Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download now

Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download now

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We are pleased to announce that Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows 7 and Windows Vista is now available for download! (Releasing in 48 languages over the next few hours, so if your language is not yet available, it will be very soon.) Windows Live Essentials 2011 was designed and built to connect your PC to the services you use every day. We’re also announcing today that Dell will be the first global PC manufacturer to ship PCs with Windows Live Essentials 2011 and Windows 7 pre-installed, just in time for your holiday purchases. Many other PC manufacturers are also planning to make Windows Live Essentials 2011 available and we’ll continue to keep you updated as they start releasing.

I want to offer a special thank you to the millions of people who installed the beta! Our beta users helped us identify and address issues, with over two thousand forum posts and comments. In today’s release, we’ve addressed 95% of all bugs reported by beta users, leading to improvements that you’ll see across the suite.

Windows Live Essentials 2011

Designed for Windows 7

Windows Live Essentials 2011 was designed from the ground up for Windows 7. You can pin your applications to the taskbar and use jump lists to quickly get to common tasks. The ribbon brings common tasks to the front, letting you filter photos, change your font, or publish to your favorite services in a single click.

For parents, Windows Live Family Safety gives you the tools to help keep your kids safer on the Internet.

Windows Live Family Safety

If you have more than one PC, or a PC and a Mac, Windows Live Mesh helps you sync your files and folders across your PCs and connect back to your PC from virtually anywhere.

Windows Live Mesh

Connected to the services you use

Windows Live connects your Windows PC to the services you use every day. Use Window Live Photo Gallery to share photos with your friends on SkyDrive, Flickr, SmugMug, Facebook, and more.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Create a video using Windows Live Movie Maker and instantly publish it to YouTube.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace using the new Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger

Use Windows Live Writer to update your blog on, Blogger, TypePad, and many more blogging services.

Windows Live Writer

Use Windows Live Mail to keep track of your email from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and more.

Windows Live Mail

Download it today!

Get started and download Windows Live Essentials 2011 today. It is being released in 48 languages over the next few hours, so if you don’t see it in your language yet, you should see it very soon. If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7 on your PC, make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed before you install Windows Live Essentials (see the system requirements here). If your computer is still running Windows XP, you can, of course, continue to use the current Windows Live Essentials software, and then switch to Windows Live Essentials 2011 when you buy a new PC or upgrade to Windows 7.

Together with Windows 7 and the new Internet Explorer 9 beta, Windows Live Essentials completes your Windows experience and connects your PC to the services you use every day. Try it out and let us know what you think!

On behalf of the entire Windows Live team, thanks for trying Windows Live Essentials 2011!

Chris Jones
Vice President, Windows Live engineering

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  • Windows Live Essentials 2011 has to be the worst thing I have ever used. I'm never ever going to use it no matter what, it's a piece of crap program that ruined windows live messenger, i went straight back to the old one.

  • betona
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    Odd that I just now got the upgrade notice a month after it was released (I was on the 2011 beta).   While I like WLMail, three things just jump out at me:

    (1) The red Delete button is right next to the red Junk button.  AOL's client had the two close together for years in their heavy client and guess what happened?  Millions of e-mails that were intended to be deleted were reported as spam (trust me--I know).  It's an honest mistake, a missed click and poof - you just blocked and reported your best friend, your spouse, or your mother.

    (2) The continued inability to edit the HTML in messages.  WLMail's grandparent Outlook Express had it and it was mighty handy for a variety of situations.  Even Wikipedia points out this was removed.  Giving it back as an advanced mode option like it was would be a very kind gesture and make this a much more capable product.  In fact, I will buy the development team a case of beer if they bring that back in the tabs the way it was in OE.

    (3) The Send button in the compose window just doesn't feel like it's in the right place.  I expect it to be in the upper left-hand corner and that's where the paste button is.  I get it that the paste button needs to be in the ribbon, but the Send button just is in such an odd place.  I've used it many months now in the beta and have adapted, but it still feels wrong every time.

  • I don't like that I can't talk to people when I want to appear offline and that I should have my real name as Nickname and I cannot choose to see a custom nickname. I'm switching back to the old one.

  • Hemingray
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    @osiris: May not be WLM 2011's fault entirely. I'm still on 2009 and I had been getting the boot every now and again as well. I'd say check all network connections thoroughly, as well as scan for any malware. (Also, if you have to use a proxy server, check that too)

  • osiris
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    Okay, I have the same problem with Juan here!!! I cannot explain this... The Messenger keeps signing me out!!! And the most annoying thing of all, is that most of the times it happens when I try to text something to my friends!!! Why is it signing me out all the time??? Its FRUSTRATING!!! Please give me a solution here....

  • RdN
    3 Posts

    I think you guys should do a tutorial explaining how the new Appear Offline and blocking people works. It's really terrible, and I can't make it work the way I used to in past versions.

    . If I sign in as Appear Offline, but want to talk to someone, I go and mark them as "Appear Online to this contact". Great. Now I can talk to them. Them I go offline, and the next time I want to go online, I'll only show as online to THAT person! It's really a terrible system!

    When I select "Appear Online to everyone", the Messenger makes me go Online to people that I don't want seeing that I'm online at that time, and that really sucks.

    So, is there a way to make it work (perfectly) as it did with previous versions? Would love to know that...

  • cattale
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    I agree with 7flavor  , why are they removing nice features that are easy to use. Do they really think I want to see my slideshow pictures in sepia tones? I used system restore and went back to my 2010 settings.

    • 7flavor                 The slideshow themes in full screen such as Album, Collage, Glass, Spin, Frame, Stack, Travel seem to be have been removed. Now there's only Pan and Zoom, Sepia, Contemporary (new), Black and White. Was randomly removing features on the team's agenda?

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    One other question: (Well, okay, two. lol)

    1: Does this mean that WLE itself won't roll out the old "Update Available" box at the bottom right corner of the screen anymore?

    2: Are us Windows 7 users required to have this? Or no?

  • Downloaded this today. Aside from the many things I will never use I am now unable to use Windows Messenger! Simply will not allow me to sign in. Am I to assume that this is another huge disater like the rollout of Hotmail Wave 4 was? I am still unable to access my Hotmail account with Firefox & am forced to use the wholly unsatisfactory Internet Explorer. This is despite months of posting on the laughably named WLSC (no solutions there) & being told by senior members of the Hotmail development team that a fix was being released. So, I guess it just means no Messenger for me, thanks for that Microsoft. Congratulations on eroding your user base even further.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts


    Seems that this is indeed being pushed via automatic updates. Why? Because it's been tagged as a "Recommended" update!

    If you're using the 2009 version and want to keep it, turn off automatic updates (But do check once in awhile. It's hidden under "Optional updates")

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @Antonia Blume: So it gets installed automatically via Windows Update? I did see it under optional updates, but elected to "Hide" it.

  • splat
    10 Posts

    I know its been asked one too many times but for the record...are there any plans to support IMAP? and if not what's the reason. A overhaul of  Windows Live Mail would also be nice.

  • @Hemingray - Yes, updates to Windows Live Essentials are delivered via Microsoft Update. Info on how this works is here: (there's a link to this in the installer for Windows Live Essentials.)

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @Antonia Blume: What about it being distributed to Win 7 users through Windows Update? I verified this is being passed out as an optional, but are some getting it through automatic updates somehow?

  • @ Hemingray - I don't know where such rumors start, but it is absolutely untrue that it "can't be removed." Go to Add/Remove programs and look for Windows Live Essentials. When you choose Change/Uninstall, you'll be given the option to uninstall any Windows Live Essentials programs you choose, or all of them. Here's more:

    - Antonia, on the Windows Live team

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Okay, I had someone come to me telling me that they had gotten stuck with this version of WLM through Automatic Updates on Win7. Anyone else get this? For me it's an optional update. Also, apparently once installed on a windows 7 system, it becomes "part of the operating system" and can't be removed? wtf?

  • For the Holy Technology, i love Microsoft, i'm a .Net and Silverlight developer, but i'm really disappointed with some "things" about WLE2011, in particular Movie Maker and Live mail.

    0)  Windows Movie Maker is not comparable to Imovie! I know 5 people that buyed a Mac only for Imovie after trying WLmovie maker 2011!! It laks effects on the text,  when sliding the videoclips the audio preview is mute (in imovie accelerate with the mouse speed like video), no possibility to change FPS and many other functionality.

    Normal people want effects! Audio, jingles! Ask for a new employeer able to create effects and other things!  I think that a program like MMaker MUST have at least 500 effects, audio jingles, audio effects, transitions, and text captions effects!

    Effect window should be resizable, i've a 30" monitor with 2560 x 1600 resolution and i've to scroll 10 times to reach the bottom.

    On all the text effects only cinescope is decent! On youtube all videos have Imovies jingles and caption effects, i'm asking, it takes too much time to create some beautiful effects?

    The captions HAVE to be draggable, i cannot predict the seconds with the little up arrows! And you could able people to insert more than a caption toghether in different position.

    When copying/pasting text in the captions, the paste lost the format.

    Ribbon interface have no underline feature for text.

    The passage from one clip to another have audio "jumps" , you have to improve auto audio smooth between clips.

    The program crashes on multiple machines with Win7 x64 a lot of ram and super video cards (ATI and NVIDIA both), yesterday my wife have a crash on a 3 minute video!

    1) Windows live mail is VERY SLOW! I've a Workstation on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with two Nvidia GTX 295, 8 GB ram, 4 monitor, 2 Dual quad processor, and the program crashes 1 or 2 times/day and it's very slow!

    When deleting emails/feeds on closing i see the deleted records for 1 or 2 seconds like in the beta!

    2) In Windows live Messenger you have to able users to have a nickname instead of name and surname, i've read a lot of criticism on this point.

    Please insert Twitter in Windows messenger

    You are a great group but sometimes you lost in a glass of water.

    Please improve Movie maker to shut up mac lovers about imovie, because  apart from up advices, all suite is a MUST for windows users!



  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Watch out win7 users: This has appeared in the Windows Update area under "Optional Updates".

  • thuriel
    10 Posts

    Honestly, this is the worst thing Microsoft has ever done, taking away two of the most used features? seriously? I'm still waiting to hear some words from Microsoft about this, I was like TOTALLY happy with the new products, Windows 7, IE9, WMP12, all of them are a miracle to me until this stupid messenger version. Honestly, this sucks, you say you thought about the old msn users for the layout, the layout feels simply empty without the display names.

  • Hi, I've upgraded to this newest version. however, in the task manager, the wlstartup.exe still show up as "windows live essentials 2011 beta".

    Moreover, on my computer, since the upgrade a week ago, I've never be able to log in to any of the program: messenger, mail, photo gallary, family safety, etc. Anything that I startup will freeze at the startup UI (showing not responding). This upgrade essentially destroyed my internet outreach on my laptop.

    considering I am using a rather decent laptop (toshiba portege r700) with only default software and  microsoft software installed (MSE + office 2010 pro plus + visio 2010), this type of problem is really unbearable. I guess you haven't gone through a rigorous testing cycle for the new integrated startup process design (wlstartup.exe), have you?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    I've got it, and I LOVE it!!

  • Matrix
    2 Posts

    thuriel I went back to 2009 too, I want the display names back.

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    Messenger does not login automatically, the accound and password fields are automatically erased at Windows startup.

    The interface shows some UI items and messages in a different language than the one choosen for installation.

    Is this really a final revision or it's just a renamed beta refresh??

  • Argon
    1 Posts

    Just installed WLM 2010 and cannot find PURGE button to delete all market for deletion messages in my IMAP accounts.

  • thuriel
    10 Posts

    I went back to msn 2009 until you do something about the display names otherwise I'm sticking forever to my old msn.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @kcrannie: Do what I did, build your own.

  • kcrannie
    31 Posts

    @Hemingray:  If that is to materialize, my next purchase of a computer will be a Mac.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @kcrannie: Just wait till they decide that this is a require update for us win7 users.  That oughta be fun.

  • I have an interesting serious problem with Messenger!

    Even when the beta was released, I thought that the problem I will tell about, will be resolved in the final release. But it didn't.

    When I use Messenger on the Windows Live Applications on Windows 7, there are some contacts that have been invited and accepted the invitation, some of those contacts don't appear on the PC application, neither available nor offline. They just don't exist for the Messenger application.

    But on contrast, when I open Web Messenger, all my contacts are there!!!

    This is really very annoying and I couldn't find a solution in the settings of Messenger.

    Please help me to fix this problem...

  • kcrannie
    31 Posts

    @Hemingray:  Quote:  (And apparently, this is being pre-loaded on some new PCs now. Buyer beware.) End Quote.  

    I couldn't agree more with you.  Thank God for 'Uninstall'.  I can't believe Microsoft is actually preinstalling this crap on computers.  Where do consumers have a say in this?  Not everyone is into social networking.  Some of us want a choice. . .plain simple email.   Just another attempt at Microsoft to shove a product down the throats of consumers.  As for me,  I'll stick with Mozilla Thunderbird for my email client (plain and simple).

  • The new release of Windows Live essentials is awesome! Facebook chat, social updates, nicknames, logins, etc. works perfectly. It would be nice to see ribbon though.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    And apparently, this is being pre-loaded on some new PCs now. Buyer beware.

  • Lack of an upgrade path for existing Mesh users and killing downlevel suport is turning this release into a FAIL. I was forced to upgrade to Live 2011 to get access to someone else's shared files, but the process neglected to bring my own Mesh files into the "new" environment, or perhaps it just failed to check that any existed. I recreated my shares, but now clients who I've shared with can't connect without updating as well, and if they're on XP we seem to be out of luck. If there was another way to avoid this mess, no one seems to have had the foresight to communicate it to your installed base.

    This forces a change to other cloud storage providers like DropBox or, and that's enough of a pain that once the change is made, I'm unlikely to come back.

    So many customers (wisely) skipped deploying Vista to the desktop, and few widely deploy a new OS before SP1. With Win7 SP1 slipping into 2011, you are guaranteed to lose business users by releasing any product without a build for XP. I'm sure there are reasons it "couldn't be done," but then it shouldn't have happened.



  • olly183
    2 Posts

    I hope you manage to document this better than the original Live Mesh, learning how to use that took a lot of trial and error!

  • olly183
    2 Posts

    BIGGEST Mistake is not providing support for Win XP! I've to many machines still on XP so I can't make this move! SO Stuck with using the old Mesh!

  • Sixie
    1 Posts

    for me the most painful stuff on this update is changing your name/nickname (like the previous one where u just click/edit your nickname on WLM then the moment u press enter, its updated and everyone can see it...

    now its just a pain, opens up ur browser, logs in to profile then you have to change ur realname(likely) to ur prefered nickname and ofcourse...  some characters are not allowed on this one and another thing... they dont update instantly...

    i hate this update just because of that. and omg at adverts getting bigger.... banner

  • Why oh why oh why does MS have such massive resources and yet produce software that is so full of bugs, removes features that users want, and is slower than previous versions?

    I want MS to be successful, I dislike Google, but their people produce tight, fast, low-bug software. MS, please stop alienating your customers because sooner or later you will not have any left.

  • guru84
    2 Posts

    I am finding all the WL 2011 products much slower than their predecessor. Is anyone else finding this? Live Mail is much slower and buggy, such as when I create a new email the windows goes all discoloured for a couple of seconds and then loads up. Photo gallery is way slower. I am running Windows 7 with a reasonably good machine and the previous WL was lightning fast. I am thinking of going back to the previous version for as long as I can. Does anyone know where I can get the installer for the previous version?

  • tkj007
    2 Posts

    Needed an amendment to my previous post.  Would like to see a list of files the CLOUD is waiting to receive, as this list apparently appears only when files are deemed missing from regularly synced folders.

  • tkj007
    2 Posts

    Still issues with Live Mesh.  Can't see what files are waiting to be received, being sent, or processing.  I thought this would be a feature available with the full release.

  • @Javier: This page on the Windows Live Solution Center has links to the offline installer for all languages:

  • Javier
    2 Posts

    @ greeninx -> Thanks a lot

    The link for the spanish version is downloading the BETA installer and not the final release

  • this is seriously a great stuff!! thanks a lot

    if I could just have two comments:

    - regarding WLM desktop app - any chance to have an option to rename calendar accounts? (I can't seem to right-click the account name)

    - regarding hotmail online interface - when showing reading pane on right - would be REALLY GREAT if the "subject" would be on first line with bold bigger font and then sender names on second line in smaller font - just like it is Outlook and WLM

    what do you think?

  • abm
    268 Posts

    In the compact mode of messenger, when we click the region to change the status message, it clears the previous message! The expected and legacy behavior is the old message stays and its text is selected on user click, so the user have both options: to overwrite and to amend the old message. Now, we can't edit/update the old message (have to retype it!). < I reported this on connect during beta but never handled....

    Moreover, there is no point to put constraint on one-sided-video feature!!! All the prominent coexisting IM clients support this feature, viz; yahoo, skype, g-talk...

  • greenix
    4 Posts


    @GraphiteCube Oh man, I didn't even notice hand writing is gone. That's bad. :(

  • Javier
    2 Posts

    Hello, Can any body tell me the URL for the offline installer (wlsetup-all.exe)?

  • One more thing, how come the new version of Windows Live Mail still does not take HTML formatted signature?

  • splat
    10 Posts

    Not to pile on but I would like to note that you remote assistance feature in messanger is an abomination!!!!!!! I've tried to connect to A DOZEN computer to provide various tech support. Utter and complete failure. Your windows live mail program should come with a tutorial is so backa**ward, I don't have a problem figuring it out...its everyother novice level computer user who is stuck...Is there any reason why windows live mail doesn't have any of hotmail's newer features???

  • First of all, thank you all hard-working developers for the new Windows Live Essentials, I love it.

    Now, the new Windows Live Device website replaced Live Desktop, but can someone please show me how to add documents to my SkyDrive folder through the website so that it will be synchronized with other computers, just like the old Windows Live Mesh does?

  • Instead of hardcoding the method of displaying real names (it's "FirstName LastName" in most languages and "LastNameFirstName" in some Asian languages), please make a new setting in our Windows Live ID profiles which let us set the proper way of displaying our First Names and Last Names.

  • The team should add back hand-writing in Messenger, this feature is extremely important when people want to express their ideas using graphs. I don't know why the development team removed this feature. For the removal of nickname, I am fine with that, but there are so many people complaining that, so the team should also consider add back the nickname feature in next update. I only use Messenger and haven't tried the other programs, so I don't have comments on programs other than Messenger.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Desperately looking for importing MP3 with JPG (to bake video for youtube)  in movie maker!!!! I am an upgrade case from XP SP2 (old laptop) to 7 64bits (new laptop). The new version, while collaborating with so many services, lacking the coolest feature of movie maker! (BTW my camera software suite is also providing more or less all the features capturing importing/exporting to cam/exporting to youtube services...BUT) importing mp3 and jpg to create song's video for youtube was something i used to have movie maker!!!!

    Unfortunately, once again i would have to rely on the raw command line tool ffmpeg (Just one image for the entire video to type it explicitly and humanly possible!!! ). For those who are still wondering "how", can use the following command (obviously after downloading the free command line ffmpeg tool):

    cmd> "path\to\ffmpeg.exe" -loop_input -t _number of seconds in mp3 track_ -i "path\to\picture\name.extension" -i "path\to\audio\name.mp3" -y -f flv -r 1 "output_path\to\video\name.flv"

    Keep double quotes intact anyway (handy when the either of the file or folder name in path contains space or special character).

    to wit:

    cmd> "c:\iinetpub\encoders\ffmpeg.exe" -loop_input -t 420 -i "d:\clumsy pictures\my guitar" -i "d:\my vocals\metallica_fade_to_black[cover].mp3" -y -f flv -r 1 "d:\temp\_Fade to black_<Cover>.flv"

    Arrrrrrrghhhhh! Movie maker guys .... we deserve much better !

    PS: Btw it appears to me that there is some legal issue with mp3+jpg encoding (As Muziic encoder also dropped its encoder for mp3 in its free latest release!!)... but that’s what I am telling myself ! MS guys please try to shed some light on the dropped features/ functionalities as well, for knowledge and curing_customers'_curiosity sake! We shall be obliged and shall send you bundle of gratitude. (so many “shalls”… what else a software engineer wants! huh!)

    ~ M4Metallica, Microsoft and nothing else matters.... \m/ \m/

  • Matrix
    2 Posts

    I agree with you jakeg, It's very dissapointing that they removed that feature, I would really like to see the display name feature back

  • jakeg
    1 Posts

    I am so dissapointed that you guys decided to remove display names , i refuse to use WLM 2011 , Did you guys even take into account the 1000's of messages of feedback saying " Bring back display names" ???

  • Am I the only one having trouble editing my personal message or its some sort of bug or what??!!

    Once i shared a personal message and try to edit it again to fix a typo or whatever I cant find any of the text I wrote and I have to rewrite the whole thing again :s!!!!

  • Van
    5 Posts

    As a lot of people didn't understand this;

    The nickname to /yourself/.

    Not your full First and last name.

    The ability to take your "screen name" similar to your personal message

    and edit all you want. Without having to go into some weird screen and change it formally.

    I want the ability to change it to how I was able to keep a personal message

    and make my name "Van - Happy Birthday *name here*!" etc etc.

    Doesn't matter. I just put a blank space in the last name and a username in the first name. Works the same for the privacy of not wanting people to know your last name....

  • kcrannie
    31 Posts

    I can definitely relate to the negative remarks on Windows Live Essentials 2011.  Microsoft did not design WLE 2011  based on user's feedback, moreover, WLE 2011 was built on an idea  Microsoft felt would go over well; in the end WLE 2011  has become nothing more than a flop.  The new Windows Live Hotmail is not without it's faults either, hence,  the reason for me closing my WLH account completely.  There are far better web-based email programs (GMX, Burntmail, to name a few), which are not supported by advertisements, as is the case with Microsoft, including far more superior mail clients than WLM.  Not everyone wants all the 'bells' and 'whilstels' that WLE provides.   At the end of the day it's all about how loudly Microsoft can toot their own horn in praise of themselves.

  • This is indeed the most stupid idea decision i ever seen. no nickname in an IM software? r u guys nut? did you guys even ask users before making such stupid decision? i will definitely refuse to use WLM2011, no matter how good other functions are. the guy made such decision is crazy and definitely want WLM2011 fail. such an idiot.

  • Where's the best place for developers to find out more about the API? We have a large-scale consumer-facing application that needs this kind of infrastructure. The localization support is very important to us. This all looks very encouraging and congratulations on the release!

  • Nice! :-)

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    The slideshow themes in full screen such as Album, Collage, Glass, Spin, Frame, Stack, Travel seem to be have been removed. Now there's only Pan and Zoom, Sepia, Contemporary (new), Black and White. Was randomly removing features on the team's agenda?

  • I'm gonna try it on my sister's computer first so if it sucks I won't waste 30min uninstalling everything and reinstalling older version. I'm still using Photo Gallery 2008 only because Microsoft was too retarded to let us set a black background on 2009. I wouldn't be suprised none of them though about it for 2011 (-_-)

  • Okay, can't let this one pass.  Yes I really hate that the use of nick names for contacts is no longer available (and confusing since Windows Live Messenger will display the nickname and the field is still listed in contacts) but this post is regarding Windows Live Essentials, and the use of contacts is specific to the mail service in general as nicknames do not work in the web interface either.

  • More good stuff.  The software that comprises WLE does what I expect it to do for what it is.  Yeah, dumping the use of nicknames seems odd but I still find WLM to be a quality email client for accessing all of my email accounts.   Coming from Outlook, it is nice to have similar set of tools without the corporate overhead.  The geotagging issue I see mentioned seems to plague many image editors, but at least Bing Maps can look up my home address so if I enter that information the image gets mapped correctly, Google Maps still can't find my mailing address so Picasa is not working.

  • I also wanted to comment on Windows Live Mail. Like kcrannie says, it's become far too complicated. I also miss the elegant simplicity of Vista's Windows Mail, like I miss Vista's Movie Maker 6.0. (Unfortunately I don't like the new updates to Thunderbird, so I'm sticking with the dead simple SeaMonkey Mail.)

  • kcrannie
    31 Posts

    Well, for what's it worth, I downloaded only the WLM (Windows Live Mail) application, the only application of interest to me, and I might add it is completely confusing.  Couldn't find my way around to use the application whatsoever.  One thing is for certain, Wave 4 of Windows Live Essentials 2011 was not designed for the novice user, rather, those who are computer savvy.  Needless-to-say, I uninstalled WLM and  I'll being installing Mozilla Thunderbird; plan, simple and easy-to-use.  Why can't Microsoft make a 'simple' mail application as the former Windows Mail on Windows Vista for those of use who only want just an email program without all the bells and whistles?  WLM Wave 3 at least I knew how to use the application.  Nothing is ever simple where Microsoft is concerned.

  • <Sigh...> Windows Live Movie Maker remains a warmed over iMovie 08 (which even Apple fanboys found wretched). The thousands and thousands who have asked for a MM timeline option have been - predictably but sadly - ignored. The mantra that WLMM developers listen to user feedback borders on the hysterical. In the end, WLMM remains a slideshow maker and the Movie Maker line of elegant and intuitive video editors is now dead.

  • dinex
    1 Posts

    It's really important to make the user decide their display name. It's because we not only use it to connect with people in real life, but we also use it to make friends with netpals throughout the world. So it's related to the user's privacy of showing their real name to others. Hope Microsoft can face this importance

  • I downloaded the 2011 release and I am really very pleased indeed.  The beta was OK - it was a beta and had a few quirks ...

    When I started Windows Live Mesh I was initially worried as the CPU usage ran high  and it seemed to want to re-sync everything.  I left the 2 PCs running overnight and in the morning all was syncd except for 4 files that were 'waiting to receive'.  The new list of files helped here and I just renamed them on one PC and all was well.

    It all seems to be hanging together, now issues at all so far.   I am looking forward to a Windows Phone 7 with sync too ...

    Great work you people!!

    And thanks for simplifying my life!

  • diogopm
    2 Posts

    Please, I don't want my full name to show up on WL Messenger! Either add an option to just show your first name or go back to the way it was on WLM 2009.

    Why don't you listen to your users?

  • I upgraded from the beta release to the final version and now Windows Messenger crashes on sign in and Windows Mesh won't even start with out crashing. If I uninstall and instal the older version it works perfectly. If I then upgrade to the final version it just crashes all over again.

    How can the beta version work perfectly yet the final version crash.

  • There is a bug with Mail and Messenger showing a block box everytime I change folders (Mail) or opening the main window (Messenger).

    Those bugs doesn't show in beta release. How can I report this?

  • Microsoft , Windows Live 2011 Final sürümünü yayımladı.

    24 Haziranda sürümün betasını yayımlayan Windowslive ekibi, bu gün Final sürümü ile kullanıcılarını tanıştırdı.

    Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Mail , Windows Live Messenger , Windows Live Writer , Windows Live Sync ve Aile Koruma Filtresinin tüm yenilikleri final sürümüyle kullanıcıların hizmetinde.

    Göze hitap eden arayüz ve yeni nesil şerit tabanları ile, Windows 7 işletim sistemlerine Jumplists olarak tam uyumluluk entegresinde çalışıyor.

    Windows Live Sync ayrıca , Web üzerindeki dosyaları birden fazla PC üzerinden senkronize özelliğinide taşıyor.

    Windows Live Essentials 2011 Final sürümleri için aşağıdaki bağlantıları kullanabilirsiniz:

    Windows Live Essentials 2011 Final  DOWNLOAD (Offical İnstaller File)

    ( Download: Windows Live Essentials 2011

    Download: Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline installer .exe.Eng.

    Download: Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline İnstaller .exe.TR

    NOT: Windows XP işletim sistemlerinde çalışmamaktadır. Final sürümünde MSN Plus ve MSN Discovery eklenti araçları şu an için uyumlu değildir.

    Windows Live Messenger 2011 Çoklu Oturum Açma Yaması için Uyumlu Patch : Download

    TURKİSH DEVELOPER - News Reporter

  • Bring. Back. DISPLAY. NAMES.

    Seriously, I'd rather NOT display my full name out to my Messenger contacts. This is the only reason I've not upgraded.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @infamous: too late. It's bloatware.

    @everyone saying it's signing them out, Check your network connections, and also scan for malware (some strains of malware set their own proxy settings which can muck with things)

  • jader3rd
    24 Posts

    I love the fact that messenger has dropped the concept of display names. I have friends who constantly change their display names, making it impossible to find them. I'm feel sorry to all of those people who don't like their friends names.

  • I love it, WLE 2011

  • If you combine IE9 beta and Live Writer be aware that there are some known bugs.

  • Windows Live Messenger need serious fix soon. Its no way better than 2009 version. UI has been changed completely which is no more useful. Please, don't make it a bloatware.

  • Juan
    4 Posts

    fix, windows live messenger problem, it keeps signing me out, f*ck, i hate that

  • greenix
    4 Posts

    Is there a way to disable the autostart of Live Mesh? I don't want it running when working on battery with my laptop.

  • Hello,

    I don't know if you are awere but most portuguese peopple are complaining about the fact that in live messenger 2011 contact list the contact names are not well displayed.

    Instead of NAME+SURNAME we all have in the pt-pt version of windows live SURNAME+NAME in our contact list.

    Can you please finaly fix this? This has been a constant!

    Thank you!

  • I not happy with this 2011 version. Microsoft did too much of work here which proved to be useless. Why bring changes that people will accept. Going back to 2009 because all I ever loved was the Messenger and this has also turned into a crap.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @everyone: my last comment was to Messenger. (All I ever use anyways)

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    No thanks. I'll stick with what actually has a use. I tried the first beta, and hated it from the get go. When (if) they stop supporting 2009 on win7/Vista, there's always third party apps.

  • GregW17
    11 Posts

    Considering all I use is Messenger, looks like I'll be going back to 2009 and just using Messenger and nothing else.  More HDD space better served for other purposes.  Plus I'm sick of accidentally closing chat windows by pressing "Esc," thinking I'm pausing a game.

  • Picsoe
    7 Posts

    We (a rather large commuty of people) have been testing the following wave 4 beta programs :

    - Windows Live Mail

    - Windows Live Photo Gallery

    - Windows Live Movie Maker

    - Windows Live Sync (now Mesh)

    Now we installed the final bits 2011 and we decided to keep Windows Live Mesh on board.


    - Windows Live Mail

    - Windows Live Photo Gallery

    - Windows Live Movie Maker

    Here is why:

    During the beta, several participants of our community have filed suggestions for improvement and requests to add very simple basic features that are available in comparable software from your competitors.

    We notice that none of them have been taken into account.

    We honestly do not understand what you mean when you pretend that you listen to customers.

  • Aethec
    6 Posts

    @Bruno and others: Sorry, I should have said "display names" English is not that good. Anyway, giving a nickname to every contact in everyone's list is quite ridiculous...I went back to WLM 2009, and won't update if this isn't fixed (I can already see MS saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature"...)

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    This is a good polished release but let me honestly state my displeasure about certain features I don't like and haven't been addressed in any of Windows Live releases:

    - Constant UI changes. Can we please have releases with Ui that doesn't change every single version yet adds more features?

    - Removing features. Because of MS constant fiddling with the UI, users have to trade old features for new ones.

    - Non-customizable ribbon. Why? Office 2010 ribbon is customizable now.

    - Doesn't even let you choose which drive to install. Also, why I can I not upgrade select Wave 3 components? That is, use Photo Gallery from Wave 3 but Messenger from Wave 4. Most MS apps except Windows Live can coexist with older versions.

    - Movie Maker is totally useless as it's still WMV only when the whole world is standardizing on H.264. Please allow fully customizable H.264+AAC export in MP4 like Expression Encoder offers. Since this is now "Designed for Windows 7", why can't Movie Maker use the Media Foundation codecs to encode all supported formats in Media Foundation? This will make all users so happy and satisfied. And please add at least all of the transitions and effects from Vista Movie Maker.

    - I have been asking forever to ship a standalone EXE for the Windows Live Contacts which can be started outside of Windows Live Mail or at least as a parameter to wlmail.exe.

    - Photo Gallery requires more clicks now to actually start editing an image you opened from Windows Explorer. First open the image, then go to the gallery, then click the image again to actually see the ribbon where editing commands are present.

    - Please allow us to choose whether to add Firefox addons too.

    - Why is the calendar in Live Mail only sync-able with Live Calendar? Please add calendar publishing and subscribing to online calendars and import/export to iCalendar. Where are "tasks" in the calendar, I can add only events?

    - The slide show button from Windows Explorer starts the Windows Photo Viewer, which unlike Windows Live Photo Gallery, does not support viewing slide shows with themes and rich transitions.

    - Windows Live Mail does not support HTML source editing, scripted stationery and the ability to disable the splash screen. Windows Mail did.

    - All programs have Windows native UI but Family Safety still uses a web browser to do most tasks? Why can't the UI be like a native app but the interaction with the online service transparently done behind the scenes?

    I hope my feedback is not falling on deaf ears and gets delivered to the Windows Live teams.

  • GregW17
    11 Posts

    And just to add, this is MY OWN NAME, not other's names (although having to add nicknames for each and every one of my contacts is still going to be a huge pain... I have half a mind to go back to the old WLM and block the update from ever installing.  If support is dropped, I'll just switch clients.)

  • GregW17
    11 Posts

    From the sound of this it looks like the issue with display names still isn't fixed... If this is the case it looks like you just lost a user of WLE Microsoft... (I only used it for Messenger mainly anyway.  Movie Maker is a joke now, and I have Outlook for mail.  I don't blog, and since I'm the only user on my machine there's no need for Family Safety.)

    Seriously, was it really so hard to let us have display names?  Blizzard realized it was a bad idea, why not Microsoft? (I'd even settle for just having my XBL Gamertag be my display name, but having to edit my name globally just for a bit of privacy in Messenger is seriously not okay.)

  • Well, as James Manes said, I find no problem in adding a nickname either... Just right click the contact and select the option, which is also available while editing the contact information in Windows Live Mail 2011.

  • This is great news!

    I'm leaving beta right now then ;)

    Thank you so much!

  • garyk
    2 Posts

    windows mail is still awful. you've never fixed bugs that were reported years ago by beta testers, and now there aren't any real beta testers. you never listened to us and continue to do so.

    this release sucks as bad as the last 3.

  • Like James said, you can add Nicknames in WLM.

    Right Click on a contact, click "Edit Contact", go down to Contact, and you will see the field for Nickname under the Middle Name field.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @Noel Burguess

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

    It works !!!

    Really, why did it took so much for someone to shut my mouth (I've been complaining about this since WLM1 in XP ...)

    Now, it begs to ask:

    - "why isn't this stuff better documented?"

    Back in the old days the only reason one would add another language was to change the keyboard layout (or allow different persons familiarized with different keyboards to use the computer). I never thought it was possible to "add a language while keeping the keyboard layout".

    - Was that possible in WinXP?

    - Is there any reason why one would want to do that except for using WLM spell-checking?

    PS: Still think it would be better to get a dropbox; now if I have someone wantint to use my computer with his own layout we have to go swtich the Windows settings... (though I understand those are minority cases, why leave them out of the game when there are other easy ways to go ...?)

  • ¡Firedog
    16 Posts


    You misunderstood my post. I clearly wrote "Unless you're familiar with the keyboard layout for the other languages, stick to the one you know." In other words, when you install the input language in the OS, specify the same keyboard layout that you usually use. The default in the 'Add language' dialogue is to select a keyboard appropriate to the language.   D o n ' t   d o   t h a t !  Then all that switching input language does is to inform apps of the language you're writing in - which is the object of the exercise as far as WLMail is concerned.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @Noel Burguess

    Thanks for taking the time to answer something no-one in Microsoft dares to.

    I'm pretty aware of that capability from WLMail ( I live in Japan so I need to change keyboard layout to be able to write in Japanese), but for most people that's completely useless.

    People like auroravi or me write in many languages, but only have 1 keyboard and as such do not play with keyboard layouts because they are always different for main languages around the world (they are for Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese for sure). So if you change the language as WLM people ask you to do, you simple stop knowing where are your keys to begin with.

    I can only see one case in which that feature makes sense, which is assuming you have different people willing to write in their own mother tongue whose keyboard layout they know by heart in the same computer. That IS a very limited use.

    I don't need an English keyboard to type this text (haven't one), et je n'ai pas plus besoin d'un clavier Français pour taper celui ci, ni de un maldito teclado Español para escribir éste, 日本語のでも必要ないですよ!

    What people do is keep their keyboard layout, yet write on different languages, and given how easy it would be to give a "default spelling language" + "drop list with only the installed ones" when typing. Google does it in gmail website (not even a PC-app !!!), Firefox does it, linux based e-mail clients do it, IE7pro plugin for IExplorer does it, why is a full-blow PC app like WLM unable to add that SIMPLE but extremely useful feature???

  • ¡Firedog
    16 Posts


    If WLM means WLMail (it is a bit ambiguous in this context), then have a look at this post:

    One simple keyboard shortcut to switch spell-checking language in WLMail.

  • ¡Firedog
    16 Posts

    @Chris Jones:

    You wrote "we’ve addressed 95% of all bugs reported by beta users". That clearly depends on your definition of 'bug' and what you mean by 'reported'. I've been using the beta of WLMail since its public release, and I never found a way to 'report' any of the bugs I found. If you only allow a few hand-picked trusties to report bugs, you won't find the ones experienced by ordinary users in everyday situations. The result is just as mediocre as I expected it to be, given the conditions it was tested under.