Windows Live Essentials brings you amazing photos and videos–for free

Windows Live Essentials brings you amazing photos and videos–for free

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It’s been three weeks since we released Windows Live Essentials 2011 and over 16 million people have downloaded the latest version. We’re very excited about what Windows Live Essentials 2011 brings to Windows 7. Some of the key features we’d call out:

  • Make the perfect group picture with Photo Fuse in Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  • Windows Live Mail lets you automatically upload & share photos on SkyDrive in a photo email that looks beautiful and doesn’t clog your inbox (or the recipients’ inboxes) with attachments.
  • AutoMovie automatically pulls in metadata from your photos for captions and credits in Movie Maker.
  • Make a video call to Xbox Kinect from Messenger.
  • Sync a virtually unlimited number of files to another PC (or Mac) using Windows Live Mesh.
  • Windows Live has a large set of social partners that includes Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and 75 other websites globally.

You can download the new Windows Live Essentials 2011 here to get started today.

And it’s still free …

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • I miss the photos integration with Spaces.  How do i easily post a photo album to my blog on wordpress from within Windows Live Essentials?  I don't want it restricted to the recipients of my photo email or anything similar.

  • damn. this nightmare never ends. because u idiots have removed the right clicking on a contact and editing contact details feature from within the messenger...i cannot put/edit /read notes on a contact. so earlier when I had put a certain note on a contact, I could go on the search contact field on the messenger and put any keywoard there and if that keyword was inside the note I had put for the contact, the contact could come up.

    for example, i had contacts found on a football website and I had written the details and age and location about the contact on the notes for the contact. so when I used to type 'london' in the search contact field of the messenger, all contacts with 'london' written in notes for contacts would turn up.

    now that u people have completely removed contacts details from messenger, the search contact bar doesn't search into notes.

    so the only option is to remember the name of hundreds of contacts or their email addreses in order to find them.

    u people are absolutely born idiots. how could u all come up with such faults! seriously this is dastard. it's becoming a nightmare. please we need the previous version back immdly!!!!!!!

  • I am really disappointed with WLE 2011, especially Messenger.  The previous messenger worked fine, I was able to easily do video calls with my parents.  Now it is a confusing mess.  For some unknown reason, the "video call" option is disabled.  On another machine, Messenger crashes every time when it starts, then somehow recovers and keeps running.  The crash message says something about a Beta, but I never installed any WL beta; I installed WLE 2011 via Windows Update.  Also, my mother doesn't like what you've done to WL Photo Gallery.

    Why did you have to take a perfectly fine set of software and turn it into a broken mess ?  Do you think the previous version was just too easy to use, and you just had to make it harder on your users ?

  • why can't we right click and modify contact details right from the messenger? Why do we need to open a browser for changing contact details?

  • why can't we see cam of more than 1 person at the same time?

  • dlxro
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    Question, it's legal to make a new client. You removed our display names because you wanted to enter to the silly facebook market.

    I think people will boycott 2011 or just change IM clients, I don't know how you managed to mess up the good work from past years.

    -Another Annoyed Windows Live MSN user.

  • Dharmesh, don't listen to all these whiners........... at least they can get WLE 2011 to work so they have something to complain about !!!  WLEMM 2010 (the one before the October update) worked great but all I get when I try to start the new MM is "cannot find specified path".   Is there any way I can get back to what I had before the October update ???   Thks.

  • I have a frustration with using Windows Live Movie Maker.

    When I used Photo Story 3 for Windows I could have a very wide panorama and pan on full screen from one end to the other.

    On Windows Live Movie Maker when I add a wide panoramic shot; for instance Teton Range Panorama 5894 X 1071 pixels it just sits the picture in the middle of the frame with black borders top and bottom.

    How do I get rid of the borders and have the full height of the picture showing fully and pan the full length?

  • Noycey
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    Just wanted to chime in along with the general feeling below. I've used Messenger for as long as I can remember and now and for the last decade or so it's pretty much the primary means of communication for my small (geographically diverse) development team. And i'm sad to say this release is the end of the road for us.

    Had it installed for around a week and after reviewing and quickly turning off all the Facebook rubbish i'm still left with a bloated, slow and terribly unstable client. So i will now be wasting a whole bunch of time reviewing and choosing a replacement and then getting everyone on my contact list to do the same. Cheers Guys!

    P.S. Why does everyone insist on integrating and replicating Facebook functionality it's the bane of 2010. Don't get me wrong I do regularly visit Facebook but if i want to see what my FRIENDS are up to i'll log into Facebook when I have time I don't need my machine slowing down and interrupting my work based communication while my instant messenger tool merrily goes off browsing Facebook for me.

    In summary well done guys you took a useful tool and pumped it full of gimmicks until it was no longer useful.

  • You know, there's a saying in customer service that for every one customer that takes the time to complain to the manufacturer about a product , there are nine more who'll never bother with feedback, will just move on and bad-mouth to their friends.  So you developers should really seriously take notice of the complaints about the new 2011 edition.

    When I first started WLMessenger 2011 after installing it, I was impressed by the pretty graphics and the user interface - for all of 5 mins.

    Then I discovered that you idiots have had so many features removed or badly altered.  Coupled with problems like my contacts appearing as offline to me (when they are actually online), inabilty to block contacts, inability to run in system tray without being signed in, and so on...I just couldn't bear using it any longer.

    Each time I started up Messenger 2011, I'm cursing at you idiots, who developed this huddled over your computer screens thinking that a "flashier" GUI ala Apple will make it a better product, without considering that if something ain't broke, don't fix it.  Instead of improving performance, you idiots have removed many useful features that once made MSN Messenger user-friendly and the envy of your rivals.  I even once made an executive decision in my previous company for WLM to be the default IM app, over Skype (which was favored by other directors).  With this latest abhorrent 2011 incarnation you idiots developed, I don't even know where to hide my face.

    Even the 2009 version was bearable, but this latest 2011 is so unbearable that I've reverted back to 2009 only after one week.  I think the entire Windows development team for al products are losing focus and trying to hard to be an Apple - the new GUI of Win7 Phones says it all.

  • JoelBR
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    I firmly believe that there is something wrong with the Windows Live Essentials 2011 download of Oct. 19, 2010.  Searching through various forums shows that many users have had the installation FAILl.  There are too many incidences for this to be just chance.  The ony thing I got from the download was a new Windows Live Messenger, which I don't like.  When I was  doing the update, it never ended.  The progress bar was stuck at 50% and I couldn't stop it except by doing a restart.  The Windows Live Group should thoroughly investigate this situation.  Thank you.

  • thuriel
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    This is the worst messenger version ever, I'm moving away to another client that uses your network. You've been ruining this program more and more for ages.

    WLM 8.5 and MSN Messenger 7.5 were the best versions by far, and I'll have to agree with the guy that said about the WLM 2009 and 2011 layout. He should be in jail.

  • kcrannie
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    One sure fire way to end all of this suffering folks is to stop using WLE 2011 completely.  It's then and only then that Microsoft will get the message.  Clearly, WLE2011 was not built on users feedback, rather, what Microsoft felt users should have.  All the whining and crying is not going to solve the issues.  Actions speak louder than words.

  • this all sucks so bad. yeah i agree. facebook chat is okayer than this..;anyway most of my contacts nowadays are there or on google talk. i hardly ever come on windows messenger since 9.0 version came in.

    i just can't agree to seeing the display pics on the left handside...this is not human nature to look left (pictures/webcam) and read write;..we read left and look right (for pictures/cam)... who was the stupid person who brought this idea and who was the big idiot who took the call to put the display pics/cam on the left??? did u even do a customer survey about this? let's do a customer survey on this and ask where we want the display pics/cam...on the left or right!!!!

  • Windows live Messenger 2011 sucks.

    In the past 11 years of using MSN messenger I haven't seen a more crappy version. The Windows live team should be sacked immediately for completely destroying the way Microsoft should have used and moved on the internet.

    Windows 8.5 version was the last great version of messenger. After that the person who even brought the idea of giving the new crappy look to messenger should be tried at the International criminal court at the Hague.

    It has changed the looks of the smileys. You suck! The smileys that existed were there since over a decade. They were a part of my youth!

    I can't change my nickname. You suck! Changing my nickname on MSN messenger is my fundamental right guarded by the constitution of internet land.

    I can't see my contacts 1 by 1 row there are 4 contacts. You suck! I have to look around with my fading eyes for my contacts.

    I can't see the full nicknames of my contacts because of this contact list view. You suck!

    This is suck. This ends life!

  • mwwh89
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    I have heard that the windows/microsoft people, always interested in making changes to stuff that clearly worked fine the way it was before (like xp changing to crappy windows vista), have now disabled the webcam only or "Show my webcam" option. Now the only way you can see video between contacts is using the video calling option. I think this is a load of b****hit, as do a load of other people on various other forums and posts because not everyone wants to do a video call - the show webcam feature was actuallly a bloody useful feature of the older versions of msn.

    So ramon, in answer to your question, i don't think we are ever going to get the option back to just show webcam. Apparently even if you downgrade to the previous messenger they have disabled it. They haven't taken into account people that only want to send webcam and not receive or vice/versa (you have to start a video call and then "pause" webcam) and they don't seem to understand that if you REMOVE a feature, it hardly constitutes as an "upgrade". I really hope that the live team have shot themselves in the foot and people will migrate to different instant messengers. At the moment, i even prefer bug-filled facebook chat.

  • ramon
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    Dear WLE employee,

    Is there any way to return to an earlier version of Messenger so I can choose if I can use the webcam option of the video conversation option?

    Or will there be soon an update where we select the webcam or video conversation in WLE?



  • @ramon. If you want to pause (stop) your webcam or choose a different webcam (if you have multiple connected), when you're in a video call, there is a button at the top left that allows you to select this

  • ramon
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    Dear people-who-can-solve-issues,

    Now, by having the Essentioals update, we need to use the video conversation instead of the webcam option. Is there any suggestion made yet to turn it back into the old way? An option for video conversation and a webcam option?

    Or is there a way to go back to an old Messenger version?



  • @R... we'll follow up offline to work with you on the EAS issue

  • kcrannie
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    I've noticed a trend in every article that is written by Windows Live Product Management team, and that is, their closing statement, "And it's still free. . ."   If something is free and is always to remain free for life, one doesn't have to be reminded that it's free.   By Microsoft constantly reminding subscribers that Windows Live Hotmail "is still free", implies that sometime in the future WLH will be an all but paid for service.   I might suggest Microsoft choose it's words more carefully so as not to create confusion to subscribers of  WLH and the use of more appropriate wording "100% Free" or "Free for Life"  replace "And it's still free".  Otherwise, please explain to subscribers of WLH how much longer WLH is to remain free.

  • And just something else I have noticed!! The display name on MSN... I dont want Darren Williams - Hotmail, I want my own!! Now everything is linked!!!! I DONT WANT THIS!!  You will find you will get alot of complaints with this!

  • R...
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    Hi Dharmesh,

    I have a very unusual request - could you or someone from Hotmail engineering PLEASE read this thread (especially page #3):

    I've been trying to have an issue with my hotmail account and EAS resolved for almost 2 months and I'm quite certain that only someone from engineering can help me. I realise that this may not be something that you have the tools or expertise to deal with but if u could help me understand who I should contact I would be grateful.


  • I have just installed Windows Movie Maker as it didnt come with Windows 7 Pro.  And yet again, it now has updated me to this Windows Live 2011.  I really do not know what you lot are on but cant you just leave what was a simple messaging system alone.  I now have no way to control blocked users, I have yet to test the video as this changed last time having to use voice which I dont always need to do.  Also I just want messenger just to start up how it was before and all all the wanting to connect to facebook, myspace etc etc...

    You need to keep the option open of versions people are able to use and not just restrict to the latest product!

    Not impressed!

  • @Ludvig By default, Messenger will use your default webcam, but if you want to select a different one, when you're in a video call, there is a button at the top left that allows you to select a different webcam (you can also pause your webcam if you only want to have a one-way video call)

  • RdN
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    I think you guys should do a tutorial explaining how the new Appear Offline and blocking people works on the WLM 2011. It's really terrible, and I can't make it work the way I used to in past versions.

    . If I sign in as Appear Offline, but want to talk to someone, I go and mark them as "Appear Online to this contact". Great. Now I can talk to them. Them I go offline, and the next time I want to go online, I'll only show as online to THAT person! It's really a terrible system!

    When I select "Appear Online to everyone", the Messenger makes me go Online to people that I don't want seeing that I'm online at that time, and that really sucks.

    So, is there a way to make it work (perfectly) as it did with previous versions? Would love to know that...

  • Ludvig
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    or is there a way of changing the cameras in the video calls in messenger from WLE 2011?

  • Ludvig
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    I have a question. I installed WLE 2011 but I don't like the way the video calls are in the new Messenger. The cameras specially. So, I tried to uninstalll only Messenger and put the previous version. It says I can't put the previous version because I am still running WLE 2011 (with windows live mail). So I guess I have to uninstall the whole WLE 2011. Will I loose all my e-mail messages that are stored in WLM?