Update to the Windows Live Messenger iPhone app

Update to the Windows Live Messenger iPhone app

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As we talked about earlier this summer, we believe it’s important that Messenger lets you stay in touch from your devices. On June 21st, we released the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone. Since then, the Messenger app has reached #1 in the iTunes app marketplace at some point in time in over 50 countries, and we’ve had nearly 7 million downloads worldwide. Thank you for the great support you’ve given us!

Today we’re releasing an update for the Messenger iPhone app. In addition to supporting iOS 4, we’ve focused product improvements on three key areas:

  1. Facebook chat integration
  2. Addressing top customer feedback requests
  3. Adding more languages – 31 total

You can download Messenger for iPhone for free from the iTunes App Store.

Facebook chat

A few weeks ago, we added support for chatting with your Facebook friends in the Messenger beta for your PC. Now you can also get Facebook chat in the Messenger app for your iPhone.

Friends tab of Messenger app for iPhone  Chatting with a Facebook friend in the Messenger app for iPhone

When you select someone on the Friends tab, it figures out which network that person is connecting from, so you can chat with them there. For example, if Jean uses both Messenger and Facebook but is currently only signed in to Facebook, then when you can tap her name, you’ll start chatting with her in Facebook. You can also explicitly choose to chat with someone in Messenger vs. Facebook by choosing the Send IM (Facebook) option in the slide-out menu of their profile picture.

Send IM option in Messenger app for iPhone

Facebook chat is available in the U.S., UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and Russia, and will expand to other countries over time. If you’re in one of these countries, you can enable this from your profile page.

Enable Facebook chat from Messenger app for iPhone

Easier ways to manage your presence and view friends’ statuses

Two of the most common things we heard from your feedback are:

  1. You’ve had difficulty finding where to sign out from
  2. You don’t always want to see all your friends, and sometimes only want to see those who are online

We’ve made appropriate design changes to specifically address these issues. Signing out is now more prominent, with a clear status button at the top-right of the Friends tab:

Filtering friends by category in the Messenger app for iPhoneWhere to sign out from the Messenger app for iPhone

And, we’ve added the ability to easily filter to just those friends who are online, or your favorites, or in other categories:

Filtering friends by category in the Messenger app for iPhone

Languages now supported in the update

With this update supporting more languages – 31 total – you can continue to stay connected with the people that matter most , now in the language you use most.

Messenger for iPhone is now available in Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

We hope that you enjoy the new updates and keep sending us your feedback.


Ye Gu
Group Program Manager, Windows Live mobile services


PS: This update has been released, but may take several hours to appear in the App Store in all regions.

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  • Ye Gu
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    @Yogesh Sharma V1.1.1 is a minor update that contains a few bug fixes. We mainly released it so that we could add Spanish product description in the App Store. Thanks for point out the version number issue in Settings.

  • Nater
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    Still want an android App.  With the facebook integration this messenger client is awesome.  I used Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger as my main IM client since 2001 or so, but Sadly it is not retired in favor of Google Talk and WhatsApp Beta for Android - which is downright awesome (the latter).

    But it would have been nice to have a decent MSN Client from Microsoft with the Facebook integration.  That would have covered all of my bases without having to worry about those other terrible IM clients.

    But now that I've started using Whatsapp (and convinced some of my friends to use it), I dunno if I'd even be able to go back to MSN Messenger, unless it offered video chat that didn't require a front-facing camera...

  • @Ye Gu – A couple of things… UI just noticed that 1.1.1 of WLM for iOS was released on the App Store. What’s the difference between this 1nd 1.1 released on 14-Sep-2010?

    Also, if [on your iOS device] you go to Settings > Messenger 'Version' shows 1.0.1

    Could you please clarify.



  • Hemingray
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    @Ye Gu: Is it just me or is Messenger going further away from being fun and towards being a business tool. I've began having less of a fun experience with it in the last few months. (Mind you I use a third party client anymore anyways due to WLM malfunctioning, which I eventually did find the cause to.)

  • jugarte
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    @Ye Gu

    I´ve been studying the nickname issue and no offense, but your approach is crazy!!

    -WLM for iPhone takes only the First Name from your Windows Live Profile as a Nickname (without Last Name)...

    -Then it replaces automatically your original Nickname in WLM for PC with only your First Name....

    -I have 10 Johns in my contact list. (Do you see where Im going to?) Now all of them appear without Last Name within my contact list!!

    This is wrong, no in so many levels, but in so many languages -31 total- I cant identify in plain sight which John is the one I want to talk to. My contact list is now complicated becouse I cant find my contacts, and boring becouse  it has no emoticons and personalization.

    Please think about it and give us a reply.

    Best regards,

    Juan Ugarte

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @ James Sterling...

    - Win6.5 has nothing to do with Vista... Vista was a whole new OS which actually rose the world against Microsoft for not being compatible with XP; WinMo6.5 is a cosmetic interface layer over the old WinMo6 which itself was a meager evolution of WinMo5 ... If anything, Win7 is to Vista what WinMo 6.5 was to WinMo6 ...

    - WP7 is the new Vista; but hopefully they did it better this time around (I loved Vista, but needed a great computer to enjoy it), so that it's more like a WinXP to Win7 step  without the middle one.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    It's fine.  I pulled an all-nighter last night moving all my contacts amd calendars to Google, and told all those I know that Hotmail is not to be used as my first line of contact from here on out.  It's GMail, GTalk, or SMS.  FaceBook on those rare occasions that I log in long enough from my desktop to have a conversation there.

    I'll still use Hotmail to keep some things oit of my Google inbox.

    There really need to be an amdroid client.  Yahoo! And AIM both have messenger clients for android.  Without a mobile messenger client, it is of little use to me. Tired usimg those crappy third party clients that assault my battery.

    Furthermore, Picasa web albulms has much less space, but it actually syncs with BOTH my phone AND my computer!!!

  • jugarte
    5 Posts

    @Ye Gu

    Thank you for your quick reply. The problem about doing that with nicknames in Wave 4 is that XP users (like me) cant upgrade. But still, those who can, can´t separte thier "serious life" from their "silly life". I mean, I want to be serious and minimal within my "email life" letting people see my real name, but in WLM and in my Profile, I want to be able to be a little silly about what and how I represent my name and viceversa.

    WLM, Profile  and Email can be used all together/separately for work and/or for social... So why you cant leave us do with our nickname and profile name whatever we want? I want to use emoticons and special characters in WLM, but I want to keep it minimal on my Email, or both, or viceversa. (you name it)

    Why cant we do it as always. Before this, WLM nickname equals Profile name even if they were different... now WLM nickname is different and it will be overwritten by Profile name. If I want them to be the same, then I will write the same name in my Profile and in WLM. Give us that option, I believe thats our choice, not yours... dont you think?

    Leaving things the way they are now will result in a looong boring contact list within WLM, and thats taking away CHOICE, TASTE, FUN, SILLINESS, SERIOUSNESS, OPTIONS, etc  from people.

    Best regards,

    Juan Ugarte

  • Ye Gu
    11 Posts

    @jugarte In wave 4, we're moving away from display name/nickname in favor of user's real name that is used across all Windows Live services. If you use our wave 4 PC Messenger beta, you'll see the same behavior as the iPhone app.

    We appreciate your comments on additional features and definitely will take them into consideration. Btw, our app remembers the tab position so if you exit the app on the "Friends" or "Chats" tab you'll come back to the same tab the next time you launch the app. Also, if you want to filter out all offline contacts, you can set "Show offline contacts" to OFF in the app Settings.

  • For all the people that feel Windows 6.5 is old and outdated, and why should Microsoft continue to support an old operating system. Windows Mobile 6.5 is like Windows’ Vista right now. The O.S is not old at all. Matter of fact 6.5 was just released last year. Microsoft felt that Windows 6.5 was not up to par just like Windows Vista was considered the worst operating system that Microsoft has ever created. (IMO) I had no problems with it and it worked fine for me. How would you feel if Microsoft did not allow you an upgrade to Windows 7, and completely shut off updates and support for Windows Vista? The only way you can keep a current computer is by buying another one with Windows 7. Then you say to yourself...Wait a minute...my computer is only 1 or 2 years old with Windows Vista on it. It works well and doesn’t have any problems. That isn't fair and it is not right. That is how a lot of us feel as Windows Mobile customers. Microsoft felt they needed to come out with a better phone to verse the iPhone and that is fine. However, they were wrong to make it seem like the Windows’ Mobile Phone customers did not exists and that there are no more Windows Mobile phones being sold when in fact they still are with 2 year contracts. I am saying continue working on coming out with a better phone, but continue to support your loyal customers and their phones that they have purchased last year and this year.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @ Phil

    For many the border may be getting blurred between consumer/pro devices but:

    - WP7 like the iPhones seems to be mainly focused on consumers

    - Windows Live stuff and messenger is above all a consumer app (not saying that some business man can't use it, simply that the focus isn't there).

    Regardless of any business/consumer considerations; how many WinMo65 devices are around?

    How many Iphones?

    Really people, get real, why should Microsoft spend their resources on a product with a market share that is worse than marginal and that they don't plan to continue in the future? I'm not a shareholder but if I was I wouldn't want them to.

    If WP7 stuff was backwards compatible with WM65 you could bet there would be an app for the old SO, but since it's not the case that's unlikely to happen.

  • jugarte
    5 Posts

    @Ye Gu

    I sent you (@windowsblog) a couple of tweets within the 2 last days. One asking for an update, and 17 hours later, another where I thanked you for the update. It works great, it doesnt sign off by itself every 2 minutes... good job!

    The thing is that WLM for iPhone uses my Profile Name as Nickname/Display name, and when I sign in, it overrides my WLM´s Nickname at my PC. My WLM´s Nickname is the one that should be used by WLM app, not my Profile Name.

    Those names are meant and used for different purposes. My Profile Name is the name I want to use when sending an email, and my Nickname in WLM is for chat purposes only... i.e., Juan Ugarte is my Profile Name used for sending email, and (co)Juan Ugaятe (notice the emoticon and special characters) is the Nickname I´ve been using for ages in WLM for chat purposes. I dont want those names to be mixed up by the WLM iPhone app.

    WLM for PC should be able to send my Nickname to your database as it does with my Display Message, and the iPhone app should be able to retrieve the Nickname field instead of the Profile Name field from your database.


    -iPad support needed

    -Social tab should be in third place from left to right

    -If I want to see only Online contacts, hide groups.... If I want to see groups, then show Favorites and Others.

    Ye Gu, please give us feedback on this. (dont wait other 3 months to say something)

    *We are the testers, we are your clients, please hear us.

    Best regards,

    Juan Ugarte

  • Phil
    3 Posts

    @James Sterling Young Jr, @Duncank.. Completely agree with you guys.

    @danielgr I was under the impression that WM65 was sticking around for a while as a business platform since that didn't seem to be the direction that WP7 was going.  WP7 has a long way to go to catch up with iPhone, and crippling the launch with missing features (copy/paste, background apps, etc) doesn't exactly help matters.  I expect there will be a Win Phone 7 Professional (or 7.5, whatever) directed at business users, but I would bet on it being at least 2 quarters out.

    @Hemingray.. Jailbreaking it wouldn't even get you an iPhone capability.  why bother?

    @Jeff Kunins, @Ye Gu, @Microsoft...  How about a little post on why not spend the extra 3 weeks to put out an updated client for WM65?  is it that difficult a platform to develop for that it would consume so many resources to execute?  With all the bloggers out there saying that Microsoft has abandond their own platform, why not generate a little good press and show your customers that you won't pull the same thing on WP7?  I am hopeing silence will not be my answer.

  • @Nater - don't worry, we do *not* sync your Facebook or other 3rd party contacts down to your phone as part of ActiveSync.  Exactly for the reasons you're talking about.  So go ahead and re-add Facebook and get all the benefits throughout Messenger including the iPhone app, it will not mess with your contact list on your phone.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    I prefer WM6.5 over anything. WP7 is going to be like the iPhone, you'll have to jailbreak it to do anything.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    On one side I understand frustrated Windows Mobile 6.5 users, on the other I have to admit I understand Microsoft's logic :

    - Windows Mobile 6.5 is a dying operating system, and everyone knew it was the case ever since it was released.

    - WP7 will be in the shelves in a couple of months, and you can bet it will be perfectly integrated with all the live services. Microsoft has to focus in the future if they want to challenge Android and iOS, and it has been known for a long time that WP7 will be 100% incompatible with WinMo 6.5; the same way Wave4 is Vista/7 only (and uncompatible with XP), it's only natural that the new mobile live services focus on WP7 and give away with WinMo6.5.

    - The lack of attractive SmartPhone OS for many years means many of traditional Microsoft Live (hotmail and messenger) users have switched to iOS, and have slowly migrated to other services because of the lack of iOS interoperability with Live stuff. Microsoft for sure had to do something to stop that drain, and bringing an app for the most popular smartphone with the largest installed user base is a good start. For sure they hope to bring some of those users back to WP7 at some point, but for that it's important that they don't lose touch with microsoft's products to begin with.

    Personally, I nearly bought a WinMo 6.5 device past year, but the blatant lack of commitment from Microsoft and the obvious arrival of WP7 held me then. Now I'm looking forward to the rumored Oct11 lunch, and can't see how any of you would rather switch to Android or iOS now that Microsoft has finally got serious about smartphones and WP7 is around the corner...

  • Duncank
    1 Posts

    I agree totally with James Sterling Young Jr. If you can't bother to support your own current mobile platform, why should I spend any money on WP7 in the future? I've been 'defending' my mobile OS, windows mobile 6.5, with my friends for a while now, because I enjoy it, but I feel there's a change coming for me. I'm heavily considering a move to Android or iOS. That also enables me to use a nice Messenger app for a change... feels like we're left here with a dying phone-OS.

  • I am truly amazed at the lack of support Microsoft has shown Windows Mobile Phone customers. I haven't even had my phone a year yet. Since the beginning of the year, you all have done nothing but shown Apple support when it comes to mobile applications. Current Windows Mobile Customers have not seen an upgrade on Windows Live Mobile Application and Windows Live Messenger since last year. The Exchange Activesync totally sucks big time. A lot of Windows Mobile customers are pissed after waiting 2 years to find out that there is no multi calendar sync, no HTLM support for emails, any flag support, etc. You all put us on an old ass Exchange Activesync server and make excuses that Windows Live Hotmail does not support the up to date Exchange Activesync. That is why a lot of customers have given the middle finger to Windows Live Hotmail and rolled back over to Google Gmail. You all should be embarrassed that Gmail has outdone you all with Google Activesync on your own platform. Everything has been created for the Apple iPhone while you all have crapped on your own Windows Mobile customers. They have a new version of Windows Live Messenger; they have a full working version of Exchange Activesync with HTLM and Multi calendar support. Will you all show this kind of love to Windows Phone 7? At this point of being a customer of Microsoft for over 10 years, I don't trust you all anymore to even consider wasting my money on another Windows Phone. One thing I can truly say, Apple would never crap on their own customers in support of another competitor's customers. I hope all current Windows Mobile customers read this and take their money elsewhere and Microsoft looses big on Windows Phone 7. Maybe when it hits you all in the pockets you will appreciate your own current customers better

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Where's the Android App?

    Windows Live is the only mainstream messaging platform (except maybe... Facebook?) which doesn't have an Android App.  I've already started looking into Yahoo! because of this, and I've been using almost exclusively Google Services since I've gotten this phone.  The inclusion of Hotmail ActiveSync was nice, but Messenger is (obviously) missing, and it's a huge gaping hole for us Android users.

    Also, if I use Hotmail ActiveSync, will connecting Facebook to Messenger cause all my Facebook contacts to show up over ActiveSync on my phone?  I have disabled the Facebook since when ActiveSync was launched, because I don't want it to re-duplicate my contacts (already have Facebook sync from TouchWiz/Facebook App).

  • Vincent
    2 Posts

    Great. What about an Android app now ?

  • Facebook chat ?? FAIL! This is a Messenger App. I don't want more features. I want FEWER features (I have a facebook app when I want to use facebook). It's primarily an app for chatting with your friends, so make it primarily about that. Get rid of of that Social tab (why its even up front center as the first option is beyond me).

    The hiding of offline users is a welcome feature, but I still get those annoying groups and favorites in the way, so to look for someone who is online, I have to browse all the groups. FAIL.

  • Seydon
    2 Posts

    and yet, no official iPad support...

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    YES!  This is what version 1.0 should have been.  At least it only took you a few months to get this right.  I would still like to see the option to view all online contacts to not include favorites and just display all online contacts.  Seems to move a bit faster too but that could just be me...Overall solid and much needed update!!!