Windows Live and Windows Phone 7

Windows Live and Windows Phone 7

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As announced today in New York, Windows Phone 7 is coming soon! We’ve been working hard over the last several months to make sure Windows Live can connect you to your stuff and the people you care about across your Windows PC, your phone, and the web. Earlier this year, we released the new Hotmail and SkyDrive, and connected Office 2010 to the cloud with Office Web Apps. A little over a week ago, we released Windows Live Essentials 2011, which connects your Windows 7 PC to the services you use every day. And of course, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect to Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive right from your web browser on any PC or mobile phone. Now we have a phone designed to complete the Windows experience, designed with web services in mind, so you can simply log in to your phone and get started right away.

Introducing Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the first device designed from the ground up with Windows Live in mind. Right from the start, you can enter your Windows Live ID on your phone, and it will connect over the air to Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and the rest of Windows Live.


Of course your email, calendar, and contact list shows up from Hotmail, powered by Exchange ActiveSync. And because the phone supports multiple ActiveSync connections, you can connect to your Exchange server at work and view all of your mail, both calendars, and your entire contact list on your phone. And similar to Hotmail on the web, it’s really easy to make quick edits to Office documents you receive as email attachments and reply.

Inbox Editing Excel spreadsheet


In addition to your contact list, Windows Live brings feeds and social updates right to your phone, so you can see a feed of activity from your favorite people across Messenger and your connected networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. You can change your status message on Messenger right from your phone by clicking on your display picture, and your status message is shared right away on your connected social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. You can also comment and view other people’s comments right from the feed.

the people screen


Click photos, and you’ll see a list of photos on your phone and on your SkyDrive. Any album you have shared on SkyDrive or using photo mail in Hotmail is available right on your phone, and you can comment on photos right from your phone. You can also see a feed of recent photos shared with you. Once you take a picture on your phone, you can upload the photo to SkyDrive in one click, or you can choose to automatically upload photos as you take them.

uploading a photo to SkyDrive


If you take notes using OneNote, these now sync between your phone, SkyDrive, and Office 2010, so it’s easy to keep track of important items, the grocery list, or a to-do list. If you don’t feel like typing, you can even snap pictures or record audio clips using your Windows Phone and add them to a notebook.

Sync with OneNote

Find a lost phone

If you lose your Windows Phone, you can track it down right from Windows Live. Simply go to and you can locate your phone on a map, ring your phone (even if it’s on silent or vibrate), or lock or erase a phone that has been lost. After you find your phone (or if you get a new one), just type in your Windows Live ID, and your mail, calendar, contacts, and more will come right back to your phone.

Lost phone on a map

Windows 7 + Windows Phone 7 + Windows Live

With Windows Phone 7 and Windows Live, you can take your information anywhere on your phone, and stay synced across your phone, your PC, and the web. Try one out and let us know what you think!

Chris Jones
Vice President, Windows Live engineering

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  • Stefan
    4 Posts

    According to Liveside (URL at bottom of this post), there wont be any support for and I quote:

    *To-do List is currently not supported

    *Subscribed calendars are not synced into your WP7 calendar

    *Update: Multiple calendars within the same source are also not synced. Only the primary or default calendar gets synced.

    *When creating appointments on your WP7, you cannot specify which calendar you want it to be created into. By default, it will be created in your default calendar. You can, however, specify which calendar source (e.g. Windows Live Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar…etc) you want your appointment to be created in

    Is this still the case?

    it was written July 22, and its v1 release. But is this still true with the final product as it is now?

    Because I really want my Calendar to be up to date, and not having to use a PC.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    WP7 is pretty much working backwards. I'm a 6.5 user myself and like how it's more open to file access and whatnot. Although, not a bad concept. Nice

  • @lakleeman If you use Outlook with POP for your mail, you can switch to use Hotmail for your POP mail.  To do this, get a Windows Live account, then set up Hotmail to read and reply to your existing email (  Then install the Outlook Connector (which syncs Hotmail to Outlook) and copy your email and contacts to Windows Live.  Now you've got all your mail in Hotmail, synced to Outlook and your phone, and accessible from a web browser if you are away from your PC.

  • @Tori Espinoza You can find details on the phones and phone models at

  • For the large number of us who use Outlook WITHOUT Exchange Server (simply connecting to a pop emai server), it would be nice to have a free desktop app that syncs over-the-air Outlook's email/contacts/tasks/calendar with my future WinPhone7. Verizon Wireless currently has this feature (Wireless Sync) for use with WinMo6, but I'm afraid that will go away with WinPhone7.

    Any possibility of that soon?

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @ Tori Espinoza

    I've been following WP7 developments for nearly a year and I think that has the richest and most up to date info of the web, including hands on previews of most upcoming phone, specs, etc. They also have a list of known carriers for several countries.

    Of course, you can also go to Microsoft's WP7 website (type "Windows Phone 7" on Bing/Google and you should reach that website easily.

  • I am excited, but not sure where to "try" them...

  • Does anybody know if this phone will have an HDMI port and a flash that comes with the camera.? Where can I find various hardware specs for devices carrying Windows 7 Phone OS?

  • @Nater, exactly! It astonishes me how many people miss these important details because they simply refuse to read. Anyway, my criticism of OneNote Mobile is the lack of support for inked/inkable notes... I use OneNote constantly on my tablet at work, so it would be nice to at least READ my inked notes on the mobile edition.

    Nevertheless, I will be among the first Sprint subscribers to pick up a WPH7 device upon launch. :) By then, the Q1 update will no doubt be available.

  • I like the layout and stuff, but I'd love it more if it comes in two packages, as a phone, or just an upgrade version of Zune HD. I love my current phone, so I don't want to buy a new one, only because I want to experience this whole new fancy device. I mean, there's nothing fancy of being a phone, since all phones have same function, receiving/making calls or sending/receiving messages, in other word, these are all basic function of current mobile phone. What make them different are additional fancy functions that I'm really looking forward too.

    In short, I'm a Zune 80GB owner, hoping an upgrade of Zune HD, that have same functions as the new Windows Phone 7, minus the ability of making calls/sending messages.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    @IL, yes..every Windows Phone 7 device will get this update.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    The Windows Phone 7 apps will be able to multi-task.  3rd party applications won't multitask.  Microsoft Applications bundled with a Microsoft OS aren't 3rd party applications.  Copy and Paste is coming soon after release.

    I swear.  Some of you people act like you are retarded (slaythoven, Parrotlover77) and/or lack reading comprehension.

    BTW, Find my phone features are typically useless, and as long as there is a way to factory reset a device it doesn't matter if you lock it or whatever.  Especially for GSM carriers.  The person who finds or takes it will just factory reset it, remove the SIM card, and sell the phone on eBay or Craigslist.

  • IL
    15 Posts

    Am I missed something... but will that copy-n-paste January-2011 update be available for every and every Windows Phone 7 device no matter of device maker wants and duty?

  • I can't wait for it, but I'm on verizon so I have to wait until 2011.  But I'll be signing up the day it comes available.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Just as I was agreeing with @slaythoven, it was announced today that a universal update coming early 2011 would include copy-n-paste.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Love the synergy between Windows Live and Windows Phone.  I agree with @slaythoven that copy-n-paste is needed to get the most out of OneNote mobile.  I'm sure that is top on your list of features for an upcoming update.  One suggestion, you should go with a shorter and nicer looking

  • slaythoven - Word.

    Also, without multitasking, it seems browsing web pages, reading email, and taking notes in OneNote is going to be quite difficult if you need to do that at the same time (which I frequently do).  In WM6.5 it was trivial to download one of dozens of task switchers and the problem was solved.

  • That's great and all, but how is OneNote and maybe all of Office Mobile going to be remotely useful without copy and paste?