WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers

WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent a good bit of time talking about our approach to partnering with the web, and as part of that, how we’re deeply integrating with the leading consumer services that you find most valuable. Earlier today, I had the opportunity to get on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, and with Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of WordPress.com), announce an exciting partnership between our companies.

Providing a great blogging experience

As we looked at customers’ blogging needs and what different companies were providing, we were particularly  interested in what WordPress.com is doing. They have a host of impressive capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading spam protection, to great personalization and customization. WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress.com is seen by over 250 million people every month. Not only that, Automattic is a company filled with great people focused on improving blogging experiences. So rather than having Windows Live invest in a competing blogging service, we decided the best thing we could do for our customers was to give them a great blogging solution through WordPress.com.

Windows Live and WordPress.com

As we looked at how we brought Windows Live and WordPress.com together, there were three big things we wanted to deliver:

  • Giving existing Windows Live Spaces customers an easy upgrade of their blogging experience to WordPress.com
  • Letting anyone connect their WordPress.com blog to Messenger so their Messenger friends are updated when they publish a new post on WordPress.com
  • Allowing Windows Live customers to easily create new blogs on WordPress.com

Upgrading a Windows Live Spaces blog to WordPress.com

There are 30 million people who are actively using Windows Live Spaces and have been eagerly awaiting the next set of new blogging features. For these customers, Windows Live and WordPress.com have worked together to build a simple way to move your blog posts, comments, and integrated photos right over to WordPress.com and start taking advantage of all their new features. And we’ll also redirect all your old Spaces URLs to your new blog, so you don’t lose any visitors along the way. If you want to get started today, just visit your existing Space and you’ll see a prompt like this:

A simple migration experience

If you’re not ready to migrate today, you can also choose to download your blog content, migrate later, or delete your Space. There’s more information posted online to help you with your options, and if you have additional questions on the migration, please visit the WordPress.com support center.

Easily share with your Messenger friends

With Messenger Connect, any website can easily give their customers the ability to share updates with their Messenger friends, and WordPress.com has done exactly this.

Connect WordPress.com to Messenger

So, if you have a blog on WordPress.com, we know that one of the things that is likely important to you is the ability to share the blog with your friends. Of course, on WordPress.com, you can make the blog public and people can subscribe to the blog via RSS or you can just email a link to the site. But when you connect your Messenger account to Wordpress.com, you can have new posts on your WordPress.com blog automatically send a notification for each new blog post to your Messenger friends’ feeds.

Windows Live customers getting started with a new blog

Starting today, when new Windows Live customers go to create a new blog on the web, we’ll help them create that new blog on WordPress.com. And when Windows Live Essentials 2011 releases later this fall, Windows Live Writer will also use WordPress.com as its default blogging solution.

Create a new blog on WordPress.com

Windows Live and WordPress.com

We’re very excited to work with WordPress.com to give our shared customers a great experience that connects the fantastic blogging capabilities on WordPress.com with the leading communications and sharing services on Windows Live. We hope you enjoy this too, and we look forward to partnering with even more great services from around the web.


Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • @ubshreenath. We plan to keep these redirects in place for a long time and do not have any plans at this time to turn them off (i.e. they should last well beyond March 2011).  Glad to hear you're enjoying WordPress.com

  • Live Spaces did suck with respect to ability to monetize my blog with Ads, custom style it, add search engine meta tags, add custom html or scripts etc.

    I wanted to move my blog to Wordpress sooner or later but thanks for the move now, I save a couple of days in exporting my blog from Spaces and importing to Wordpress + the URL automatically redirects to the new Wordpress blog.

    Will this URL redirection be preserved forever or will that stop after March 2011?

    WordPress Rocks!

  • kayson
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    This is very sad, especially for Space fans like me.

    I do not like WordPress, Windows Live Spaces offers so much unique features, both in terms of functionality and feeling. I LOVE Windows Live Spaces. It is running smoothly. Why does it has to go away?

    My interpretation of this, is Microsoft is compromised by WordPress. They cannot fight WordPress, and in a competitive time like today, Microsoft found Spaces is a lossing business. From the view of business, it is better to drop this lossing service. Fortunately, Microsoft is still strong enough to offer users a free upgrade option. I would say, in terms of its effect to the users, this has no difference to WordPress buying Microsoft's Windows Live Space service.

    It still has 30 million users. So that is to say, Microsoft is giving up 30 million users. Is this a correct business decision? We'll find out as time passes.

  • Eugene
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    I have upgraded my live spaces to wordpress and since then I can't publish a blog via my Windows Live Writer, I have upgraded to Windows Live Writer 2011. Following error occurs:

    The server reported an error with the following web address:


    405 Method Not Allowed

    Under account options the URL still points to cid-79d8e7c1e3625840.spaces.live.com

    How can I get my Live Writer to pubplish again to wordpress?


  • another way to showcase my blogs

  • Quikboy
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    Quite a disappointment, and still a blow to the Spaces community. WordPress is great, yes, but won't have some of the things that made Spaces unique, such as the tight Windows Live integration (new sign-on, gleaming contact cards, etc.) and everything. I don't understand why there's no explanation as to why the team just all of a sudden stopped being active and you would think that with dumping us to a different service, you would at least try to explain.

    I still think Spaces could have been more than just blogging. Maybe a MySpace 2.0 of some sorts, with the ability to have great unique personalization and customization (to a limit with no 'dirty' HTML) and the wonderful social features of Facebook as well sharing favorite books, movies, etc. Oh well. Such a sad story. I was hoping for a remake and overhual, not a kill and send to another service. But at least y'all had the decency to switch instead of drop the whole thing.

  • PaTEk
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    Very good move, however:


  • There are people that I never stop using the space and taking him a lot of time I arrange it like. To me the only thing happened to WordPress that I remain it was the post and the comments me resigned the photos the comments of the book of visits absolutely quite. I want to turn it to having because I was charmed with it. Since also I like Word Press but does not have the option to raise the Url of one mp3 in Windows Media Player as the Space. It had left them the spaces and they not to be redirected. And to make him know the users who can create from windows live a blog in Word Press but always leaving the spaces as another site that windows live has.

  • Live Spaces works just fine.  If it has 30 million users does that not say something?  What is wrong with something that does 80% of the job well, costs nothing and does not have annoying adverts?  What is wrong with something that does not flood us with 'I want to be your friend' requests (most of which seem to be offering dubious benefits and give you no idea whether you would want to be the person's friend or even in the same room with them).

    I suppose Live spaces was the non-blogger's blog.

  • I find it very odd that MS would give away web traffic like this, for what reason? I also don't like the fact that the single sign-on, one stop shop of live is withering.

    I don't understand this move unless you are doing a push for PHP on Windows Server hosts...

    Keep the integrations with the rest of the live account at the very least.

  • @custom computers why would I delete my live account? It's awesome.

  • JUST ONE COMMENT!  See Ya!  "Enough is enough"

    To delete space content see >  windowslivehelp.com/solution.aspx

    To close out your WL Account takes forever (a period of 120 days of inactivity)

  • Moving Spaces to Wordpress seems to be a good idea but why don't make possible for users to download the entire database of his Windows Live Space? Downloading HTML pages is useless! I want the opporunity to download my database (the wordpress-based database, generated during the migration) so that i can decide myself how to integrate this database with another already-existing Wordpress Blog. Thanks for your answer and sorry for my not-so-good English

  • logos
    16 Posts

    not sure if this is great news at all...as it just shows that MS themselves isn't able to provide a proper blogging platform. For me that's blogger, and that will remain blogger.

  • Five years of building up authority, links, reputation, page rank, findability...all wiped out by another Microsoft online retreat (the last time was when I lost hundreds of dollars of music in the MSN Music debacle).  

    This is a not a technology issue, this is a trust issue.

    I see that Mr. Mehta gets to run his blog on the very fine Microsoft-based Telligent platform (see bottom of page).  I have used Telligent for another site and it is a superb platform.  If Microsoft had evolved Spaces on this technology it would have avoided all of these migration pains.  I guess Microsoft customers don't deserve as good as the Microsoft staff gets.

    Microsoft appears perfectly willing to chop and change at its own convenience regardless of the cost to its most dedicated customers and spin it as an 'upgrade'.  To me, the most fundamental issue to the adopting a Cloud Service is the trust of the provider.

  • Thom
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    This is the best news I could have possibly hope for. I'm so glad you actually listened to the needs of your users. It was clear from the comments in your last spaces blog that people weren't happy but instead of just shutting Spaces down, you provide migration tools to a much better service.

    You made my day (and it's only just started!)

  • gawicks
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    When I sign into windows live am I automatically signed in for Wordpress as well? ( similar to Facebook,Linkedin etc...)

  • I migrated my Space to Wordpress.com, then deleted it and now I have a Wordpress link to the deleted Wordpressblog in my WLProfile... it's senseless

  • This sucks on so many levels:

    1. My username url is not available on wordpress.com. I had created a blog on wordpress.com eons ago and made the mistake of deleting it. This means my url is not available - not to me, not to anyone else - it is gone forever.

    2. Yet another username/password to remember - windows live signin doesn't work on wordpress.com

    3. The "partnership" is restricted to blog migration and new signups being redirected - there is no windows live branding. I can create a blog on Blogger.com and "connect" it with Messenger too - why should I do it on Wordpress.com?

    What would have been better?

    1. You could have created Spaces into a Wordpress host like Wordpress.com, and allowed Windows Live signin.

    2. You could have used this opportunity to show how well PHP and Wordpress run on Azure.

  • @custom computers. Well if you are moving on to opensource you will have the same, if not more, issues with killing and making new products. Have you seen google? Wave, died. Notebook, died. And many others. Go look up dead google projects. Google does this crap ALL THE TIME! Linux is even worse! New distributions of Linux are born and die EVERY DAY. So you have fun bashing MS and using your "opensource and google platforms." Because when the days up you are in the same place we are.

  • I have to agree with JohnCz.  We REALLY need to be able to sign in to WordPress with our existing Live ID.  Not have to manage yet another username and password.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    WordPress is a first class platform but you never revealed WHY Spaces is getting killed. Do not enough people blog on Spaces to generate ad revenue? I guess Wave 4 RTM will ship with WordPress as the default publisher now? What about Wave 3? Windows Live Spaces needs to be removed from the Writer app for Wave 3.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Have you notified Office Live Small Business customers?

  • RIP WL Spaces... one of many apps to go this year!

    "Thats is it, enough is enough!" After 15 years of Microsoft's bull crap we are moving on to open source and Google platforms. Another blunder by Ballmer the blooming idiot! Spend tons of money developing something, establish a user base, make people familiar with it, then discontinue as they have many products and apps.

    No wonder the revolving door of management continues daily in Redmond.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Can I and visitors log into my Live Space ported WordPress blog using Windows Live ID?

  • adacosta
    91 Posts

    Question, will categories also be transferred? I notice that is not listed, also, why can't list be transferred?

  • Good maybe this will make blogging easier and work better with multiple platforms and sites.

  • adacosta
    91 Posts

    Six years ago, I entered the world of blogging full time. Prior to that I had dabbled a bit but was put off by my early experience using Blogger which is now owned by Google. Initially called MSN Spaces, Windows Live Spaces which initially started out as a beta was an instant hit for me and I immediately jumped on it because I was interested in having a place on the Internet where I could express my views and share my experiences. In addition to that, I wanted a service that made it easy to do so. I remember starting out with everyday random thoughts or talking about everyday experiences. Over time my love of technology crept in and invigorated by blogging experience, at the time Microsoft was planning the next version of Windows, at the time code named 'Longhorn' which eventually became Windows Vista. I decided to focus on this particular release like so many others did at the time and it eventually help to galvanize my love for blogging over the years.

    This is a bitter sweet ending for me, I am of course relieved that my years of investment in the service will not just wither away. I am most appreciative of this. I had the chance of familiarizing with WordPress a bit since I also blog at Notebooks.com so the transition should be fairly easy for me.

  • blahism
    14 Posts

    Great news!!

  • This makes sense why the Windows Live team had to blog about "The evolution of Windows Live Spaces" windowsteamblog.com/.../the-evolution-of-windows-live-spaces.aspx and how it influenced Windows Live. Spaces users knew this was coming from the lack of updates to the blatant abandoning of the platform for the Windows Live Team blog. When the Live Team isn't even blogging on Spaces, we knew there was a problem.

    I have no problem with Spaces closing and moving people to Wordpress. My problem is that this decision was probably made a while ago and you kept people in the dark that Spaces was going to be nixed.  We saw upgrades to Hotmail, Live Essentials, and other Live sites so it stinks for some people who were using Spaces because they might have thought there was going to be more coming in Wave 4 and then when it arrived, nothing did.

    Closing Spaces is a good idea because if you're not going to invest in it, as you've mentioned, then why bother.  Geocities closed and so should Spaces if it's not going to be supported by the company. Next time though, don't close it before giving it a real investment.  It could have been so great and simple but it wasn't. It could have done what Yahoo 360 attempted, except succeed. I think it could have been something great but I guess now we'll never know what could have been, just what it became.

    RIP Spaces, Kin, and other services that ever had a chance.

  • remain
    9 Posts

    (off topic)

    I want to report a flaw (IMO) in Windows Live Profile.

    version: Windows Live Wave 4

    On the Profile page, there is a link "Your friends"/"All friends" to the following address:

    http://cid-<internal Windows Live account number>.profile.live.com/network/all/

    Now, clicking it for anybody else's profile will bring you to that address.

    However, if you click it for your own profile, that address will forward you to the Messenger section of Contacts in Windows Live Hotmail:

    http://<... ... ...>.mail.live.com/default.aspx?rru=messenger

    This seems awfully inconsistent.

    Furthermore, there is no way to access cid-<...>.profile.live.com/network/all/ for your own account.

    Additionally, while that "All friends" page shows those who are your friends, the Messenger section of Contacts shows all the people on your Messenger list, but there is NO WAY to show only the friends.

    So basically, OTHER PEOPLE can see a list of who are your friends, but you yourself have no way to see who are your friends.