Inkubook plug-in now available with Photo Gallery

Inkubook plug-in now available with Photo Gallery

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In the past, we’ve discussed our commitment to building unique experiences and integrating with great services from across the web. With the release of Windows Live Essentials 2011, we’ve made it easier to create and share across your sites.

With the amount of photos and videos we capture and store on our PCs (the average person adds nearly 1GB of photos to their computer every six months*), we wanted to ensure that Windows Live Photo Gallery can easily connect to your sites so you can conveniently share your photos to your friends and family online.

Some of those great sites include major photo and video services and social networks like Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. We’ve also made it possible for any site to build a plug-in so you can directly share photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery to that website. And we’ve partnered with other popular sites to build some of these plug-ins – for example, you can upload to Picasa Web, Multiply, Vimeo, and SmugMug.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’re adding a unique partner plug-in from Inkubook, a high-quality photo book manufacturer. The Inkubook plug-in lets you easily create a professional-quality photo book from your photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery. And using Inkubook’s Photo Book Uploader, you can easily preview what your book will look like before you upload your photos to Inkubook’s customized experience.


For more detailed instructions on how to use Inkubook, check out Brandon’s post on the Windows Experience blog.

We hope you enjoy creating some great photo books using the Inkubook plug-in. We’re excited to keep connecting Windows Live to the services that matter to you.

Brad Weed
Group Program Manager, Windows Live Photo Gallery & Movie Maker

* InfoTrends US Photo and Video Survey 2009

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  • So Brad should have 5 page long word file now with all things that I have found during my tagging :)

  • Okej! That’s good to know that you listen :) (never fun to write when I don’t know if it reach the developers or not, but now I know and that it reach the developers is all I asking for :))

    Brad: Its sounds much worse that it is, as I did say, I have only tried once before :)

    I checked now, my top seven tagged persons is tagged nearly 3000 times together.

    And I think I’m going to do as Brad says and send it on email instead, I can attach some screenshots then to better exampling what I mean. So I’m going to start on that now, and I will send it later today :)

  • Brad Weed
    18 Posts

    @Henrik  Yes, yes, yes, we're listening.  Post your feedback or feel free to send mail to me directly at  If I can't answer your concerns, I can get you in touch with the devs directly.  Not a problem at all.  Sorry you feel you're not listened to.  We'll aim to do better.  And it's awesome your tagging like crazy!

  • @Henrik - We are defintiely listening, but as you can imagine, we have to balance all the input with our resources and can't always build every feature that is asked for.  But we'd appreciate your input -

  • Hallo there :)

    I’m going to try to ask this again (last time I tried I did get 0 replays). Do the developers of Windows Live Photo Gallery read this blog? I have used the new version crazy and tagged peoples like a mad man :) But when doing that I have found some small problems here and there and I think needs to be changed to make the experience 5/5. But before I spend like 30 min to write a list of things that needs to be changed, it would be good if I know that developers read it. And I know that reading isn’t the same as doing anything about it (I’m a full time developer myself :))

    But other than that, thanks for a great tool, I just love to just click on 1-2 buttons and it filters the photos perfectly.


  • Brad Weed
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    @danielgr  First, thanks for the post and the kind words...and do know we aim to always improve. :)  I wanted to echo the point Analy made.  It would be awesome to see folks step up internationally and write a plug-in.  At the same time, and I'm no expert in this area, I have been surprised by the economics of shipping internationally versus buying local. I know the companies that do this kind of thing are constantly tracking and modeling the efficiencies of local versus international ordering, printing and shipping.  That said, I think there are true advantages to local offerings in the design of books to address specific customs, cultures and aesthetic preferences.  Price aside, there can be real advantages to going local.

  • @Picsoe What basic functionalities were you looking for?

    @danielgr and @Lorenzo With the plug-in model for Photo Galley anyone can build a similar experience for other providers so the platform is open for anyone to build and make available their plug-in.

  • I had not heard of this site. I've used once and the photobook turned out great.  I'd love to see Blub get added, not sure if this is possible since they have special software to make their books.

  • danielgr
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    Sounds great, and it was one of those features easily available on iPhotos that I've been hoping to see in WLPG for a while.

    Now the question is : do you have any plans to add support to similar services in other parts of the world? I went to Inkubook website and it seems that they can ship internationally, but I'm sure many European and Asian people would rather have a local partner for these kind of "material" services (it would also be cheaper and faster).

    Apple has local partners for their service, so it'd be nice if you could at least match up their offer.

    Still, this is a good start, so thanks for doing it; just hoping (as always) that it keeps on improving.

  • Picsoe
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    It looks like MS likes it to add all kinds of possibilities to the Live Applications.

    But it remains poignant sorrow that they do not add the basic functionalities that their "all time" users ask for.