, and have zero control over my company.

    So as long as backwards compatibility is not assured; no Sync for me (regrettably).

  • @everyone  -  we are excited about our upcoming release so thanks for taking the time to send feedback.  We will continue to work hard on bring you new features so your suggestions and comments are helpful. Keep them coming!

    @mwebb, @hhs2112  -  we hear you on support for syncing PST files in Outlook.  This is something we will consider in a future release.

  • myersco
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    I could neither install nor comment on the beta because I too sync with an XP machine. Consider my comment here to vote in favor of XP compatibilty.

  • Fergus
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    Fantastic news about the raising of cloud storage from 2Gb to 5Gb. I believe MS do listen to their customers and your cloud services are really stealing  a march on the competition.

  • Andy
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    Microsoft... Is there a long term roadmap to all of this? Is sooo frustrating watching this stuff randomly change. I am a big fan of these products, but were actually less usable for a while there. I also getting really annoyed with this space delusion. I want somewhere consistant to sync my stuff to. I already synced all my photos to with mesh up to the 5GB limit. It worked great with Media Centre for photos & I also used it to share photos with family. I would love to sync more data, but my photos are what I consider most important. Then we were told Live Sync was the replacement but we only had 2GB. So I had to drop my photos from syncing. Now I feel that I cannot fully use the service that was originally there. I have now only installed sync on two computers that I own and will not be reccomending it to others until my confidence is restored or at least I have a understaning of the limitations. Here's my roadmap to cloud perfection

    1) Merge your cloud storage, FAST!! Why is the A company so sucessful? Because it makes it simple for end users. People writing here are in general technologhy enthuisasts. The will go the extra mile, but average Joe/Josephine wont. It really mystifies me that you cant see or else wont say that unified storage it what end users want & can understand.

    2) Allow skydrive to be mapped to a drive letter (via webdav a la SharePoint explorer view). That would really drive people to use it. Perhaps a component of WL Essentials or Sync/Mesh could include a Skydrive mapper

    3) Allow syncing using the full 25GB of space. (What have you got to be afraid of if the majority of people dont use a lot of space. Have you considered that the sync limitation might actually be a barrier to adoption?)

    4) Allow views (like SharePoint) in skydrive.

    5) Allow power users to sync any file. (End users shouldn'y have to find out by accident that something will never sync)

    6) Ensure all programs use sync (eg Windows Live Photo, which is a great too btw, should use sync instead of the dopey upload thing. Perhaps you could flag which folders/photos should sync)

    7) Getbit working in WP7 asap!

    8) Publish A ROADMAP!!!

  • Nater
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    Why are people sill crying about windows xp? Time to upgrade off your ten year old operating system, imo...  Also, you should not be running beta software on corporate workstations...

  • Stefan
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    This blog really could use a rating thing on the comments, that would help the Microsoft staff to see what the crowd think.

    I like it that MS does listen, I hope they will add some kind of security for when deleting a synced folder (its still synced even though the product is called Mesh).

    I don't like the idea of someone deleting a file on my PC, and I lose it an all my synced devices.

    Please add some kind of warning: Color on the folder, a dialog box warning?

    Kind regards


  • @hhs2112

    I also think that geotaggin' could be improved by choosing the coordinates in that way. As for me that I live in Uruguay, most of the places I go aren't on Bing Maps (though they are in Google's)... Nevertheless, geotaggin' as you proposed would be great!

    Live Windows Media Player? Interesting... ;)

    What about the Zune player? May be a mix of the two and live? I don't know, I like WMP as it is now, but I also like new stuff :)

  • hhs2112
    1 Posts

    Great job on the new release!  I've been using Mesh since it was released and love it.  A few questions/comments;

    1)  Are there plans for fee-based storage a la Carbonite or Mozy?  Would be great to have one cloud site that provides for syncing, backup, and remote-access.  Price it competitively with Carbonite and you can sign me up now.

    2) Ditto the comments regarding SkyDrive/Mesh/Office Live.  I'm having trouble understanding the whole "optimized for different scenarios" comment - a file is a file is a file, no?  A one-stop shop would be cool (and certainly much less confusing/cumbersome).

    3) Bring back the Office Live UI!  (or at least give us a choice).  In my opinion the OL "tree" structure is much more efficient than the new Mesh "big icon" view.

    4) Roll Windows Media Player into Live Essentials!  Add Live's great new UI to WMP.  Music's essential - isn't it? :-)

    5) Add  back Task/To-do lists to Live Mail.  I'm guessing this feature was removed due to lack of use but I'd love to see it brought back - even if only just for me.  ;-)

    6) Geo-tagging photos.  Add a map view that plots all of my photos within Photo Gallery (not just 10 at a time in a  browser instance of Bing).  Also, "click-to-tag", i.e., click a photo then click a map location to assign the lat/long coordinates to the photo (instead of typing place names).

    7) And last, but not least, add Outlook PST support! I know, I know, but you guys are going to cannibalize Outlook sales by forcing me to your free product. :-)   I'd be thrilled if I could access a single pst file for all three of my desktops/laptops.

    Great stuff - keep it up!

  • Gundo
    1 Posts

    Thanks for a great product.  I'm a fan of the WL Wave 4 products in general and Mesh is a key part of my basic install on all my PCs.  

    To those begging for a XP client, I must say it is time to move on.  XP is old.  Check out the licensing options for Windows 7 and throw a copy on that older hardware.  You'll be surprised at the performance.  It just works.  

    Also, I don't buy the argument that you may have programs that don't work in 7.  If you feel you have such an application, engage the Microsoft support team or a consltant who works with this stuff regularly.

  • SYNCING means something to me - It tells me what I can expect from such a function.

    MESHING doesn't mean anything to me - Non English users might even think that it means Messing up things.

  • I wish MS would stop adding confusion when it comes to SYNC !!

    How many times are you going to change the name again ?

    I guess that you have no clue to what extend you are confusing your users !

    Stop your stupid marketing word games now and focus on functionality please !

  • Stilgar
    10 Posts

    Synching for read/unread RSS feeds in IE please! Also with everyone pointing out that the storage services are a mess maybe you should take note and integrate the real Skydrive with Mesh.

    I am one of the happy users who only use Vista and 7 machines but with so many people still using XP maybe there should be an XP client that only syncs folders and does not sync progam settings or provide Remote Desktop. Sounds like a good compromise.

  • Ktos
    10 Posts

    I would love to see three more things: nice mobile website to access files (like, which I can use without any problems on my "normal" smartphones; some mechanizm to open Live Sync...Mesh files already in the cloud by Office Live and maybe - Windows Mobile (or WP7 in the future) app.

    When I was using Live Mesh Tech Preview on my WM6.5 device the ability to automatically sync new photos to the cloud was awesome...

    And what about some overlay icons in the Windows Explorer to see if this folder is synced with Mesh? I don't demand box like old Mesh, but some green (blue?) tick would be useful.

  • Thank you for listening to feedback, Microsoft. You have made a wise choice, and you have no idea how much you've made my day. I cannot thank you enough, and I love you.

    I still think there is room for a subscription plan that lets you access all of Skydrive's 25GB of online storage, and I'd like to know more of your plans for a Windows Live Mesh API. Nevertheless, this is a good start, and I hereby cease my boycott of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4. Thank you so much once again, oh, and did I mention that I love ya?

  • IL
    15 Posts

    Internet media sharing in Live Mesh such as in Windows 7 could be useful. So anyone could stream their music or photos or even movies using their Live ID to any device which supports media streaming through internet. What do you think of?

  • mwebb
    2 Posts

    Not syncing pst files is also a mistake. I know the arguments against, but as well as a live Outlook store they are a very common backup/archive format. Live Sync used to sync them, and any pst file in a synced folder is more probably a backup or archive than a live Outlook store.

  • I would like to be able to use remote desktop on computers without a password. Live Mesh had it, and I used it all the time to access files from other computers in my house.

  • yeah baby! 5gb  thanks...........

  • Logging in onto a Mesh-enabled PC remotely from Windows Phone 7 will be very cool and useful. Any plans on that?

  • greenix
    4 Posts

    I registered to thank you for this awesome product. The increase from 2 to 5 GB is amazing.

    It's great that you listen to the community at this point of the development.

    Please continue your good work. Can't wait to use it. :)

  • What about the old Live Mesh beta website?

    It still says " Live Mesh will soon be replaced by the new Windows Live Sync "

    By the way, is there anyway in which I could configure not to turn my desktop wallpaper plain black while remote accesing my computers?

    Thank you!

  • Lonny
    1 Posts

    This service just keeps getting better and better, but there is still a few reasons why I prefer Dropbox over Mesh. First of all, give me an iPhone and an Android app where I can access my data. Second, look at the interface on It lets me handle my files so fast and easily compared to Your getting there, and I really like the fact that you guys at MS actually read these comments:)

  • Great news! Thank you for listening to our feedback.

    I believe that an XP client remains relevant, for the reasons pointed out by others. My office in still on XP and I use Live Mesh to sync my documents. I would like to continue doing that...

  • kbh01
    1 Posts

    Thank you for the 5GB change.

    When will the next mesh version with all these changes go online?

  • Thanks to the Windows Live Team folks for finally reacting to users disapointment over the new Sync. I'll be glad to get my 5GB limit back, even though, as your data suggests, most of us use a fraction of the limit. Good job guys!

  • By the way, I don't need a XP client.

  • I've participated on several beta/rc programs, and I cannot be on this one because I still use XP on some of my computers (because company policies). And I know I'm not a big segment to hear, but come on, if you have read the post you mention, you will see that I'm not the only one... At least please mention someting about, there's nothing on your post that gives us some hope.

  • The improvements are welcome, but I still think that you should merge all the cloud storage services into one. I have folders in SkyDrive for my photos that I want to sync with my computer. Windows Live Gallery only let me upload pictures, not download them from SkyDrive. So I always have to update my online albuns manually, which is annoying.

  • hs_100
    1 Posts

    Like many other users, availability on XP is make or break decision point for me. The main use I have for such tools is to sync folders between my work and home machines. I have upgraded my home machines to Window 7 but it will be sometime before a large organization like mine moves to the newer Windows version.

  • So will it just tell us what files are missing, or will it also tell us what's currently syncing, like in the Wave 3 Sync? One and the same?

  • Thanks for listening. While many of us aren't using the full capacity now, it's only because (I feel) people don't know about it ... yet! Once they do, they will want it, and we thank you for providing!

    About the XP client... I don't use XP on my systems anymore, but I know plenty who still do for one reason or other, and I think it makes sense to eventually release an XP-compatible client again.

  • I'm definitely going to back up VivienM. Live Mesh MUST continue on Windows XP. Many of us use Windows 7 and Windows XP today and sync our files and have remote access via Live Mesh. We expect Microsoft to support it's customers and maintain that functionality in the new Live Mesh. Without it, we will be forced to use competitors products, like DropBox, GoToMyPc and Libox. None of which currently come close to matching the awesomeness of Live Mesh.

    Please build in Windows XP support for Live Mesh. If you can support Mac, surely you should be supporting XP, even if you can't do it across the whole essentials suite.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Awesome news regarding the upcoming performance improvements.  With the netbooks/slate becoming more common place as a companion device...I really love to see application syncing expanded to optionally include Windows component settings  ex. voice recognition profile.

  • mrstu
    1 Posts

    The biggest issue I have with Live Sync beta from Live Mesh is the ability to sync folder with some Visual Studio projects in them. I used it to sync some personal projects from my home development computer to my work laptop so I could work on them on the road.

    Hopefully, this function will come back soon....

  • VivienM
    2 Posts

    What about Windows XP? Any plan for a Windows XP client?

    Without a XP client, what you're saying is that

    1) All current Windows Live Sync users who sync with at least one XP machine cannot install Windows Live Essentials 2011 on their Vista/7 machines, and

    2) 6 months after launch or whenever you'll remove the infrastructure for the old Sync, users with XP machines are SOL.

    There are a lot of office machines and SSD-based early netbooks out there that cannot be upgraded to 7. So, is the plan for those guys to lose their Sync permanently?